Dearest darling goddess

goddess labyrinth

Dearest darling goddess,

I just want you to know you are safe.

You are okay.

It’s okay that you’ve done what you needed to do.

It’s okay.

Lay down the measuring stick that you use to discover the ways you don’t measure up, or down, or sideways.

Lay down the whipping stick you use to flail yourself into action, thinking that’s the only way you ever get anywhere, do anything, accomplish those Goals with a capital G.

Lay down all the things that hurt. All the things that you Should be doing, not want to do or believe in doing.

As a soul, you will always measure up.

You will always measure up to me. To love. To Great Spirit. To the ones that know.

As a soul, you do not need to hurt in order to be the best you can be.

As a soul, you will always be loved.

You will always be worth it. Beautiful. Valuable. Precious. Needed.

Always, always, ALWAYS.

You will never need to change or push or do more in order to be worth it.

You will always – always – be loved.

There is nowhere else you have to be. Nothing else you need to be doing. Nobody else you need to be.

You will always – always – be loved.

Thank you for you.

Wise, precious, beautiful, loving you.

You will always – always – be loved.

loving me, loving you,

P.S. As I went to publish this, I realised this is my 1501st blog post. The picture at the top of this post? It was one of the first photos I blogged. It was my first goddess circle. My first labyrinth. It was around this time that I knew that I would be a part of women’s circles for the rest of my life.

After 1500 posts and six years, I’m so grateful to still be here. Still writing my heart out. Still learning what it is to be a goddess, a woman. Still sharing this profound, precious journey with you. Some of you have been here since from the very start. Some of you have been here for a few years. Some of you have been here since last week. No matter what time we’ve walked this path together, it has all mattered. It’s all been profound. You have touched me with your presence, your sisterhood and your grace.

Thank you, dearest heart. Again and again, over and over. This has changed my life.

Goddess Allsorts: 14 Inspirations that will rock your sweet cotton socks off your toesies…

Hola gorgeous Goddess!!!!

I’m SO not kidding on this one, dearhearts…

I’m pretty sure this is ze BEST collection of goddess allsorts I’ve ever found…

Every.single.time I found one of these treasures, I thought:


Can you please remind me to come back to this post whenever I need inspiration?

I’m SO excited to share these inspiration goodies with you…

Let’s start off with some beautiful music… this is the 14 year old daughter of one of ze goddess readers. Her name is Skylar Marks, which is a dreamy rockstar name right there. Bless you beautiful Skylar! Her beautiful rendition of Imagine got me misty eyed…

Nella Cordelia’s birth story is utterly touching (It reminds me about my Buddha of Imperfection).

SARK got her inner critics arrested + taken off in a police car. (Yes, really. Gawd that woman is a GODDESS!) Anyways, go read + find out how to get a signed copy of her new book Glad No Matter What + coaching with her!

Last Allsorts I shared the video of Cindy Gallops’ black apartment. I flipping loved Gala Darling’s interview of her about her latest project. I am loving Cindy’s utter knowing of who she is & making things HAPPEN.

Inner Toddler presents the hilarious & TOTALLY DOABLE Do Other Stuff Every Day Month. I laughed for a full five minutes after reading this one.

For some reason, this totally inspires me: Everything is stupid & easy to do.

I am still thinking A LOT about Shopping, showers & self-sacrifice: the lesson of the blue dress from The Happiest Mom.

Are you one of those people who likes to perve what’s on other people’s bookshelves. Yup. Me too. Take heart, my darlingheart… there must be others JUST like us. Why else would there be BOOK SHELF PORN?

Karl Lagerfeld’s books cover every wall of his studio from the ground, up two stories, to the skylights. Plus he owns the bookstore that is right next door.

– Todd Selby – The Selby is in Your Place

I love The Organic Sister’s gentle mothering thoughts on trusting our kids & their candy.

My sweet Ellie’s Perfect Margarita recipe sounds delish AND hilarimo!

These pregnacious goddess photos of Claudia Schiffer are divine. We need more pregnacious goddess photos in the world!!!
Darling Goddess sister Kyeli shares from the heart about how her worst year was the best.

Bad School Photo Trends are AWESOME.

And I’ve been listening to cute indie baby music, like ze above. Care of Baby Pants Music.

Okay, that’s all my darlinghearts.

How good was that?

Simply scrumptious. Edible. Delicious.

Before you say anything…


I know right? Best.Goddess.Allsorts.everrrrrrr.

Happppppy days 🙂

I think you are the bees AND the knees of bees,

“I joined the Goddess Circle while I was in such a bad place in my life. I needed clarity, support, upliftment, positivity, motivation, self-confidence..blah blah blah….don’t we all? Leonie’s gentle nature and nurturing spirit has created a little haven for lost lambs like me.

The Goddess Healing Chakra meditation is my favourite!

