The Miracle Bird

Miracle Beams,

I found this photo on my phone this afternoon. My daughter had made it. And it struck me at how perfect it was. I felt like I had nothing to write about.

And yet, a miracle happened today.

How could I forget?


It was my husband who alerted us.

I was at the dining room table with my daughters, starting to go through workbooks for the day’s homeschooling. He ran towards the back door, calling our dog loudly, bringing her back inside.

I looked up.

What’s happening my love?

“A little bird just flew into the window and is laying on the ground. I’m not sure if it’s okay, I just didn’t want Angel to disturb it.”

Oh that’s sad. The poor little thing. We’ll just leave it and hope it comes good.

But then my eldest daughter asked in that silvery, gentle, cautious way of hers:

Mum? Is it okay if I can just go and look at the bird? I’d like to see a bird up close like that if I could.

She was so open to it, and I realised the homeschooling lesson for the day had come flying in, literally.


We decided to move to the window closest to it, so we could observe it quietly without disturbing. And that’s where we sat for the next long while. Looking out the window together. Watching this beautiful, tiny little bird. The girls get their sketchbooks, and carefully draw it laying on the patio. Grey and yellow feathers, sloped beak, a white flash around its eye. Whispering wishes for it to be okay.


We don’t know if he will of course. Not sure if he will recover. I ponder in my head about how if this science observation ends in death, we’ll talk about the circle of life. We just wait, and breathe with him, and hope.

Eventually, after enough staring into space, quietly willing for his shit to be together, he scatters his wings and pirouettes before blacking out again in another tiny, furled coma.

More time, more waiting, more breathing, more whispered wishes, more drawing. Ostara draws the pirouette and flash of yellow grey wings.

Another seizure of energy, and he props himself up against the chair leg before promptly blacking out again.


Beth starts writing a letter in her journal to it.

Dear Birdy,

You flew into our window and it has hurt you very much. You are lying on the ground and we can see your eyes. You will get better and fly away, and I want you to stay, but I also have a drawing of you, so I will remember you forever.

Get better soon.




Finally, heart in our mouths as we watch and witness, consciousness returns into his body. His spirit come home. He stations himself upright, fluffs feathers, watches the world once more.

I read the girls books by the window. I hope he enjoys hearing comics about Fly Guy as much as they do.

The afternoon sunlight falls through the silk tree leaves.

And then, in a span of wings, he is gone.

Back into the world of flight, and light, and living.

We are left, blessed. Blessed for the company, for the time spent with a tiny, unconscious bird. Blessed for his renewal and revival.


I tell my husband:

It was just the perfect visual allegory for me. That’s exactly how I feel when I run into the glass wall of life. I fall down, and lay and wait, staring into space, waiting to collect my shit again. But eventually, life and hope and movement returns again.


It’s evening now.

I’ve read the girls their evening fairy story, tucked them into bed.

Beth wanders out while I make my evening cup of tea.

Mum, I just closed my eyes, and there was our little bird, still in my mind. Isn’t that good?


I feel like our bird was the perfect embodiment of an Easter miracle.

It might be 18 days late, but miracles take time.

It was perfect.

Birdy rose.

So will I.

So will you.


Big love,


How do I run 3 businesses at the same time?

Hi possums!

Over a year ago now, I made the decision to add another business to my stable and run three at the same time (Shining Academy, My Shining Year workbooks and doTERRA). While also homeschooling. Because YOLO and what can I say, I get bored and like to try new things.

This week, I’m going to share tips + tricks I’ve learned to running three businesses at the same time. And things for you to consider if you decide to multi-business it up!

And as always, not a complete transcript, but some notes.

  • It’s useful to master one at a time and nail your marketing and systems in one before moving into other businesses
  • Easier to do another business when it has the same target market – it cuts down on marketing and time
  • Useful to have something that has a different income structure (i.e. recurring, passive, or with different pay cycles)
  • Standard Operating Procedures are key for each business to run as efficiently as possible
  • Looking at your Hedgehog Concept – What is a good economic engine, what are you passionate about and what are you excellent at? STICK TO IT.
  • Have seasons/times for each businesses where you focus. For example, in my businesses –
    • Workbooks now take a lot of time in September, then customer service and marketing November-January
    • My doTERRA business has a lot of action happening at the end of each month
    • My Shining Biz + Life Academy is steady throughout the year with monthly calls and course releases
  • Map out your year of major launches/activities for each
  • Get super lean on what is important, and what is not

So hope this is helpful to you as a multi-passionate-preneur!

You don’t have to give up all your dreams… you just have to get good and lean at one, then leverage that!

With love and abundance,


Essential Oils For Kids’ Bodies, Minds + Emotions

Hi possums,

Holy moley, what a journey I’ve been on with these oils.

As I’ve shared before, I fell in love with doTERRA essential oils when I least expected it. I was TOTALLY sceptical that smelly shit would make a difference to my (totally fucked) health at the time. After spending six months in and out of bed with recurring fevers and infections, and being tested for everything from tuberculosis to lung cancer, and endless rounds of antibiotics, I started using doTERRA OnGuard essential oil because I was out of any other solution.

But they did make a difference. Hugely, profoundly and deeply. It was almost instantaneous. After a week, I ordered more oils. And more. And realised I could use them for more and more things. They became my go to when I was experiencing sleeplessness and anxious feelings and needing digestion support. I saw how big a difference they made in parenting. I started craving that kind of clean, powerful, lo-tox energy in all my haircare and cleaning products. Soon, they became an intrinsic part of life, health, parenting, cleaning and home.

