Touched by an angel.

Great Aunt Lucy & my grandmother. Sisters for 95 years.


Three nights ago, my love and I were restless, searching for sleep, kicking our legs, tangling them into sheets.

Just as slumber’s crescent fell forward over us, I sat up and leaned over him.

“If my grandmother dies, would you come to her funeral?”

There is silence as he adjusts to the sudden question.

“Yes honey, I would. What makes you ask this?”

Who knows where this question has come from. All I know is I’ve been dreaming of dying elders.

We rustle it off our shoulders, and fall back into sleepless poses.


Two days ago, I am possessed with an inextinguishable need to paint Ixchel, the Mayan mother goddess.

Just as I think I have captured her with my brush, she disappears again.

Over and over, with charcoal, crayon, paint, I try to draw her out again.

She glimmers, and I paint her gold.

Then I do what I never do:

Took her and my daughter out into the backyard,

and I burned her.

A sacred, simple ceremony filled with dried mugwort and lavender.

I have no idea why I’m called to do this, but the words run through my head:

I don’t need to think about Ixchel. I need her in my life. This fire will call her to me.

Ixchel disappears in flames, and my daughter dances in the smoke,

and I smile.

It is a visible prayer,

a painting taking flight

into the heavens.


Today I note:

Today’s the day to make some big shifts, tie up loose ends, do the big things you’ve been meaning to do.

I change my name, change our mortgage, change my biz name.

We head out into the day and make it all happen.

Let go of the old. Clear way for the new.

As we drive home, my love says:

I need some things. Let’s get some groceries.

So we do. And I marvel at how life takes us at the places we need to go.

The only shopping cart lane open is tended to by a friend with onyx hair & kind eyes that know every side of life. She knows everyone in this small little town.

“I’m sorry to hear about your Aunt Lucy,” she tells me.

“Why? What happened?”

“Oh…” she says.

“I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but she passed away this morning.”


In my life, I’ve been very blessed to have three elders.

My Great Aunty Lucy was (and still is) one of them.

The most ginger of fairies. The kindest of souls. The one who saw beauty wherever she went.


My sister & I convene at my grandmother’s place.

We don’t think she has been told yet.

A nurse is there visiting. They are sitting on her verandah surrounded by garden. Her nurse looks like an angel.

We sit, we make small chatter.

And then I tell my gran.

And I think my own little heart will break open.

I think about how sad I will be when my sissy & I live into our nineties and she takes off before me.

“Your sister died this morning, Granny”

I tell her.

Her eyes swell up with tears, and she pats my hand.

“Oh, I know dear. I’m sad, but I’m okay. I’m sensible like that. You can’t live forever.”


We sit and talk for a long while.

Paint her toenails glittering blue and her fingernails bright pink.

Ostara takes out the Bio-Oil and we start our weekly ritual of massaging Granny’s legs and arms.

I sing ancient songs softly.

Wishitadoyadoyadoya. Wishitadoyadoya hey!

I marvel at Ostara’s tiny little baby hands squishing at her great-grandmother’s legs.

This is how to heal.


She sorts in her purse and pulls out $20.

“Here. Go buy some ice-creams together. I want you to have some ice-cream.”

My sister and I smile at each other.

We haven’t been bought ice-creams in years.

But today, it’s important.


Before we leave, her nurse tells us her own daughter has been holding Aunty Lucy’s hand all week at the nursing home. How they’ve all been holding the space for her.

(Bless this miracle of a small town!)

And we trade stories of our favourite Aunt Lucy stories.

About how she would dance to music, and when she couldn’t dance anymore, she’d sit and sing and clap her hands perfectly in time.

How she’d forget in the depths of dementia where she was and say “Am I in Proserpine, dear? I hope I’m in Proserpine!” (That part makes me well up. Goddess Persephone, this little goddess village, is my Aunt Lucy’s birthlands and heartland. I’m so glad the answer was always “Yes. You are in Proserpine. You are home.”)

How when Chris & I would take her and Gran for drives, she would alternate between gasping at how beautiful the mountains were, and giggling over boys from their teenage years with Gran.

How she was married to her soulmate, the boy from next door, the man who would give you the shirt off his back if you complimented him on it.

How after so long of being without him, she’ll be with him again. Lucy and Fred, forever.



I am stilled by the beauty of the world,

and the way we’re not just passing through.

We’re always just here.

My Great Aunt Lucy (who by the way, would have the exact same mtDNA as me) was born from this land, and to this land she returns.

She started as a fragment of light in my great-grandmother’s womb, pulled from the earth just a mile or two east of here.

And now she’ll be a part of that beautiful piece of earth just west of here, a mile or two from where I sleep, in the land that looks over her beloved mountains.


And here is where I finish.

With love. The deepest of gratitude.

Tears at how lucky I’ve been to know this woman.

Big, oceany, tender heart at life, grief and the inbetween.

But mostly, just grateful.

As my love says:

How can we be anything but happy? Aunt Lucy is amazing. She won the lotto. She won in the way everyone wants to win. She is happy.


So here is what I finish with…

This is an Aunt-Lucy approved message.


For all of us who have been touched by the wisdom of Aunt Lucy,

and the love of the elders.


Aho, and giant sacred love,

A No-Holds-Barred Look Into A Goddess’ Business – #2

Gorgeous ones!

