I’m speaking about creativity with a photographer & singer next week…

Canberra Wise Women I Leonie Dawson I 2016

Hola kittens,

I’ve been in my hermit cave for a bit.

Next week I’m peeking my head out to speak at Canberra Wise Women’s Create event.


I’m speaking alongside:


  • Lori Ciccini – internationally recognised fine art photographer


It should be a beautiful event.

(I should note, I’m not paid for these kinds of speaking gigs. I tend to just do them as a way for me to meet ya’ll without me having to organise shit. #lazysocialising)

Come play IRL before I disappear down my creative hobbit hole!

I’m not sure when I’ll do another live speaking event for the time being… I tend to go through big cycles of being “out there” and then going underground for a while. It’s my natural creative ebb and flow. So, just a warning if you’ve been wanting to see me speak & have been putting it off, you should probably get onto it.

Grab your tickets here!

So much love from my cave to yours,


NEW COURSE RELEASE: 2016 Shining Retreat


Hola dear petals,

If it already wasn’t one of the raddest places to hang + grow your biz online, the Shining Academy is bursting with new content!

Couldn’t make it down to Canberra for our retreat full of wisdom, sisterhood, masterminding and more from earlier this year? Well, not only is there always next year (details coming soon!), I am so so so SO happy to release the entire 2016 Shining Academy retreat recording as a brand spankin’ new course in my Shining Biz & Life Academy!

Canberra Photographer

Join me & my incredible guest teachers at the Shining Academy Conference 2016!

There’s a reason why 100% of our participants ranked their experience as “Happy!” or “Ecstatic!” for the conference.

There’s a reason why participants called it “world class” and “the BEST business conference I’ve ever been to!”

There’s a reason why we had people clamouring for next year’s tickets before they even left this year’s one!

Experience two days of world-changing content that will transform your business, your life, your mindset and your money!

You’ll learn intimately from Leonie in her largest offering to date – the full, professionally recorded 2 day intensive teachings. You’ll hear her speak with rare candour about her vulnerable stories, ridiculous analogies and honest inside goss on what it’s taken to create a multi-million dollar company. You’ll laugh, you will cry & you will finish these two days of training recordings with an incredible new sense of exactly where you are in business, and what you need to do next to grow your business… and do it with heart and soul.


It’s TIME for you to find out what level of biz you’re at with the 7 Chakra Business Model, and then FIX the blocks in your business that are limiting your growth with the 6i Success System.

The 7 Chakra Business Model takes your biz through the prism of the chakras, highlighting what’s important at each level + what’s not. Get comprehensive clarity on what stage you’re at, what you need to focus on to build ginormous success, pitfalls to be wary of and resources to help at every stage.

Use the 6i Success System to diagnose what your biz needs next, using the ingenious “6i’s”: intention, inner work, implementation, inner circle, invest in education + internal structures. Get the lowdown on the structures + systems your biz needs so that it can grow as far as your dreams dare!

Together, these two biz-changing courses give you a potent success portfolio that will:

  • Diagnose the obstacles holding you back from outrageous success,
  • Tell you exactly what you need to do to get to the next level of YOUR biz, and
  • Show you what NOT to do – all the things that won’t help you right now.

This is the epic course that’s jam packed with wisdom, raucous laughter + soul truth telling to inspire you out the wazoo to focus, then surge forward in your biz in the direction of your dreams!



“It was an amazing conference and I can’t wait to cut the crap out of my business of being an author and focus on what is my business!!!! I was amazed at how relevant the information was to me and how it’s changed the way I will manage what comes next.” ~ Cheralyn D.

“I’m on the third video. This alone was worth the price of the Academy.” ~ Dana C.

“This was so much fun. Such a lovely trip with beautiful people. Fully fell in love with Canberra too. Looking forward to the next one!” ~ Bunny C.

“Loving these videos! Thank you!!!” Diane S.

“Feeling so full & inspired & implement-y (that’s a word, right?). So, so good to be surrounded by such wise, compassionate & vibrant women such as the Shining Souls in the Academy.” ~ Melissa P.

