The Instant Happy! Calm! Tip!


G’day dearests,


Just a quick tip for you today… shared with me from one of my mentors Hiro Boga.

An acupressure spot to press to feel happy + calm.

You can also use on wee ones + teach your kidliwinks how to apply themselves.

By applying firm, steady pressure with your index finger to this point, you will be able to release and move the Chi.

Used to sedate and calm. Relieves depression, melancholia. Grants insight and ability to plan, have vision, and mental, emotional, spiritual flexibility.

Sourced from (and more info can be found at) here.

We were going to use this point to help Ostara as we weaned from breastfeeding last week, but she hasn’t needed it… it’s been the most easy, gentle, happy, loving transition I could ever imagine!

Instead I’ve been using it to get centered while I work… and it’s perfect, so I thought I’d share it along as a power tip to add to your toolkit!

Happy calming!





This is for you, if you’re feeling unsure right now.


Hey love,

Just incase you’re wavering right now.

Just incase things feel wonky.

Just incase you’ve been pushing + things haven’t been working.

Just incase if you’ve been wondering if it’s a sign to give up, check out, go back…

here’s your sign:

No it’s not.

This is the time to be gentle.

This is the time to give yourself what you need.

This is the time to build your faith.

This is the time to keep taking step after step after step.

This is the time to keep showing up, keep shining, keep believing, keep knowing,

even when it’s not easy.

And eventually it’s just gonna become your modicum, your standard of being.

Don’t get distracted.

Have unwavering focus on your dream, on where you are going.

Don’t look back. Don’t get distracted by the coyotes and the spiders.

They are only there to teach you how not to be.

Stay focussed. Stay clear. Stay bright.

It’s all gonna be okay, love bug.

In fact, it’s gonna be fuc*ing magnificent.

love like the sun,

Last Chance.


It seems that everyday since the beginning of time, I’ve gotten these questions:

  • how do I get rid of negative energy?
  • how do I cleanse my space?
  • I feel like I’m living in my head, what do I do to get out?
  • what if I feel strung out, exhausted + depleted?

Once upon a time, we were taught in our education how to do this. Our elders taught us how to manage our own energy, as well as how to properly manage the effects of people around us.

I’m grateful + blessed that I was taught it a long time ago by a tribe of wise women.

I regard this work as the essential energy work that every woman needs – in order to feel light, bright + safe in her world.

It’s why I created the Healing Goddess workshop – to give you the energy education you’ve missed out on that continues to affect you today.

But it’s only available for the next two days for a number of reasons.

This is your last chance to grab it before it leaves the planet.

What that means for you is that if you’re ready, the teachings are here for you, ready to be used NOW.

The accolades for this project have flowed in. The effects of this work is profound.

“Boy did things change in just a few days! Even my intuition and ability to read oracle cards has gone through the roof!”

“This is JUST what I needed to manage a difficult work situation!”

“My family are feeling the waves of peace!”

“So powerful! This is one to watch again and again!”

“I feel so much more relaxed and grounded!

Click to read the full standing ovation.

Again, if you’re ready to finally learn the energy education you’ve missed out on – the missing piece that makes life much more difficult – click here and say YES.

There’s only 2 more days left to get it before it disappears!

Just to be clear – I’m not offering this workshop for sale again. It’s meant to be used and implemented NOW so that those big, deep changes can happen for you instantly.

love + blessings,

P.S. It’s my deepest hope that one day this energy education will be taught again to every soul again… so that they know how to walk through life with their light shining bright. So please – use this education and share it along. Teach yourself, your children, your friends. Let them know that they don’t have to suffer anymore. That they can look after their energy properly so it is light and bright, and not be affected by others.

It’s a matter of urgency that people start using these lessons — TODAY. They are just so, so important to our lives, homes, families, happiness, wellbeing + communities.

Click here to get the Healing Goddess workshop before it leaves the planet!


What I’m Changing + What I’m Not


G’day gorgeous souls,

Yesterday I published this article :: How My Soul Purpose Is Changing (+ How It Affects You).

There’s been such a beautiful response from you who deeply resonated with it… I loved hearing such words as “It’s funny how you are evolving in exactly the same direction as me and what I am needing.” That made my heart sing, and the chant of yes, yes, yes grow louder.

AND I also sensed that some lovely souls are feeling uncertainty.

As in:

what does this mean?

what is changing?

what is not?

I thought it would be useful for me to answer those questions to bring even more lovely clarity in.