I had SUCH an incredible response to the last edition of this, and I wanted to do it again. I loved how many people found it so helpful last time, and I really do love to share!

I’ve been collecting this on scraps of paper for months now, and seeing as another round of the Business Goddess e-course is starting in a couple of days (February 1), and it’s the beginning of the year, it felt like now was the right time and energy to share it!

In this post I’ll be sharing as honestly & lovingly as I can about my gorgeous goddess business. I find it SO helpful when other entrepreneurs are willing to open up & share what goes on in their business. And I want to do it even bigger and deeper!

Again, this is a mega post. Almost 5000 words!

Imagonna cover a whole bundle of topics in this post:

  • stopping my workaholic tendencies
  • the lessons I learned from World’s Biggest Summit
  • the team planning retreat I am organising
  • where I get my insights from
  • my decision to cough up buttloads of dobleros for a fancyschmancy CRM
  • business coaching stuff.

Let’s get started, sweetpeas!

Not being a workaholic

This is the thing I’ve been working on for the last six months. Maybe more. Maybe my whole life time really.

How to stop being a workaholic and overachiever.

I’ve got SO much to talk about on this that I’m going to write a big post about it.

So that’s on the way.

In the meantime:

YAY! for finding ways to work and live that are sustainable, happy and fun!


A! Team! Planning! Retreat!

One month + three days to go until my amazing assistant Marissa lands for our dreaming and planning retreat.

It’s occupying a bit of my workmind lately.

I’m very, very excited we’ll at last get to meet.

I think having time to talk about ourselves, the business, where we both want to head, what we need to do for things to evolve is going to be the bestest thing ever.


How I’m preparing:


I loved reading this post on Offbeat Empire and these two posts on Promise Tangeman’s blog about having team retreats. I’d love to read more about other people’s experiences of team retreats, and would LOVE to hear if you know of any resources or inspiring posts.

I’ve been writing lists of questions we should discuss.

Me & Marissa have both committed to reading Double Double by Cameron Herold before we meet. Double Double is all about creating a painted picture or vision of your business in the next three years, and then working out the way to get there.

And hunky husband is preparing by renovating the bathroom.

When I told him I wanted Marissa to come over and stay with us, he said:

Okay. Whatever you want to do honey. Just let me renovate the bathroom first.

I love how this man’s mind works.

(After ten years of loving him, I still have NO idea what he’ll say next. True story.)

See, we bought my grandmother’s 100 year old wooden cottage.

And it’s pretty dang adorable & serves our needs really well.

But the bathroom was not serving our needs.

I remember watching my grandfather lay the tiles in there 25 years ago.

And while I love that he laid them, I did *not* love those tiles. They definitely needed a good old clearing out.

(I’m not really a things-sentimentalist. I don’t hold on to stuff because it holds memories. I’m the one that hold memories. And I don’t believe we ever lose people. They are with us all along. So I’m super happy to let go of stuff that isn’t serving me.)


And the walls are getting painted cream. CREAM!

I never thought I’d willing paint something cream, but I’ve had a love affair with cream since I had a retreat inside a cream womb.

And it felt it was just the colour it needed to make the funny lil sideroom that is our bathroom into a happy, open space.

So yay! Bathroom renovations!


And I also prepared the space for her arrival by letting go of my book collection and buying a dreamy bed for our spare room.

I’ve been making sure the bed is good for sleeping in by taking naps on it.

Happy to report:



Brown paper packages! Filled with stationery!
These are a few of my favourite things!

And because stationery is UBER important to me, I ordered what I thought we’d need for our planning retreat.

When I first had that dream of having Marissa here and dreaming together, I saw us sitting in a room covered in paper, drawing out big plans and goals onto the paper with rainbow markers, and Marissa helping me decode my ideas down into doable systems over the year.

So I got four packs of 3M Giant Post it Paper & some markers.

So as far as I’m concerned:



What else do I need to do?

As we get closer to her arrival, we’ll start winding down non-essential tasks & slating our plans clean for two weeks so we can concentrate on the dreaming and planning.


What do I hope to achieve out of the retreat?

1. A holiday, frankly.

I haven’t had a decent holiday for a long time. And we really, really love having people stay with us. We’re planning on taking her out to the islands, and around our favourite beaches, and for dawdles around goddess village.

OOOH! I think I’ll ask my dear friend Trish as well to do a goddess team photoshoot as well! YEAH! GREAT IDEA LEONIE!

2. Natter.

Apart from our fortnightly Skype check-ins, me and Marissa don’t get much time to natter.

I think there’s a tremendous amount of soul + business + dream goodness we are going to get from having a large expanse of time to just natter.

Nattering is very underrated I reckon.

3. Plans

I am damn FABULOUS at coming up with wild ideas and brainstorming.

I am not as brilliant once I’m in that space of brainstorming of flipping the switch back into “How will we make this happen” and “What are the systems we need to create to support this.”

For me, it feels like two separate parts of my brain.

My vision is to receive a new business download of dreams and visions over the two weeks, and for Marissa to be there to support that and decipher them into what we can do, what is possible and all the rest.

She’ll be Chief of Dream Dictation I reckon.

I’ll just be Wild Shaman Woman Receiving Da Visions.

