Switch Off Sunday: 5

Hola gorgeous Goddess,

Thank you all so much for your support, love and encouragement about all the changes a-happening in Goddess land… I am so, so grateful to have you all here, sharing this Goddess journey with me.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I enacted that sacred sunday ritual of mine: Switch Off Sunday. And I’ve been feeling it. This morning I woke up and spent an hour surfing around aimlessly, feeling increasingly disgruntled and dissatisfied and all those dis-words. And then I realised… hey sweetpea… it’s SUNDAY. Switch off time.

The thought cheered me up immensely.

So I’m using this time to set my intentions for my Switch Off Sunday… and of course, you can join in too!

Each Sunday, I take either the whole day or the afternoon off from being online.

You are so welcome to join me in switching off, for the day or the afternoon or two hours… and re-discovering the joys of being switched onto life outside the laptop.

Facebook, Google Reader, Twitter, blogs and your inbox will all be there tomorrow waiting for you. But Sundays are for beautiful recharging 🙂

Here’s my intentions for my Switch off Sunday:

Reminder to self: This is not a to-do list. This is a list of possibilities. It is not an achievement to tick all of these off today. Do what calls you, and just allow yourself to be switched off.

  • Go a-visit a dear friend to pick up some extra baby supplies. Take my hot man with me, and admire his arms and eyes as he drives. Hug dear friend with big wide open arms and my half moon belly insisting on being a part of the hug too. Deeeeelightful.
  • Do some divine decluttering and sacred space clearing and get this sweet home of ours feeling like it’s flowing and really happy again. Also – think about sorting out my new art area so I actually know where things are! I really, really feel making our home all cosy and streamlined again is important today. Do you hear me, lovely Leonie.
  • Maybe finish some old paintings to send out into the world.
  • Burn some old papers in the firepit outside. Fire=transformation=letting go. Wahooooooo!
  • Organise my To-Do list so it feels less nutty and much more zen.
  • Have a lie-down in the afternoon and listen to some CalmBirthing meditations.
  • Finish washing some baby clothes and blankets and putting them away. My intention when washing and folding and stuffing my face into them to inhale their smell deeeeeeeeply is to feel like this is a sacred act of grounding and preparing the space for merbaby to come into our lives.
  • Watch some birthing videos with my love. There’s nothing that says romance like watching waterbirth videos together… hee hee hee!
  • Keep reading Birthing in Paradise. I started reading this little book last night and am a bit transfixed by it… it is the stories of a midwife who has lived with Inuit and Australian Aboriginal tribes and helped them birth.

Time to switch off… and soak in this day.

What are your intentions for your Switch off Sunday?

love you like a bear,

Changes afoot in Goddess land

Hey beauty beauties,

A couple of months ago, I realised something that kinda scared me. The soft, wide truth that:

I needed to change something in my sacred business, or quit it once baby mermaid entered the world.

For the last five years, my business has been a good and beautiful vehicle that’s helped me share my big dream with the world… through art, a book, workshops, retreats, meditation, kits, e-courses and Goddess School. All of it was just a way of helping women see that thing inside them that I so believe in… that we are wise, joyful, creative, powerful goddesses that can create our own beautiful lives.

It’s something I believe in so much, and so deeply, that I get tears in my eyes when I think about it. It blooms inside me so strong and so vivid, that I know it’s not really from me – it’s a knowing that comes through me from some profound place in the universe… maybe Mount Olympus, or Avalon, or the place-under-the-sea. I just know it is absolutely the truth. The truth that we are all beautiful, rich, rare, brave and wise. The truth that we can all heal. That no matter what happens, we can be joyful. The truth that we were born to be ourselves.

But I’m getting off topic…

My point is… this sacred business of mine has just been a vehicle to help as many women who wanted it to remember what a Goddess they are.

It’s been my passion for over five years, and my primary focus for the last two especially.

And as my belly grows fuller, I know the time is coming when I can no longer on my own give my business absolutely everything it needs to do its own sacred work in the world.

