The Great Big 2017 Workbook Giveaway To Non-Profit Organisations!


Hey loves,

Are you a social worker or a part of a non profit organisation?

Does your organisation work with underprivileged or disadvantaged women?

Or do you know someone who is?

We’d love to donate the 2017 Create Your Shining Year workbooks and planners to you for using with your clients – as many as you’d like!

We can supply both Life and Business editions and the companion 2017 goals diary-planner – whatever you feel would work for your clients!

Every single year since the beginning of the workbooks, we have been donating them to non profit organisations. I’ve also run a meditation + goal setting retreat at a local safe house which was such a beautiful experience. Sharing the workbooks is my way of being able to visit even more places, helping raise spirits and creating change in the world.

To Apply:

To apply for free workbooks for your clients, just fill out the form here + my lovely support fairies will be in contact in the next few days.


Those donated workbooks ended up being used by over 165,500 (!!!!) souls around the planet who needed them, from organisations that included:

  • schools using them for teenage girls
  • women’s shelters in the United States
  • Indigenous Australian women’s services in Sydney, Australia
  • disadvantaged women advocacy services in Cambodia
  • animal sanctuary in the United Kingdom (used by their board to business plan their charity! Hooray!)
  • aged and elderly services in New York
  • cancer survivors in England
  • women’s charities in Zimbabwe.

The feedback from the organisations has been really, really wonderful.

Organisations got a lot out of it, their clients got a lot out of it. Clients felt much more inspired, motivated and empowered after using them, and often requested more workshops to have accountability about following through on their goals over the year.

I got this heart-warming email from one of the case workers who used it:

“A few months ago I applied to use the Create Your Shining Year workbook in a community agency. I would like to share with you how the non profit organisation has used the workbook to support women clients.

As you might know already Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia had its biggest flood in history. There is a whole suburb that went under here and many other places were badly affected. Homes and business were so badly flooded that they won’t be rebuilt again. Many people have struggled after this natural disaster. After reading the offer for the use of the workbook I had a great idea to support women who had been affected by the floods by using this workbook. I went and developed a full day workshop based around the workbook.

As we are non profit organisation and are always needing funding to continue our work I put a proposal together and put it forward to 2 community groups that I thought might help. Zonta and Rotary inner wheel very generously donated money so we could print the book out for participants and funded lunch for the workshop. The workshop was free for all women who attended.

We set out to run 2 workshops, which ended up filling very quickly so we had to put on another one. 40 women in total have attended over 3 workshops and have worked through the workbooks. These workshops provided a space where these women could come together to share of their experiences of the floods and begin to imagine a brighter future for themselves and their families.

The women were all deeply grateful for the workbook and for your generosity to allow us to use them. The workbook was the perfect platform to help these women move from feeling helpless and overwhelmed to feeling empowered.

The feedback from the workshops has been very positive and we would like to continue our work throughout the year to support women who have been affected by the floods.”

This year we want to help even MORE.

That kind of feedback is exactly why we offer this program – to make the workbooks available to ANY woman to help them create goals for their families, lives and businesses, and inspire them to reach them.

I’m aiming to get these in the hands of AT LEAST 100 000 women who need them this year.

Some essential admin notes:

  • You can choose to receive the workbooks as PRINTED BOOKS (if you can cover shipping costs) or DIGITAL E-BOOKS (zero cost to you).
    We do need non-profits to pay for the shipping of the printed books. We have distribution houses in Australia, USA and UK and will get you the cheapest quote possible. We’ll let you know the pricing, and you can choose to decide from there. Unfortunately we’re not able to offer shipping costs as part of this donation.
    There is no cost at all for digital e-books. We’ll provide you with PDFs and a licence to print as many as you need. PDFs can be printed out or filled out electronically. You’ll also receive a short guide with instructions/suggestions on how to use the workbooks with clients.
  • You can order them for as many clients as you like – the more the merrier!
  • I specify this is for women because the workbook’s content is aimed at women. They can (and have) been used for men, but the language and imagery is definitely orientated towards women.
  • YES – if you’ve received them in past years, we’d be delighted to continue donating to you!
  • This offer is ONLY for registered non profit organisations. This is not a workbook giveaway free for all. This is not for individuals. This is not for practitioners to giveaway to paying clients. This is only for registered non profit organisations. Please don’t apply unless you are one. Please do not waste my team’s time who could be helping real non profits. If you aren’t sure if you are one or not… you aren’t, so please don’t apply. (I’m sorry if this sounds snarky, but holy dooley we’ve seen some doozy requests over the years!)

