Four days before coaching prices go up

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

If you’ve been trying to book Goddess Guidance sessions with me lately, ya know it’s kinda difficult. My baby pink diary is getting all filled up with my blue and purple spirally writing, filling each day with the names of precious goddesses for sessions. It’s getting a bit out of control. In a good way. A glorious way. But I’m can’t get to all the goddesses who want to speak with me.

So Goddess Guidance sessions are going up, so I can devote more time to them… and to helping more goddesses discover and *be* that amazing, wise, creative, joyful Goddess inside them.

Single sessions are going up from $73 to $99.
A four session package is going up from $221 to $337.

But I adore you. And I’m grateful for my bloggy readers.

So what I want to offer is this:

For the next four days until Sunday night, you can buy sessions at the old price, and use them whenever you like and need over the next six months. It’s just like sacred saving for the future.

Want to know more, book in and find out what other Goddesses say about their sessions with me and how much it’s helped them?

Over to my Goddess Guidance page here, possum.

Yay! So glad to be doing this amazing, shining work with you all.



The Goddess in You Speaks: How to cope with a break-up?

Hola gorgeous Goddesses,

I hope you are all having a splendiforous weekend. I’m thinking of you all, as I sit here a-tap-tap-tapping on my laptop, Charlie pup curled up beneath my elbow on a lazy Saturday night, my sweetie beside me, Angel already curled up in bed (she’s an early piker, that one. Just like her mama.)

I’m a-tapping away to you on a mission… to ask for your help and advice on behalf of another goddess.

A dear Goddess recently wrote to me.

Her partner and her have recently broken up. 

She wanted to ask if I had any thoughts on how to cope with this massive life-changing as a Goddess.

She’s in all sorts of pain, grief, sadness and change. She’s had to move back home to her country, and is finding the whole experience heart-breaking.

My first thought: Holy dinger. That’s just so very, very hard. That’s big ol major life transformation and heart-hugeness all in one. A huge soul journey to be on. My heart goes out to her, the darling. And also: I really, really believe in her.

And my second thought: you know what?

There’s a whole tribe of beautiful, wise goddesses out there who have a whole richness of experience and wisdom and perspectives and advice that could help this Goddess. Help her to heal her heart and feel loved, safe and true again.

So, let’s pretend we’re all sitting in a women’s circle.

And one of your circle sisters asks this.

What would you say to her? Do you have a story to share, advice on healing, guidance, or just love to share? Maybe you’ve gone through a hard break-up before. Maybe you’ve supported someone going through one. Maybe you want to share your support and intuitive words as a Goddess sister. Whatever you feel called to share is just so perfect.

How, as a Goddess, can we survive, thrive and shine through break-ups?

I’d be so honoured to hear your words. And I’m sure our Goddess sister will be so deeply touched too.

Share your words in the Comments Circle… let’s create a tapestry of wisdom.

I’m so grateful to you. And in awe of the power and connection of us as women (and Goddesses).

Ginormous angel hugs and love,


Goddess Journey Check-in

Hola gorgeous Goddesses,

It’s that time again – Goddess Journey Check-in! The day I get to share about my blessings and challenges, and you get to share about yours too (if you’re called).

It’s the day we get to cosy up on a big purple couch with large mugs of tea, and connect-in and share about our journeys this week. It’s a little bit like coming home – to ourselves, and to each other. As always, you can share if you’re called in the Comments Circle.

I’m always glad when it’s a Goddess Journey check-in day. It’s like a little exhale of “aaaahhhhhh” and then a contented little sigh. Of course, that might be just me, but I likes it. 

The Challenges. Aaaaah. This week, there’s been a few.

Stuffity Bluckity Homesickity Grosskiness

Over the last week (fine, the last three – since I came back to Canberra after a miracle time away, I’ve been grouchy. And grumpitty. And complaining about Canberra’s cold, icy winter. (Why the heck am I here again? When I could be in tropical paradise? Sipping mango frappes while watching the sunset? In the country? With no annoying neighbours? With family around?) Oh yes. I’ve been quite the joyful, grateful bean lately (*cough* *not*).

