Hi lovelies,

We’re currently undertaking at our company our 2015 review.

We look back at our 2015 workbooks and see what goals came true and what didn’t.

We work through the questions of the 2016 Biz Goals workbook and see what worked and what didn’t, so we can be more effective next year.

This kind of review process is worth GOLD. It’s the kind of reviewing + planning that accelerates business growth exponentially.

Just one of the things we look at is the marketing that worked over the last year. I get my team to review our traffic + see what our most popular blog posts were for the year, I’m fascinated by what was popular and what resonated with you all.

This year the content that was most popular were:

  • vulnerable sharings about my mistakes
  • controversies + strong opinions
  • illustrated conference notes
  • posts by Grant (the COO I hired this year) and
  • free e-books.

Let’s go more into deets, yeah?

mistakes fuckups


These posts were vulnerable for me to write – I shared about when I made mistakes with managing my team, what I was struggling with and what I was finding hard in business.

I was fascinated that it resonated so much, but realised that it makes sense in lots of ways.

Business can be hard work. It can be difficult learning about where you need to grow and change.

Not all of it IS easy. And we ache to hear the real stories behind the scenes.

I think for those reasons, that’s why my tales of fuck-ups were so popular this year.

My Most Popular Fuck-Up + Challenges Posts This Year:

controversy aspie


I’ve always steered away from writing about the harder stuff.

I didn’t want to upset anyone. I didn’t want to ruffle feathers.

I wanted to be all peace love + harmony baby.

But the thing is – I have opinions. Ohhhhhhhh do I have them.

What intense Scorpio doesn’t?

This year I had the balls to speak up about things.

And farrrrrrrk did people respond!

(Now – just to be clear – I would never write something just for the joy of being controversial. That’s not my style. That’s kind of like train-wreck blogging. I only wrote when I was sincerely passionate about something.)

My most controversial posts this year:

illustrated conference notes illustratednotes


I started attending conferences this year for the first time after living like a hermit in the mountains of remote Australia for years.

And each time I would take along my journal and felt tip pens and draw my notes… not for any purpose but for me. I am a visual thinker, so I need to process auditory information into visual.

At the first conference I was at, I started snapping photos of my pages as I went along + sending them to Grantacular so we could discuss. As an afterthought, I shared them on Instagram. They ended up being loved + appreciated by + helpful to other peeps as well which was a unintended but wonderful side effect.

And so they became a tradition!

Here’s all my illustrated conference notes from this year:

odds and sods random

These ones? These ones?

I have no fucking clue why they were popular, or why they struck a chord.

But there you are.

TED talks, planner pimping + fallopian farewelling. I talk about it all here!

Untitled-3 free ebooks

And of course… the goodies!

I always love to create + give + share widely.

Our most popular freebies this year were:

I’ve got even more planned in the works for 2016, but I’m immensely proud of what we’ve created in the last year.

Thank you so much for sharing this magical journey with us!

All my love,