The Letter That Made Me Cry

Gorgeous ones!!!!

Have you made your mind up yet?

Decided to say YES or NO?

It’s the FINAL day to sign up for the Creative Goddess e-course :: give me six weeks & I’ll cure your creative blocks, make you prolific, creative and confident!!!

I wanted to share with you some beautiful words… this amazing letter I just received from a woman I’ve never met – but who has done the Creative Goddess e-course… who hadn’t made art in YEARS… but has now gone onto become a successful, prolific artist.

(And oddly enough – it turns out we both gave birth in exactly the same room! What are the chances?)

Anywaysies, her letter made me cry so much… so many happy tears.



Melanie Lotus Rees runs Daisy Mabel :: an online art + fair trade store.


Since discovering and taking part in Leonie’s Creative Goddess e-course, my life has transformed and simply blossomed! Thinking back, I hardly recognise the person I was before that course. Leonie, her gorgeous, loving, kind and wise spirit has touched my life in so many ways.

I arrived at the Creative Goddess e-course as a lost and insecure soul. I was spiritually stagnant and creatively stuck. I felt the energy of an artist deep within me, longing to express herself freely yet I didn’t know how to set her free. I stumbled across Goddess quite by accident…or so it seemed. [:)]

It is so clear to me now that this ‘accident’ was no accident at all but a vital, life altering part of my journey toward creative freedom I once wondered if I may never find.

The Creative Goddess e-course opened the flood gates which fuelled that stuck, frightened artist and creative soul in me to come forth and create with joy and freedom. I can honestly say, I am forever changed as a result.

The Creative Goddess e-course was like nothing I had ever experienced. It made me look at creating art in a completely new way. There were no hang-ups on technique or following instructions. I was free to explore the inner me and create from the depths of who I am. I always felt loved, supported, and safe as I journeyed through the course.

Leonie helped me spread my creative wings and feel brave and worthy enough to fly and soar and bring art into the world.

I transformed from being a person who was afraid to share her art to someone who went on to open an on-line shop selling my art for a living!

Leonie has given me so much more than my creative wings though. She has given me unconditional love and acceptance and with that came the freedom to do anything I dreamed of with confidence!

As I write this, I am planning and growing a new dream, building a new business supporting my family of seven through doing what I love, and supporting people in need as I do it.

Thank Goddess for Leonie! She is a shining white light of loving energy that touches people’s lives all over the world. I am forever grateful and forever changed.

I loooove youuuuu, Leonie!!! xoxox


My tears were so happy reading her words.

Happy tears that she said YES. Happy that that she made the choice. Happy that she can share her gifts with the world now.

Hand on my heart, happy heart sigh. I am SO grateful to be doing this work… to be leading women into their own greatness + gifts.

(Those words just came to me, and they gave me delicious soul goosebumps. Yes. This is true.)

I remember last year, going through the depths of PND, I saw the art that Mel was creating and was so healed by it. I’d helped her heal her creative blocks… and her art helped my mama-heart to heal. I looked at her art and thought:

This is a woman who knows what I have been through.

And I covered my world with her prints (you can see them in my house here). It was the most perfect of healing circles.

That’s the REAL thing here. The big thing. I so deeply want to help you unravel your creative blocks and create WILDLY, JOYFULLY, ABUNDANTLY… so you can do the thing you were born to do. Create whatever is inside you… so it may go out and heal the world.



It’s the FINAL day to enrol in the Creative Goddess e-course

Be quick, dearest heart!

Let’s make miracles happen together!!!

SO much love and miracles,

P.S. The Creative Goddess e-course comes ridunkulously applauded upon by the 3000 goddesses who’ve taken it and gone on to change their lives and businesses and souls and happiness… through sharing the gifts they were born with. Please take up the torch and shine your light. The world is waiting for you.

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Hola gorgeous goddess!!!

A brand new sparkling e-book

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This is EVERYTHING I know

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Handy hints + secrets galore.

It’s like the love child of Martha Stewart + Louise Hay.

Pretty sure this e-book will change your life.

Just sayin’!



Please do share it along to dear friends & sister goddesses who need to hear this message.