And then I worked it out: I’ve been really damn homesick. The biggest, most heartfelt homesickness I’ve ever had.

And it sucked.

The End.

Well, not really, but it’s fun to be dramatic. *hee hee*

It’s really only just the beginning.

It’s taken time and crankiness and allowing and a healing session with Hiro to start feeling more okay about living here instead of there.

It’s been rough. Ruff.

This Other Thing

There’s something I’m still not quite able to talk about, but I’m grieving a very dear, old and sweet friend of mine.

His name is Rebel.

He was my horsey-soulmate, and my dearest friend.

And when I went home, I found out he went missing in the rains, and hasn’t been found in the long grasses yet.

I knew he was gone – just from a spirit level, I couldn’t feel him around anymore. He feels more starry now.

And I haven’t told any of my friends yet. If I do, it will make it real – that my very best friend is gone.

And yeah, he was “just a horse” – but he was my friend for so many years, especially the years I needed it most. He knew all my secrets – I would whisper them in his ear as we rode along on our own. He was my guardian angel, and my protector. He took care of me with his gentleness, and his huge love. He’d do everything he could to take care of me on his back – when dogs attacked, when snakes were around, when we’d swim in rivers, he’d do whatever he could to make sure I was okay.

But more than all of this – Rebel got me. He understood me. He loved me. When I didn’t feel understood by anyone else on the planet, he did. When I was in primary school and was so completely introverted that I didn’t have a friend, he was it. When I was in high school and so hurt by all the bullying and bullshit I got, Rebel loved me. He has always been my place of comfort. He was an angel for me. He was my horsey-soulmate.

That’s how much he meant to me.

I absolutely, unequivocally would not be the Leonie I am if there was no Rebel.

And for that, I’m so, utterly grateful.
And for that, I’m really grieving my darling boy.

And yeah, I get that this will pass. That one day I’ll just feel all the love he’s still got for me in the spirit world. But right now? It suckity sucks that I don’t get to smell him again, and feel his chestnut fur against my hand again.

I really, really miss you Rebel.

(I guess I was ready to talk about him. But please no one ask me on the phone about him unless you want a very gluggy, snotty-tissued response.)

Gluten Free Transition Barfitiness

A week and a half ago, I stopped eating wheat and gluten. It’s been something that’s been brewing for me for a while now. I’ve been getting stomach pains, and bloatedness, and in meditations connecting in with my body, I’d see where wheat and gluten was getting stuck around my system, including around my ovaries, hip and stomach. I knew it was something I needed to let go of.

And then I had a big chat with a friend, and I realised I just couldn’t ignore it anymore.

So I stopped eating wheat.

And the good parts? I *know* this is the right thing for my body. Things are starting to shift and cleanse already. I’m feeling healthier and clearer. Those gluggy bits on my body are starting to lift. And the stomach pains have stopped. Hooray!

In the meantime though, I’ve got a case of Transition-Stuckness-pissed-offness. I think that’s the scientific name for it anyway. I’m worried about getting hungry, I’m annoyed that I can’t eat bread, and I get panicked when I’m out whether I can eat anything or not.

I’m still working it out. There are some lights at the end of the tunnel: Feeling better! Lara Bars! Deek’s Bakery & Cafe! Recipes from gluten-free friends!

In the meantime: transition stages are painful. It’s like birthing out a whole new life.

Which brings me to…

Ooooh! Blessings! There are always, always ginormous blessings!

Aunty! Aunty! I’m an Aunty again!

Speaking of transition times, and birthing out a whole new life: There couldn’t be any better blessing this week, than the birth of my beautiful new niece, Paige Rhianna.

You might remember Paige from such past blog posts as “The Beauty of Away: In My Mommy’s Belly Edition.”

I’m so over the moon – as is my whole family. I’m so incredibly proud of my beautiful brother and amazing sister-in-law for bringing such a gorgeous new soul into the world.

I’m an aunty again: weeeeeeeeeee! It just gets better and better as our family grows bigger: we know just what joy, gladness, depth and love to expect as we get richer from each new sweet soul.