To apply for free workbooks for your clients, complete the application here + we will be in contact with you shortly!

I’m SO delighted to work with even more organisations this year to help even more women grow, evolve, dream, hope, transform + make their own miracles happen.

Together, we’ll change the world. I totally believe and know that with my whole heart.

Thank you so much for all the work you do.

big ole love,

P.S. If you know of anyone (social workers or organisations) this could help, I would SO SO SO appreciate it if you could share it along!!!! Thank you so much for helping the world!

3 Reasons Why Your Dreams Aren’t Coming True

Not sure what happened here, really.

It was hot, and there was a fire burning in me.

I told my husband I was headed to the studio for some kid-free creation time.

Locked the door, turned the live stream on, pulled the whiteboard round.

And out came this… all of this…

my unfiltered thoughts on success, failure, what works + what doesn’t.

The most important practices I’ve learned in building a multi-million dollar business.

This video?

It’s lo-fi and bra-free and curse-aplenty.

After years of feeling a bit creatively blocked about making videos… I just did it my way.

And it felt GOOD.

Hope you find it useful.

Big love,

P.S. As I share in the video – if you haven’t ordered your 2017 workbooks yet, I honestly don’t get it.

They are wildly affordable… AND I just slashed prices to half-off to clear our extra stock.

They are a proven force for good – they’ve now been used by over 300,000 (!!!!) people worldwide who’ve gotten HUGE results from using them. They make a massive, beautiful, sacred, abundant difference to people’s lives and businesses.

Why on earth would you say no to that for yourself?

Click here to order yours now!


FREE EBOOK: How To Start + Run A Workbook Group!

workbook group guide free guide

Hola gorgeous ones,

Goal setting + accomplishing your biggest hopes and dreams isn’t always an easy feat. Life gets in the way. You get sick, work gets hectic, unexpected expenses come up.

It’s just SO easy to put those goals on the back burner and well, give up. Been there, done that.

We all need + deserve support.

Sometimes we don’t get that support from the places we expect it the most and some of the most common + active posts in the 2017 Create Your Shining Year Workbookers group are those looking for meet-ups, masterminds and other like minded peeps in their area (or online!) for accountability + other support.

group of girls SML

So I decided to create a fabulous, free guide to help you create your own workbook group!

It’s a free guide for all our Academy members + workbook users!



Why Create A Workbook Group?

I look back at my own career + journey and know that it is only through being a part of dedicated groups like these are how I have achieved the amount of joy, abundance + success that I have.

Masterminds using principles like those found in the workbooks have been used for centuries by some of the world’s leading minds and entrepreneurs (including Albert Einstein, Richard Branson + Andrew Carnegie) to supercharge goals.

famous masterminders

Creating a face-to-face workbook group means you :

  • manifest your dreams faster
  • get accountability, accountability, accountability!
  • brainstorming + masterminding
  • stay on track
  • it’s totes FUN!


There are many blessings and lessons that come with leading a group.

It will supercharge your growth + really help you learn how to be sovereign, maintain boundaries + guide energy in the right direction and I honour you for the brilliant, brave leap are looking to undertake. I love a woman who takes the reins + does what it takes!

workbook group guide free guide2

In this Guide to Starting + Running A Workbook Group you’ll learn:

  • why it’s incredibly useful to have a local workbook group 
  • where you should run them
  • how to find people for your workbook group
  • if you can charge for workbook groups
  • how to run them so they are effective + powerful for everyone.
  • and more!

Download the guide now!

These workbooks are magical.