Once baby mermaid comes, I need to devote myself to her, and to my own initiation into Mamahood.

So I have been sitting with this truth for a couple of moons, and seeing what I needed to do from here.

And it all became beautiful and clear, once I rested and gave myself some time.


Three years ago, Great Spirit told me I needed to create a retreat. Even though I’d never run one before – and hilariously enough – never even attended one before. I just knew, deep in my soul, that this is what needed to happen, and that I would be shown the way to doing it. I believed I would be given whatever wisdom, strength, energy and inspiration I needed to make it happen.

And it did work out that way. One long weekend in March, nine goddesses gathered on a farm just south of here. We slept in a sweet cottage with a fire oven. We woke up in the early morning to walk to the top of a hill and meditated as the sun rose. We ate radiantly raw foods. We built a labyrinth in the bush, feeling the energy spirits guide us to places of power, dance, joy and transformation on the land. We travelled deeply through meditation, art, ritual and dance. We gave each other healings. We took on medicine names. We had potent, powerful sacred circles in a tipi. We drummed and sung around a fire under the starlight. A whole world opened up in that gathering.

And I was right in my intuition – I was given all I needed to run that retreat. From the moment the retreat began until the time we held our last circle, a strong, powerful presence I called Sun Bear came to me and guided me. She was strong and ancient and wise, and whenever I needed strength, wisdom or guidance, she would whisper in my ear what I needed to know. Even when transformation rocked the energy of the circle, Sun Bear held it strong. She knew what it was that was needed.

And the other gift I was given at that retreat – the other thing I needed for it to be run – became very apparent, very quickly.

A few years before, I had met a goddess sister and dear friend Sone. We met online, and I intuitively knew to do something a little bit wild and crazy (even by my own standards). When the time came for me to have my own inner-marriage ceremony, I invited her to be my Goddess of Honour at my ceremony and stay the weekend at the Cottage of Joy and Love. The moment she turned up on my front lawn, we looked at each other and thought “I know you! You are here again! We are going to be friends always.” And so it was. Our souls recognised something in each other as being friends, and companions for the journey.

Us the first day we met…

As a Taurean goddess, she is the polar opposite of my Scorpio-ness on the astrological wheel. We balance each other out, and when our singing bowls are rung together, the tones sing true. As the years unfolded, we would talk about how we wished we were back in Avalon, as Goddess Priestesses and sisters, collecting herbs, walking the sacred lands, helping other women find the goddess inside them.

And in every circle at the retreat, either at my side, or directly across from me, was my dear friend, sending me waves of love and support, and holding the space with me. Without me saying a word, we dropped into a familiar, easy pattern together of sharing this sacred women’s work together. She would appear to gently remind me when we needed to move the energy onto the next thing. She would watch where the other goddesses where at, and intuitively know how to help them heal and open. She would take one look at me and know exactly where I was at and what I needed. She used her intuition, earthiness and goddess spirit to give the retreat and the circle whatever it needed. She was my right-hand Goddess sister – and we laughed with delight at how our dreams of being Avalonian goddesses sharing women’s sacred work had become true.

And on a healing, personal space for me… not only did Sone support the retreat, and my role in leading these precious women – she supported me, not just as a goddess – but also as a girl who was doing her big work and finding it in some moments overwhelming and challenging. She’d stroke my hair, hold me when I needed to release tears, and remind me what I needed to know.

In the years of our friendship we have witnessed, supported and honoured each other on our journeys… when we met, we were still working out what we wanted to be and how we wanted to share with the world. She’s been with me on every step of my own transformation and growth into my self – from starting a business, to going to India, to getting engaged, to running retreats and starting Goddess School, and becoming pregnant.. And I’ve been so crazy proud and happy as she has fallen in love, gotten married to her soulmate, made huge leaps of faith, quit jobs to follow dreams, move here to Canberra, and become a NIA dance teacher, reiki healer, circle leader and intuitive tarot reader.

