How To Get Your Husband On Board For Biz + Life Changes

How To Grow Together

Hola party pies!

A bit of a super special post for you today… for the first time in nine years of blogging, I’m handing over the reins to my hunky love Chris! He’s a bloody brilliant man of simple wisdom and heart, and I’m delighted he said yes to sharing his advice here.

I had this question a couple of weeks ago that I thought a lot of women probably experienced:

How do I get my husband on board with making business and life changes? I feel like I make big spiritual changes and leave him behind. Sometimes he has fear come up around what happens if I change. And I don’t know if he really gets and supports and understands my vision for what I want to do with my business. What do I do to be able to keep growing while staying in love?

I fucking love this question so much because we don’t often talk about this without it turning into a grumble fest of

“Oh and THEN he said this!”

“He shouldn’t say that!”

“I know! He doesn’t understand at all!”

There’s gotta be a better way of evolving in our relationships than bitchin’ to our girlfriends. (It’s fine to have a grumble now and then but if that’s the only way you’re seeking to understand or heal your relationship? Not so great.)

I sat down with the Divine Mr Dawson, and got him to tell me what to say. What to say to the menfolk who are watching their women change and grow and new ways. And what the womenfolk need to know too.

For The Husbands:

Let her go for it.

Let her do what she’s wanting to do. Let her try it out. Of course, you guys will need to work out a way for it to be in alignment with your couple goals and financial situation and all that. But really, let her try out what she wants to try out. It may not be the thing that you think is right for her, but she needs to feel the freedom to work that out on her own.

There’s been lots of things over the last 13 years where I really didn’t understand why Leonie wanted to do some of the spiritual workshops/retreats/classes that she learned. But I really had to let her work it out for herself, and find what she liked. It wasn’t always the same things that I liked, but that’s okay. It’s totally okay to have your differences.

At the end of the day, doing the things she wanted to do made Leonie happier, more fulfilled and more connected with her own spirituality, passion and drive. And as they say, “Happy wife, happy life!”

While you’re at it, keep learning yourself.

Keep doing things that you want to do. Keep trying out things you want to try out. Keep pursuing your interests.

Yes, we all have periods of life where you have to knuckle down and work and get shit done. But always find time to keep that thing you like.

When you are both growing and learning, you’ll both be happier. It’s a good thing.

Sometimes you’ll be the hare, sometimes you’ll be the tortoise

Couples rarely grow at the same speed. Your wifey might learn something new (whether in business/life/spirituality) that you’ve just got no clue about, and it might take a while for you to adjust to the change. Sometimes you’ll learn something new and it’ll take her a few months to come on board. Be patient with each other. Trust that you’ll end up at the same place anyway.

See her success as a blessing not a curse.

It’s not a competition between you and your wife to be the best caretaker or provider. Get on each other’s team. See that every win she makes is a win for you too. It’s only going to benefit you in the end.

Be partners.

Leonie & I have always had a single bank account. We make all our financial decisions together. We’re in it for life. We’re team mates.

Everytime she wins, it’s a win for me too. I know she’s working not just for herself, but for me and our daughter(s). Anything I can do to support her in doing that ends up being a win for our whole family.

How to be a “trophy husband”

At a certain point, it might be the right thing for you and your wife and family for you to be what my wife likes to call a “trophy husband”. (She’s joking of course – I don’t really mind. But I did refuse when she wanted to buy me a Trophy Husband t-shirt. It didn’t come in my size.)

In order for our business to grow, and for us to be location independent and live in a small village in the rainforest, she needed me at home to look after our daughter and help out with various business and life things.

You really need to talk it out and work out ways for it to work for you. If you’re not ready to do it, you’ll need to help your wife find the support she needs so she can work.

When you do make the change from paid work to house husband/stay at home dad/sex slave (editor’s note: Leonie totally put that in there) it does take time to feel comfortable in your new role. We had to keep talking about it for months and months and months afterwards to find the right balance for us both to feel fulfilled and good.

