The Cosmic Calling podcast


A few months ago I had the absolute pleasure of chatting to Natalie from Soulshine Astrology on her podcast “The Cosmic Calling”.

We talked about being authentic as fuck in business, and covered:

  • My journey from working towards becoming the Prime Minister of Australia to shifting gears into becoming a watercolour rainbow-loving artist instead – and the real reason why I create anything (hint: it’s for myself first)!
  • How my astrology chart beautifully matches up with my authentic nature and what being truly authentic means to me
  • My tips for discovering your own authentic nature and owning it
  • The immense power of being vulnerable in your business

Want my voice in your ears pronto? Listen HERE!

Big love,

14 Reasons You Should Sell An E-course


There’s SO many reasons why you should consider adding an e-course to your business.

They really can transform your life and business… not to mention the lives of the hundreds (and thousands!) of people you will teach through them!

14 Reasons You Need To Have An E-course

1. You can dramatically increase your income
2. You will help more people
3. You will stop selling just 1:1 and start selling to MANY. This is
what makes income scalable + easily increasable!
4. If you still offer 1:1 services, you can charge a higher price for them.
5. E-courses can be a great way for customers to begin working with you.
6. Your work can go out into the world in a bigger way and create a
movement and a legacy!

9. Customers get more accountability, connection and friendship
through group e-course experiences. (Some of my customers have met
their BFFs and business partners through my courses!)
10. People pay more for an e-course than for a book or e-book
11. Extra stream of income that is more passive
12. Be seen as an expert in your field
13. It’s an eco-friendly, sustainable way to create wealth. No more
travel or paper materials needed to learn! No physical products to
manufacture. WIN WIN WIN!
14. Expand your customer market to be worldwide!

Want to learn exactly how to create + sell an e-course?

Let’s do this!

I can’t wait to see what magic you create!

Big love and creative magic,

The Call of the Creative Goddess


May you always know:

Creative Goddesses make art because it fills them up with joy and light.

Creative Goddesses believe mistakes are sacred and add to an artwork’s story and perfection.

Creative Goddesses aren’t afraid of making art that doesn’t Look Good.

Creative Goddesses don’t make art for others, they make art for themselves.

Creative Goddesses make art that is true for them.

Creative Goddesses don’t need no stinkin’ outside approval.

Creative Goddesses make art that doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s.

Creative Goddesses trust in their intuition and vision to make *their* art as it is needed in this world.

Creative Goddesses listen to their soul’s calling.

Creative Goddesses dip their fingers in paint.

Creative Goddesses know the power of soulful creativity.

Creative Goddesses remember that every person on this planet is an artist, a Creative spirit, a soul who needs love, joy, creativity, laughter and connection just as much as water and food.

Creative Goddesses do it messy. And gladly. And reverently.

Creative Goddesses share their art when it is right for them, and hold on to the medicine of their art when it is right for them.

The Creative Goddess is inside you.

She is inside each of us, everywhere, all the time.

We only need a moment to hear our own grace and magnificence.

Big love, 

Fun Creative Project: Painted Plant Pots!


Lately I’ve been really feeling the pull from my inner child to do more creative projects just for the glorious fun of it.

One thing I’ve become slightly addicted to is painting plant pots and statues.

Some are old ones of ours that we’ve been lugging around the countryside since time immemorial. I’ve also dug some old ones out of the garden that were left here by the previous owners.

Somebody asked what kind of paints and varnishes on them.

The answer is: cheap student acrylics. I am lazy and cheap and am totally fine if these fade or chip… it will just add to the character. I DID find some ancient marbling glaze however so I might chuck that on a pot and see if I like it.

My cute kids have been painting everything in sight, including an old fountain and chairs. I love it… makes me so damn happy!

They also started painting a statue they found in the garden, but then lost interest:

So I decided to finish her up. Please note she has moveable GOOGLY EYES. My husband bought a bulk pack a while ago, and my kids glued them to everything, and I think it was the wisest investment we’ve ever made.

Here’s her now:


Totally want to encourage you to get colourful and crazy with your garden… when in doubt, remember the sacred motto: THE BONKERS THE BETTER!

Big love and paint-stained clothes, 

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The Moment Things Began to Heal


This is what I know to be true, having gone through post natal depression, other depressive episodes and health crisises.

The moment things began to heal is the moment I finally said

“I’m not okay.”

And it felt really scary to admit it each time.

It felt like I was broken, beyond repair.

But the moment I voiced what was inside me was the moment everything changed.

It’s when I finally acknowledged that I needed help and repair… and shared it with my loved ones… and made a plan to heal.

If you are broken and suffering right now… please know you can heal.

You can bloom again. You can thrive.

Where you are right now is not indicative of the possibilities ahead of you.

It’s okay to be not okay.

Share it with those who love you.

And give yourself what you need to thrive again.

You deserve it.

Big love,