That, and we both happen to be in love with intense, loyal and gorgeous Scorpio men, and we both rescued dogs from the pound named Charlie. (My dog Charlie1 also happens to believe Sone is his soulmate from another life. The way he looks at her is just too besotted for words! hee hee hee)

So where this is all leading to…

I had a beautiful reading to gain some clarity around what I needed to do with my sacred business a couple of moons ago. And the gorgeous Tanishka said to me:

You need to give yourself some space to become a mother. You need to find a way you can keep sharing your gifts with the world while you are immersed in looking into the eyes of your daughter. There is someone you already now, someone who is very close to you, who can help you with it. You know who it is, don’t you?

And I did. The image of Sone sprang to my mind as the woman I could trust with helping spread this magical, potent, healing goodness with more goddesses. I decided to sit with it for a while longer, to see if it was the right way to journey.

And at the same time, Sone was getting readings and going to retreats, and saying to me:

I don’t know WHY, but the number 2 keeps coming up for me! That my soul purpose will be in partnership with someone else, but I don’t know who yet or how it’s even going to work out!

And I would giggle, and scratch at my hand because I’m really not a good secret keeper, and wait for the right moment to come up.

And it did.

As of the New Year…

I’m sure you already know what is happening… as the answer is pretty clear, no?

Goddess Sone will be joining the good ship Goddess Guidebook to help keep it sailing beautifully. She’ll be taking over running Goddess School, answering all the goddess support emails and making sure all our goddesses are taken care of.

And we’re really excited… as we’re in the midst of creating the next Goddess School e-course together!

I really wanted to combine our superpowers… Goddess Sone’s gifts as an earthy Taurean healer and qualified NIA dance teacher with mine as a watery Scorpio transformation goddess and Goddess Guide – so the next e-course will be the Radiant Goddess e-course: a 21 day mind, body and spirit plan including nutrition, movement, meditation and soulful goddess tasks… the perfect way to begin a new year with rejuvenation & revitalisation & radiance!

At this stage, Term 2 of Goddess School will be beginning January 17. We’ll be opening for enrolments next week.

I’m really, really excited for this newest blooming… and know having Sone a part of this will be such a deep gift to me, and all our goddesses.

What this means for you?

All good things, I think! Goddess School will be able to continue even when I’m on maternity leave. Goddess Sone knows my courses and teachings inside out, and already lives them. She’s deeply intuitive, healing, encouraging and courageous and will bring her own special energy. She’ll be taking over the running of the Goddess School online circles so our course goddesses will come to know and love her like I do. I’ll still be a part of the circles as I can, but Sone will be the main energy rudder behind it all 🙂

What else?

I have a pile of projects, kits, ideas, e-books and meditations bursting to come out. And I usually try to space them out, but as I enter third trimester soon, and summer (which is my prime season of creation), I’m going to be just following my heart, energy and spirit… and release them all as they want to come out. And I really, really don’t want it to be overwhelming for anyone… I’m just going to trust that it’s a good thing to be getting them out now before I have to enter mama-cave completely.

Also – at some point, I will probably stop offering Goddess Guidance sessions one-on-one. I will book only a few more for December, so if you’re hankering for one, get in now. I’m really not sure if I will have time from January onwards to continue doing them regularly. My head is still wrapping around that idea, actually. Woah, overwhelming!

Deep exhale….

Thank you so much for being here… for being the Goddess you are… and being a part of this special place. For me – this isn’t a business or a website, it’s a way of life… and a temple for women to come to find the amazing goddess inside them. That’s what all of this is for… and I’m so grateful to be doing this work again in this life.

Questions, concerns, thoughts, ideas, big dreams…? If you have any, please just let me know hon. Mi goddess ship es su goddess ship. And please welcome the precious Goddess Sone aboard 🙂

Big, big, big sky-coloured love,

How To Give Yourself Support When You Are Healing

Hola gorgeous Goddesses,

Whenever I can, I answer an Ask Goddess Leonie question. To get your question answered, just add your question here. A sweet and shining goddess asked this question:

I know healing is essential… but sometimes when I start working on issues, it feels like more and more come up, and it becomes so overwhelming and hard and scary that I run away from them, and just ignoring them.

