What I’ve Been Teaching In My Academy

Hi possums!

It’s been a long while since I updated you on the courses I’ve created for my Academy members. Latest update was back in November!

Even though I’ve been relatively absent from blogging + social media, I’ve been full steam ahead with my magical Shining Biz + Life Academy, doing monthly coaching calls + releasing new courses each month!

Here’s some of the goodies I’ve created lately:


It’s been 8 years since my parenting initiation, and I’m still learning every.single.day.

I’m by no means a parenting expert (HAHAHAHAHAHA OH GOD). But I do have stories to share about what’s helped me on my journey to being a calm, happy mama.

In this workshop I’ll be sharing:

  • my warts-and-all parenting story
  • the best advice I’ve been given
  • what’s helped us have a tantrum-free household
  • the things that have worked for me and my family
  • loving permission for you to find a parenting flow that works for you.



Get your business finances managed so you can increase your profit!

Wrapping your head around managing your business finances and meeting tax obligations can be one of the most stressful parts of being an entrepreneur.

Never fear though – I promise it can be a simple, straightforward system for you that doesn’t cost you a huge amount of time or stress.

In this powerful, concise one hour workshop I’ll be sharing with you:

  • Common misconceptions about managing your business finance
  • How to create a simple system to manage your business financials without driving you bonkerdoodles
  • Financial reporting that drives business growth
  • Ways to reduce expenses and increase profits

It’s time to increase our financial literacy and become incredible custodians of abundance!



Do you want to feel less angry or stressed? Stop feeling overrun and overcome with emotions that you’re not sure what to do with? Do you want to develop more emotional resilience and awareness?

Maybe you feel like your reactions may be damaging your relationships with your kids, partner or more. Or that you are numbing your feelings with addictions or other unhealthy behaviour.

Or maybe you’d like to just feel less bonkers on a day-to-day-basis.

Let’s do a deep dive into the transformational process that can help: Emotional Self Help.

This is a 3-part process that can help you handle the waves of life with more grace and ease, find the golden insights that emerge from your feelings, and help you process and heal.



Fact: right now, you are leaving money on the table. People are coming to your website and then… leaving without buying anything.

This can feel heartbreaking. You’ve got gifts! To share with the world! You want to help people! You want your art/magic/spirit to be out in the world touching the people it’s meant to be touching!

Here’s the good news: You can change this situation.

You can change your website so it is helping people learn about you, start building trust with you, getting inspired by you… and (of course) buying from you. Because isn’t that what your website is for?

In this workshop I’m going to give you:

  • the template for a good website that sells
  • examples of other websites using this template well
  • the mojo + wisdom you need to start seeing more sales coming in every.single.day.

Watch now + start applying the changes today to see the difference it makes to your sales.



The Secrets To Getting More Done In Less Time

Productivity… it’s the thing that can make or break your business.

This isn’t about waking up at 5am to get more things done. It’s not about becoming a relentless 24/7 work bunny. It’s not about sacrificing your health, family or sanity to be a productivity supermachine.

This is about getting the mission-critical things done as quickly, effectively and efficiently as possible… so you can get back to enjoying your big, beautiful life.

I’m bloody excited to be sharing this workshop with you… I’m such a proponent of having strong productivity habits, and have been teaching about them for years now, so it’s great to have one comprehensive workshop to cover them all!

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • 8 principals to increase your productivity exponentially
  • 4 ways to kill off your to do list
  • The exact productivity system I’ve used to build successful companies working part-time hours.



And as always, my Academy members received digital Life + Biz goals workbooks.

Want to get all these workshops + more?

Join my Shining Biz + Life Academy and you’ll receive the above workshops AND:

  • 130+ courses
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • More life, biz, marketing + creativity courses released every month!

Click here to learn more + join.



Essential Oils For Libido + Bonky-Bonk Times


Well, this was a bit of a laugh and giggle snort to produce this webinar.

For peeps wanting more bonky bonk feelings + times, these tips are for you.


I hope they bring you MUCH joy.




What was it like taking a year off social media?

Hi possums,

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve taken much of the last year off social media + blogging.

My intention originally was to just take a month off because I felt so burnt out, but by the end of the month, I realised it was feeling too good and sweet and right to let go of.

What followed was a year of diving deep into homeschooling, family time and getting to know myself outside of social media rhythms.

I made you a wee video to share about my experiences:

Not a complete transcript by any means, but some notes, if you are video-adverse!

  • It was nourishing and lovely in all kinds of ways.
  • Freed up a LOT of time + brain space – time I devoted to my kids and homeschooling instead which was a brilliant decision, and I’m so glad I did it.
  • I experienced much less anxiety – I didn’t go to sleep or waking up worrying about dealing with the latest internet drama llama.
  • I realised how grateful I was I’ve created businesses that do not rely on social media presence + instead can generate a sustainable income because of my mailing list and recurring income.
  • I discovered that I want to share a lot less about my family and respect their privacy more.
  • I enjoyed creating a business behind the scenes… it felt great to experience not being so public facing.
  • And I also missed blogging! I missed sharing and connecting especially.
  • I feel the energy of creativity returning again, and wishing to share more. Now I can create again, on my own terms and doing it all my own way.
  • Social media isn’t going away, but we can choose our relationship to it and how it works for YOU.

Hope this is useful to you.

With love and gentleness,

On Racism


I’ve been thinking of how/what to share about this for a long while, rolling formats and ideas and words around in my head again and again to see what was right to share.

I’ve been in active research mode for over 18 months, and have been so reticent to speak because I don’t know shit, and didn’t want to create harm by misspeaking. Until I got that not speaking was harmful as well.

So I still don’t know shit, but I’m learning everyday, and the least I can do is point you to people who DO KNOW and can teach about this.

Which is a long ass intro to saying:

I think it’s important for us all to look at the way we may be contributing to racism and cultural appropriation, especially if we identify as white, liberal hippies.

Which can feel really shocking… we are definitely the least likely to even consider we are. Cue: “But! I’m the least racist person on earth!”

I definitely felt kicked on my ass when I first realised I didn’t have a fucking clue about racism. I had to reconsider my own identity: I thought as a leftie highly educated hippy who didn’t identify as racist, I was immune to engaging in racism. I thought by studying Australian indigenous history and issues in university and adoring learning from spiritual traditions from around the world, I was immune. I thought by being an active and passionate philanthropist, I was immune.

Spoiler alert: I wasn’t. And by being oblivious to racism, I was engaging in it.

I totally don’t feel like I’ve dealt with it well publicly before. I’m so sorry. I wish I knew more, sooner. I wish I’d understood more, sooner.

I know this is something I’ll be learning about for the rest of my life. I’ll never master it.

But I’m grateful for all the people who are teaching about this, and all the lessons and wisdom I have learned from them.

And I’d love to point you in their direction to learn from.

(I realise this list is currently USA-centric. If you’ve got recommendations for racial justice resources for Australia + across the world, I’d love to hear them! I’ll keep exploring too!)

Let’s start off with the book that I think should be required reading for white peeps:

White Fragility: Why It Is So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism: Robin DiAngelo

More books:

Online Resources + Educators:

Important Note: It is important to not just expect an education on racism free from BIPOC. If you’re not buying their books, consider purchasing their programs or supporting them on Patreon. 

I’ll update this with more resources + books as I discover them.

I’ll be learning right along with you.