That’s our official business titles, and I’m sticking to it!

4. Results

I hope to emerge out of our planning retreat with the next year of this gorgeous goddess business mapped out.

All the creations I want to make.

And how we are going to share it with the people who need it in the most powerful, loving, abundant, joyful way possible.


Shower Insights


SO. I wrote this note down months ago.

Just two words.

“Shower Insights.”

And looking back on it now, I think:


Well that’s nice.

What in heckeroo does that mean?

So it takes me a while to remember what I was talking about when I noodled that down before in the age before time began.

It was just this:

I get my very best business ideas, insight + clarity


when I am working

or trying to brainstorm

or typing away frantically.

I get them in the shower.

My point is

(and I do have one)

if you’re feeling stuck trying to work something else,

switch modalities. Do something different.

As Julia Cameron talked about in the World’s Biggest Summit

“Move your muscles, change a thought”

Give yourself some zen time, some noodle time, some watch-crappy-rom-com time.

The answer will find you.


How Business Coaching Was Born


I keep getting emails asking if I’m opening Turquoise Membership spots for the next year (seeing as last year’s sold out pretty dang quickly).

And here’s the answer:

I’m not.

I checked in with Great Spirit, and got told that I’m going to be getting new projects & retreats set every month or two over the next year which I’ll need to devote myself too.


I’m offering super premium one-off business/soul coaching sessions. My lovely assistant Marissa was talking to me this morning. Marissa has kind of the perfect view of this – she took one of my goddess guidance mentoring programs a few years ago, and has been working one on one with me as a Turquoise Goddess over the last year to grow her business & make some big, transformative shifts in her personal life too.

Here’s the conversation:

SO! I needed to tell you that one of my friends is emailing you. Except since I answer all your emails I’ll be answering it.

Ha! That’s funny! What is she emailing about?

Well! She wants to get business coaching from you. She keeps hearing me rave about you & how you have this ridiculous-sized business brain & has seen how much I’ve changed from working with you, and she asked me how she can work with you too. I told her you weren’t really doing private sessions at the moment, but that she should beg you and that you would.

Well! Sounds like a plan then! I really do want to do that anyway! Can you write the page for me, because you already know exactly what I do and how I help?

Yep! Cool! Writing it on my list now. So how long will the session go for?

It will be three things: they’ll fill out a workbook beforehand about their business & send it to me. I’ll meditate on it & check out their website & what they are offering. Then we’ll do a big business brainstorm and a download of information from Great Spirit/healing/whatever needs to happen in order for what they want to happen to happen.

Right. Because you could have given me all the ideas under the sun and none of it would have happened if you hadn’t helped me heal & unblock all those other issues that were really going on for me.

Exactly!!! And then, because I’m a bit of an introverted thinker and think best of all when I’m writing, I’ll follow up with a written action plan of marketing & business & sacred tools for them to start using straight away.

How much do you want to charge? I told my friend that she should pay whatever you are charging because it is SO WORTH IT and that she would get ten times back at least what she’d spent. You just have the best ideas!

Oh YAY! That’s the best ever. Okay – so sitting with it. Well, I really don’t have much time to do these sessions. I really want to limit them. And I only want to do them for people who are totally willing and able to commit to the process. And I know my life is going to get even busier. I really need the number of this to reflect that spaciousness & expansiveness. I need to be given what feels like the best so I can pour my best into it unreservedly.

(I close my eyes and sit with it in silence for a few moments. I open my eyes.)

I will charge $1000 for the first few brainstorming sessions. After that, it might stay at that price. Or it might increase. I feel good about this number because I know they will be able to get at least $10 000 more for their business at least when they implement it. I mean, I’d prefer if they doubled their income from it, but that’s going to be really up to them.

So thus, it was born.

I’ve already done a session for her friend, and it was the most incredible download of business wisdom and advice ever. I was reeling from it. I just kept thinking to myself:

Holy dinger I have REALLY learned a HUGE amount about business to share!!!

And I’m really excited to see her business take off wildly + exponentially, and I know she is too.

If you are interested in a session, you need to email us at with BUSINESS COACHING in the email heading.

I will only probably do three sessions over the next two months, but I would be honoured and delighted to help you grow your business blossom in the most incredible way. This is not for people who are just starting out. This is for business owners who have already got things moving and grooving and would like to take their business to another gorgeous level.

Okay! Yay!


Turning comments off on my blog


I’ve been asked a number of times to share why I turned comments off on this blog since I did it months ago.

My reasoning was this:

I used to think that the success of the blog post was about how many comments it received.

And I used to obsess over it. And compare myself to other people’s blogs + the number of comments they received.

But I didn’t want to misguide myself. I believe blog comments are false validation of success.

For me, the success of my blog is this:

The more money I make.

And that sounds very very decidedly UN-hippy.

But here’s the thing:

the more money I make is in proportion to the number of goddesses I am helping.

The more goddesses I help, the more money I make.

I absoloodely believe in every single one of my products.

I pour my heart and spirit and wisdom into every single one of them.

I don’t hold back.

None of them are crap.

My destiny has always been to help other people wake up and see how beautiful the world is, how amazing life can be, how good they truly are.

And this beautiful business of mine is the vehicle, the vessel that helps me do that.