Remember to take time for your interests and keep on following them. I’ve kept up with music, reading books and studying Psychology part time, and it’s really helped me feel less rudder-less in our new lifestyle.

Be willing to be wrong

I’m not the same person who I was 13 years ago when I first met Leonie – and neither is she. Along the way we’ve really had to learn how to get over ourselves, communicate, work through our own personal stuff and get on the same page.

Getting personal counselling & relationship counselling can mean the world of difference in your own self and in your relationship. Be willing to front up to where you got it wrong so you don’t have to make the same mistakes again. Try and find the grace and understanding to forgive your wife for not having it all together all the time either. It can be really hard for two humans with all their foibles to be in love, but it is worth it. It’s the greatest learning journey you can be on. And the love keeps getting bigger as you both keep learning and growing and getting over yourselves.

Most of all, good luck and know that it’s a good life, and that a really wonderful relationship can be yours as you both grow.

For the womenfolk:

Here’s what women can do to help their men adjust to change:

Communicate communicate communicate

If you haven’t worked out how to communicate yet without sulking, yelling or storming off, you need to keep on working on it. Whether you get personal counselling, relationship counselling or keep studying how to communicate, it’s the thing that will help your relationship weather all storms.

See your husband as being on your team, and really work at making sure both of you feel great about the direction you are going in.

It’s a lot of work, but it is worth it.

Talk numbers

If you’re starting or growing a business and you’re trying to get your husband to believe in what you are doing, the best way of doing it is by showing him. He’ll probably start glazing over when you talk about what you want to do and how it’s going to go. Instead, tell him what you have done, what results you are getting, what the numbers are (i.e. what income/profit you are making, how many people are coming into your store or are visiting your website). Numbers conversations can be uncomfortable – sometimes because numbers aren’t where you want them to be. But you still need to get real about them and get honest with yourself and your husband.

If the numbers aren’t at where you want them to be, work out what you’re going to do to change that.

If the numbers are at where you want them to be, use them as validation and proof in your dreams.

Be your own #1 fan

For a long time, I had no idea what Leonie was doing in her business, what her vision was or how she was going to get there. I just couldn’t see it yet – and that’s okay. That’s because she was still working it out on her own. I’ve always believed in Leonie, but most importantly, she’s believed in herself. She’s really believed that she could do it from the very beginning. I’ve just watched her work at what needed doing, and figuring it out on her own.

I couldn’t be her #1 fan, because that’s her job – and it’s a job she does well. She’s the one who has to know what she wants and go after it. I just get to watch her and cheer her on.

You really need to have your own self-belief and faith. That’s what will get you through the patches of self doubt, frustration and challenges that inevitably come up with business.

I don’t expect Leonie to be my #1 fan/cheerleader either. That’s my job. We’ll always support each other, but we’re not reliant on each other for motivation. Self-belief is an inside job.

Understand your husbo has fears

It’s totally normal for him to have fears. And he may not always be cognisant that they are fears which are making him react. It takes a whole lot of patience, compassion and understanding for things to work out. There’s no miracle cure. Sometimes it’s a lot of trying to talk it out, waiting, tinkering, meeting problems that come up, having faith and patience. And at the same time, still working out how to love yourself and give yourself what you need. It’s a real balancing act.

Everyone grows at different speeds (see above about the hare and tortoise!)

Sometimes you’ll be the hare, leaping and evolving at great speeds. And sometimes your husband will say something and you’ll think “What the heck just happened here? How does he know more than me?”

Leonie & I have always found there’s a few months delay between both of us getting up to speed with each other. At least we can peek down the road and think “Oh! There you are! I’ll be there sometime soon!”

The more you can love and understand each other, the more you can tolerate not always being on the exact same page as each other.

Relationship Basics 101

Don’t interrupt your husband when he’s talking. Don’t tell him he can’t think or feel the way that he does. Don’t try to fix him.

