Wanted: Adorable puppeh for Heart Family

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s time to write a personal ad. To the universe. To our future puppy. Just to say exactly what we need, what we’d love and who we are. Just to send a little miracle wish out into the air. Just to have faith, and believe, and have fun in the process.


Adorable, kind-hearted, gentle puppy to fit into our Family of Love.

You will be: Hopefully small-ish. A happy house doggy. A puppy who loves to cuddle, be in Goddess videos, sit all over our books and oracle cards at inappropriate times, and enjoy our Heart Family’s funny funniness, hearty heartfulness and soulful soulfulness. You will also adore our twilight ritual of watering the garden, playing games and watching the sunset. You love hanging out in our cottage home in the burbs for now, but are also reallllly open to moving to the country with us.

We are: a family of three, desperately in love with each other.

Chris (Papa Bear)
is deeply kind-hearted and thoughtful, and will make you feel like a treasured morsel of furry divinity everyday. He will treat you with so much honour, spirit-respect, gentle protection and soulful love that he will make Leonie (Mama Bear)’s womb ache. He will also buy sprinklers for you to play in when you need them, and sleep on the couch to make sure you are comfortable and cool during summer (I’m not kidding). Chris needs a fluffy puppy to cup, hold and warm his ginormous, shining heart. He will love to make you feel loved.

Leonie (Mama Bear) is a little bit crazy and a whole lot of happy-excitable. She will giggle with you, and let you sleep on her side of the bed during winter. She will let you be stars of her videos and treat you as her own Goddess familiar. She will let you be a part of all that she does, and spoon you far too much (she’ll be the big spoon). Leonie needs another snuggle bunny puppy, a kindred spirit that reminds her with a lick of the toe who she is, what she wants to do in the world and just how loved she is.

Charlie will be your big puppy-brother. He will play ridiculous amounts of games with you, bring his favourite lion toy to you three billion times a day, and spoon with you (he’ll probably be the big spoon too, he’s been the little spoon for Leonie for far too long). He will bark away any storms for you, and lick your nose as a sacred healing gesture when you feel sad or in pain. He will spark your whole life with joy, and show you how to live by dive-bombing the hose while Papa Bear Chris is watering the garden. He will be your brother and best friend. Charlie also needs your consideration and gentleness when he has epilleptic fits. They are getting much better, but he still needs quietness, reassurance and love when they happen. And he will probably need to feel safe to welcome you in the house, but we’ll work on that together.

And most of all, all of us will adore you just as you are. We will let you shine as the special little soul you are, and use your gifts however you wish to. Our Family of Love has space for you to fill with your own beautiful energy.

If your name is Benny and we’ve already met you, we totally and completely love you and accept your application already. If your name is Benny and you already have a Mama and Papa Bear, we still totally and completely love you, and were so blessed to meet your gorgeous spirit.

If your name isn’t Benny, and this sounds like you, and you’d like to be the fourth Wiggle in our Heart Family, we would love to open our hearts, arms, home and life to you.

We have enclosed photo. Apply to Chris, Leonie & Charlie, Happy Cottage Home, Paw-Adoring Universe.

Mama Bear

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Our family of love is growing.

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Four years ago,
something funny happened.
I was gardening in the front yard,
and a little golden dog ran up to me.
He played with me for a while.
I called him Boz
I tried to find his owners, but couldn’t, and I let him on his merry way…
he was a dog who knew where he wanted to go… a little and sweet gypsy dog, who I promptly named Boz.

Something funny happened though.
His appearance in my life made room and space for a dog to enter.
He whispered to me that it was time.
His muddy paws touched my heart.

A week later, we found Charlie at the pound, and our lives have never been the same since.

Charlie is our happy healer dog, our heart’s blossom, our joyful buddy, my studio mate, and our kindred spirit.

It’s been perfectly amazing.

He is the third part of our family of love.

And then… this week… I heard about dogs that needed rehoming in Victoria after the bushfires. And I opened the photos, and in there, there was a beautiful little happy black dog named Chico who smiled into my heart.

