and on the rocks…


on the rocks, photographing my elvin priestess old soul friend,
she told me she was proud of me.

for buying a camera and photographing women and being brave
and doing what i was doing.

my heart sang songs
because of her words.

i am proud of me too.

only 11 left…

Leonie Allan Art Sale

joy upon joys~
how this wonderous day manifests

in the gym, the stretching of limbs
i put my headphones in to drown out the doof-doof music
and instead resonate with the empowering words from abraham hicks.
i find that when i engage my body in exercise
my spirit becomes more sensitive to taking things in ~
and today i choose to fill it with hope and consciousness.

of stretching my body at body balance last night
breathing into my body and releasing
the moves becoming easier
i smile as body and spirit find joy together

of falling into water
floating upon it
releasing thoughts like rainbow strings from my mind
my skin the water’s skin the air
where do they end, and the other begin?
bobbing and becoming one.

i return home and He tells me the same
how he meditated upon the couch
and there was no difference between
Inside his body
and Outside.

we sit and laugh in the sun,
picking flecks of fruit salad from the bowl
feeling blessed blessed blessed.



journal page

I am dreaming of a new way of being.
I want to step into full living, spending these sacred moments deeply.
I bloom into myself like the flowers and the trees do.
I wish to live in my core, knowing the spirit that is myself.
This human body has a soul and she longs to melt into the sunshine and dance into the wind.
I am discovering how to be.
I am aching to learn how to inhabit a new life.

something else…

do you ever have that?
when something makes you feel like something else?

we were in the park at lunch today,
and my love tells me he’s thinking he might want a playstation…

and i burst into tears.

i sobbed and sobbed about missing the earth, not feeling balanced, feeling like i’d lived hundreds of lifetimes sleeping on the earth then waking up to find i’m in civilisation and working in a concrete tower, and crying with grief of how much i missed uluru and the desert. how i missed who i was out there. how i missed walking on this earth in conscious knowing i am walking my journey, both with my legs and my spirit. it wasn’t about the playstation. it was about this well of water that burst within me, calling to the heavens and falling to the earth.

he softly brushed my hair with his palm, and reminded me that my words are powerful
“when you say you feel disconnected from the earth, be careful. you might end up on mars.”

and i realised, with his words, the energy that was soaking through my legs as we walked along on the path.
that my feelings of disconnection were only an illusion of sorts.
the earth was still there, waiting for me to love her.
and i was still here, waiting for me to forgive myself.

there are things changing and swilling in me,
and i am deeply, deeply grateful for them
i know this change is necessary,
and yet i feel like a snake shedding its skin. it mustn’t always feel pleasant to do that.
skin too tight, claustrophobia, aching to be new, raw in the new world.

it is true.
and it is divine.
and it is exactly where i am at.

blessed be.
*spoken with a small smile*


Thank you Water

lake proserpine

Today is World Day of Love and Thanks to Water.

Imagine… sending love and light into water.
For it to cascade in every river, and ruminate in every ocean.
And for every soul on this planet to be drinking in this blessed water.

Water I thank you
Water I honour you
Water I love you.

Check out the above website by Dr Masaru Emoto (of What the Bleep fame). His message of healing with water is truly profound.