That’s not your job.

Those are standard communication blockers that stop your husband from feeling understood, and stop you from actually understanding and loving who he is (even when he’s not where you want him to be).

Leonie will happily admit she used to do all of the above. Don’t worry, I had my own “communication blocker” styles as well that I had to learn about and grow out of.

Some things that worked for us in learning to communicate:

Talking and talking and talking and listening and listening and listening until your face wants to blow off and you’re so sick of talking. Even when it feels like you’re going around in circles. Even when it’s immensely uncomfortable for you to hear what he’s saying. It’s like the book about the swamp goes – you can’t go around it, you can’t go over it, you have to go through it.

And it’s messy and it never looks like what it does on TV and it can feel like the scratch of nails down the chalkboard. But it’s important.

Sometimes we have to talk for months about something before we see eye to eye about it and feel like we’re on the same page.

It’s worth it. It’s worth it. It’s worth it.

Start practising Talking Stick

If you and your husband feel really blocked, start by doing ten minutes of talking stick a day. For ten minutes, ask him to tell you what he’s going through. Don’t interrupt. Just listen. And listen. And listen. Then ask for him to do the same for you.

It doesn’t come easy. It feels awkward often. You’ll want to interrupt all the time.

It’s a good way to start getting on the same page and being partners on the same team.

You can’t push against something that you love and understand.

For Menfolk & Womenfolk

Yes, life and business and growing and evolving can be hard and challenging and messy. But it is worth it. And the more you can be aware of yourself and your partner, the better things get.

You can both grow and learn and get what you want out of life, and you can do it while staying in love (and getting even deeper in there too).

It can be great. Truly.

I’m wishing you the best of luck, and the courage to walk your right path.

Chris (aka Mr Dawson/Hunky Love)


Note from Leonie: We’ve been asked so much already about this adorable cartoon so I thought I’d share! I bought a custom Simpsons character from this Fiverr store as a “just because” gift for him a few months ago. Totes a way to make the husbo happy!

A Winding Road to Clarity and Direction

The One Thing That Changed My Business

Hola gorgeous hearts!

One of the things that really inspired me (+ still does) when I’m down in the salt mines of my business, trying to work out the next step, is listening to the stories of other business women who’ve been where I am + have had an insight that’s helped them along.

With that in mind, I’ve asked a number of gorgeous, inspired, soulful business women to share their sacred AHA! moment – of the thing that changed their business.

Today’s insight is for everyone who has followed a windy road to get to the place they most want to be.

Lots of love,



There is no simple phrase or collection of just a few words that can adequately sum up what I’ve learned from Leonie (so far). It’s more of a story than that. A story that begins before I ever found her on the internet.

I was (well, still am, really) a psychotherapist, working at a non-profit agency. I was also about 8 months pregnant – or, holy-jeez-I-cannot-possibly-get-any-bigger-can-I? pregnant. And as my due date sped towards me, I was starting to realize a few things. Such as how little time I was going to get to spend with my daughter working Monday through Friday, 9 to 5.

That made me incredibly sad and that sadness propelled me to search.

It wasn’t a directed search, mind you. I didn’t start at Google and end at

I knew I was looking for something, but I wasn’t really aware of what it was I was looking for.

So I surfed and I sulked and I sighed and the next day I surfed some more and felt lost and so on. I felt an internal sort of restlessness beyond the butterfly kicks from my tummy of the daughter I hadn’t met but knew. A call I wanted to answer but couldn’t find the words or wind to shout.

And that was when I stumbled onto Leonie.

A bright burst of color through a grey day is how I would describe it. The joy Leonie clearly experiences by putting her heart, soul and the fullness of her self into the world to help others spoke heaps to me and I resonated like mad with that.

Wasn’t that the very reason I spent so very many years in school to earn the degree that would allow me to help heal hearts?