  • I’m still a Leonie. I’m still into all things hippy, mermaid, crystal, goddess, soul + rainbow. I still parse everything through my spirit-meter before it enters my life. I’ll still be gigglesnorting, writing inspirational stuff, swearing just a wee bit + talking about unicorns.
  • I will still be writing about my life, my journey… as honestly + vulnerably as I always have.
  • I will still talk art, healing, soul, mamahood, love + life wherever I am called to. I can’t stem the words that wish to pour forth. I’ve always written whenever I am guided by my divine muse, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
  • The Goddess Circle will still exist, thrive + grow. I see it as a one stop shop for transforming your life on every single level — health, home, happiness, inner peace + business. I regard it as the Complete Life Uplift resource pack at a very generous price with an incredible community (almost 3000(!) women).



  • There will be more articles + videos aimed specifically at helping women create + grow incredible businesses with their gifts.
  • I’ll be offering more intensive programs + coaching outside of the Goddess Circle for women who are ready to invest in themselves + their businesses to take it to the next level.


Hope this helps and brings comfort, clarity + understanding to you.




THIS provides more wisdom than I can ever say…

I can’t even say why, but this is my totem animal right now:



It makes me gigglesnort every.time. I look at it.

Reminds me of that kid’s rhyme:

We’re going on an adventure! We’re off to catch a big one!


And we totally are.


with bucketloads of love + joy,


G’day gorgeous souls,

For the last eight years, I was called to share with you that feeling of unconditional love of the angels, of the permission for you to be who you were, the reminder that you didn’t need to change one thing in this world to be loved, that everything would be okay.

And eight years, two books, 1500+ blog posts and upteen programs later, that calling of mine is complete.

I feel like I’ve said all I’ve needed to say about it.

And that now that forms the background and the framework and the container of the new work I’m called to share.

I’m still an angel loving hippy of the most right-brainiest kind content to live in a turquoise hermit shack with a witchy monk’s lifestyle,

but I’m also now a master manifester, a mama,a successful soul-centered business owner who believes that we all have big gifts to share + that we have to step up in a BIG way to do it. I’ve reached my own goals. I’ve managed to craft a soulful, creative business that has helped thousands upon thousands of people, blossomed beyond my wildest dreams + given me + my family a huge amount of freedom.

I’ve also changed my money mindset radically. I no longer believe it’s pious to be poor, and instead I totally see how more abundance can be empowering and healing. How we can align money with our intentions, we can become wonderful custodians of money, we can create good and beautiful existences on the earth without it taking away from anyone else or mama earth.

It’s not just about money — it’s never ever been about money for me. I’ve always been driven by my soul’s calling to create + express + help others. And now I’ve worked out how to do that, I want to help others do just the same.

I’m changing a lot of what I share. My new “brief” of kinds is to help other earth angels take their light to the world in as big a way as possible, and to help them help even more people.

When I say “earth angels” I mean – creatives, artists, healers, writers, acupuncturists, photographers, coaches, musicians + entrepreneurs of all kinds + sorts. People who want to make a difference in their own lifes, people who want to change the world.

I believe there are so many earth angels out there — you — that have big beautiful gifts, that this world needs. What’s more, I know I’m able to help you share those gifts in a way that powerfully helps the thousands out there that need it, and that help you create your most nourishing, inspiring life.

For me, becoming an entrepreneur has been one of the most deepest, sacred experiences of my life… one that has fast-tracked my personal growth to a whole new level. In one month I heal and transform and gain insights that used to take me a year or more.

What’s more, the experience of becoming a mother, of Post Natal Depression, of letting go of the old way to embrace the new — it has cleaved me open, sculpted off some edges and left me a new person.

A five year old cannot go back to being a three year old, nor can I write or be as I used to.

A flame has been lit up inside me, and there’s a different message to be shared —

that yes, we can have amazing, beautiful lives. We can have abundant, prosperous businesses to support our gifts.

That there’s profound changes to make along the way. Changes in mindset, productivity, marketing + how you work your life. And they can also be totally in alignment with your soul and your heart.

The understanding that you are perfect, divine + whole will always be a part of the work I teach the world, but for me, for what I am called to now is helping people’s actions align with their intentions. For them to create and manifest and call forth and make happen the dreams they are wanting.

I’m no longer a dreamer.

I’m a dream-make-happener.

If my work no longer resonates with you or serves you, I understand. I wish you the most beautiful of blessings on your journey, and the hope that you find what it is you are seeking. I am so grateful that we crossed paths and shared this sacred time together and send you GIANT washes of love.

And I’m so excited for all the new that we are calling forth too… all the new souls that are gathering here, that are chanting yes, yes, yes, ready to run with this new energy and fly.

We are brave, soulful warriors on the quest of our life… to embody a new kind of world here.

One where our gifts are used to their fullest. Where our money, jobs and lifestyles are totally in sync with our spirit. Where the whole world becomes one big dance of possibility.

all my love,