P.S. Handy hint: please don’t email me telling me the book is broken or there are any pages missing. I promise you, it is perfect & whole. Just read on. There’s a wee joke in there. I promise you, it does *mean* something. It’s like an onion… layers!!!! Big hugs & giggle snorts!



If you like this, you’ll probably adore:

Who Is An Artist + Who Is Not

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

Once upon a time, in a cubicle job long long ago, I invented a job for myself.

I would spot interesting people who worked on my floor (there were over 200 on my floor, so plenty to choose from!)

And I’d interview them – about their lives, their passions, what made their heart sing, where they travelled, what they collected and sometimes I would even ask what they actually did for work.

And once upon a day, I asked a young dude my trademark question:

“So, what makes you awesome?”

And this lovely guy grinned shyly, and said:

“I do paintings.”

And in my usual, calm, graceful way, I *shrieked*:


And at the sound of the “A” word, he backpedalled.

“Oh but I’m not an artist or anything! I haven’t SOLD anything you know. I just do paintings.”


The Words I Hear Way Too Often


“Oh, but I’m not an artist! I haven’t sold anything!”

“Oh, but I’m not an artist! I can barely draw more than a stick figure!”

Since when was ARTIST ever about being an occupation or a judgement, not what we are in our deepest soul?

We were each born artists.

When we were kids, fingerpainting gloriously, and someone told us “Oh! Look at you, you artist you!” we would just nod. And smile. Because that’s who we were. We just made art because it was fun and it made us happy in our hearts.

When did we decide the only person who could ever call themselves an artist was the one who painted full time as their source of income, sold their artwork and galleries, painted their fine art on an easel with nice brushes and made it look completely realistic?

At some point some of us did.

At some point, some of us were mistaken.

Here’s the big, ginormous secret:

The only person who can ever truly call themselves is an artist needs only one requirement:
They were born.

What An Artist Is Not:

Your art does not need to LOOK GOOD in order to be ART.

It does not need to BE SOLD to be ART.

It does not need to be POPULAR to be ART.

It does not need to be SHOWN IN AN ART GALLERY to be ART.

It does not need to be LOVED BY OTHERS to be ART.

(I wish to have a petition against that sentence to refrain anyone from ever, ever saying it again. “Don’t give up your day job” – ARGH! What would be a good response to this? “Well, don’t give up your day job to have fun, be wild, laugh like a kid again or follow your dreams either then!”)


What I Want To Hear You Say

“I made this artwork. It was incredibly freeing and therapeutic for my soul.”

“I made this artwork. I have no idea what it is, but gosh darn I love it.”

“I made art. It was the greatest healing experience of my life.”

“I really needed to make this piece of art.”

“This art – just as it is – I am so proud of it. I am so proud of me for doing it.”

“This artwork came out so EASILY! Such a JOY! Like I was a channel for Great Spirit.”

That’s what I want you to say.

That’s what I want you to FEEL.

I know it is all possible


The Truth About Art

It’s never about: Looking Good and Being Successful and Making Money.

That’s not the point or value of art. Ever.

The point of art is it being freeing and therapeutic for the soul.

The value of art is that it serves us, our souls and our dreams in a thousand miracle, rainbow ways.

The point of art was to create it, to let this amazing river of spirit and ideas and texture and colour and imaging flow through you.

The point of art is to feel like a Creative Goddess while you do it.

Create like a Creative Goddess, and your life will never be the same again.

And that will be a very, very good thing.


I believe in magic x a gazillion


Feeling creatively blocked? In need of juicy artist inspiration?

Join us on Sunday April 1st…

Don’t enjoy art because of your fear of making mistakes?

Don’t call yourself an artist because you can’t even draw stick figures?

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Rocking Horse Renovation: Before + After


Hola gorgeous hearts!

Another cute creative family project we did together… this time with hunky love included!

We found this old uggle-fuggle rocking horse out at the farm…

The paint was peeling, the colours were so-not-us, the tail looked really sad… and its painted eyes really creeped us out. Just being honest here. That’s what besties do.

We decided to transform it from peeling + uggles into a turquoise wonder…

Ostara takes one last ride on it before it becomes purdy…

And why YES! That is the paint-splotched floor of our verandah… it’s where we do all our creative projects!

