Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I hope you are having the most precious day 🙂

I was thinking last night how much we’ve shared in the last couple of months about creativity, goddess-hood and the journey. I’ve loved holding soul-spas where we’ve looked at our fears around creativity and being a goddess – bring our fears out into the open, and letting them gently melt away. I’ve adored sharing with you on a new level with meditations and spirit stories by video. I’ve loved loved loved reading your sharings in the Comments Circles, and witnessing your amazing journeys.

Today I want to do a Soul-Spa series round-up to celebrate you and me and art and what we’re creating here. I’m so excited to have our community here – to have you here – spirited, sensitive, wise, deep, precious, kind-hearted goddesses.

I’ll bring the apple cider, fresh plum jam and raw chocolate truffles… and meet you all, our giggling gaggle of goddesses, in the Soul-Spa highlights.

When we Soul-Spa-ed our Creative Goddess Fears into submission…

Have you got creative blocks? Or fears about creativity? Don’t worry darling, we all do. See if you can pick your fear from the list… and click on it to get some soul-spa healing for it 🙂

* But I can’t draw!
* But what if someone thinks my art/writing/magnificent creation sucks?
* But what if I’m the Odd One Out?
* But how will my religion work with this Goddess thing? And what if I’m already creating – what would I get out of this?
* Other Creative Goddess Fears
* But what happens if *I* don’t like my art?

Got other Creative Goddess fears possum? I’d love to hear them. We can soul-spa them into submission too!

More Creative Goddess gorgeousness!

Let’s not forget we’ve been given a Creative Permission Slip!
And have met the first Creative Goddess Cat!
Then I got all passionate and rambled about why I’m running the Creative Goddess e-Course.
We also talked about making affirmations fit our inner languages.
And then there was the post I loved writing – Sacred Pricing for our artwork & services.

When we took our relationship to the next *level* (a.k.a Creative Goddess videos!)

Wee! The first Creative Goddess videos…
First Video: Where I introduce myself in the enchanted garden of our backyard, and you get to meet my adorable puppeh Charlie. Oh! And I share one of my artworks and a Creative Goddess story. Bonus content: the bird song in the background from the birds and cockatoos flying overhead.
Second Video: Where I talk about the Creative Goddess e-Course and Circle then lead you on a guided meditation that will make you feel like a mermaid goddess.
* Third Video: Why circles are miracles

What happens next in the Soul-Spa…

Have you got questions? fears? Creative Goddess concerns? I’m listening… and will make Soul-Spas for them too 🙂

I’m *so* excited to be creating connections & inspiration & art & joy & meditation & goddess bliss with so many of you beautiful souls in the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle.

And now…

I’ll pipe down now, and luxuriate in the soul-spa… waiting for my fingers to prune up, listening to your stories and sharings, and the sound of the night sky kissing stars. As always, you can take up the Talking Stick in the Comments Circle, share about your journey or what’s coming up for you. You are listened to and held with love.

All my Soul-Spa Creative-Goddessing love to you Goddess sisters,