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Inspire My Spirit Colouring Book

A grown up coloring book to invoke your creative spirit and awaken your soul. The illustrations are all hand drawn from my popular Soul Story Collection. I started making these a zillion years ago… goddesses with messages. I ended up selling them as prints and custom commissions. I still remember one Christmas season when I’d go home from parties early and stay up until midnight just to complete orders! Such fun times!

The Project Finisher: A Cowgirl’s Guide to Riding Wild Donkeys

Discover my secret to producing and creating effortlessly, easily + with ridunkulous amounts of joy… How to get your projects finished + out into the world in record time How to transform your biz + creative practice with this simple, powerful technique… The secret to making your ideas into real, finished, tangible creations that can touch the world + give you gorgeous income!

Create Big, Live Big Video

Needing a quick boost of inspiration to live more creatively + juicily? You’ll also watch one of my art journal pages emerge as I play in the sun, dance like nobody’s watching + commandeer an empty children’s park.

What Your Angels Want You To Know

The angels came a-tapping upon my shoulder… & so I made a book with them, and helped by a number of incredible, brave, beautiful women I’ve photographed over the past six years. It is for you!!

Meditation for Healing

One rainy glorious day, a little meditation for healing came into the world. And it had gossamer wings, and it wanted to fly out to be heard. So I listened, and here it is… just for you. Use it whenever you’re feeling depleted, or in need of some revitalisation.

How To Beat Discouragement

Seven and a half minutes of the most powerful tools I know and use to kick Days of Discouragement off the docks so we can get back to being the glitter-winged angels we are. Flying high!

Creating a Mini Retreat ebook

We all need to create time for us. Creative & soulful time. Time to fill the well. And we think we need to head off to a week-long retreat to do it. And that’s lovely when you can get it, but what you really need? Is a system for building it into your everyday. This workbook will help you discover & find it. You’ll learn how to create your own mini-retreats in the time you have right now – whether working full-time, or living the life of a mama. Your retreat is just here at your fingertips, waiting for you to choose it.

How To Be A Morning Goddess

20 goddess share their own morning rituals, to inspire you & give you ideas for creating, nurturing & loving your own morning goddess self!

Printable Pocket Gratitude Diary

A 21-day gratitude journal for you to jot in & muse about the abundance in your own life… the best attitude to have is an attitude of gratitude!

Poster: 12 Daily Zen Habits

I’ve sprouted on and on before here and here about how much I adore Leo Babauta‘s work. Last night I was clearing through my piles of stuff and found a lined piece of paper that I refer to everyday – with his zen habits scrawled on them.

Poster: How to be a Goddess

A little super-special giveaway today… a free “How to be a Goddess” poster you can download and print! I so hope it fills you with radiance and joy… and reminds you just what a Goddess you are!

5 Ways To Get Back On Track With Your Goals… and Get Back On That Wild Donkey Workbook

Have you fallen off the workbook wagon? Need a virtual butt-kick to get you back on track? Check out my FREE (!!!) webinar and learn exactly how to get back on track with your goals and workbook.

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