I sent them to Chris and said “We need to drive down to Victoria this weekend and get this puppy”.
(Victoria is 8 hours drive away)
And he said okay.
And I called, and found out all the dogs were already rehomed, which was wonderful.

Something funny happened though.
Chico had already placed his muddy paws in my heart.
He had breathed possibility into my life.
He made room in my heart to show me that our family of love had space for another.
He had showed me what was to come.
His appearance in my life made room and space for a dog to enter.
He whispered to me that it was time.

So this morning, I said to Chris:
It’s time. We need to find our second dog. I know he’s out there. I’ve already started seeing him next to Charlie.

And so it was.

Back to the pound where we found Charlie.

Back to searching each cage, looking at fifty different faces – brown, white, black, red, fluffy, spotty, big, tiny, shivering, finger-licking, yapping, gentle puppies.

When we found Charlie, he was sitting in the middle of his pen – not jumping, not barking. Just sitting. Waiting for us.

In a cage, we found Benny. Sitting in the middle of his pen – not jumping, not barking. Just sitting. Waiting for us.

We opened the pen, and there he was – the sweetest, heart-filled little white and tan silky terrier. He has the most adorable little underbite and spirally tail in the world. He made us smile with glee. He nuzzled our faces. His little paws were friends. He touched our hearts.

So we have a week to wait, as we had with Charlie.

Benny is a stray, and may already have a mama and papa out there looking for him – which will be beautiful if that’s the case, and we will continue looking for the puppy who needs us just as much as we need him.

But if in a week, he’s still there, he will be coming home with us.

Home to our family that has room for four.
Home to a family that’s heart has been paint stained with muddy paws and puppy kisses and all the love under the sun.

I’ll let you know… how this beautiful journey goes… into a whole new place of love… and finding the beautiful puppy soul who is destined to be in our little family of love.

Sometimes, funny things happen.
And we’re never the same again.

Biiiig love of rainbow joy,

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Goddess Allsorts

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I don’t like licorice. But I do like allsorts.

So this is a post of all the goodie allsorts – sharing all the inspiration I find along the way.

And this first Goddess goodie allsorts is video deliciousness.


I love this video by photographer Zack Arias. It’s funny and poignant and deep. It’s not just for photographers. It’s for people who are creating or living.

I adore this song by Yusuf Islam. It is like a prayer in song.

This video has been gorgeously popular. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, on how creative genius is gifted by little muse fairies – and all we need to do is show up for them. Adore her.

Have a precious, precious day possums!

Big, gorgeous, allsorts inspiration love to you!

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The Sixth Way to Self Soothe

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

This is evidence of my own Self Soothing.
So is my not-as-frequent-as-always posting.

This last week we’ve been talking about Self Soothing (Parts One & Two here).

The Sixth Way, and the most important way to self-soothe is… I am slowly discovering…

6. Give yourself what you need.

During my life-year I get a couple of special weeks that I call “Big Medicine Week.”
Hellllooooo buttons getting pressed on every single level! Oh hai exhaustion and needing to retreat! Hi hi waves of emotion! Hola huge big painful sore lessons emerging! Welcome back every fear, inadequacy or pain I haven’t fully healed!

It’s been a time that I’ve definitely needed to self-soothe.

And I’ve needed to do that one thing that I forget to do:

Give myself what I need.

And when I asked myself at first what I needed, I didn’t hear anything.
And then I heard:

You need to feel this.

So I sat with all those feelings. I didn’t try to make them feel better. I didn’t squash them down. I didn’t resist them. What a change that was – I’m the self-apointed Queen of Having All My Stuff Together.

This week, I needed to not have it all together.

This week, I needed to not do so much.

This week, I needed picnics and tears and bed and snotty tissues. This week I needed to be vulnerable and tell my love, family and friends how I was feeling. This week, I needed to feel it all, and give myself what I need.

Today is one of my usual work days – usually filled with To Do lists and hyper-business. I spoke with my business accountability partner this morning, and in her usual, beautiful, centred way, she asked me what I needed today. And the answer was this:

Today, I need to lie down in front of the tv, and read, and do a little bit of painting.