They bring people together and bring a massive amount of joy, abundance + success.  Many miracles have been made from using them.

Download your How To Start & Run A Workbook Group Guide now!

How excitlement!

Lots of love,


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Leonie’s Favourite Things From 2016!


Hi lovelies,

I wanted to share with you the things I’m really, really, reallllllly glad I invested in last year.

I’m not someone who is particularly motivated by STUFF… I don’t want to buy useless shit that doesn’t add to my life, ya know? I’m not by any means a minimalist or perfect though… I can defo get caught up in consumerist shit if I’m not tending to my soul needs… try to fill that empty hole where Great Spirit belongs with STUFF.

I share this post not to encourage you to buy MORE STUFF… but just to share what I’m really glad I invested in this year. I might be a self-made millionaire, but I’m still pretty stingy when it comes to what I buy. And I love sharing about what actually works.

So yeah! Stuff! That was useful and good and a beautiful buying decision for me:


Being introduced to therapeutic essential oils was honestly one of the best parts of 2016 for me. I’ve always bought cheapo smelly oils wherever I’ve gone… but didn’t know how to use them beyond just chucking them in an oil burner and then turning it off because they gave me a headache.

I was sick a LOT in 2016 with recurrent throat infections + illnesses, and a mate finally pulled me up and said:

Mate, I used to have shit immunity, I now use essential oils therapeutically and it’s changed my life. Let me teach you how pleaaaaase!

And she did and I was TOTALLY SURE it wouldn’t work for me… I thought it was yet another fucking hippy healing placebo. I mean – I’m a hippy and I LOVE hippy stuff… but the efficacy of so much stuff can leave a lotttt to be desired.

Anyways, I ordered a couple… and instantly fell in love… went back and bought a whole kit… and now have a walking essential oil apothecary in my purse at all times, and in my bedroom, and in the kitchen. For EVERYTHING! ERMAGERD!

I use them every single day now on me, our girls + my hunky love… for immunity, mood management, tantrums, insect bites, sore backs, infections, colds, stubbed toes… anything that happens you’ll see me running towards it shrieking “LET MAMA HELP! I HAVE AN OIL FOR THAT!” Bahahahahaha!

I’m also THAT person who is oiling up her friends and extended family every chance I get…

I can’t even talk about how much it’s changed me + my family’s lives without sounding like I’ve joined a fucking cult.

I really have. I’m a card carrying member of the essential oil cult.


I could wax on about my new obsession for dayyyyzzzzzzzzzzz…

if you’re interested in learning more… I started a Facebook Essential Oils group with friends just so we could talk oily shit with each other… which then rapidly exploded to 600 people… SO MUCH FUN!

You’re most welcome to join us if you want! #oilcult #sooooooointoit #totallyindoctrinated #fingersniffer


I heard a little about weighted blankets earlier this year and how useful they were for people with high sensitivies, sensory processing disorder, autism, Asperger’s, restless legs (and a whole bunch more as well!)

I tend to fall in a couple of those categories I reckon! I’ve shared more about identifying with a lot of Aspie symptoms here. When I’ve been through a particularly stimulating experience (i.e. have been to a really busy place, or ran a live workshop, or done something social), my body feels like it is thrumming and ungrounded. I can feel the adrenaline running through me. When I lay down in bed, I often feel like I’m almost levitating, that I need something more to hold me to the ground. When I’m particularly anxious, I’ll even ask Chris to lay down on top of me for some comforting pressure. (HA! THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!)

Intuitively I felt like a weighted blanket would be the right fit for me.

A weighted blanket, by the way, is exactly what it sounds like:

A specially made blanket that has extra weight in the filling, making it much, much heavier than traditional blankets.

I ordered mine from Calming Moments in Australia – a small family company that handmakes them.

I ordered a single bed-sized blanket in blue cotton material that had 9kg of weight in it (it’s a heavy bugger to lug around!)

As soon as it arrived, I lay down on the floor of my office with it on, and my body instantly R E L A X E D. It’s a reallllllly soothing feeling for me. All the tension runs out of my body, I start breathing deeper. It’s the most comforting cocoon EVER.

