It’s a tough day for many, many, many people worldwide…

so I need to dose up the love greeting today.

Dearests honey blooms sugar puffs lovebeams soakbottoms (not sure about that one but I’ll carry on) prettiest cupcake in the whole ding dang world,

Welcome to November!

November is my favourite month of the year… my birth month and my husband’s (double Scorpios awwwww yissssssss!)

I know many of us are still reeling from yesterday’s election shock. I shared a 20 minute Facebook Live on recovery and healing from that shock if you’d like to watch in.

Here’s what I shared on the blog last month… lots of new courses, along with a post about being a Highly Sensitive CEO.

Here’s the goods incase you missed any of it!

The Highly Sensitive CEO

Yesterday, I was two things at once:

The CEO, “the talent”, the face of my brand.

I left just as dawn was breaking with my van piled high with outfits and props.

Read more.

The Tortoise And The Hare: What If The Hare Is A HSP?

This struck me the other night, after writing The Highly Sensitive CEO.

I was thinking about the old tale of the Tortoise and the Hare.

You know the story.

If you don’t, let me retell it in a style I like to call “Leonie’s Fables.”



Are You Ruby The Reader, Eleanor The Enthusiast Or Ingrid The Implementer? [WARNING: Your Answer Will Affect Your Success Levels]

In all the time I’ve been teaching online (eight years now!) I’ve noticed there are three different kinds of students.

And the kind of student you are is the greatest indicator of the RESULTS you will get from any course you will do.

See what type of student you are.


On Equine Therapy + The Healing Horses

As many of you know… I went to equine constellation therapy… which ended up evolving into “just” equine therapy… which was just what was needed. I cried a lot… both happy and sad tears… and was given so much healing and teaching by those horses. It’s still settling into my bones… and I’ll keep working with the lessons… go back and do some more… but I’m feeling grateful to have experienced this healing modality at last.

Read more! 


WANTED: Publishing House for Ridiculously Successful Self-Published Books

Okay, I need your help, my sweet friends…

I am attempting to get the attention of a literary agent or publishing house to explore the possibility of getting my (ridiculously successful and profitable) self-published yearly goals workbooks into a publishing house to reach even more people.

See how you can help! 

Leonie Dawson International Joins With Entrepreneur Sisters To Build A School!

A couple of months back, I announced the school a few of me and my friends chipped in to pay for with Pencils of Promise.

I couldn’t be happier (or tearier) to present to you a report + photos of the impact we had on this school in Ghana.

Read on for more.


Leonie’s Scrapbooks

Two editions for you… what I’ve been up to in photos + mumblings…

Sex, Sunshine & Sweet Dreams! 

RAn epic video shoot, mermaid bottle openers and my ascendence to Peak Hippy!

new course announcement_unforgettableindai

New Course Release: Unforgettable India

I created this journal in my maiden days, as I travelled through India for a month.

It was always planned to be just my personal art, photography & writing travel journal, but in the years since then, each time I shared it with someone, I was awed by the response…

See what I journaled.

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New Course Release: Everyday Sex Goddess

If you know me IRL, you’ll know I talk about sex a LOT… TMI. It’s just how I tend to do all things in life.. I’ll talk about it all… sex, money, mental health, death, politics… it’s a Scorpio thang I reckon!

And although I’ve shared about many of those things online… I haven’t really talked about sex yet.

See what we talked about here.

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You don’t have to do it alone! New Course Release: Anxiety

Anxiety is such a HUGE issue for so many people today.

As many as 1 in 4 people suffer from it – and we, as women, as carers, as empaths and as parents – are at an even higher risk.

SO many people suffer it, but don’t talk about it.

It’s kept secret + swept under the rug + not spoken about.

And in that silence, there’s suffering, loneliness + heartache.

Learn more…

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Okay my loves… be gentle with you.

If you’re in the Academy, make sure you use the resources in there to give yourself what you need.

If you haven’t done the Anxiety Workshop yet… jump in now sweetness.

Have a wonderful November, dearests!

Big love,

Canberra Photographer
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