“Learning about the 7 Chakra Business Model & 6i Success System has been extremely valuable for my business.”

“Fantastic content, stories and information!”

“Interesting, funny, useful and practical!”

“This has helped me to understand where I am at in my business right now and what the next steps are to grow my business.”

“The info in these are useful, creative, practical and MIND BLOWING!”

“Life changing!”

“Real life, honest stories and practical information, presented in an easy-to-understand way, with real take home and implement strategies!”

“Great business education content – I came away with a clear plan of my next steps!”

You also get TWO BONUS workshops from the conference!

Denise Duffield-Thomas teaches an awesome bonus workshop on abundance and money blocks. I’ve known DDT for four years now – she attended a retreat I ran in the rainforest, and we’ve been business-sisters & mastermind-buddies ever since. This woman walks her talk like nothing else… in all the time I’ve known her, and as close-up as I have, she has been impeccable and authentic and always, always brilliant. I believe she is hands-down the best teacher on law of attraction in the world, and brings love, warmth & realness to the work of manifesting.

Canberra Photographer

Kerry Rowett (my favourite kinesiologist) taught some powerful energetic practices to help you get over your stucknesses, align to your goals and create them faster. Kerry was another old coaching client of mine from four years ago who I loved working with to help her business grow. She is such an earth angel with bright, clear energy and a real gift. I started using her (and even sending staff to her) to clear blocks & achieve goals. It was so lovely to meet her in person for the first time after knowing her online for so long! She taught some amazing tools to help clear blocks… I love her to bits! Her bonus workshop is just brilliant!

How much for all this magical goodness?

Two full days of “world class” business and marketing conference?

Professionally recorded with video & audio crews?

Courses recorded like this usually cost between $600-$2000.

Wanna know what I’m charging for it?

Nada. I’m giving it away to my treasured inner circle. 

It is… absolutely FREE for all our Shining Biz & Life Academy members… just adding to the irresistable cornucopia of support, guidance, inspiration & resources there in the form of 70+ courses!!!!!

Jump into this amazing business intensive now…

If you’re a Shining Biz & Life Academy member already, watch the full conference videos here!

Not a member of the Shining Academy yet? Gain access to 70+ courses now!

So proud to share this with you all!

Big love,



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My Wellpreneur Online Podcast Debut


Hola gorgeous souls,

I was deeeeelighted to be a guest expert on the Wellpreneur Podcasta podcast for health & wellness business owners.

The lovely Amanda dived deep into some interrogation questions about how I run my business & how I’ve managed to scale it into a multi-million dollar company… and the business lessons anyone can use to grow their own.

We chat about:

  • how I took my business from $30k to $2 Million revenue
  • what needed to change to be able to run a million-dollar biz
  • how I built my biz working 2 hours/day
  • how to get off the ‘working all the time’ treadmill that we can all get into!

As always, so lovely to see how my story and advice connects with others…

Samantha Kellgren Lisa Simone Richards

2016-05-17_2219 2016-05-17_2218

Come listen/watch/read over heresies!

Enjoy sweet souls!



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New Course Release: 6i Success System


Hola gorgeous goddesses,

As promised, day 2 of the Shining Retreat, Canberra 2016 is here! (Missed day 1? Check it out here!)

It’s time to discover and FIX the blocks in your business that are limiting your growth!

The 6i Success System is a comprehensive diagnostic tool to help you work out EXACTLY what you need to work on next in your business in order to take it to the next level.

It sums up the 6 essential mindset habits required to create success… the habits I’ve used each day for the last 8 years to create a multi-million dollar company working part-time hours.

Recorded on Day 2 of the Shining Academy Conference held in Canberra, these three videos will help you understand the cycles of your biz and exactly what you need to do in each one.

In this intensive one day workshop, you will learn:

  • The “6i” success habits you need to see your dreams get birthed into the world.
  • How to diagnose what you need to work on next.
  • The structures and systems your biz needs so that it can grow as far as your dreams dare.