It was what kept me going through the two years post-grad work and fueled my hours of study to pass the national exam.

When had I lost my way?

I knew I needed to find my way back to those things that brought color to my soul. Eureaka! I had a direction!

Well, not a terribly specific one, but I was pleased as punch to have a bright spot in my achy, tired-but-unable-to-sleep, waiting for any-day-now-baby world.

It’s been a process of discovery and rediscovery.

Of figuring out boundaries and setting goals and being okay with the process. Because, I’ll be honest – sometimes it’s easy to mistake resonating for wanting to duplicate. And who wouldn’t want to duplicate Leonie’s joyfulness and light?

But we are also all here to do different things, walk different paths, embrace different experiences and share our unique gifts. Boundaries are so very important in figuring out what’s true for you and being okay with its different-ness.

There are many ways to get to a place of happiness, you know?

I want to get there in my way – it’s the best way for me!

Leonie taught me that I don’t have to follow a course schedule or a career path. Doing that was leading me to a place I wasn’t sure I wanted to be, in a manner that I didn’t want to utilize to get there. It was making me grey-hearted and peering into a future I could only meet with dissatisfied unhappiness. Certainly not what I want to teach my daughter!

Leonie taught me to be ok with the process taking time too.

There’s certainly a part of me that wants to jump in, full steam ahead, and to experience results that are immediately gratifying. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world to live in? But, I want to build something substantive…and that takes planning and careful consideration.

It means choosing my steps and being deliberate in how I use the energy I get from the things that inspire me to action. And whenever I feel discouraged by the limitations of how many hours are in a day, I think of how Leonie wrote blog entries on her iPod while nursing in the middle of the night and I remember that progress is still progress, no matter how or when it is accomplished. And I am not afraid of moving slowly.

In the months since my daughter was born, I’ve made time for myself to adjust to my new role as mama.

  • I joined the Academy and have been using Leonie’s programs to make changes in my home organization and business plan (because a mess in one can equal a mess in the other).
  • I’ve decided that for now I want to focus on working with moms who do too much and people who are recovering from trauma.
  • I’ve taken a course on traumatic incident reduction to improve my professional skills.
  • I’ve launched a website.
  • I’m putting together a book and program for moms that I hope to offer on my website soon.
  • I am working through the big transition of working in an agency to private practice.

And I am doing it all with a sense of peace and joy that I would have doubted the sincerity of at one time in my life.

Surely all this change requires stress and anxiety and fear!

But it doesn’t. Leonie taught me that.


Jessica-CampbellJessica Campbell is a wife, mother, therapist, artist and writer living in South Florida. She offers coaching and therapy in person or via video chat. You can find her blog at

The Mothering Book I Wish I Had Read


Dearest one,

You are doing a good job.

I know this is hard.

I know this is hard.

I know.

I’m sorry.


I’m sorry you’re in pain right now.

I’m sorry it feels like your life has been ripped apart, asunder, in a million different pieces right now with none that are yours.

I’m sorry.

It will get better.

It will get better.

I promise.


Give yourself what you need.

You are the non-renewable resource here.

Give yourself time out.

Give yourself space to breathe and think and take a moment or twelve.

Give yourself the gift of those things you loved before the great earthquake came.

Ask for what you need. Ask for it again and again.

Ask for it from different people.

Find the support you need.

You need it.

You deserve it.

It will make it better.


There is not one right way to do this.

Not one way that will grade you as the perfect mother.

Not one way that will cure all the ills in this world.

And that’s okay my darlingheart.

That’s okay.

Please don’t grade yourself on those books.


Fuck the ideologies.

Fuck the experts.

Fuck the how to do it rights.

Fuck it all.

Cherish you and your truth and your child and your family

and that particular constellation of cells that make your universe up.

You’re the expert here.

You’re the one that has the authority and the power and the truth and the right

to make a life that is good and kind to your spirit and your families.

You can do it.

I trust in you.