When we moved in, hunky lover pointed at half the verandah and said…

And that there? That’s where you can go to town with paint with Starry and art. Don’t worry about cleaning it up. If we ever sell, we’ll just repaint that whole area. You might as well just enjoy yourself!

Why thanks hunky love! Gawd you’re hot!

SO. Anyways. We proceeded to paint the whole thing with paint left over from the Creative Caravan. It was the perfect shade of blue anyway – so why not?

And the finished product!

We embellished it with a saddle made out of zebra-printed foam.

And made the mane out of pink + magenta fluffy wool… added striped ribbon for bridle & reins.

More wool + a ribbon for the tail!

Tiny felt wings (to make it a Pegasus! YEAH!)

And embellished it with felt hooves too!

All in all: TOO CUTE!


It was definitely a family project…

I would have gotten photos of us in the process of doing it…

but it was a flurry of paint, wool, felt + toddler wrangling…

Messy and happy and glorious… as all family creative projects must be!

I feel so proud of us for doing it… from blah to gorgewa in 1.5 hours!


The Awesome Dawsons!

Art tools for your toolbox:

Creative Goddess E-Course

Begins APRIL 1!!!!! A six-week guided journey to discover the Creative Goddess in you! This e-course is both practical + spiritual, and will help you discover (or remember!) that you were born an artist, art can help you heal, creativity can make your spirituality bloom in new & beautiful ways, and that you really are a creative goddess. If you’re ready to remember how inspired, wise & courageous you are, this journey is for you!


What would your life be like if you called yourself an ARTIST? Creative Goddess e-course begins April 1!

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Cure your creative blocks + feel giddily uplifted

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The next Creative Goddess e-course
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“Give me 6 weeks and I’ll show you how to create art WITHOUT blocks or misery…”

The Creative Goddess e-course is a six week journey unlike any other. You will create in a way you’ve simply never experienced before. It’s all about creating because it makes your spirit fly. Creating because it shows the colours of your soul. Creating in a way that frees you, uplifts you and reminds you what an amazing Goddess you are.

Art isn’t just a place of joy and paint-on-the fingers-glee (though that too is utterly delicious).

Creativity CAN be a place of IMMENSE JOY, healing, transformation + miracles for YOU…

It CAN a pathway to discovering the Goddess in You – your wisdom, your story and your beauty.

It CAN change your life from the inside out.

You CAN be more prolific + creatively abundant than you’ve EVER DREAMED POSSIBLE.

The Creative Goddess eCourse is a journey that is powerful, sacred, connected, inspired, healing, transformative and shining. You’ll finish the e-course with a whole new rush of inspiration & energy in your life & art. You’ll discover the wise, creative, joyful Goddess in you, and remember the spirited, rainbow-paint-on-hands artist YOU ARE.

It’s totally wonderful if you don’t feel like you are The Bestest Artist Who Has Ever Lived.

(Who needs to draw stick figures anyway?)

It’s utterly perfect if you are still working out your style, your voice, how your camera and paints work and what you want to share in this world.

(Right where you are is just so beautiful.)

What’s really important is this:

If you were born, you are an artist.

If you are a woman, you are a Goddess.

And if you are both of those things, then the Creative Goddess e-course is for you.

“I will always be so thankful for your Creative Goddess course, it really did change my life – it set my creative spirit free.”
– Milena, United Kingdom
“Wow! I can’t thank you enough! I have been stuck in a creative rut for a long long time…..and that made me feel quite sad like a part of me was missing. Your meditations were wonderful and I loved the videos too it was like your best friend holding your hand and nudging you forward. I felt so much better, more alive and I believe in myself a bit more. I can do my art just for me something sacred, something meaningful and learning all the time. I have discovered that I need to honour the Goddess in me by keeping on being creative. I sooo love being called a Goddess how perfectly wonderful is that!
What an amazing gift you have given us all and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Goddess Liz

“Give me 6 weeks and I’ll show you how to create PROLIFICALLY + ABUNDANTLY…”

Here’s my own TRUE STORY of just how using the creative secrets in this course, I’ve created prolifically + abundantly… I’ve managed to make SO many of my creative dreams come true AND earn a six figure income from doing so!