And so I am.

Right here, right now,

what is it that you need to give yourself?

I just wanted you to know…
from my little blanket and book nest, my space of self soothing…
that you are so loved,
so needed,
so perfect just as you are.


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10 Ways to Self-Soothe (Part Two)

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s part two of our series in Self-Soothing. Hurrah!

Part of the reason I’m hurrah-ing that is that I’m in desparate need of it myself. This week I’m feeling a bit rubbed raw – vulnerable, buttons pressed and a bit saddle sore. Most of the year I feel like I’m floating along in my boat happily, going with the flow. And then there’s just those dastardly few times in the year that I feel like my boat gets a bit shaken. I take a couple of hits, my buttons activate and get pressed over and over again, and I start finding myself wanting to either stay in bed for a very long time, build my home in a closet or run far, far away. And it probably hasn’t helped that I’ve been working non stop for about – oh – three months.

So I’ve been reaching into my medicine bag for tools to soothe my frazzled little self.

I’m writing this today because I totally need to remember myself.

4. Calling all angels

Last night I was feeling really anxious and vulnerable. I found myself wanting to cloak myself with a Cloak of Invisibility. As a passionate, intense lil Scorpio, I’ve learned the art of making myself invisible when I don’t want to be seen. I don’t think I manage to do it in an insipid-fade-into-the-background kind of way. It’s more of an intense kind of energetic-walling. (If you ever want an energetic bridge burned, hire a Scorpio.)

So I’ve noticed that this is my habit, my pattern, my way of doing life. And last night, I felt that the same desire came up for me again last night. And I felt a pain in my heart and tears in my eyes – I don’t want to keep running from my own vulnerability. I don’t want to live my life cloaked.

So I really felt this. And I also felt like I still needed some kind of protection. So I wondered what I could use instead of a cloak – and I got the image of big, bright, white angel wings coming from behind me and folding around me, encasing me in its circle of unconditional love. As I went to sleep, I asked for all my angels to be with me, and for one of them to hold me in the safe compass of their wings.

So today, as I went about, I walked knowing I was safe inside the embrace of an angel’s wings. It was so deeply comforting, and instead of feeling vulnerable, in pain and energetically lashing out, I felt a soft light of love around me.

And it actually showed. At my office job, a new guy at work stopped me in the kitchen and said “You know you’re the light of the floor, right?” It kind of took my breath away – that I was so seen in light when I had been wanting to hide in my shadows.

So call on your angels. Ask them to do what you need in order to feel safe, comforted and soothed. Let them hold you.

5. Making Fun

I’m a big proponent of that most sacred of activities – FUN.
There’s nothing that makes me feel calmer and more joyful than making some silly fun.

Fun is often the stuff that kids do. Fun is playing. It’s being creative. It’s canoe-ing. Horse-riding. Picnicking. Having everyday adventures. Doing stuff that you normally don’t do.

Today, we made a new Fun Game. Me & my cubicle wonder-friend Artemis (who’s got a blog now! Weee! Yay! I already heart Something Beautiful Happened) decided to do fashion photo-shoots at lunch. In the office. There was crawling under desks. And standing on chairs. And avant-garde urban corporate shots. And then ridunkulous amounts of photo-geeking out.

It was silly, and it was sustenance to my soul.

Fun is vital. I need fun like I need sunshine and water.
So it’s my number five way of self-soothing.

As my amazing healer friend Donna says “Laughter and tears are both equally healing.”

For Today.

So that’s the next two self-soothers on the list. I wonder just how parts this series will end up being?

Maybe I should also add to the list:

Blog about self-soothing.

Because I started writing this feeling like an anxious cranky-pants, and finish it feeling like a little glowing fairy.

Thank you for being on this miracle journey with me. And, as always, you can share your own self-soothing tips in the Comments Circle. I’d love to add some more to my own medicine bag!

Love to you, and to me, and to all our parts that need soothing…

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