And that’s completely completely understandable.

Because doing inner work can be challenging – and there’s just you, in your own spirit, doing your inner work. It can feel lonely, and sometimes you can get to a point where you’ve run out of inner resources, energy or knowing what to do next.

Which is why I’m a big proponent of all of us finding, having access to and giving ourselves support for healing.

Using outside tools can be really, incredibly helpful to give us the support we need to keep doing the big, powerful, majestic, healing work we are doing.

Here’s some tools to support your healing process

  • Crystals
    They might just be pretty bits of earth… but I can’t say enough how much having some crystals around can totally help with healing. Whenever you are feeling unsettled or in need of extra energy, pop some small smooth crystals under your pillow while you sleep, or go to sleep holding a crystal in your hand.
    Choose crystals that sing to your spirit, or look beautiful to your eyes. Otherwise choose crystals like rose quartz, clear quartz or amethyst.
  • Meditation
    I know, I know. You’ve heard it a thousand times. So have I. The trouble with meditation is that it’s boring, and no impetus to do it. We all know how amazing meditation can be to feeling more peaceful, calm and centred. We know it can be healing. So let’s just make it really, really easy on ourselves to meditate okay. Load up your iPod with some meditation CDs – you could try out one of mine, Holosync or any other kind of guided meditation.
  • Herbs
    There are so many beautiful herbs out there that you can use in herbal teas to help with calming, settling and rejuvenation. Celestial Seasoning’s “Tension Tamer” and “Sleepytime” blends are beautiful – otherwise St John’s Wort, peppermint, passionflower, chamomile and nettle are all incredibly calming. This isn’t just sipping a cup of tea, sweetpeas. This is supporting healing.
  • Australian Bushflower Essences or Bach Flower Essences
    I tend to use Australian Bushflower Essences more because they resonate with this land beautifully. I’m a big fan of Transition Essence, Abund Essence and Meditation Essence. I also use their mists around my house – Calm & Clear Mist is beautiful, and Space Clearing Mist is my staple for helping clear old energies and make my space shine.
    If you’re not in Aus, check out the Bach Flower Essences range.
    The Auric Sprays from Feel Good Energy Shift are also magical and uplifting and supportive.
  • Healers, Coaches & Intuitive guides
    When I need extra energy, or realignment, or am just feeling really “off” and can’t seem to shake it, I use other healers. That’s right party peoples – I’m a healer, and I go to other healers when I need it. It’s really, really important.
    Here’s who else I can recommend:
    – check out in-person healers in your area.
    – I go to Tanishka for really grounded, insightful readings (available by phone).
    – If you’re after coaching, I’ve already tried Shannon and think they are completely lovely.
    – And I talk about her a lot, but I can’t recommend highly enough Hiro Boga as an emotional, spiritual & physical healer. She is the most gifted, powerful, potent, gentle and intuitive healer I know, and believe in her work so much. She does distance healings by phone all over the world.

I hope this helps make healing a whole lot less overwhelming for you darling, and a whole lot safer, sweeter and more supported.

Big love,

Subliminal message: VIP Goddesses are hot

Hey sweetpeas,

I’ve had a rather productive goddessy makey day… so I’m sending out an extra gifty out to the VIP Goddess mailing list tomorrow of a printable affirmation card all goddessy and handpainted… if you’d like to receive it, make sure you are on the list, darlingest.

You make the world smell pretty.
It’s true.

Love you,

P.S. Just went on the most glorious walk over the mountain to the lake, accompanied by a chorus of a thousand helper fairies (otherwise known as flies… hee hee hee).