What has surprised me most about the Circle is the fellowship ‘it’ has created. Gorgeous Goddesses, including myself, share on a daily basis, knowing we are safe, away from scrutiny and judgement – But open to love and, dare I say it, sistahood. I have found my own little ‘secret’ happy place in the Goddess Circle.”

~ Goddess Sally, South Africa

Cutting All The Shoulds Off My Goddess Life List

Because Goddess Superheroes wear their big girl panties on the outside.
Me & two of my goddess sisters… Goddess Sone & Goddess Nixie!!!

Hola gorgeous Goddess!

So my darling goddess sister Marissa wrote a post.

One that I keep thinking about.

It’s called:

I Don’t Want To Run A Marathon.

And it’s all about how she had on her life list that she wanted to run a marathon.

But the thing is?

She hates running.

She wants to like it.

But, you know – she just doesn’t.

I hear you sister, I really do.

I would LOVE to be a runner.

But I’m not.

I’m a crazy dancer. An occasional kite-flyer. A newbie Zumbaite.

goddess frolicking

An occasional frolicker.

But a runner?

Anyways, Goddess Marissa took a big fat red pen to her Life List & cut out all the dreams that really didn’t make her sing. That didn’t feel like a good idea anymore. That felt more like a should than a want.

I was so flipping inspired, I did the same thing.

goddess smelling flowers

I want my Goddess Life List to be organic. Constantly growing and changing and shifting.

So I’ve now made a supplementary list:

The Things I Thought I Might Like To Do But I Don’t Think I Do Anymore And That’s Totally Perfect List!

AND I went the double-whammy of happy-optimisation, and added a

The Things I Have Done And They Were Ding Dang Fun List!

Because let’s face it. I’ve done some pretty flipping extraordinary things. And I want to celebrate how flipping awesome fun my life has always been.

You can check out all my lists here.


And this is the part where I tell you to ninja-chop out all the stuff that doesn’t belong on your Goddess Life List anymore.

But you totally already knew that anyway.

And maybe you will.

Maybe you won’t.

Maybe your Life List is perfect as it is.

Just like you are.

That’s all I wanted to say, dearest.

You don’t need to change who you are to be a Goddess.

Over & out, hottiecakes!

The Miracles of Goddess Circle #1

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Every day, I get to log into a rainbow little temple, and connect with 300+ other goddess sisters. Women who are my instant besties. A place we can share about art and soul and business and writing and mamahood and miracles. A place that is a Goddess Circle.

Everyday, there are miracles there.

I want to share them with you.

I ding dang know how hard is to know what a circle or forum is like if you’re not a part of it. So this is like a teensy glimpse. A guest post by Team Goddess.

Think of it like a mini Goddess Circle gathering around you…

filled with wise, creative, joyful goddesses…

just like you.

Goddess Circle Miracles

This artwork by the incredible Goddess Heather Keith Freeman that was inspired by the Goddess Circle.

She said:

“There was a lovely discussion here about children and their incredible sensitivity to magic and energy flows… this painting was inspired by it.

The energy here in this circle is so loving and precious that half the time I don’t know what to do with it – but it does me good just knowing that it’s here.”

*happy sigh*

So divine.

I just want to sit and bathe in it. I’ve ordered a card of this to sit over my desk, to remind me both of the energies that flows around us… but what we can also create with our own hands & energy.

Wisdom from Business Goddess sister to sister…

Utterly touched by the wise, heartfelt loveliness in the Business Goddess circle…

True wisdom… perfect if you’re a Business Goddess who is having one of those Days of Doubt.

We all hit that wall. When our big awesome dreams feel like they’ll never come true. When we feel like we’re spinning our wheels and moving nowhere. When someone spits a bit of poison into the air and tells you you’re crazy or you couldn’t possibly, and that poison makes you doubt yourself and your power to create.

In the midst of all that crap, remember us. We’re here and we’re walking that path too. We’re right beside you and we’re really freakin good at giving hugs & support. Come to the circle and talk it out. Now we’ve got a discussion thread devoted to those tricky feelings.

Doubt can enter at any moment you’re feeling vulnerable and someone else opens the door. We can’t always protect ourselves against it entering, but we can certainly shoo it away as quickly as possible.

ask & answer yourself this:
how will my dream/business make the world a better place?
who will I get to help with my dream/business?
how will this fulfill me in a way nothing else can?

There’s so much good to come from your big dream/business. There’s tons of folks out there who already need what you will create. There are probably some goddesses around here who will need it, too. That’s how important your dream is. We need you, love!

~ Goddess Cassie Oswald : photographer & pure spirit

And the truest words I ever did hear:

“When I was in the darkest night of my soul some years ago I looked for what I called “glimmering fish” in the bottom of the dark ocean – those things that were still right and beautiful in the world.

A flower. A dazzling sky. A kind word or smile from someone. Very, very small things.

Every day there is something there that is a miracle.