It lives on our couch now, and I make all my friends who come over try it out. Their instant reaction is “Oh holy SHIT! This is AMAZING!” and then they melt into a relaxed puddle and lay there in a blissed out state of comatose. I’ve even had the same reaction from burly men!

I lay under it every single night on the couch while we watch TV (or more accurately: Chris watches TV, and I draw, collage, felt, or text with friends). If I’m feeling antsy during the day, I’ll get it out for soothing. Any anxiety I’m feeling is quickly soothed away.

I’m sure my anxiety levels are down this year since I started using it daily.

Now – here’s the thing – I did however find that the 9kg is too heavy for me to sleep under. It’s really relaxing… but I felt a bit claustrophobic and pinned down. I did check, and I had measured the right weight for me – I’m not sure if it is because of my hypermobility or whatever. The 9kg is brilliant for the ultimate in chillaxing, and after a few months, I decided I really wanted to get another less-heavy blanket that I could comfortably sleep under.

I ordered another single bed-sized cotton blanket – this time with 6kg of weight in it. I’m so glad I did – it feels like a good weight for me for sleeping under, and Chris mentions he notices I sleep deeper and am a lot less restless at night when I sleep under it. I feel like I get to sleep faster and sleep more soundly under it.

Still, my 9kg is the ultimate for me in chillaxing… if I had to choose between them and only have one, I would probably just have the 9kg and just use it on the couch. It’s such a sedative for the times when my body gets overstimulated.

I did also order a 2kg lap blanket – for me, I don’t notice much of that noticeable sedative effect with that one, and now my kids use it instead. They love the weighted blankets as well!

For me, the weighted blankets are such an important part of my self-care tools these days… I actually feel a bit of anxiety at the thought of being without them – like if I’m travelling.

I’ve got a trip for a conference happening in a few months, and I know it’s going to be a stimulating time, so I’ve already allocated half my suitcase to be filled with the 6kg weighted blanket, my own pillow, my essential oil diffuser + a big array of essential oils. MWAHAHAHA! I HAVE PRIORITIES PEOPLE!!!!


After spending so much of my year being sick, by August, I knew I needed to make a change. My dear mentor Hiro Boga was encouraging me to up my self care and tend to my crappy health. She invited me to go to Germany with her to spend time at an amazing health retreat there. I didn’t feel up to being away from my family for so long or travelling internationally… but the idea struck a seed inside my spirit that quickly took root. What if… instead of going across the world… I just go to a retreat just down the road?

I googled away, and found a great place just a couple of hours drive from here, and in October, I spend a deliriously happy 5 days there.

I wrote about my experience of that here.

It was an investment – it cost me over $2000 to do it – I’m pretty stingy and that felt like a LOT to spend on myself. But I knew I had to put myself first, and put my health first. And I am so glad it did.

It really infused my year with that much more support, and soul cushioning. It was that week of the year where I left it all behind, and just took care of me. Big insights and revelations followed.

It’s something I want to do every single year now. Take one week out of the year to disconnect and take complete care of me. We as women and as mothers forget that that’s important. We forget what that looks like and feels like. I saw it, and I felt it, and holy SHIT does it feel GOOOOOOOOOD.


Lastly, this one isn’t for me. But it still brings me so much joy, and I’m so glad I bought it for my darling husband.

I get so much joy of buying gifts for other people. I can’t stop grinning when other people receive something I’ve given them. Especially my husband – that gentle river stone soul who brings so much goodness into my life. Also: have I mentioned he’s hot?

It was our 15 year anniversary this year, which I felt was pretty momentous. I feel so proud of us for being such determined motherfuckers to grow old together, come hell or high water. I feel so proud of us for doing the big work – inner and outer – for us to grow a life of love, peace, gentleness, communication and understanding together. It was definitely not something either of us were taught in our childhoods, and we really had to work out how the fuck to make that happen for ourselves.