You’ve got this.


Please don’t grade yourself on what mothering looks like on others.

You can only see the outer of their lives, not the inner.

You are important. You are needed. You are good and you are right.

You are a mother.

A wonderful mother.

And that’s enough.

It’s going to be enough.


You’re going to keep learning of course.

It’ll happen without you even pushing and straining.

It’ll happen because that’s how it always happens with life.

You’ll find out what you need when you need it.

You’ll find out because when you need an answer when you need it.

You don’t need to know everything before it’s begun.


Fuck it.

Burn the books.

Give yourself what you need.

Ignore how everyone else is doing it.

Follow only the simple song in your own heart,

the lightness in your own step,

the path that is calling you.

You deserve goodness.

You deserve to thrive.

You are mother.


All my love,
Always and all ways,
the stumbling, humbled, haemerroid-ridden, puking, but slowly getting it,

“3 Things To Do To Clear Your Money Blocks”


Hola panda bears,

Last time I wrote a post about money and financial freedom, it really hit a chord with ya’ll. I’m glad we’re talking about this stuff. It’s important and it changes the world.

So let’s talk about another money issue: what to do when you hit a money block.

How to deal with uplevelling growth pains

Women experience this often in business.

As your business takes leaps, you may find yourself freaking out and intensely uncomfortable.

Sometimes you then subconsciously sabotage it by going on a big spending spree just to get rid of the extra money so you can feel “normal” again, or you attract massive bills so you can go back to your old money story.

When you get to this point, it’s really useful to recognise you are experiencing a growth pain.

Whenever your income goes up (or is about to go up), you will experience uplevelling growth pains. All of a sudden, you’ll be struck down with your subconscious fears and insecurities about what it means to earn that next level of money. Your buttons will get pressed. It can be difficult to make the leap. You will hit your own glass ceiling.

I’ve done this many, many, many times. Probably AT LEAST once a year since I started in business!

I did it last month in fact – when we made close to $400 000 in a month. It pressed every button of mine that I was greedy, undeserving, selfish and that it was “too much”. I really had to work through those feelings and hidden beliefs to become the custodian of the real truth that I am a good money custodian, and that having that abundance meant I could do some wonderful philanthropy as well as setting up financial security for my family.

And I know I’m not alone in my money freakout – many of my successful entrepreneur sisters have shared their stories with me of their own personal money freakouts about growth.

Recognise these thoughts?

It sounds hilarious – because you think “WHO WOULD FREAK OUT ABOUT EARNING MORE MONEY?” – but when you get to that point, all of a sudden your unconscious beliefs bubble to the surface. Thoughts like:

  • “Who am I to earn this much money?”
  • “This is too much!”
  • “I don’t know what to do with it all!”
  • “If I earn this amount… that means I am a selfish rich pig”
  • “If I earn this amount… my friends will think I’m an asshole”
  • “It’s not safe for me to earn more money”

These feelings aren’t the truth.

You need to work through those feelings to get to the other side of your personal glass ceiling… which feels more aligned, abundant, expansive and possible.

Here’s an action plan for dealing with the uplevelling growth pains:

1. Connect with women on the same path

Reach out to other business sisters + share what’s going on for you. This is the power of having a mastermind group!

Make sure you are reaching out to people who are on the same path as you. It may not be helpful at all for you to share about it with family or friends who aren’t used to abundant thinking – they likely have the same subconscious limiting beliefs as you!

When I was struggling, I turned to my mastermind (which has women who earn 6 and 7 figures), and let them know what was coming up for me. They all shared times it had happened for them, what they did to shift it, and they let me know they weren’t going to see me stay stuck behind my own glass ceiling. Being that visible in my struggle and so beautifully supported was a real gift.

Celebrate your successes with your women sisters, and get used to being surrounded by that kind of wonderful uplifting energy.