With more heart-sharings, raucous laughter + soul-truth telling, let the magic of the 6i Success System clarify exactly where your current business growth blocks are + how to fix them!

Bonus: get to see exactly how the 6i Success System dovetails with the 7 Chakra Business Model to give you a compete picture of where you are in your biz, and precisely what to do next to grow it!

Listen to “AHA” moments, sacred spirit downloads, deeply moving Q&A sessions + sharings, and never-before heard storytelling from moi about life, biz, soul + work.

Start now, and be inspired out the wazoo to focus, then surge forward in your biz in the direction of your dreams!

If you’re an Academy member, join us over here! Not a member of the Shining Academy yet? Gain access to 70+ courses now!

what peeps say about this course

“It was an amazing conference – I was amazed at how relevant the information was to me and how it’s changed the way I will manage what comes next.”
– Cheralyn Darcy
International best-selling author

“The 6i Success System is brilliant! One of the biggest challenges business owners experience when growing their business is information overwhelm and decision fatigue. What makes the 6i Success System such a unique and powerful resource is that it helps you filter out what is irrelevant to the stage of business you are at which gives you back so much time and mental space for what is important AND concisely shows you what to focus on NOW to make traction and create results. Thank you for this implementable business map that is going to serve for years to come!”
– Melissa Prince
Women’s spirituality expert

Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet… there’s been a few big treasures I’ve shared lately… please do check them out…

(Make sure you sign-up to be on our magical mailing list to hear about these goodies first!)

Love & dreams come true,



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Leonie’s Scrapbook: butt fuck o’clock parties, giving back + girl dates


Hola panda bears,

It’s that time again – scrapbook time, of course!

That time where I share with you all my photos & stories of the past couple of weeks.

1 starry girls date

First up… me and my Starry girl had a girl’s date together.

I was so sure for so long that I would only have one kid… and sometimes I peek the sliding door of the life where I only had one. It would have been a lot quieter… and we would have been out of the wild mess of toddler days by now. I do miss that deep, close connection I had with Starry when she was my one and only moon and sun.

And of course we would never wish back our wild impish fae Bethany… she brings a whole lot of love and joy and noise to our days. But still… these one-on-one dates… they fill up my well (and Starry’s too). I feel like I’m a better mama… more present… more able to listen… when I’m not racing after our runaway imp who has thrown all her fucks to the wind.

Anywaysies… we went to the 52 Story Treehouse play/concert together. Starry loves the Story Treehouse series. And they are pretty fun to read them to her… so double win!

2 date day

Afterwards we hung out in the city with my ye olden day cubicle boss/bosom buddy Lile & her fam.

4 carousel

We even went to go for a carousel ride together!

I’m sure everyone who has been in Canberra for any length of time has their own stories about the carousel.

Mine are the days in my early 20’s when me & a bunch of random and rad folk from work would trollop across the city for free meditation classes at the Sri Chinmoy centre, then go eat roasted chestnuts from the little cart on Garema Place before rounding out our lunch hour with riding the carousel, yahoo-ing like we were cowboys. Ding dang hilarious times.

I hope my daughters remember to keep being wild at heart. This was the first step. My sweet Stargirl – she of the super sensitive variety – wanted to get off ASAP once she realised the horses actually move. A little bit of gentle coaching & back rubs & deep breathing & basically every parenting tool I had in me – helped keep her there…

And even enjoying it and wanting another turn by the end.

I’ll take that as a win!!!! Booooyahhhh!!!

3 bookstore

I accidentally fell into a bookstore. These things happen, guyz.

5 rob bell

Finished reading Rob Bell’s book on love & marriage today. Although Rob is Christian-focussed & I’m not, we defo have a lot of the same ideas. I love how deep he goes into the energy of marriage, and celebrates the sacred of it. Recommended read! #leoniestopbooks2016

7 cold

Mama is fucking freezing in her studio so mama bought herself a fake fire heater and now mama’s fingers can unfreeze enough for her to do some writing. #happyending

8 room to read

Could not be more delighted to announce this!