P.P.S. TERM TWO OF GODDESS SCHOOL IS COMING!@!@! There’s some really good changes happening, and I’m working on the newest Goddess e-course and I’m so flipping excited about it that I call flies “fairies” hee hee hee… All will be revealed next week!

P.P.P.S. Once I start with P.S.ing I find it very hard to stop.

P.P.P.P.S. See?

P.P.P.P.P.S. Charlie loves you. So do I.

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. So does mermaid baby, who I have taken to naming Arielle lately…

Calm Birthing

This weekend, my love and I went to a full weekend workshop on Calm Birthing. It’s a course similar to Hypnobirthing, but was developed here in Australia by a male country midwife. Calm Birthing uses breath and meditation to help the process of pregnancy, birthing and parenting be calmer, more gentle and peaceful.

The first day was a beautiful blend of the practical elements of birthing, the physiology of labour and how our mind and fears can affect our nervous system and uterus.

We went into meditations that get into the subconscious and begin releasing old fears and ideas from there.

I emailed my dear friend Sone that night and wrote “It’s not like our usual transformative kind of work… this has been so gentle, and I can feel it working but it hasn’t ruffled my energy…”

Oh how I speak too soon 🙂

That night I slept fitfully, and the next morning I woke up out of sorts.

I’ve written about this before – and it’s been an emotion that has kept creeping up for me since I got pregnancy. It’s this underlying feeling of fear, terror and sadness that I’m no longer independent, that I have to rely on someone, and that I could lose Chris right when I need him. And I have been feeling so puzzled by this fear – it felt like a very old, old energy that had nothing to do with my life, what I’d experienced or how Chris truly is. My love is rock solid, and totally dependable, and I’ve never met a man more present or loving. I wondered where this emotion came from, and when I would learn its medicine.

That morning, we were led into meditation by our beautiful Calm Birth teacher, Tracey.

She told us to go into our special place in nature.

Immediately, I was taken into a past life.

I was 14 or 15 – with a small, lithe strong body and wild hair. I was heavily pregnant, and all alone.

I sat under an overhanging rock at the top of a mountain, and looked out down the mountain, to a river, and out past the land to the place where the sea met the sky.

A surge of emotion coursed through me – the same one that had been coming up in this life – a feeling of deep sadness, that I was all alone, without a partner or family, and that I would have to do this all by myself. I had no one to depend on but me to bring this baby girl into the world, and teach her how to live.

I began sobbing, and let the feeling wash through me.

A part of me worried about all these tears, but a voice inside me said “Let them out now, it is time to release them and let go.”

So I did, sitting in a wash of sadness, letting the waves come.

Tracey’s voice came through.

“Someone will meet you in your special place. They will tell you what you need to know.”

Beside me, a woman appeared. She had brown hair and kind eyes and an open face. She had the strong, earthy energy of a Shamaness.

“Leonie, you have already done this in your past life. You have already learned this lesson and this medicine. It is not time for you to be alone anymore. It is time instead for sacred union.

Remember Leonie, you have already done this. It is not time for you to be alone anymore.”

Her words sung deep wisdom into my heart and my belly.

Down the valley, I saw Chris walk up the slope towards me. The Shamaness disappeared, and my love came and stood beside me, and took my hand.

We looked out over the valley and sky together, and our bodies lit up together, and shone like the light of a thousand stars.

And with that, something inside me was healed.

And I opened my eyes, and looked at Chris with tears streaming down my face.

And he looked at me with his ocean eyes, and saw into me.

And he held my hand, and our bodies lit up like stars,

and I learned the medicine of what I needed to know…

to be a truer lover, mama and soul.

Our past lives can be gifts to us, teaching us of our pains and wounds, and the places that need to be healed. They can show us the path of evolution, of what we now need to do to become whole, and true, and even more our beautiful selves.

I am so grateful for healing, and for transformation… and for the wisdom and medicines that flow through them.

I am who I am because of both my wounds and my healing miracles… and it is all a deep blessing.

Love like a thousand stars,