So I really wanted to celebrate the shit out of love, and of him, and of us this year. So I told him I would give him $100 for every year he’s loved me, and he could spend it all at the music store. That made his eyes light up of course. He’s a musician, and a guitarist. We ended up spending a bit more than his $100 yearly allowance for our 15 years together (at my enthusiastic encouragement), but it is SO WORTH IT for my husband to have his dream guitar.

(I had no idea what I wanted for our anniversary that was in May – so I just said I’d park his gift to me until I knew. Neither of us like buying shit just because of an anniversary… we always rather wait until there’s something we actually we want. Once the health retreat came up, I knew I’d found it… so our anniversary presents this year were bloody bonza!)

All up…

2016 might have been a hard, challenging year in many ways… but I feel SO grateful for the investments which made such a difference for me to get me through… nourishing my body, mind and soul… and celebrating love and creativity!

Big love,

clearance sale


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Our first massive clearance sale is on NOW!

Save 50% on our popular, proven and powerful planners + goals workbooks to make your life + biz SHINE in 2017!


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Important Changes To My Company In 2017



Happy New Year. Happy Completion of 2016. Happy New Beginning. Happy New Dawn.

It’s time for me to make some shifts to how I run my business.

Boundaries time:

  • I will share exactly what those changes are in this post in great detail.
  • I will share deeply about the reasons behind those changes.
  • I will try to answer as many questions as I think you might have.
  • Please take the time to read this post carefully and thoroughly.
  • If you email us asking about how you will be affected instead of reading this post, we will just send you the link to read this.
  • If you are angry or have complaints or believe I’m a greedy or selfish person for making these changes, you are most welcome to think that. You don’t need to email me to tell me that – I don’t need to know, and I’m frankly not interested. If you aren’t interested in continuing working with me, my Academy or my workbooks because of these new changes, that’s absolutely fine. All you need to do is unsubscribe, not purchase, or not renew your membership. I understand that I am changing the boundaries and ecology of my business environment. It’s up to you to decide if it still resonates and is helpful to you.

So, take some deep, calming breaths. Have a cup of tea. And have a read.

The important changes are this:

  • In 2017, I will be increasing Academy price to $997.
  • I will no longer be offering part payment options.
  • I will no longer be offering “Life Only” access to the Academy.
  • I will no longer be providing printed books to Academy members.
  • I am no longer working towards offering Academy in currencies outside of US dollars.
  • I will be closing Academy Plus option.
  • You can expect to see changes to the workbooks for the 2018 collection.
  • I will closing my Affiliate program.
  • I am opening a third leg of my business. Which seems bonkers, but is actually a wonderful fit for me.

More details:

Price Increase To $997

I will be giving people a month to sign up for the Academy at the current rate of $497 before I double the price. I’ll open up for enrolments at the current price ($497) in Feb or March, and double the rates after that. So you’ll have plenty of time to enrol if you’re called.

If you’ve signed up to the Academy at an early bird price ($99, $197 or $497) you will be able to keep that price for the life of your membership. If you don’t renew and wish to enrol again in the future, you will have to sign up at the new price of $997 a year.

No Payment Plans

I will not be offering payment plans when I do open enrolments. People who want to join will need to be able to invest the full amount of the membership price they signed up at.

For members currently on payment plans (whether that’s 4 months or 12 months), you will need to renew your membership at full price.

To make it easy for you:

Part Paymenters Who Need To Renew At $99 A Year

  • $13.95 a month over 12 months
  • $39.50 a month over 3 months

Part Paymenters Who Need To Renew At $197 A Year

  • $55 a month over 4 months

Part Paymenters Who Need To Renew At $497 A Year

  • $140 a month over 4 months
  • $49.95 a month over 12 months.

If you don’t renew and wish to enrol again in the future, you will have to sign up at the new price of $997 a year.

Books no longer part of Academy membership

I offered the full 2017 printed package of books delivered around the world as a new bonus for Academy members last year.

It was an experiment, and though I loved being able to do that, it is not something I’m able to do continuing forward because of the upcoming changes to how I publish these.