And here’s our beautiful rosy-cheeked, lushly-locked, three day old Paige Rhianna (Allans don’t give birth to kids that look like newborns… fully formed goddesses all the way!)

On cue now everybody: 1…. 2….. 3……

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww 🙂

Warm lavishings of “oh my goodness, she is so beyoooootiful” gratefully received.

It’s a baby! A baby!

(In addition: There’s nothing like the amazing experience of new life to help you feel a fair bit better about having to grieve and let go of old life and things.)

Hottie On Holidays

My sweetie is taking some Self-Nurturing holidays for a couple of weeks. And can I just say, there is nothing I adore more than having him home on weekdays?

I have ginormous-world-commanding plans to eventually hire him just to stay at home and be a Goddess’ right hand man.

He does things like:
* Take me on tours of second hand bookstores
* Make big, roasted lunches everyday
* Babysit the doggies while I’m on coaching calls
* Spend an inordinate amount of time caretaking and nourishing our puppies (and me). That man may just be the God of Nurturing.
* Makes me have lunchtime talks about my business, life, how I’m going with it, and how I can have more balance and happy-time doing it.

Yup. I adore having him at home. Best evaaaaaaa!

Goddess Website With 15% More Goddess

I’ve had a few changes I’ve wanted to make for a while on the goddess site of all sites. And now they are done. Like WEEEEEE!

Thanks to my lovely webby-helper-mouse, we have new pages! That are lovelier, cleaner, and kinder on the Goddess eyes than ever before. Check out this one as an example. The sidebar to your right is finally starting to look happier too.

And what that means: A happier website that *fits* better makes me a happy bunny.
I really adore having a delicious space for ya’ll to visit. (Is it wrong that I come here sometimes just to stare at it and feel all turquoisey for a while? If that is wrong, I don’t want to be right.)

Passing the Talking Stick

Hoorah! We made it!

If you’d like to share about your week, your journey, your blessings or challenges… I’m passing on the talking spirit. Share away in the Comments Circle, possum. You are so gently held.

This calls for…

I’m so glad you are here, sweetpea.

Ginormous love,


How to survive work meetings and courses

Hola gorgeous Goddess!

I made you a little something special. To help you survive (and bloom) during work meetins and courses. Created (of course) during a particularly spell binding work course I was on.

Feel free to download, print and paste in your special “Work Meeting Doodlefest” notebook.



And to my work bosses reading this: I swear, I was totally listening when I wrote this. 

Even TIME says doodling helps us pay attention.

Meeting-goddess love to you,
Your goddess-correspondent on the ground,


Goddess Project: Create your own Permission Slip

Hola gorgeous Goddess,

Today, you have a goddess project to do. Do you accept this mission?


A couple days ago, my sweet cubicle-buddy Artemis (from The Happy Go Round) and I were talking about the things we felt obligated to do that felt so heavy. Like we needed to do this and that in order to feel like we were “nice”… and meanwhile our sweet spirits were craving something else.

And at some point I said… “you know what? I give you express permission to NOT contact people unless it makes you happy.” And her whole face lit up. And she said “You know what Leonie? I’m giving you permission to not always be available!” And my sweet little heart felt so very relieved.

Like we’d just put down some very, very heavy loads.

And then we got some office stationery and made each other permission slips to remember.

So your task today…

Work out what you need your permission slip to be.

Check in with that beautiful soul of yours, and find out what it is craving.

If everything was possible and easy, what would you give yourself permission for?
Do you need to stop doing something?
Do you need to start doing something?

And then…

Write it in the comments here. Or in your journal. Somewhere. Just put it out into the world, like a whisper of a wish. It will come back to you, riding on starlight. I promise.

Double deluxe project

What would it look like if you actually made your permission slip?
And popped it where it could remind you?
I believe in you.
Would it go above your desk? In your sacred corner? On your altar? In your journal? In your diary?

Go for it

I’m totally supporting you in giving yourself permission to do what you need to do.
I believe in you.

Love, your cheerleader with ra-ra pom poms spangled in glitter and magic,