Earlier this year I started doing a bunch of 21 day challenges to try out new habits.

I’ve done:

I’m hankering to do another challenge… I’m feeling a wee bit uninspired of late, and need a new zest for liiiife! And there’s nothing like novelty & change to excite my brain.

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I’m going to do a 21 day no spend challenge.

It’s probably NOT great timing to do it to be honest – we’re just about to head off on our first mini-holiday in yeaaaars AND then after that, we’ve got another two weeks of school holidays.

But this is the one that feels like I am most called to do right now – and I already find myself intuitively starting to do it. So that says to me it’s TIME!

I still want to allow plenty of freedom and flexibility within this challenge. I want to take the kids out if we feel like it. If we need to buy something, we’ll buy it. One of my favourite things each week is going to my favourite bookstore cafe. I like supporting local stores! I love getting a smoothie when we go for a walk. All of this is totally fine.

We are pretty good at saving, and don’t really buy luxury products. But I do want to stop my habit of overbuying and unconscious consumption. I want to stick to a stricter budget. (I also just went through a big detailed chunk of our finances in this new $7 money mini-workshop incase you missed it!)

And I want to guide some of that excess cash into ethical managed funds instead.

Here’s my own wee guidelines/thoughts

  • If I do need to buy something – don’t add anything to the order. Just buy the one thing, not six other random things!
  • I’m going to likely keep a public log of what I am buying to bring extra clarity around it.
  • I’m going to not buy online for the next 21 days. I just get into this habit of buying even more stuff so I qualify for free shipping.
  • Definitely no buying from Amazon!
  • I have a stack of books (both printed & Kindle) to read.
  • My kids are flooded with books, so don’t need me to buy anymore. We can get back into the habit of using the library instead.
  • I’d like to experience more nature instead of shops. Consider the beach or a bushwalk instead?
  • Consider cooking more at home instead of getting takeaway.
  • Hot zone shops where I always end up buying stuff: Chemist. Big W. Target. Pillowtalk.
  • I only recently did an Expenses Challenge to cut extra costs out of my business and personal spending (just like the one we do in the Money course!) – I don’t know if there’ll be much to cut out this time. But I’ll have a looksee at it and see if I can!

No idea if I’ll daily blog it as I go…

As always, I’ll trust what feels good!


Sending you all so much love!

Big hugs,

P.S. Just remembered… I actually did a no spend challenge a couple of years ago! I even did a spending log! This is kind of like the prototype to my 21 day challenges I think, except I left that one open-ended. It was hugely helpful then as a reset, so I’m excited to do it again! HOORAY!