The core focus of the Academy has always been about the value of the courses – I think we are over 117 courses now, plus more added monthly. Those Academy courses are my life’s work, and I’ve always overdelivered with how much content I give to my members. If you don’t believe in the value of that, the Academy is not the right place for you.

I am no longer working towards offering Academy memberships in currencies outside of US dollars.

I have spent over a year and tens of thousands of dollars trying to make this a reality. It’s currently a technical impossibility with different payment processors. I’m sorry – I would have liked to make it happen, but I can’t. Nobody can.

The main currency will continue being US dollars as that is where the majority of our sales are, and it’s more internationally recognised as a currency for other countries than anything else. Less than 25% of our sales are Australian and New Zealand.

I am closing my affiliate program

I will be closing it end of January after the current workbook promotion. I am so grateful for my affiliates, and I’ve loved sharing the abundance and journey with them for so many years.

I sincerely apologise if this isn’t a decision that delights you. I dearly love to delight people.

It’s just time for a shift, and I can’t really explain why… it’s more of a feeling, a gut instinct, an inner knowing.

I need to make shifts so my company feels wonderful and spacious and easy to me again.

I will no longer be offering “Life Only” access to the Academy.

This was an experiment. It doesn’t have enough memberships for me to continue offering it in terms of the additional infrastructure and administration it requires. Current members will continue receiving their resources + new classes for the rest of the membership, but will not be able to renew. You’ll be able to either end your membership, or upgrade to full Life + Biz membership in order to continue. You will be able to get the upgrade at the current price of $497.

You will only have to enrol at the $997 amount if you let your membership lapse.

I will be closing Academy Plus option.

Again, another experiment which adds too much administrative issues and complexity.

I am opening a third leg of my business. Which seems bonkers, but is actually a wonderful fit for me.

I will share more about this soon.

You can expect to see changes to the workbooks for the 2018 collection.

I’ll let you know what they are when I know. I’m exploring all options to see if I will be working with a publishing house, pursuing a different model of distribution, or changing up how many products I offer. I am still very committed to sharing the workbooks with the world.

(You can still buy the 2017 collection in full here.)

My Reasons Why:

The short answer:

I have made huge mistakes when I deviated from my own intention and vision and listened to OPO (Other People’s Opinions). I am bringing everything back in alignment and simplifying it back to its original power and vision.

The much longer answer:

As many of you know, I’ve been suffering from burnout for quite some time. My business has been on a very fast growth trajectory, and it’s been wonderful, stressful, overwhelming and a huge amount of work.

I’m no longer willing to continue sacrificing my physical, emotional or spiritual health, my creativity and my family to continue on down this route.

I’m at a crossroads, and needed to decide to either close down all my existing business structures and do something else, or significantly change and update my business model so it once more fits with me, my spirit and my body, my family and my desire for a life well lived.

I have decided to go this second route – I have adored so deeply this journey, and want to see what can be shaped and created within new boundaries for both the Academy and workbooks.

Academy changes

The Academy started in 2010… I’ve been doing this for over six years now!

Over the past six years, it’s grown increasingly more complicated and hugely more expensive to administer. I am simplifying it back down to its purest form and intention.

I was in a place where I wanted to help as many people as possible, and making it as cheap as possible for it to be as accessible as possible. I’ve fulfilled that particular soul contract to do that until it no longer felt good to my body or spirit. Now I am only willing to help people who are really ready to help themselves.

I’m streamlining the membership levels/options back to being simple so that it both resonates energetically, is less confusing, and cuts down on administrative costs.

Please note: Apart from this, there will be no change to Academy delivery:

  • Courses (both life and business) will stay available to Academy members
  • Courses (both life and business) will continue being created
  • Monthly coaching calls will continue happening.
  • The Shining Academy Conference/Retreat is still happening NEXT MONTH! I am so excited! At this stage I’m not sure if I’ll do one in 2018 or not… so if you want to see me live, best come next month!

