jumping flew animalkind

a magnetic poem created on bek‘s fridge ~ my first poem in years.
i dedicate this to
liz, in honour of her sharing the passion of poetry and getting me in love with my inner poet again.

I’ve decided to take some time off for living.

I’m an intense bean ~ those born under the sign of Scorpio will understand the all or nothing aspect of our nature. I find myself addicted to the looking outward, the seeking of inspiration, the outside validation of self worth. All of this has its place, but so does being blissfully hermit-is.

It is only midsummer, but already I find myself beating Persephone down autumn’s stairs into introspection. I want to change my energy source from being somewhere outside to somewhere inside me ~ self fuelled and immersed in my life, not so much in the documentation of. I know this is the right choice for right now ~ when I made it, a huge flock of pink galahs flew right toward me, then over my head and my studio.

I’m not sure for how long. I want to fall back in love with myself and silence again ~ a sacred act, this inward initiation, the medicine wheel turning.

Let me know if you’d like to receive a notification email when spirit calls me to swing back into the blogging saddle again. Maybe it will be a few days, maybe a week. Maybe more. Otherwise, I will see you in the inbox, the letterbox or the dreaming ethers. I will be the one with feathers in her hair and a buffalo bracelet.

You are beautiful.

good things

good things in recent days ~

cockatoo medicine.


still shaking it as a cowgirl.

bushwalking barefoot.

this picture of chris… so very much “he”

sitting in the carseat behind him, watching his hand dance out in the wind.

playing grand finals of billionaire with my love and his parents, all of us wearing obligatory silly hats for it.

having artists circles ~ gathering at bek‘s with our womens group just to create, laugh, share and eat good nosh for a few hours on a sunday afternoon.

all good things. so very, very good.

just like you, hottie.

the imaginary life of a cowgirl

At the moment I am working my way through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.
One of the exercises is to write a list of your Imaginary Lives ~ I did the above journal page as my answer. One of the lives on my list is “Cowgirl” ~ I grew up as a cowgirl on my parent’s cattle farm, and have been riding horses since I was 2… but now, living three states away from the farm and in suburbia, the life of a cowgirl seems much further away.

Next on the Artists Way list ~ you had to do one small thing this week to move towards one of your Imaginary Lives.

I didn’t really have any idea of what I would do. I had vague thoughts of going for a sunset bikeride or paint a painting for one of my other imaginary lives.

We were out having lunch today with my love’s family, and I wandered into a hat store. And there on the first shelf was the most perfect cowgirl hat. Turquoise of course.

And what’s the first thing a cowgirl needs?

Her hat.

I feel quite strangely liberated,
giggling as I write this in my cowgirl’s hat for a turquoise goddess.

You smell so good,

happy australia day

I’m not a particularly patriotic kinda person ~ I love this land and this piece of earth, but I’m not really into countries as such.

Having said that, nothing made me prouder than seeing Juan Mann and Sick Puppies of Free Hugs fame in the Australia Day concert tonight.

Hug on. It’s good to be human.

I love what you’ve done with your hair today,


altered book of one day

The precious creation~goddess Penelope set the challenge to document your average day using snapshots, then printing out to put in an album in chronological order.

I took to the task with muchos gusto, choosing my special and well recorded day to be Sunday. It wasn’t a particularly average day, but I’m grateful I documented it anyway. My love’s wonderful parents are here visiting us, we are on holidays and are using this as our “Christmas” break instead. Insert large boxes of chocolates, vast consumption of books and flagrant overuse of lounging…

After reading a book on creating altered books a few days ago, I decided to make my photo album an ancient French textbook we found in an op-shop years ago in my hometown (I know who the schoolboy owner is {the joys of being a smalltown homegirl} ~ he is in his seventies now).

It was wonderful to play in a new style this afternoon ~ crossover photography/scrapbooking/collage/mixed media, all set within the yellow pages of an old book beauty.


did you get that all?

awakening, my dog,
outside to connect with earth and meditate
breakfast, reading,
talking, connecting,
drawing, morning pages,
emailing, lunch making,
watching a 6ixDegrees doco on India {oh land of my heart},
adorning myself in goddess wear (turquoise, flowing skirt, bellydancing belt, wild hair),
a chakra goddess playshop with aromatherapy,
a dinner party with my love’s family,
watching “so you think you can dance” {not so guilty pleasure}
comet gazing ~ seeing the huge and wonderous Comet McNaught on our horizon,
internet playing, goddess notes read~over
then ~ finally
and a journey into the dreaming,

yep, that’s a pretty awesome day…
and it is all the more beautiful for having been seen.

with love and light,