tenderness in our todays


From Follow Your Dreams

Have been working madly away at my new webpage.

Thank you for being so patient.

It will be up within a week or so.

Not time to share yet about the labyrinth. I promise I will.

I’m just letting it sink softly, then rise again to the surface.


Life is good.

Regardless of the vagaries of living,

life is worth living if only to have the opportunity

to smell the sweet lemon-vanilla scent of magnolia blossoms,

to see one paper-thin periwinkle butterfly flutter about,

to feel one cool breeze dance across your skin on a warm summer day,

to hear one chickadee call out for a mate,

or to taste the juicy sweet nectar of one ripe peach.

Joy ~ the possibility of joy ~

is abundant even in times of sorrow if only we use our senses.

Love life back.

~~ Claire Prideaux

Reading ~ Women who Run with the Wolves.

Listening ~ Jimmy Little. The old gentleman of country music.

Loving this amazing Zoom Quilt imagery.

Be gentle with yourselves beautiful people.

Be tender in today.


My feet and the side of the labyrinth.


bigger than my belly.

Today has been such a bigger than big day.

Beautiful, full, opening, blossoming, awakening, real, startling.

Confronting my self, embracing my self.

And having others embrace me.

Hugs from near strangers at the labyrinth. Opening arms to the unknown.

I will speak about the labyrinth tomorrow, once I have time to filter

and resonate with it.

But this… this… these words resonate with me now.

Don’t worry you will find the answer

if you let it go

give yourself some time to falter

But don’t forgo knowing that you’re

loved no matter what

and everything will come around in time

~ Sarah McLachlan “Perfect Girl”

I give great thanks to the wondrous group of women who have

drawn me and welcomed me into their circle

great thanks to the wondrous miandering pattern of life’s journey

to the makers and keepers of the labyrinth

to those that surround and protect it ~

be it angelic sheep, the sound of didjeridoos or the stillness

of the ancient trees beside it.

and to those who walk the labyrinth.


song of ego & painting joy

Holding the heart, and holding this space.

Painting I did yesterday ~

commissioned to my groovy and pregnacious friend Sally.

The Song of Ego

My ego needs.

My soul has.

My ego tries.

My soul does.

My ego knows the problem that is.

My soul becomes the answer that is.

I am not alone.

within my unlight self:

My ego, my naked death.

I am not alone.

within my snow white heart:

My soul, and my spirit’s flame.

~ Sri Chinmoy “Eastern Light for the Western Mind”


Most beautiful joy upon joys when I returned home today.

I got an email from one of my favourite photographers ~ jen gray.

Just like that. Out of the blue.

Without me doing anything but look at her gorgeous webpage everyday.

An email to tell me that she’d read my blog. that she liked.

i am overwhelmed.


my belly is full. overflowing with gifts, love, joy, growth.

a medicine bundle of beauty.

Goddess of Compassion – Jayne


The ever beautiful Jayne.

How strange to have last seen you as a gorgeous teenager

and now see
you have blossomed into a gorgeous woman!

It’s been a little while since I handed out my last goddess award.

This one has been swimming about in my head for months,

and it is time to let it flower.

I am so grateful for the presence of these beautiful, powerful women in my life.

I’d like to introduce you to the latest inductee to the Leonie Hall of Goddess Fame ~

Jayne Landsberg.

I met Jayne when I was 16 and went to boarding school.

When I first got to boarding school, I was put in White Dorm

with both Goddess Jayne and Goddess Helena (already inducted)

I remember that in the first few nights, Jayne pulled me into her cubicle,

and we gossiped and giggled with Helena

and it was just so lovely and so friendly and homely.

In those moments I realised that I didn’t need to be afraid of boarding school and making friends,

because I’d already found them. Right there.

Then the dorm mistress walked in to inspect that everyone was in their beds, and there was a mad scattering

of bodies and flurries into doonas, pretending we were already asleep.

tee hee hee

Within a month, I was moved into Green Dorm, away from Helena and Jayne

I didn’t want to leave them but knew that moving into Green Dorm was a wonderful step for me

I was right ~ I met the amazing Zetty and Shannon there

and got to take care of all the younger boarding girls.

The next year though, as senior of Green Dorm, I got to pick another senior

and of course, I chose Jayne.

