sister lane

This bliss,
this silence,

these roses blossoming within you,
they are your birthright.
One can remain ignorant,

but one cannot be anything else than a buddha…

that is our very destiny.


what is good

getting some alpine air with my love

my favourite place

laughing with the father and son scrambling over the rocks together…

blue skirts and bare feet on rock

hearing the quiet.
in the mountains, there is no “noise” ~ there are sounds.
there is a far off hushed roar. we joke that it is a four lane freeway,
but it is the sound of the wind soaring through a particular tree on the rims of the mountains.
other sounds: birds. water. the rustle of a lizard.

huge stashes of art canvasses (half price sale!)

a friend writing my name in the sand…

this face…


and i asked her about when she felt safe,
and her whole face glowed
as she turned
up to the mountains where our lovers stood watching over us.
she told me
that when she was in his arms
she felt safest of all.
she is a woman so deeply in love,
so deeply loved in return.

may we all know the treasure, the blessing and the miracle of this.

all that’s needed

feeling stressed out in my studio.

he comes in.

in a french accent he announces

“I have come to work for you”

He sits on my chair, back straight and eager like a small boy.

I hand him a paintbrush, and get him to paint some collage papers for me.

And that’s all that’s needed.

The weight lifts.

and there was…

me & purple goddess

old friends and new friends
ancient rocks
frangelico and vino
indian feasts
delicious bookstores
surprise adventures
miracle morning by the river with a mermaid priestess
divinity and dahl

a good weekend.

i’m always so amazed by this world.