Workbook changes

I created the workbooks in the space of 3 days over Christmas 2009 after I wanted to give myself the gift of a goals planner/workbook that was colourful and more feminine, creative & spiritual than anything else out there. It was a way for me to send a love letter to myself in the future – I was pregnant with my first child and knew deep inside that a train was coming for me and there was no way to prevent the collision. I was right – my initiation into motherhood and the two years that followed were some of the most excruciating of my life with post-natal depression, the separation of my parents, the subsequent implosion of my family of origin, and a marriage that survived it all by the skin of its teeth.

My workbooks were my own life raft for me when I was lost as sea, clinging to the vision of what I knew my life was meant to be.

Sharing them with the world in December 2009 was an afterthought. I figured if I was desiring something like that, that maybe other women did too. I thought if maybe 10 other women bought it that would be fun. 100 seemed far stretched but a fun goal to aim for. I launched, and the Twittersphere lit up. There was nothing else like it on the market at the time – there’s about a billion copycat products now – but then it was revolutionary and people were clamouring. Within a month, I’d sold a thousand. Back then, I just sold it as a downloadable PDF – it was easy and relatively simple to pull off. I did everything myself.

I continued sharing them each year, and the sales kept growing. In 2014, I made a Print on Demand version on Amazon through Createspace. It was so awesome to see it “in print” and people loved the physical copy. I did run into some issues with that platform though – most of all, the level of print customisations was very limited. Totally fine for a standard novel or paperback style book, but I wanted to offer spiral bound which made way more sense for the workbooks.

So in 2015 we began to self-publishing by printing books in China using Imago printing and partnering with 3 distribution houses in the UK, US and Aus. The vast majority of self-publishers will only use one, but I wanted to make shipping as fast and cheap as I could for our customers spread out across the globe. Doing this greatly increased our shipping costs, distribution costs and the complexity of the set up. Then I needed to find tech contractors who could build the shopping cart for the products and have it integrate with all 3 distribution houses, our CRM software (Infusionsoft) and our payment software. Then I needed to hire a stack of customer service staff to keep up with the tsunami of emails for customers each day.

For the 2016 collection I made it even more complex by adding three more products to the range. It seems like such a small number, but it added hugely to my workload, as well as design and printing costs, the complexity of our shopping carts and infrastructure.

By the time we reached the 2017 collection, I’d sold nearly 120,000 with another 160,000 being used by charities with their clients. In 2017, I’ve printed 80,000 products, financed it all myself at a cost of $250,000 plus $250,000 in production and staffing costs.

What took me three days in 2009 now takes me more than a year to do the same. While it was still 2016, I’m selling 2017 collection and I’m working on 2018 collection all at once. Organising and managing all the design, printing and distribution myself feels relentless.

Add to that a quickly growing team and a disastrous run of staffing, it’s meant I have spent the vast, vast majority of my time managing logistics and a team. My conversations with my husband (and co-director) of the company stopped being about our dreams and became all about trouble-shooting the latest headache/heartache. I’ve spent all my time putting out fire after fire, managing staffing dramas and being the CEO of a multi-million dollar company with two 7 figure brands.

So much so that I’ve had remarkably little time to do what I actually love – which is to create.

I was not born to be a manager or a CEO. I was born to create, share and live a good life.

I’ve had so many years in this business when I’ve woken up barely being able to believe my luck that I got to do this as a job and earn a shit tonne of money as I did it. Increasingly over the last couple of years, I’ve stopped feeling that way. I can’t tell you how many times I wrote in my journal “I am so DONE! I don’t want to do this anymore! I can’t keep doing this… it is hurting my heart and my spirit and my body and my family.”

I couldn’t take time off anymore. I felt constantly on edge. My health has suffered – badly. My immune system is broken from hyperemesis gravidarum nearly three years ago and still doesn’t seem to be recovering. I feel in an endless cycle of burnout. I started working more time to try and fix everything. I stopped feeling like I loved the shit out of my life. My kids noticed. Starry has heard our conversations and tells me she will come to work with me because she knows I need help and that I’ve had staffing problems (she’s heard me talk to her daddy bear about them) and that I’m so busy I can’t play anymore.

Meanwhile my children’s legs lengthen and they graduate from kindergarten and their faces change and I’m not being the mama I want to be, the mama I have been, the mama I want to be again.

