my first day at work as an artist…

finally… the long awaited day…

my first {of many to come} Monday at home as an artist.

on sunday night i had butterflies and nervous energy… it’s the big one ya know – stepping into the job of your dreams. i fretted over what i would do, how i would fill my time, what if i got artist’s block. i even giggled with chris that i worried what my boss (i.e. me) would be like… would she let me take lunch breaks?

the morning arrives.
i wake early. eat a cheese roll and scrummy new yogurt for breakfast.
do some tai chi for 20 minutes.
finish up some digital illustrations.
smudge my studio to free up the energy {it worked a treat}.
meditated in front of my SEED altar {thank you SEED HANDBOOK}
lit some candles, burnt some wildflower essential oil
and got to “work”… referencing my lil book of doodles, i began two mermaid paintings… and finished up Goddess of the Garden.
at lunch i cycled up to the post office to send off some client pieces,
and felt like a *hero*

my first day as an artist.
it was simple and balanced and good.

i know there is so much more to come on this journey…
but i have begun.
i will rejoice in that for a while… i have BEGUN.
no matter what the fears or the what ifs –
they are incomparable to the what if i hadn’t leapt.

leaping leonie

“Use what talent you possess – the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.
~ Henry Van Dyke

magic in an old garage…

{click on images to make larger}

I was at a barbeque on Saturday night. It was raining, so we were all sitting on camping chairs inside an old garage. Light streamed through one small window, and as my friends were chatting, I took the above shots.

Who knew that a photo shoot of the oblivious on a rainy day in an old garage would turn out so beautifullly?

Keep your eyes peeled – I have a sneaking suspicion that magic is happening all around us, every moment of every day.

Tia Emma, Julia, Andrea

I also got to meet Andrea and Julia’s aunt Emma who is visiting from Equador.
I practiced my Spanish introduction over and over again. She doesn’t speak English, and I wanted to be able to say something she could understand…
Ola Tia Emma! Como estaz?

We forged a friendship based on that sentence, Andrea’s interpreting and many hugs.
I just love her already!

We are all beings of light and we are here to light the way for each other.
~ the daily om

the creative embers…

leonie & her fairy friends
photo & imaging by juliana
{click on image for large size}

“Keep stoking those creative embers in your womb……….. poking, prodding, nurturing, pushing the boundaries of your self created limitations until they no longer exist…. revel in the feeling of freedom……… investigate the new worlds you have created…………. bask in the delicious warmth of your inferno.”

~ Raquel Clark, artist

This Friday night’s post is brought to you by two dear goddess friends, raquel & juliana, from my womens circle…
may their words, wisdom and gifts seep through from the screen to touch a knowing part inside you.

I am so deeply blessed to know you both, and to have you nourishing my insides with gentle words, loving wisdom, and a wildish living of life.


my new business card

had an interview today to show off my portfolio ~
and am very excited to announce that shortly I will be selling my art at the Old Bus Depot Markets.

i can leap tall buildings in a single bound!

waning moon and the clearing…

the waning moon.
the desire to cut away energy, friendships, self-limiting beliefs that no longer served us.
the power of the waning moon {you can read more about it here ~ bless you juliana} to help us re-evaluate what needs weeding to make room in our heart garden.
so at lunch we go to the park.
we make a tiny altar ~ some stones, some candles, much loved oracle cards and the sacred cauldron {my clay lunch dish}.
we write on green pieces of paper all the things we want to let go of. the things that stick more in our sides instead of allowing us to see our magnificence.
and we hold the paper over the candles. let the flames lick up the sides, before placing it in the sacred cauldron. we thank it for the purpose it played in our lives, and state that we want to move on. embrace the new, the healthy, the nourishing.
we each take another piece of paper, and write in a big love heart the things we DO want in our lives. what we want to manifest.
and we keep these close to us. we will dream these babies into existence.

we walked back, feeling lighter. cleaned away. as though we had just put down large suitcases of baggage. at work, we become consumed with the idea of cleaning out, throwing away, clearing space for the new to grow. i go through my backpack and find things i have been (literally) carrying around on my back for a year now. stuff i don’t want to carry around anymore.

there is a lightness in our step.
a vibrance.
like turned soil, we drink up the rain and begin to nourish the new seeds waiting to germinate.

“You think of yourselves as humans searching for a spiritual awakening, when in fact you are spiritual beings attempting to cope with a human awakening. Seeing yourselves from the perspective of the spirit within will help you to remember why you came here and what you came here to do.”