I’ve written + published my first book at 22, held my first art show at 23, began leading women’s circles at 23, created my first retreat at 25, launched the Goddess Circle — a subscription-based women’s community for creatives of all kinds — at 27, and have guided thousands of women through transformational Circle experiences over the past 3 years. I’ve also released 5 e-courses — including my signature workshop for entrepreneurs, “Become A Business Goddess”, 4 meditation kits, 2 workbooks and 2 workbooks into the digital ether. I’ve created a mini goddess empire around my creations – with over 30 000 goddesses circling around my blog each month.

And just for fun, I had a baby, moved to tropical paradise with my hunky love + in my “spare time” wrote a second book that flew to the top of the Amazon best seller list (just beneath “The Secret!!!”)

My musings, art + wisdom have been featured on Problogger, Tiny Buddha, spirituality magazines like Goddess, Spellcraft, Life Images and Spheres, and in three of SARK’s best-selling books on creative fulfillment & freedom. And in the meantime, I’ve written 1500+ articles for my website, recorded hundreds of Goddess TV episodes, released dozens of free ebooks + podcasts… all in just a few hours a day.

I’m prolific, and my creative gifts have taken care of me + my family incredibly well.

ANYTHING is possible when you never – ever – have creative blocks!

And the secrets behind my prolificness are all held in the Creative Goddess e-course….


  • You feel creatively blocked
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  • You find yourself saying “I’m not an artist! I can barely draw stick figures!”
  • Or you find yourself so WOUND UP in the fear of making a mistake that you forget to actually ENJOY making art!
  • You don’t make art for fear of it “not looking like the way it looks in my head!”


Here’s what gorgeous things you can expect from the Creative Goddess ecourse…

Every week you will be assigned Creative Goddess projects to do for the week in a range of creative mediums ~ you will be exploring new ways of creating and connecting with the gorgeous soul, wisdom & beauty inside you.

You’ll also receive throughout the course:

  • 6 beautifully illustrated handmade ebooks + 3 workbooks guiding you on creating art as a sacred practice, how to find healing on your journey, walking through your stucknesses, how to create sacred space and discovering the Goddess in you.
  • 6 amazing videos taking you behind the scenes into my world to discover the secrets curing your creative blocks
  • 6 incredibly powerful 30 minute MP3 meditations that you can use over and over again. Just these 6 meditations alone are well worth the value of the course!

“I would really like to express my appreciation to you for the 6-week Creative Goddess Course. I think it is one of the most wonderful things I have allowed myself to do in many years. The course released so many things in me. Your meditations are so beautiful, and I listen to them often, usually before I go to sleep. And watching you in your videos not only helped creatively, but inspired me in the sense of a “way of being” that I had clamped down within myself for a very long time. So to you and all the beautiful creative goddess-sisters I have met in circle, thank you so much.”
– Donna, USA
“Today I did project one from week one of the Creative Goddess e-course. I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with what I created, and I feel as if I have already gotten my money’s worth! You are an amazing teacher, and filled my heart with happiness and peace the second you started talking.”
– Katrina A, USA


The Top 7 Reasons You Should Do The Creative Goddess e-course

  1. You will let go of ALL your creative blocks – easily, effortlessly, joyfully.
  2. You will become a better, more profilic creator!
  3. You will feel more empowered, inspired & courageous in your creating
  4. You will form a weekly meditation habit that will help you feel more relaxed, peaceful + calm
  5. You will connect with other Goddess sisters on the journey + finally have your own tribe
  6. You will discover hidden artistic talents you didn’t even know you had
  7. You will feel blissed out, inspired & much more like a Goddess!

Why the Creative Goddess e-course is SO important for creatives!