I believe deeply that I help women to heal. I help women to be very, very happy. I help them to be the goddess they are.

I help them be more creative. Have more abundant businesses. Be more peaceful mamas.

And I want to help the whole world.

I truly believe I’m supposed to help millions of people.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ve also learned along the way that the more money I make, the more I can help people.

When I made nothing or very little from sharing my soul’s gifts, it meant I had to spend 90% of my time in a job not helping people.

When I made more, I was able to start reducing my hours at work & help more people.

When I made more, I was able to leave my job & devote more of myself to helping people.

When I made more, I was able to hire Marissa for more hours each week to support me so I didn’t burn out, and support all our clients so they got what they were needing, and help even more people.

When I made more money, I was able to let my husband leave his job to be a stay at home parent with me, and at long last study for his dream job in Psychology. I know he will help people with his simple, sage counsel. I am grateful he has been one of my teachers for these ten years, and I am grateful that me making more money is enabling him to have a job where he can be a teacher for more people.

When I made more money, it meant my daughter could be at home with her parents everyday. She’s a lucky button.

When I made more, I was able to donate more money and give to more people. In larger and larger amounts.

I’m now at a stage in my business where I can give to SO many more people than ever before. It just grows and grows with the amount of abundace I receive. I give away more free stuff than anyone I know of. And I’m incredibly generous with the amount of stuff that comes in the Goddess Circle – over $900 worth of my products for 1/10th that price. I absoloodely walk my talk of helping as many souls as I can.

I’m not afraid of making more money.

Because I know it will create good things, for me and the world.

My dreams of money is that my business will continuing doubling in profitability each year.

I dream of being able to employ Marissa for even more hours to help me do even more.

I dream of taking more holidays. Working less. And helping even more, through my paid work, free offerings, through my blog, my newsletter, through my energy.

And I dream of being able to one day buy a sweet lil farmhouse and live in the countryside, where I belong, surrounded by trees and a horsey or three and maybe a beefalo. And have goddesses come and stay with us for live-in retreats.

Yup. So that’s my answer dearest.

Because I’ve got bigger dreams than the number of comments I receive on my blog.

And I turned them off to remember.


P.S. Also? I’d MUCH rather goddesses share along a post by Facebook or Twitter to other goddesses it might help.

And I don’t tend to obsess over the numbers of how many times it has been shared.

I do notice what posts tend to get shared along the most. Some totally surprise me. Goddesses tend to share a post if it is incredibly, wildly helpful beyond all expectations or deeply heart felt and touching.

That advice is probably worth $10 000 right there. WOO!


The Joyful Embrace of the Potty Mouth


Another thing: I’ve realised lately how dearly I love people who swear. And how in daily life, I’ve got a sailor’s mouth. And it makes me giggle a lot. But I don’t often swear here, when I write. Sometimes I video about it, especially when I meet a snake up a tree. But I’m gunna try writing it, okay? Drop the f-bomb when it wants to be dropped. Let’s face it, it’s a dang good embellishment.

If you aren’t open to hearing a well placed fuckityfuckityfuck, I understand.

And I’m also letting you know that I enjoy being a swear bear and will be embracing it even more.




SO! Our life routine is shifting & melding again which is lovely.

Right now, we wake up around 7am when Ostara wakes up. We lounge around in bed reading books, listening to music, playing & reading ipods for an hour or two. Sometimes if I’m running behind, I’ll do a bit of work in bed on the laptop.

I have phone interviews or coaching calls at 8am for a couple of hours each Tuesday & Wednesday.

When I was pulling together the World’s Biggest Summit, that ended up stretching out way longer than that.

In the mornings, I usually either take Ostara adventuring on my own so Chris can do some study for his Psychology degree. We will go for strolls through goddess village or meet friends for creative mornings or go to mums & bubs yoga. Otherwise, all three of us will go for a jaunt across the countryside to the holy mecca of Big W for nappies, stationery + gardening supplies.

Around lunchtime, I’ll nurse Ostara to sleep then head out the door to my Creative Caravan.

Chris will hang out in the cottage studying. Once Ostara’s awake, he’ll take care of her.

I’ll work for about 2-3 hours before Ostara starts getting restless & trots out into the yard & into the Caravan for a breastfeed and cuddle.

From the moment she was born, she’s always been a mama’s girl… very much a velcro baby towards me.

She loves her Daddy-o, and they have a really special time hanging out together, but she needs mama-energy often.

From the reading I’ve done, this is totes normal, and I respect that she really needs to fuel up on energy through me.

For me, it’s been about learning how to balance all of this :: my energy and needs, hers and Chris’ so we can all live happily together.

She’s 21 months and still doesn’t sleep through the night (which I know is totally normal).

It’s just working out a way for me to not live in a constant swirl of exhaustion.

It’s very much a balancing act of work, life, mamahood, alone time and rest.

I feel like I do much better at it now, but it’s definitely something I monitor on a daily basis.

So for every mama out there who is doing it out there ::

I just want to say: I understand. This is the hard work we are doing here. We are on the fast train to Buddha-hood, I tell ya. I love you and want to feed you tea, chocolate and sleep.

Now where was I?

Oh yes. After I’ve done my work for the day, we usually head out into the yard to do some gardening and playing. Or onto the verandah to make art together.