Sonya my BFF and Chief Operations Manager rode her trusty steed, the Vespa, over to Room To Read Australia’s office to present them with a cheque…. from us… to them… for $10,000… enough to build a new school library in Vietnam!!!!!!!!!!

Reading John Wood’s “Creating Room To Read” was a huge turning point in my life a couple of years ago. It is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read and hugely inspirational. I am honoured to help this man’s vision in educating the world’s children.

Thank you to my incredible Academy members + workbook customers – you all make this work possible. And thank you to my wonderful team who work so hard because they truly believe in what we are doing.

Together, we can do big things, my loves. Please give some gold today to heal the planet… in whatever direction you are called. As the Dalai Llama said: “It is the Western Woman who will change the world.” And we will do it through philanthropy.

9 raw icre cream

I’m solving my ailments with raw ice cream in the backyard.

(Recipe: I blended two frozen bananas, a handful of dates, a splodge of honey and a decent sprinkle of cacao powder. Yes, I’m highly scientific with my measurements.)

1 rainbow bin

Lately I’ve been burnt out & sick & overstimulated & overpeopled & needing to return to my own energy and rhythm again. I’ve been having many home days and they are the greatest cure known to Leoniekind.

I also bought craft carts from Officeworks and have been reorganising my art and journaling stashes.

I’ve also developed a flaming red hot passion for planners & washi tape & stickers. I get it now, I get it.

2 beths new trick

My two year old is doing this new trick lately. One that consists of waking up and partying for a couple of hours at 3am.

I got four hours of sleep last night. Toothpick my eyes please baes. I’m sure this is some kind of important brain development stage for her…

A “wonder week” as the experts say… Or as I call it a “bullshit week”.

3 sticker obsessions

Apologies for the bloody terrible image quality… I really need to get my phone camera fixed! I promise I’m not trying to be intentionally opaque! Ha!

Soooooooo I’ve been trying out different planners, and I finally get the sticker obsession!!! I don’t use it to plan appointments and daily to-do’s – I’ve got way too many to fit in here.

I use Google calendar so my husband & team can see everything I’m up to, and a Google spreadsheet to keep track of my priorities.

Anywaysies, I’ve been using this planner in three ways – a gratitude journal, a one sentence diary & also to look over my coming weeks appointments to see if I’ve packed my schedule too heavy.

My sensitive introvert self needs lots of quiet time to thrive!

4 movie with lile

Me & Lile remortgaged our houses so we could go to Hoyt’s cinema (holy FUCK are they expensive!) and watch a trashy chick flick.

Then we went to the chocolate churros place to talk shit.

Most excellent date.

5 with accountant

Spent 2.5 hours with my accountants doing quarterly financial planning for my company…

It was a goal I set myself two workbooks ago… It took some time to find the right accountant…

But I have fantastic ones now who are just right for our level of business growth right now.

Next week me & hunky love go in for personal financial planning as well.

It feels so damn great to keep learning new things and getting more financially literate and getting more and more money-empowered. It’s important work to do.


My girls… One pea and one corn… Both from the same pod. So different in so many ways… And they can fight like billy-o… And they are also each other’s favourite person in the world. The leprechaun baby & the faery.


Utterly immersed in the important work of brushing her toy Guinea pig’s mouth with her actual toothbrush. That’s going to be one fluff-filled toothbrush.

(Also – that painting is one of me and Starry’s from when she was Beth’s age. We threw paint at a canvas in the garden and stomped all over it. Happy memories!)


At the doctors making sure I don’t have some hellish contagious disease because I have puss-y pimply rash over my belly. #blessed #sexyselfiequeen#nosuchthingasTMI #Inearlywrotepussy


Never in my life have I been so excited to hear that I have the beginning stages of school sores… Not shingles!!!!! Hoooooooooray!!!! Living the DREAM, guyzzzzzzz!!!!



Well… that went all over the place. That was a real rollercoaster… from carousels to medical grossness. MWAHAHAHA!

That’s it for now – see ya for our next date for chai and cake and catch-ups!





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