~ Goddess Loran : one of the kindest, nurturing hearts I know.

*sweet, soft, gentle exhale*

After a long day of walking around feeling like I’m bumping my soul’s knees on everything in sight… putting together this post was like a long bath. With a cup of chamomile tea. And a dash of fragrant glitter bubble bath.

Thank you, dearest goddess sisters, for your wisdom and shining brilliance. The world is better because of you. I am better because of you.

So blessed,

Hola, spunky week!

Holy dinger darlinghearts,

I feel like these weeks are just flying!!!

I have so much to share with you!!!!

What’s been happening here in Goddess Land?

My birthday. Sushi by the sea in ze monsoon rain, followed by the most Dreamtastic Banana Split you ever did have. We shared it between the three of us – Ostara getting chunks of banana & us devouring the rest. And then another soireee of cupcake eating with my big fam by another beach! Weeeooo! This mermaid is very happy to be back where she belongs… by ze sea!

Ostara met her first crocodile. I like to call him Ceramics. Please also note the double tie-dye ensemble. ROCKING IT.

My love’s birthday. Attempt to have lunch at a nice restaurant. All nice restaurants filled because it is torrentially raining and everyone is seeking refuge in warm, covered eating spots. We instead convene at McDonald’s because it’s the only place with space. Drive home before the roads get too flooded and the river goes over the road. Ding DANG I love being back in tropical paradise!!!

Chris getting a cold. Then Ostara getting a cold. Then me getting a cold. Which pretty much wiped out three days of work right there.

Ostara’s first tooth! It’s just breeching the surface like a tiny albino whale.

Ostara subsequently using my boob as a teething toy. Bless my little possum. I’d do exactly the same thing if I was her. Any tips on how to stop ze nipple-nip?

AND Ostara crawling. Being ze mama’s girl she is, she’s been using her new found skills to high tail it to her Mama every chance she’s got. Tis very cute.

In a sudden fit of inspiration, I totally made homemade apple sauce for Button. MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD. That’s me done for another year. Woo!

So I had this massive insight this week.

And it sounds simple, but it was totally revolutionary to me.

Ya see, I always think if I just got a little more organised, I could do.everything. That I was just lazy & unproductive if I didn’t.

But then I realised something. (Insight time!)

I actually *don’t* have enough time every day to do all the things I think I should be doing.

I only get to choose a few things I can do. And that’s it.

So it’s all about choosing what’s important.

What’s important to me?

Creating. Running my business. Having a close connection with Ostara. Having a close connection with my love. Being a happy person.

The rest?

I just need to make it as easy as possible.

The fact is, I’m not going to be a mama like the way my own mama was. I’m not going to be a mama like anybody else is.

The only mama I can be – and really want to be – is the mama I am.

So, my Mother of the Year award totally consists of me making one big batch of homemade apple sauce, freezing it up…



Loving our new DVR box like it’s 1999. I heart watching Conan, Modern Family, Community & Raising Hope… it usually takes us hours to get through a half hour show because – I don’t know – we have a baby, and apparently they need attention. Thank gawd for DVR! Play! Stop! Play! Stop!

I like to think of Modern Family as a parenting documentary. I learn so much from it. ho ho ho!

With all this happening, how on earth did I manage to finally launch the 2011 Creating your Goddess Year workbook, planner & calendar. I have no ideas. It happened though. Sheer goddess willpower, plus a healthy spray of man-helper-glitter. Thanks Mr Dawson! YIPPEEEE!

& thanks to the lovely Now Age Publishing, there’s now a b+w printed version as well!

Time for an Ostara Montage!!!

I interrupt this programming with a teeny baby flashback from eight months ago…

*happy sigh*

AND…. we’re back.

Look what that beautiful lil sleeping babe has turned into?????

Ostara learning to drive with her centaur granddad. We like to teach them young around these parts.

BTW, can you see how my big wild black-bearded dad turns into one big pile of mush around babies?

As my gran so wisely puts it… “Your Dad would populate the world with a thousand babies if he could.”

Instead, he had five.

Close enough.

The End.

Want to see adorable videos of Ostara giggling her butt off, her Daddy flinging my phone into the ceiling (by accident) & general soft baby cooing out the window? AND a baby army-crawling and getting distracted by shiny things?

Of course you do. So do I.

*soft exhale*

Okay! I think I’m done.

My boobs are leaking. You know what that means! FEED TIME!

I’m pretty sure that’s how you are supposed to finish off blog posts.

I just wanted you to know that I am so thankful to share this journey with you.

Thank you, as always, for supporting my work. I’m so over the moooooon hearing about how much the 2010 Workbook helped you. And how much  the 2011 Workbook is already creating its magic for you. I am so grateful for it. So grateful for you. And so grateful to keep creating for you.

Love you like I love those sugar-encrusted Santa marshmallows (WHICH IS A LOT),