We ALWAYS have an early dinner (3-4pm) – it’s our natural inclination. Then we’ll watch a movie and nestle in for the night.

Ostara usually gets breastfed to sleep between 7-8.

Then me and Chris cozy up on the couch together and (very romantically) open our laptops for more work. He studies, I tackle my To Do list.

We head to bed around 9:30.

If I stay up any later than that, I’m doomed a day of exhaustion. So 9:30 is my limit.

On a weekly basis, we have a couple of days where this isn’t the case: Sundays which are my Switch Off Sundays and Friday nights which are date nights.

Date nights are nights we designate for couple-connection time. Once Ostara’s asleep, we either watch a movie together, or drink tea and talk talk talk.

This is gooooood.

And that’s how I run my life!

I’m also mindful of going slow and taking it easier once I start getting rundown. I’m getting MUCH better at seeing the early signs of burn out and taking the foot off the pedal before I hit Exhaustion Train.

Getting my To Do list sorted

This year my goal is to work more strategically instead of more busily.

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m a 7 on the Enneagram.

I’m overexcitable, prone to wild ideas, riding wild donkeys & basically doing extreme acts of making dreams happen.

I never thought I’d be into an extreme sport, but I am. Making-dreams-happen sport.

And it’s really really awesome and useful and all that stuff.

It also means that I can get a bit disorganised, and forget my original intention.

There’s so many donkeys in the paddock! I want to ride them all!

When really, I need to focus on the big stallion donkeys that have my name firmly branded on their bums. Donkeys that I’ve already looked at and gone “ohhhhh yeah, I be needing to riiiiide you.”

Not get distracted by those pretty young filly donkeys that flit in and out.

You know?

This year I have tattooed everywhere possible:



Not in a lazy-ass way.

But in a “I need to do my big wild dreams above and beyond the distracting tiny little ones.”

I have a propensity to burn out, to exhaust myself, to go above and beyond my normal energy supply.

This year I am even more firmly committed to living a business and a life that is sustainable, originated from natural energy, is not generated by my overexcitable adrenals and walks its spiritual talk.

So I want to be strategic. Look at ways I can help the most amount of people in a way that is healthy and happy for everyone in my business and life including my assistant, me, my husband and daughter.




One of the ways I am doing this is having more regularly Skype team meetings with Marissa to lay down our plans for the fortnight. (Oh, and you guys in the US – fortnight is English/Australian for “every second week”. What do you guys call that? Do you have a slang for it? Because “every second week” is a pain in the butt to say! C’mon! Join the “fortnight” train! It is SO MUCH FUN. I promise you will love it! Toot toot!)

Another way I am being more strategic is by doing weekly plans of me & Marissa’s tasks. Marissa works for me about 14 hours a week, in case you were wondering. Can you imagine how much more I’d be able to do if I could hire her full time? HOLY DINGER!!!

I used to have my To Do lists ALL OVER THE SHOP… some in folders, some on scrap paper, some in a text file, some in emails.

This year I’m much more disciplined at setting out our weekly tasks up in Basecamp. Which, by ze way, is totally free. I used the free version for a gazillion years, but as part of my organisational streak, upgraded to their $24.95 a month plan. I’ve been uploading lots of my course + website graphic design assets onto there so Marissa can use them when she needs.

Once I’ve worked out my priorities for the week, I pull them back onto my desktop productivity centre to work on them.

And that’s how dreams come true…



And with that,

I think that’s everything I can think to share right now. As it ding dang should be… over 5000 words.


Business is ding dang RAD to talk about though. It’s totally the vessel that helps our dreams go out into the world to help people (and ourselves) heal.

I totally believe and know that to be true.

I so deeply hope this is helpful.

If you know of any dear friends who might find it useful, please do share it along.

I just want you to know that I believe in you. Your wildest dreams are possible. And I’m total living proof of that.



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Sign up to be a Goddess Circle member to be a part!

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100 Things To Do In 2012 {my 2012 Dreaming Extravaganza}

Hola gorgeous Goddesses…

Every year I have a Dreaming Extravaganza in our backyard.

It started here, with the very first workbook and a pregnant belly in our little courtyard backyard in the city:

And a year later it was with mermaid hair and a sweet little 9 month old baby who mostly just chewed on my pens before wanting to breastfeed again in our tropical paradise that we’d just started planting in:

And this year, it was done in sprints with short hair that I’m oh-so-in-love-with & an incredible toddler in our backyard in tropical paradise that is slowly but surely becoming a sanctuary:

Imagonnabe honest here – I only managed to jot down a few more things onto my list before Ostara decided she really REALLY needed to “help”…

Seriously though.

Look how ridunkulously cute she is:


Yeah. I know. She totally IS amazing.

Ostara of the Light.

The one I have been waiting for.

Incase you were wondering, I really really love that button.

Even when I’m going a wee bit bonkerdoodles from attempting to do anything at all.

Mamas out there who understand the nature of that kind of bonkledoodlery, raise your hand.


I remember when we were pregnant,

and this doctor smiled this fond little smile,

and said

“Welcome to the cutest little time-consumers you will ever know.”

True story, mate.

True story.

It’s a constant balancing act to work out creative ways for all of us (me, my husband and her) to get what we need.

