Day of Delight Retreat = amazing

** I’m currently away on holidays ~ these posts are coming to you via the blog post fairy. I will be returning emails & fulfilling all orders when I return the week of 8 October. **

The Goddesses Nikita, Mikayla, Molly, Jules, Sally, Jeannie, Kaylia, Pam, Leonie, Hanna, Tamerah and Sonya {I love how the tree looks like it is holding us in its arms}

A couple of weeks ago, on a wild Sunday, a scrumptious day of women and children gathering at my Day of Delight Retreat at Ingelara Farm. It was a day of miracles, tipis, laughter, napping, circling, drumming, dancing, rainstorms, singing, labyrinth walking, painting and so much more.

How does one speak of such gifts from the heart & soul?I only know that ten women and four children came together as strangers, and left as sisters.

there was so many beautiful parts of it…
looking around the circle to see these stunning faces, feeling so blessed to be surrounded with such BEAUTY and GIFTS and STORIES wrapped in bodies!
painting like rainbow devas on the floor…
walking across the paddocks together to our special labyrinth…
seeing all the women scatter all over the mountain and valley to Be with themselves and nature… like they were being pulled by their own soul compasses… they knew what to do…
instituting “nap time” after lunch… and women RELISHING it…
walking into the huge tipi to light a fire to see six women all curled up napping after lunch… the epitome of self nourishing…
walking down to the river to meditate, only to have a wild rain storm come rushing down! it was so funny to see everyone laughing wildly and running to the safe white river tipi and taking shelter in there, circling in a circle sanctuary as the rain and winds billowed around us… it felt so safe and ancient in there….
and singing ourselves together to end our circle…
walking back to the farm after the storm with the blue sky aglow and blazoned with pink clouds, wrapped in the arms of women who had become sisters…

In all – it was magical, and beautiful, and just as life should be and CAN be.

If you’ve got the calling to come to one of my one day retreats, please let me know by email and I’ll put you on my “you’re special & invited first” list.

more photos from the day can be seen on my Flickr photostream.

Goddess Leonie Gift Certificates {awesome gift idea}

Hey lovely souls!

By special request, you can now order Goddess Leonie Gift Certificates!
Running late in picking up a gift certificate for a dear friend’s birthday?
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Bright stars & green grass,


** I’m currently away on holidays ~ these posts are coming to you via the blog post fairy. I will be returning emails & fulfilling all orders when I return the week of 8 October. **

a little while ago, i photographed my beautiful sister maryanne & her dearheart boy brad. going through these photos yesterday, i got captivated by it. there are so many things that are technically a little bit off with this picture… colouring, focus, composition… and yet, to me, it is enchanting. to me it speaks of young love, of dreaminess, of a simple kind of kindness that soaks through your skin. it’s a moment in time, a blessing, of spirit in two graceful bodies lying in the grass. it is like witnessing a ballet – a moment in motion. it is the blurry softness of the moment a bird takes wings into the sky. it is love and gentleness as art, as an image.

i’m away at the moment, photographing my brother brett wed his love sharne… sending you these posts across the time. i hope in that wedding i can photograph what i see here… a little bit of love, a little bit of magic, a little bit of enchantment, a little bit of miracles on earth.


Days of Holyness

It’s September. Family portrait time here in our little cottage of love.
Above is adorable Charlie, performing his panda pose of unbearable cuteness.

A photo of yours truly by my love, also known as my most beautiful man in the world.

Speaking of which… *happy sigh*

September also means we are off on holidays – holy days of travelling, loving, family, homelands and connection. Time with my beloved, my treasured mama earth & my amazing amazing family. Time to photograph & witness my beautiful brother wed his love. Time to sit around fires. Time to walk among the tall eucalypts on our family farm. Time to be wrapped up in the embrace of my kinfolk. Time to be loved and to love right back.

I’ll be back in the studio on the 8th of October – all print orders & commissions will be taken care of that week.

My lovely post fairy Brandi will be goddess of my blog while I’m away… I’ve stored up some posts to share on the blog while I’m away, and Brandi will be snapping her magic publish fingers to make it all happen. Included in the posts are some new Soul Story commissions as well as photos & the round up of my Day of Delight Retreat I recently ran. Thanks so much for b

Wishing you all splendid, sweet & synchroncious days ~
preciousness, kindness & laughter always,

Sweet Days.

I love days when it is gently raining outside, and I am all cozy in my cottage with the love of my life, my healing puppy and custom art to be made.

{Little sneak peek of one of my new custom arts… will show you the full piece when I can}

I love days when I take a chance, and meet a new friend. The gorgeous Jillianbeans has been in the same online community {the SARK Forum} for some years.

You know when you meet someone and you make instant friends with them?
There’s just something in their eyes that marks them as part of your tribe?
Jill is one of those for me. She has the bluest of angel eyes, and is so gentle, warm, funny, joyful and kind. We ate cheesecakes in a little booth and told secrets to each other – after all – what else to do when you make an instant friend then to tell each other brave & wild secrets?

And my second favourite thing about Jill after her being her – she is a tallie, like me. So when we walked back down the street, arms around each other, it was like walking as two gentle Amazon goddesses.

Coz that’s what instant friends do.

Wishing you a precious day ~