Here’s what some of the goddesses have said about the Creative Goddess eCourse:

“I don’t even know if I can put words to what the experience has been for me – it was life changing! During the space of the course I saw my energy shifting and my soul shining. It unlocked a deep sacred knowledge that I found most profound. I was reminded of how much I love to paint. I reconnected with the true me! You are Wise Woman. Healer. Guide. Sacred Teacher. All of this and more. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this experience.
– Sonya F, Australia
“This course has been a battery/soul/spirit recharge. It’s been rejuvenating, loving, relaxing, and enriching. An opportunity to let go of the negatives (pain, self doubt, and criticism etc). It’s been many things but above all it has cleared my head and reconnected me again with nature, with energy and with inner peace”
– Patricia M, Australia

“Goddess Leonie’s Creative Goddess e-course have given me the time and space to really FEEL creative inspiration. It has been such a gift to have some dedicated time to fill my creative well. I especially appreciate Goddess Leonie’s warm, magical, supportive and playful energy as she guides us on amazing Goddess journeys!”

– Silky Hart, USA

“A beautiful sisterhood and support network as well as a wonderful teacher for your journey to bring out your creative Goddess inside. This course has enabled me to truly “come out” to the wonderful goddess that I really am and to heal destructive images of myself. There are now days that I can actually say ‘I LOVE ME!”

– Goddess Kel

1. How will the course be run?

Every week I will send out by email all the course materials for the week. You’ll be able to listen to the MP3 meditations, read the ebooks, watch the videos and do the Creative Goddess projects at whatever time is delicious for you.

2. What creative medium will we be creating in?

The Creative Goddess eCourse will include projects in a range of creative mediums, including collage, painting, journalling, drawing, scrapbooking and sculpture. You can also elect to do some extra creating including dance and photography. Basically – it’s about getting you to unleash your Creative Goddess in all kinds of creative ways, and trying out new mediums you might not have tried before. If you’ve got any special requests for mediums, just ask, and I’ll see if I can include. And please don’t worry about requiring lots of equipment or materials for this course – you can adapt the mediums to work for you. This course is less about creating one specific thing in one specific way, and more about discovery, sacred exploring, soulful creating and going where your Creative Goddess energy is calling you!

3. Is there an minimum age limit for Goddesses to enrol?

No there’s not. I’ve had 13 year old goddesses already take the Creative Goddess ecourse. In the workshops I run live I regularly have little Goddesses involved. Children & teens are already gifted at creativity, living in the moment, being present & being open hearted, so they are such a beautiful part of courses!

4. I’m not an artist. I can’t even draw a stick person. What would I get out of this?

So so much, darlin! This is about creating in a way you’ve never experienced before. Creating because it makes your spirit fly. Creating because it shows the colours of your soul. Creating in a way that frees you, uplifts you and reminds you what an amazing Goddess you are. If you were born, you are an artist. If you are a woman, you are a Goddess. I’d so love for you to join this amazing, creative and inspiring time and see what blooms in your life.

5. I’m already a painter/dancer/writer. Would I get anything out of this?

I truly, truly think so. This e-course is intended to deepen your experience of both your art & life. We will be creating in all kinds of creative mediums as a chance for you to explore new ways of expressing your wild creative goddess self. And most importantly, we will be creating as a sacred practice, making art a space to hear your soul’s story and connect with the divine in you. You’ll finish the e-course with a whole new rush of inspiration & energy in your life & art. I’m really excited about what miracles will unfold during the e-course!

Let’s look at the incredible value you get from the Creative Goddess e-course

What You’ll Get

Home Study Version

VIP Pack!

