Somedays I get so caught up in my head.
In comparing myself, in believing things that aren’t true, in disregarding and judging and being divisive and just generally feeling a lot of soul pain. So apart from myself and apart from My Self ~ that is ~ You. All of you. Every soul on this Earth, every breathing tree, every panting dog, every swelling sea. When I am hard on myself, or hard in my thoughts about any one of You ~ I feel soul pain, because I am apart from the Great Truth of our Divine and Lovely Oneness.

(Writing that, I see that apart is a-part, so any feeling of disconnection or away from is an illusion and not the Beauty Truth.)

I decided last night that I’d had enough. That I needed – somehow – to make new brain synapse pathways instead of driving the jeep down the rutted brain thought roads of Not Good Enough Street, I Am Unloved Circuit, I Am Unseen Driveway.

So I went to sleep with meditative music playing in my ear, imagining all the angels rushing to my side just to monitor my life source.

I wake up, and somehow I can’t quite fall as low as I did yesterday.
At lunch, a burly, beautiful man takes me on a walk. Past a sales bin, and there is a treasure calling my name. A gorgeous soft beanie cap (in the colour of “teal” as my New Best Friend At Work labelled it). Somehow, under its embrace, I feel safer, like my head is enveloped in Clouds of Gladness. It is my own little emblem of hope, an adornment on the altar of my body to symbolise who I am under the sky.

We move to the bookstore, and over and over books peek out at me from a woman with radiant grey eyes. She reminds me on one page that when we say we need to love ourselves more ~ it is not the truth. Because that makes the assumption is that Love is something we need to DO, and that we do not already Live in a State of Love.

I forget, sometimes, about that Love.
Please be gentle with me, World, when I forget that. It pains me just as much as you when I forget about Love. And I promise I will try to remember that we are ALL in this sway of forgetting and remembering about Ourselves and Love. Sometimes I think the crabbiest and most jaded amongst us are the ones keening for Love the most. May I always Love them.

Such small but huge things ~
a beanie, and a book,

to make things seem beautiful and My Own again.

As the sun set, I find myself giggling in the bedroom,
rolling about with a camera,
finding delight in my own gifts again.

I love you, just as I love myself, and I love what we are doing,
and I will have faith for Us as tiny as a seed and as mighty as an oak,
as much as I can from wherever I am.

With love, gentleness, magic and remembering to you ~

Goddess of the Night

Goddess of the Night, acrylic and mixed on canvas

She is a Goddess of the Night.
The stars sing melodies to her,
melodies that have no words,
but unveil the ancient mysteries,
the possibilities, the angels
emblazoned in their light…


The night wind is her friend.
It curls around her hair,
scooping around her shawl,
tracing her cheek,
wrapping her in its sweet embrace,
reminding her she is loved…


The swoop of an owl’s wings.
She calls to her, awakening her,
the moonlight in her eyes,
her knowing presence.
The Wise Owl is inside you…


And then, there is
Grandmother Moon.
Her crone cream belly
laying, dreaming in the sky.
Her life is of transformation,
she takes you on the journey,
this journey of being a woman…


She is a Goddess of the Night,
finding Great Spirit in the solitude of the dark,
the shining angels of the stars,
the belly of moon,
the flight of the owl.


Uluru dawn over the dunes

The Goddess of the Night evokes for me all the night dreaming in Uluru.
The night sky there is filled with a thousand lights ~ nightly barefoot walks in the dune ~ a dingo ~ infinity.

An offering to the stars ~

Inspire Me Thursday: Connections

Sunday was a day of painting on the floor,
swirling around the room,
following the sun like the Ancient Ones.

There is a deva inside me
that I dance with,
that I immerse myself in,
listening to her gentle voice,
the way she presses my hand against the canvas surface.

And in the moments where I need to inhale,
to replenish the well,
to connect again with the world outside…

I read the books of the woman who is a Soul~Lighthouse
and lay down beside my healing dog.

All it takes is these little, perfect connections…
to remind me that all is well, right here, right now…

be blessed,

~ More Connection journalling is at Inspire Me Thursday.

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I am so looking forward to sharing some more rainbow art joys with you!

not in kansas adventure

You know you’re not in small town Kansas-Canberra anymore, Toto,
when you’re walking down the street,
look up and see
a freaking HIGHWAY above the building.

Call me yokel, but I just didn’t know that kind of stuff happened.
It amazes me how close us humans want to live by each other… tribal communities in our funny city ways.

Speaking of close…

Noodles and hugs and kisses and words and wasabi mayonnaise and each other.

Happy, happy miracles.

Dear, dear friends.

Can you spot Leonie in this building reflection?

Flying home in the afternoon, me and my Wonder-Workmate, Smiling John, somehow managed to charm the flight attendant that we were childish enough to warrant child activity packs. We scored free Freddo Frog pencilcases (which consumated the day’s status as Best Day Ever), and played a hilarious blend of Freddo Frog Go Fish with great guffaws of laughter.

Hello home.
Hello miracle day.

*happy sigh*

Manifest this

This is a photo of me and one of my dearest friends and earth~sisters, Sone.

She lives in another city, and we see each other a couple of times a year.

Both of us are lunch-hour lovers ~ using those hours for discovery, artists dates, good food and reading in the park. Now if only we could do those things together.

We are always telling each other ~ “let’s meet up for lunch!” “meet you at the bookstore for lunch! we’ll have frappes!”

Talk about manifestation:

Tomorrow, my work is sending me on a big winged steel bird.
To my dear friend’s city.
To a building only a couple of blocks from my dear friend’s work.
With an hour of lunch.

What are the odds?
What are the miracle-freaking-odds?

So tomorrow…
at lunch,
I’m going to do the most natural thing in the world…
and sit across from this beauty,
share stories,
hold hands,
laugh and
revel in each other’s company.

My LunchDate tomorrow: This girl has pretty much the best laugh ever…

I want this to stand as bonafide proof
that we really can manifest anything and everything
under this glorious, impossibly possible sun.

I think I shall wear pink,