Put time and energy into cultivating your connections with your mastermind group. I try and spend as much time as I can supporting other mastermind sisters (which helps my own business brain grow), and it means I get plentiful support when I need some insight!

Having a mastermind group makes a marked difference on your mindset!

2. Clear it out energetically

Work with an intuitive healer or kinesiologist to shift the money blocks you are coming up against.

This usually works quicker than going the traditional therapy route (though that can be useful too).

If you find your healer or kinesiologist has their own money blocks, you might have to find another one! (I recommend Hiro + Kerry above because I know they are powerful + actively work on expanding their own mindset!)

3. Safety List

Write a list of what you think needs to shift in order for you to feel safe again. Sometimes the things that niggle at us and freak us out can be solved with simple changes. Making practical business system changes to allay your fears is actually really powerful.

For example:

  • if you’re feeling concerned about your personal privacy being violated as you grow bigger, you can do a security audit to see what personal information you’ve got online.
  • if you worry about not having enough time to take care of everything, you might like to consider getting more team support with a VA or staff member and automating tasks wherever possible.
  • if you worry about what your family will do if you kark it, talk to a financial planner about insurance and a financial plan for security.
  • if you worry about being selfish, work out what it would take to feel like a good custodian of money, and how much cash you want to allocate to philanthropy.

Your true destiny

You are a good person.
You deserve good always in all ways.
And abundance is just one of them.

Let’s keep clearing our money blocks and stepping into our destiny as powerful creators in this world.

With love, joy, abundance + spirit,

Take The Big Leap

The One Thing That Changed My Business

Hola gorgeous hearts!

One of the things that really inspired me (+ still does) when I’m down in the salt mines of my business, trying to work out the next step, is listening to the stories of other business women who’ve been where I am + have had an insight that’s helped them along.

With that in mind, I’ve asked a number of gorgeous, inspired, soulful business women to share their sacred AHA! moment – of the thing that changed their business.

Today’s insight is for everyone who is thinking about a BIG change.

Lots of love,



A few months ago I was pondering over whether my husband and I should take the mad plunge to take our children out of school and go and explore life in a community on a remote Scottish island…

I only left my job a year ago to concentrate on my own business of coaching parents, this idea felt wild, uncontrollable and counter intuitive, it felt that it would be an act of madness to go off on this adventure. To homeschool.  To trust the unreliable internet access would be reliable enough to keep blogging, keep up with my private clients and keep my fledgling business running while being able to fully engage in Island life with this fabulous community.

I almost didn’t do it. I almost convinced myself and my husband not to go.  I almost let a voice of reason take over.

But then I joined Leonie’s Academy.

I read post after post in the mastermind area and discovered it is full of wonderful beings who have voices of passion, voices of creativity, voices singing how they are living life fully and how they are living their dreams through their businesses!

I realised through Leonie’s own wonderful sharings and materials, and the sharings of many of those in the masterminds who are putting that wisdom into practice that

my life journey and business life are interlinked, in fact they are married,  joined and not ever going to separate.

I almost felt like having a wedding ceremony there and then !

This made it so clear to me that living my life with my family on a remote Scottish island is EXACTLY what my business needs.

I am coaching parents, while also parenting my own children in a new and exciting way. I can invite families to join us for guest weeks… I can blog about this adventure, I saw that there is not a magic FORMULA for success, but following my own MAGIC was the success!

How could we not go?

I’m just coming to the end of a massive decluttering process of packing, storing and giving away and we leave this Saturday on our adventure!   Huge thanks must go to my husband and kids for being up for this journey and huge thanks to Leonie for the nudge and help in opening the door to the wisdom that says JUMP !

You will only discover your wings if you jump!

Kathy headshot copyKathy White is a wife, mother,  UK qualified Art Psychotherapist, Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and has lived and worked at the Findhorn Community in Scotland since 1994.  As of Sept 7th she will be  living with her family, homeschooling on a small island community on the west coast of Scotland called Erraid. Her website is