Right now, she’s with her Daddy-o while I’m out in the Creative Caravan tip-tapping this love letter away to you.

I’m typing away as quickly as I can because my time is almost up, and my love needs to finish a university assignment.

We are a tag-team of parenting duties.

“I’M IN!” “I’M OUT!”

So he can get the time he needs. I can get the time I need.

And she can get the time she needs.

And we can all do it together.

She is radiant like the sun.

Full burst.

I remember when we were pregnant, we would muse about what star sign she’d be – either Pisces or Aries.

My love and I are both watery, intense Scorpios.

And we decided that it would be better for all our sakes if she wasn’t Piscean – otherwise we’d spend all time crying over our hurt feelings together and our house would be an ocean of emotion. And it would be better for her to be a strong, sure-of-herself Arian goddess to contend with two always-right Scorpions.

So that’s what we got.

This incredible, fun-loving, Arian goddess with a HUGE energy all of her own.

And it couldn’t have been any other way.

She’s the kid we were born to have.

She (and each other) are our destiny.

Some days it’s a destiny that’s easy to soak into.

Some days it’s a destiny that makes you grow.

But still:


This year’s Dreaming Extravaganza happened under a wet season sky.

By the end, Ostara was running around naked

and I was running back inside with the laptop out of the looming rain

then running back out to chase a giggling toddler inside before the thunder started.

I love this land so very much.


You know, this is supposed to be a Dreaming Extravaganza! I’ve already shared about my Word for this Year.

So today I wanted to share with you one of the pages from the 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook and my answer.

Oh wait… what’s that?

You can’t read all the scrumptious dreams on there?

Have no fear, typing it up into a cute list for you is here!


  1. Change my biz name to Goddess Leonie
  2. Change my middle name
  3. Meet a beefalo
  4. Have a NY intention party – DONE.
  5. Make a flipping amazing 2012 workbook folder for myself
  6. Make a Biz workbook?
  7. Get at least six five massages
  8. Make my caravan a sanctuary
  9. Have at least 12 11 date nights with Chris
  10. Find kindred spirits
  11. Grow my business sustainably, organically, joyfully & easily
  12. Get another pedicure
  13. Find another sitcom to fall in love with
  14. Be a SOVEREIGN woman.
  15. Find a pic or draw a pic of Ixchel that resonates.
  16. Read Ixchel’s story.
  17. Turn my book into a Kindle edition.
  18. Find REALLY COMFORTABLE resting positions.
  19. Have a night time soiree at Jodie’s.
  20. Make interesting things for and with Starry.
  21. Let go of APPROVAL needing. Yeah!
  22. Research Personal Power.
  23. Be happy.
  24. Get the fenceline how I want it.
  25. Have “theme” months of what essences I’d like to learn.
  26. More girl time! Women soirees!
  27. Put music I LOVE on my Mac & Ipod
  28. Enjoy meditating more
  29. Create monthly check in worksheets
  30. Change name over everywhere.
  31. Enjoy writing again.
  32. Get some Vibram shoes.
  33. Actually enjoy exercise.
  34. Heal Itchy Leg Syndrome.
  35. Do at least 25 23 yoga classes.
  36. Eat my own grown passionfruit.
  37. Find out who lives in the purple house.
  38. Have fun with Marissa.
  39. Make chocolate fudge.
  40. Go to the islands.
  41. See a dolphin!
  42. Learn how to make creme brulees… make it a date with the girls!
  44. Begin & finish second gratitude journal
  45. Baptise Ostara
  46. Ride a horse
  47. Have a dinner at Croc Cafe
  48. Go to concert or movie
  49. Have massages // treats regularly
  50. Have an adventure at Brandy Creek
  51. Eat green
  52. Go to sound healing workshop
  53. Make wall hanging with pockets
  54. Go to Mums & Bubs yoga
  55. Mosaic with Trish
  56. Have weekly or fortnightly Mama/Babba FUN & spirited & gentle gatherings
  57. Find my women’s circle here
  58. Have fun side projects
  59. Giggle + ENJOY LIFE!
  60. Have rest & vitality
  61. Do what I want
  62. Get caravan stumped
  63. Make caravan cool & comfortable when it’s hot
  64. Make another Instagram album
  65. Make wedding photo album
  66. Get wedding canvasses
  67. Grow watermelon or pumpkin in front yard
  68. Plant small shrubs in front yard & make a welcoming walkway
  69. Read or give away all the books in my book case
  70. Let greeting cards RUN WILD.
  71. Get so flexible I can bend my head to my knees
  72. Tell a stranger they look beautiful
  73. Redo kitchen
  74. Finish bathroom reno
  75. Get a bicycle!
  76. Create & release oracle cards
  77. Be a fun, loving, happy mama
  78. Read tea leaves
  79. Make more friends
  80. Be a good, loyal and in-communicado with my dear friends
  81. Play Bingo or something suitably oldishladyish
  82. Get a tattoo
  83. Play a magical April Fool’s Day trick
  84. Design my own awesome stickers that I ADORE
  85. Read “Women Who Run With the Wolves”
  86. Let go of CDs?
  87. Great Book Release Program continues!
  88. Continue paring back my belongings
  89. Check out Denise Linn’s Power Book
  90. Move home loan to another bank
  91. Put over savings onto our mortgage
  92. Eat allergy free
  93. Have Mackay adventure
  94. Read at least 12 11 books
  95. Reinstate Switch Off Sundays
  96. Stay aligned, centered and in progress
  97. Keep rebuilding my body & getting healthier, stronger & more radiant
  98. Die hair turquoise
  99. Decide on our next place
  100. Shag at least once a week


HA! What a way to end it off!