The hub + hearth of our home… our essential oil box in our kitchen that gets used upteen times a day!

These crystal children of ours are so sensitive, and come into this world knowing so intently what feels good and what doesn’t. And they connect with oils SO QUICKLY. They get it faster than we do.

Now my kids know to come to me for oils… for upset bellies, if they are feeling upset, if they can’t get to sleep, for bumps and bug bites and all the other calamities that happen.

We diffuse oils every day while we homeschool to help us with attention and encouragement. If we are out and about, there’s oils in my handbag for meltdowns and motion sickness. We diffuse oils in bedrooms at night to help our kids fall asleep easily. They are so very special… such an empowering, healing tool to use.

So I wanted to do this webinar. To help you discover how to naturally support your children’s immune systems, focus and emotions with essential oils.

So hope this is useful to you.

Love from my crystal children to yours,


Books I’ve Loved Reading To My Kids Lately

Hi possums,

I’m finishing up my Term 1 review of homeschooling this week, and thought it would be fun to share some of the books we’ve most loved reading together so far this year. We read books together for up to an hour each day – me snuggled up with my girls (4 and 8 years old). Then I ask the girls for their book rating out of 5 stars, and record our reads that day using Goodreads.

Something odd – I don’t have a long lasting reading (or speaking) voice. I’m a throat speaker, and it gives out pretty quickly. I’ve consciously spent the last year building up my read aloud capacity, and it’s improving, thankfully. I’ve built it up by trying to speak from my belly while I read… it does make my voice slightly deeper and less excitable, but it definitely helps with endurance.

ANYWAYS! Here’s what we’ve been loving lately… as voted by my kids.

The Olga series by Elise Gravel.

We bought the first for Christmas and it was so inhaled and adored that I pre-ordered the second one that day.

What I love most about it is it’s a girl who adores science and animal biology, and she researches, uses the scientific method and keeps a scientific notebook. Plus it’s gorgeously illustrated, and just so much fun.

Best part: her pet is called MEH who says MEH constantly. My kids love taking it in terms to yell MEH as soon as they see the word on the page. It becomes pretty funny.

When I asked my kids for their 5 star rating, Ostara said “GOOGLEPLEX! THE LARGEST KNOWN NUMBER IN THE UNIVERSE!” so I’m pretty sure that’s a decent rating.

I mentioned Magic Tree House books in this post of my top 2017 books, but we are still reading through them and loving.

Ostara adores audiobooks with the force of a hungry word wolf, so I also bought the complete collection on audiobook, along with the complete collection of Merlin Missions books (which is the next series for slightly older readers). She’s consumed all 50+ audio books… twice. Girl loves words!

Pippi Longstocking (illustrated by Lauren Child)

We read about Astrid Lindgren in Ostara’s much adored Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, and Ostara was so fascinated she wanted to read her book.

I had this rad edition in the bookcase – it’s illustrated by Lauren Child (i.e. Charlie and Lola fame). Her illustrations were like icing on this book.

The girls were enthralled by Pippi’s adventures and it was sweet for me to revisit it with them.

Storey Treehouse series – Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

We’ve read them all before, but we just did another full re-read after going to see another Storey Treehouse play. We’ve been to two now, plus a book launch/talk with Andy and Terry. Events like that make the books come even more alive and ready for another re-read.

Isla Fisher’s Marge In Charge series

These ones are sweet, funny adventures of two kids with a magical, rainbow-haired babysitter.

Always gets my girls giggling.

Bear Grylls Adventures series

I love that these books include survival skills, animal facts and geology. I like when books do double time for both fun and learning.

The Amazing Crafty Cat

The comic story of a girl whose alter ego is CRAFTY CAT! Ready to solve all problems with… CRAFT!

Cute as heck, and crafty to boot.

Woop woop!

Hope these books have given inspiration for your kids and reading time.

And if you haven’t already, I really recommend reading Reading Magic by Mem Fox.

If you’re looking for more book recommendations, we’re working our way through this book: 101 Books To Read Before You Grow Up.

With love and words,




How do I homeschool + run businesses at the same time?

Hi treasures,

So… after a long break I’ve been feeling the energy rising in me to start sharing publicly again more regularly.

I thought I’d start off just by doing lo-fi videos to answer the most popular questions I get.

No set. Definitely no hair or makeup. No script.

Just sharing from the heart.

So… BEHOLD! The inaugural edition!

How I homeschool + run businesses at the same time!

Not the full transcript, but some notes on it:

  • It isn’t easy, it’s a juggling act
  • It works for us better to have ON time and OFF time with homeschooling
  • Enlist support
    • tutor
    • babysitter
    • family
    • homeschool co-op
    • trading days with another homeschooling family
  • Putting tasks in the right times
    • Answering emails/social media while with kids if that’s easier for you
    • Finding quiet time (i.e. at night or OFF hour) to create for you
  • Self care is key
  • Find a curriculum that fits for you. We are eclectic homeschoolers that use a whole bunch of resources. I do hands-on-stuff like science and art projects, and then I like programs like Mathseeds and Readings Eggs, and apps like Quick Math Jnr and Teach Your Monster to Read that don’t need my involvement
  • Find a flow that works for you. It will be unique to you.
  • If it’s not working, try something new!

Hope this resonates + is helpful.

Lots of love to you as you make miracles happen,