6 weekly projects delivered by video designed to help you CLEAR your creative blocks + develop incredible intuition! (worth $179.95)
6 powerful meditation MP3s to guide you through the stages of creative block curing, fear-releasing, intuition-development + life transformation (worth $149.95)
6 beautifully illustrated handmade ebooks + 3 workbooks (worth $79.95)
An online forum + group of Creative Goddess soul sisters to work through the course with (worth $99.95)
Access to ALL my other e-courses (including the Business Goddess e-course), meditations + workbooks (worth a colossal $900!)
The Business Goddess e-course A complete guide–over 190 pages!!–for how to make money online, the blueprint of how I did it, 100+ ways to market magically, mindfully & joyously, and how to sane & joyful when business gets BUSY! And bonuses too: profiles of business gods & goddesses, becoming a business goddess workbook, & the Magic Money Maker kit! (worth $79)
Radiant Goddess E-Course A 21-day nutrition, movement & meditation journey to revitalise your body, mind & soul! You’ll be guided by gorgeous menu plans, movement plans, spirit + inspiration projects, and meditations to guide you as you reawaken your Radiant Goddess self. This is perfect if you’re ready to be moving, meditating, eating & discovering in a joyful, spirited goddess way. (worth $89)
Create Your Goddess Haven E-Course A six-week adventure for when you’re wanting & needing & craving a space that is a true haven for your the Goddess in you! This is a power packed workshop filled with divine decluttering, sacred space clearing + inspired interior design. Give me six weeks, and you’ll have the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of! (worth $89)
Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit A meditation kit to help you get to sleep easier & have more divine dreams. This meditation will help you drift into slumber more easily, have wise + healing dreams, feel more revitalised when you awaken & have way more glorious days because your nights are so much more nourishing! (worth $49.95)
Releasing Fears Meditation Kit Use this meditation tolet go, be free, and shine. This meditation is powerful for whenever you’re feeling stuck, lost or down from any old pains and fears you may have. You’ll fell less stuck by your fears, stronger and clearer, and so much freer to chase your big, beautiful dreams! (worth $49.95)
Chakra Healing Meditation Kit A complete meditation to cleanse your chakras, heal & feel gorgeously light & shiny! This is a powerful tool for whenever you need healing. It will help you activate physical, spiritual & emotional healing all over your body. You’ll have more clarity, feel more joyful, and feel more connected with your angels + the Goddess inside you! (worth $49.95)
Holy Dinger Uber Deep Zennifying Meditation Kit Go deep into zen goddess mode & get brilliant moments of insight. After trying a bazillion meditation techniques, I found a technique that really worked for me. And as soon as I learned it, I wanted to share it with you. Just a moment of meditation is worth a hundred moments without – and whether you’ve got 5, 10 or 20 minutes (or more), this meditation technique can help you get totally zennified! (worth $49.95)
Holy Dinger Uber Deep Zennifying Meditation Kit Go deep into zen goddess mode & get brilliant moments of insight. After trying a bazillion meditation techniques, I found a technique that really worked for me. And as soon as I learned it, I wanted to share it with you. Just a moment of meditation is worth a hundred moments without – and whether you’ve got 5, 10 or 20 minutes (or more), this meditation technique can help you get totally zennified! (worth $49.95)
2012 Creating Your Goddess Year workbook, planner + calendar Filled with over 100 pages of worksheets & a printable calendar to help you dream, manifest, set your intentions, plan & cultivate your amazing new year. The workbook has been lovingly handwritten & rainbow illustrated… perfect for you to print out, soak up the rainbow colours of & get thoroughly inspired by! (worth $9.95)
Creating With Kids video workshop We mamas, we need our art. And we need to include our kids in it too. And it’s different from ABF (Art Before Kids). It takes a whole new level of art skills, tools, perspectives & set-up. So Ostara & I decided to invite you around… to paint with us, to spill water & eat paint & laugh wildly & get rained on… and find out what it is to be CREATIVE MAMA GODDESSES. (worth $21)


Value: $329.00
Price: Only $89!

Value: $1328.95
Price: Only $99 a year
(just $10 more!)


The next e-course
begins SUNDAY APRIL 1.
Enrol NOW to be a part!



Home Study E-course

VIP Package!

The Creative Goddess home-study package {do at your own pace, without a circle} is US$89 and gives you all your course materials, videos, meditations, and projects. The VIP Package gives you:
* the Creative Goddess e-course
* a group to work through the course with
* PLUS access to ALL my e-courses (worth over $900!!!)
for only $10 more!
Only $99! (INCREDIBLE value!)
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Until we circle as Creative Goddesses…

I am so looking forward to sharing an exquisite experience with you… and of course if you have any questions, just email us.

With paint on our hands, shining souls & joy at sharing this amazing + life changing experience with you ~~~


P.S. Where are you at right now? Utterly content, inspired + creatively fulfilled? If you are, YAY! You really don’t need to be reading this page then.

If you’re not though – what are you waiting for? If you don’t take this giant leap now – into creativity, into happiness, into wild prolific productivity – when will you?

Whatever your choice, commit to it. Don’t jive too much in indecision. Make a firm YES or a firm NO.

That’s how our life changes. Enrol now to join us Sunday April 1st + let’s cure your creative blocks!