And THAT, my loves,

is the very best way I know

to make the AWESOMEST year of my life

come true.

Love + wild wild hope,

If you like this post, I’m pretty dang sure this is going to rock your world:

Don’t underestimate where your little ideas may take you (AND everyone else!)

Hola gorgeous Goddess,

I wrote this post nine months ago… and just found it today, hiding out in my drafts.

What the? This baby needs to fly out into the world & change it already! Yay! On with the show!


Ya know, I think we often underestimate what we can do with our little ideas. What magic and miracles we can create by actually riding those wild donkeys & making the things that steal to us in the middle of our sleep.

I want to tell you a story.

A story of one little town. And the people who believe it can change.

Once upon a time, there was a little town.

It lived between fields of sugar cane. It had 4000 inhabitants, and most of them were related.

As a teenager, I called it a hole.

It was too tiny. Too far away from anything interesting. And far, far too normal.

So I immersed myself in my own little world. Of art and creativity and spirit and silliness.

And when I could, I moved away. I lived in a place and found my tribe of goddesses and hippies and artists and angels.

But I knew I’d always come back.

This is the place that has the songlines of my soul.

And yet… this lil country town of ours that we live in? It might be named for the Goddess Persephone, but it isn’t particularly hippy.

But for years, we’ve been talking about bringing the light here. And awakening it. Making it a thriving hippy town.

And it’s happening. It’s really HAPPENING!!!

Akiah‘s spiritual shop was the first to open two years ago. (Oh! And she’s selling it now to hand it on to the next custodian! You should totally move here & run it & I will buy you out of crystals + maca powder! YEAH!)

And in the past couple of months, on our little main street has BLOOMED.

A beautiful childrens/clothing/wooden toy store opened up next to Akiah’s. Then a Sound Healing place! Then a hypnotherapist/counsellor! And opening very soon is a yoga/massage/hypnobirthing place!!!

All on our tiny one-block street.

Ha ha ha ha ha… I am laughing so hard over this. Especially since we live in a place filled with farmers who haven’t even SEEN all the magic that is coming this way.

It’s gunna be glorious. It’s glorious now.

Oh gawd, it’s magnificent.

Anywaysies, a couple of months ago, our dear goddess circle sister Akiah Elan told me she was going to organise a spiritual market in a small park here. And that people were already excited.

“Screw the park! Take over the Entertainment Centre! Make it the North Queensland Festival!!!” I said, laughing.

And bless that brave, incredible, visionary woman… SHE DID. She hired the biggest hall here. And she got completely booked out with stalls!!!! And She D’Montford (a famous Australian psychic who was on the TV show “The One”) as well as other well known psychics decided to travel up for it!!!

And her tiny one-morning-in-a-park market turned into a two-day North Queensland Spiritual Festival in our huge hall.

And today was the first day.

It was precious and remarkable and perfect.

I had a stall for Goddess Guidebook. My sister was next to me with Angel Foods Gluten Free Cupcakes.

And the place was ringing with healers and readers and beautiful clothes and flowers and art…

There was people there all day.

My sister sold out of ALL her food. She’s now staying up most of the night to make more(!) for tomorrow.

I met so many beautiful goddesses.

The whole place was filled with the loveliest energy ever. I was BUZZING. So so sooooo excited.

I met a woman who has a tipi!!! YAY! And beautiful healer women! And instant friends!

And I got cuddled by a bazillion cousins.

And my Grade 5 teacher came to my talk about Goddess Persephone and said to me “Miss Leonie, you have not changed one bit.”

And I got gooseybumps all over me… knowing that this is just the beginning.

I totally picture the festival taking over our showgrounds and becoming a giant festival with music and a healing circle and labyrinths and a maypole and events and everrrrrrything… ya know? where people camp & disappear into the folds of magical land for a time…

Anyways… can I just say today was MAGICAL?

So much more profound than I even expected?

Anywaysies… we cleared up today, and I drove the couple of minutes home. Got home, kissed my love, scooped up Ostara….

and our house started shaking.

At first I thought it was just heavy machinery driving by.

But then the floor kept shaking and our windows rattling. I thought someone had driven into our house.

And I ran outside to see what had happened…

and there was nothing. Nothing but blue skies.

And all our neighbours came out… and they’d all felt it too.

An earthquake.

A flipping EARTHQUAKE.

Just so ya know… we don’t GET earthquakes here. Australia is one of the least earthquake-prone places in the world. We aren’t on the edge of any fault lines. And as for Proserpine? No one can remember there ever being one here.

And all I could do was laugh and smile and think in my head…


“I knew today was powerful… but an EARTHQUAKE????? Woah!”


It felt very shifting and cleansing… like the earth had cracked open to let the light in.

Old ways out, new ways in.

And I am so happy and proud to be here in the midst of it… bringing light wherever I go…

Just as you all do.


Tomorrow is a new day. New magic and miracles to be made.