Jayne to live down the hall from me, Jayne to have a precious window cubicle,

Jayne to help when the beautiful younger girls became brats,

And most importantly, Jayne because I wanted to know her better.

How do I explain the beauty of Jayne to you?

She has the biggest heart.

She is compassionate beyond belief. I cannot tell you how compassionate this girl is.

She puts others before herself always. She boosts and revitalises and saves people on a daily basis.

Sometimes, I wish she could see herself in the same space of compassion, and see herself as we see her:

immensely beautiful, a glorious human bean, loving, loveable, incredible, talented.

She is artistic, and heartfelt.

She has beautiful, overflowing journals. We would eat Tim Tams and sit in our pyjamas and journal merrily away.

We would have conversations during study time. Big conversations. Conversations about life and loving and growing.

She has beautiful flowing handwriting.

She used to have the biggest collection of paint markers that she mysteriously obtained from the art room at school.

We are both such stationery~heads.

She is strong and determined and fiercely loving.

She is a goddess incarnate.

Her room at home is vivid green.

She has a group of guys ~ “her boys” ~ who love her to bits and she loves them back. So beautiful to see such heartfelt cross~gender friendships.

She is the girl who ran barefoot for kilometres along a bitumen road after a runaway girl.

She is the woman who is growing into herself so beautifully.

She is a passionate writer and artist even when she berates herself.

My favourite weekend of all my boarding school days was that long weekend spent on her parent’s huge cattle property.

We rode around on the backs of trucks and camped by the river.

We got drunk together in a dried up creek bed, surrounded by good people and an expansive sky.

It was beautiful, and I learned so much in that weekend from her, her land, and her friends.

She sent me an email which overwhelmed me with love and gratefulness:

just to say this blog had made her start writing again.

My heart leapt. The writing of Jayne is so important for this world.

I believe this with all of my innards.

Jayne is the reason I was drawn to crystals.

She had a horse accident, and was in great pain, and I had a vision of her with crystals lying on her back.

I went out and got some shortly after. Though I couldn’t cure her pain, it opened a new world for me.

Jayne who left school to study journalism

and became a journalist at the leading state-wide rural newspaper.

Jayne, the cowgirl and Jayne, the city dweller.

Jayne, the girl and Jayne, the woman.

She has beautiful hair. Kind eyes.

The smile which lights a room.

Jayne is succulent in all its many realms.

A beautiful heart, a wondrous spirit, a growing consciousness.

Jayne, today I wish to honour the beauty and friendship you have brought into my life.

You are a true Goddess.

And I love you to bits.

Breakthrough Email of the Week


Garden in spring, 2004

Let us rise up and be thankful;

for if we didn’t learn a lot

today, at least we learned a

little, and if we didn’t learn

a little, at least we didn’t get

sick, and if we got sick, at

least we didn’t die; so, let us

all be thankful.

~ Buddha

Be thankful for what you have

and you will end up having

more. But if you concentrate

on what you don’t have,

you’ll never, ever have enough.

~ Oprah Winfrey

This week’s breakthrough email made me joyous and grateful and just filled with warmth, love, growth.

Thank you for sharing the moment, Helena.

Wanted to share this with you all because it’s such a valuable lesson for us all.



Something just clicked. Just today. It really clicked.

Gratitude. The more
I appreciate what I have the more I will have

because… well I’ll realise
that it is there.

It just all makes sense.

I have so much, so many wonderful
people in my life.

Experiences, memories, moments.

It’s all just there.

Thankyou for being a part of this ~

helping me to realise the importance of

So much blogging to do this weekend!

Very exciting event occurred yesterday.

I’ll put up all the details on Saturday.

By the way. Something special to

I was reading an article about this very wealthy couple the other day

and sort of thought

“oh wow wouldn’t it be cool to be that rich and just be

able to buy whatever you wanted”

and absently minded I said to John

“do you
think we’ll be wealthy?”

he said to me. “We already are.

And we will only
continue to become more so

the more love we share with ourselves and others”.

It stopped me in my tracks.

And yeah he’s right.

Love to you Onie.

Love Helena”


God. That’s just a bloody good email

and such an amazing realisation.

I’m giving you a standing ovation hun 😉