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Magnificent Dream March

by Leonie Dawson on March 12, 2007

Some lush link adventures to take:

* This shirt would have to be the most freaking hilarious {and potentially effective} thing on Planet Earth.

* The delightfully vintage art of Eveline Tarunadjaja.

* Be a lender and change a life – Kiva is too cool for school.

* The goddess art of Thalia Took {is that not the most perfect name ever?}

* Tatiana Cardeal‘s photography is breathtaking

* Every single creation of Jen Lemen warms the cockles of my heart.

* The power of I’m sorry, I love you – Lessons from a Hawaiian shaman.

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on a dream come true

by Leonie Dawson on March 9, 2007

tasmanian starfish shoes

my laughter become air traffic noise
ready to take off
so i flight into him and around him
legs looped like ribbons circling his waist
he rocks me back and forth on his blue stool
his eyes are all that was and all that will be
the embrace becomes infinite as
he is my mirror, sharing in all my joy

this is the moment birthing
a dream come true.

(no, it’s not what you think it is. but it is just as much a miracle creation as a bond of love or a burgeoning child).

Ola from the Isle

by Leonie Dawson on March 6, 2007

Will write more on the weekend.
In the meantime I’ll be drinking in great gulps of ocean and miandering through a new town.

Bless you.