Right now, I’m going to kiss my love & speak deep soul words with him. Connect, ya know?

Then I’ll go to bed, and kiss my angelic owl daughter, she who is as bright as a star.


Don’t underestimate where your little ideas may take you.


They might just be earth-shaking.


Make miracles happen.


All my love,



I have absolute faith that things are changing, and they are all good…

And all we need do is just turn up and do our work and shine our
light, you know?




My stall!

I adore these two!!!




Ostara, me, my beautiful sissy-in-law Sharne & Ostara’s cousin Paige.


My gorgeous sissy the cupcake goddess!!!


Ostara hanging out with her Centaur Grandfather.



Six months later, we had the second NQ Spiritual Festival.

And guess what happened?

Our second earthquake ever, just five days before the festival opened.

Two earthquakes. Two festivals.

Totally earthshaking!

Life = awesome!


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The 2012 Dreams of a (Strate)JOY-full Goddess!!!!


Hola gorgeous goddesses!!!


Tis the season to be dreaming… setting our intentions for the year ahead using the 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook.

As part of our 2012 Dream Extravaganza, I wanted to invite some gorgeous friends to share some of their filled out pages from the workbook & what they were dreaming of for 2012. I get SO inspired hearing other people’s dreams + plans!


Today’s gorgeous goddess sharing her dreams is Molly Mahar, a ridunkulously joyful goddess. Leonie hearts her!

Molly is the founder of Stratejoy, a positive corner of the Internet that provides thousands of women the tools, strategies and camaraderie to lead authentically joyful lives. She is a full-time coach, facilitator and creator of the online Joy Equation Course and Joy Juice Prompts. Molly helps women live life on their own terms, celebrate their worth, and change the world through individual fulfillment.

Take it away beautiful Molly!


The 2012 Dreams of a Joyful Goddess!


I completed my first Goddess Workbook just last year, tucked away in my cabin on a river in the woods of Washington State. I woke up every morning for weeks, drank tea or rich coffee with cream, and dove into a few pages at a time.  Once my visioning was complete, I created a vibrant vision board for the cover and got the whole thing bound at my local copy shop, because I didn’t want it to languish in some drawer, unseen for the rest of the year.


I became so attached to my workbook that I proceeded to carry it around with me — during a 2 month road trip up the west coast of the US, on a wonderful girls trip with my momma and sister to Greece, on a major move with my husband to sunny San Diego — and the rest of the time it lived on my alter with my meditation books and Louise Hay intention cards.

My Goddess Workbook reminded me of my theme for 2011: Joyful Devotion.  It was the juicy catalyst (and steadfast proof) of my very first ever experience of manifestation!  It kept me both grounded and dreaming big over the course of a year that saw many changes: a big move, major business growth, and new pregnancy.

I started the year with deep reflection and a dedication to writing through my complete of the workbook.  And it continued throughout the year as one of my highlights of 2011!


Joyful Devotion reminded me to take my gifts seriously, with loads of belly laughs and sparkles and extra doses of *Molly* in everything I created.  I treated Stratejoy like the soul-filling and life-supporting community that it is.  I played hard — gathering with friends, new and old, treating myself to exploration day trips just for the heck of it, and lots of time snuggling with my husband.  I did my best to balance Joyful Devotion in my workdays, as evidenced by all the coaching and creating that took place on my sunny deck with minty lemonade in hand!


Of course, the year wasn’t a total walk in the park…  Rarely does that happen in real life, eh?

As I started my reflection for the 2012 workbook, one of the pieces I noticed was a whole lot of anxiety around change this year.  My husband started a new business.  We moved to a city where I only knew 2 women.  I found out I was pregnant (super hurrah about this news in general!) and felt very alone in my new home, without my family and friends from Seattle to share in the daily joy of growing a tiny human.  I spent a lot of my time and energy trying to control things that were beyond my control last year and knew that this feeling would play into my theme for 2012.

There’s going to be loads more big change this year, and though I want to continue to be joyfully devoted to my life and business, my word needed to reflect a calming, a gratitude, and an adoration of my truly lovely life.


Treasure.  It’s my perfect answer to the question “What is it time for?”

And there’s more!  Some of the highlights from my 100 Things to Do in 2012 List (one of my favorite parts of the workbook!)

  • Give birth to a tiny boy person
  • Launch the Fierce Love Course
  • Read in the sunshine as often as possible
  • Get another tattoo
  • Paint without worrying about the final product
  • Buy a piano
  • Be brave
  • Have more hot sex
  • Skinny dip in the ocean during a full moon
  • Enjoy every moment of being a mama
  • Bake pies and eat them with french vanilla ice cream
  • Love hard


I’m still working on my vision board and finishing up my workbook, as I always give myself the month of January to take my time really working through it, bit by bit.  But you better believe it will be toted around just as lovingly this year, in the midst  of all the madness.  I’ll be reading it out loud to my swelling belly.  It will be my reminder to Treasure my world.  It will be proof of my power to create a world of my own imagining.  It will be my totem to remind me of what I’ve declared important and scared for this year.

Thank you, Leonie, for reminding all of us to take pause in our crazy lives and reflect.  To celebrate.  To dream big and then to actually make it happen!


Mega inspiration central!
life = radtastic + moon blossoms,


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