It’s just not fun anymore.

And that may seem contrite – that sometimes things AREN’T fun… but for me, fun is my guiding light. It’s my natural state of being. I know I’m in the right place, at home in my soul, doing the right thing when I’m having FUN.

I’ve never been money orientated. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t have a shit attitude towards money. I love its guts! I think it can be a source for doing wonderful things in the world!

It’s just not my guiding light above all others. I started out with building a business because I loved my art and writing and womens circles so much I wanted to share them with the world. I began growing it to make it my sole income when pregnant with my first child so that me and my husband could quit our jobs, live anywhere we wanted to and spend our time as a family.

Those two things – my creativity and my family – they are my North Star. They are my Big Why.

So I’m in this place now where I need to make changes, in order to put things right in my world. In order for it all to be in right alignment again.

I keep thinking about this quote:

“Growth for the sake of growth is cancer.”

I’m not interested in more business growth. I’m not interested in doubling my business again and hitting the next income goal. Frankly, I’ve got more than enough of it. What I need now is my life and my health and my art.

I’m not making this decision driven by dollars. I tried that mode of being the last few years, and as I knew it wouldn’t all along, it didn’t bring me joy. It was just more running on the hamster wheel, more hustling for worthiness through an abstract goal. I tried out being a CEO and a people-manager. My ambitious achiever self wanted to experience what it was all like to get bigger and bigger and bigger. It felt hollow. It felt not enough. It felt like I was barking up the wrong tree.

So I’m here.

My business has grown by leaps and bounds in all directions.

It’s time to realign it all back for it to serve its greatest goals… to be a vehicle to share my gifts with the world, and to support me and my family.

I talk to the angel of my business.

She tells me:

Leonie, you were never meant to suffer for your business.

And I sob.

I know she is right.

I tried to be all things to everyone. I tried out being that big flash CEO with a big team. I tried being a superhero and doing everything. I tried being as ultra-generous as I could. I tried.

And I’m all beat up and burnt out and bruised.

And I’m not doing that anymore.

It’s time.

I’m simplifying everything back down. Outsourcing. Clarifying. Aligning everything back to my intention.

Making it what it needs to be to support me, my family and my health.

Dreaming it into a new dream.

I understand…

I understand this may not resonate with you.

I understand you may not understand my decisions.

It’s okay, dearest, you don’t have to.

I understand if you don’t feel you fit in the new ecology in my business anymore.

It’s okay, dearest, you don’t have to. Do what is right and good for you.

I’m like the Madonna of Business Reinvention…

This isn’t the first change I’ve made in my business.

As I’ve grown as a soul, a woman, a mother and a business owner, so too do I need to update my business and offerings to fit me again. I’ve written about it before here. And here. And here. And here.

I’ve reinvented again and again and again.

And yet… so many things are constants. I’ve been blogging continuously since 2004. I’ve been producing and sharing the workbooks since 2009. I’ve been running the Academy since 2010. These are lifetimes in online business years!

I’m a writer, artist, teacher, helper, lover of people.

And that’s what I will always be, and always do.

Some things change, but most things stay the same.

Again, boundaries:

  • I’ve shared exactly what these changes are in this post in great detail.
  • I’ve shared deeply about the reasons behind those changes.
  • I’ve answered as many questions as I can.
  • Please take the time to re-read this post carefully and thoroughly if you need further clarity.
  • If you email us asking about how you will be affected instead of reading this post, we will send you the link to read this.
  • If you are angry or have complaints or believe I’m a greedy or selfish person for making these changes, you are most welcome to think that. You don’t need to email me to tell me that – I don’t need to know, and I’m frankly not interested. If you aren’t interested in continuing working with me, my Academy or my books because of these new changes, that’s absolutely fine. All you need to do is unsubscribe, not purchase, or not renew your membership.

There’s only one person in the world I’ve ever needed to please, ever needed to understand.

She’s standing right before me in the mirror.

She says:

This is what I need. This is what I can do. This is what I can’t do anymore.

And I nod and I say:


Big love,