namaste from india!

i am sitting in agra, at a tiny cyber cafe across the road from some water buffaloes at night.

i just wanted to give a quick update – we are all safe and well. there have been bomb blasts and earthquakes in india, but we are here, and we are having an amazing adventure.

may you and your love ones be blessed,


Wild Fairie Adventure Picnic

While I was in Brisbane a few weeks ago, I wanted to connect with some of the goddesses in my life that I have met from so many parts of my journey: high school dearhearts, internet un-met lovelies, womens circle sisters. Instead of meeting each of them for different cups of tea, I decided to Create an Event. Something a little bit wild, a little bit delicious, gentle but surprising. I considered having a Turkish banquet: too boring. A midnight rendezvous on a mountain: adventurous, but I’m more awake during the sunshine hours. A wild fairie adventure picnic: just perfect.

Now, I only needed to find a place for it!
I woke on the day of the picnic just as the sun was rising, my two sisters still slumbering. I slung on a long green skirt emblazoned with elephants, and a black singlet, and out into the morning I walked. I journeyed north, and found a park: it was bare, with small trees and traffic on all four sides. I journeyed on. I wanted to find the river, but didn’t know where it was. I followed no map but the gentle pulling of my innards over sloping hills made of crumbling concrete and tropical jungle.

Down past a large white house, I found the river: wide and rumbling with skiers, hedged with mangroves. I clambered into the mangroves, and cried for a while. The distance of weeks since has blurred my memory of what pushed the tears forth. It could have been tears of joy at finding the river, and gratitude of being guided there. It could have been tears of gentle sadness at feeling all the emotions of a human with a fractured, precious heart. It could have been all of these. I only know is I cried with gratitude and honouring of the tears. And then I looked up, and the mangrove leaves were shaped like hearts. I smeared mangrove mud on my legs. I walked on.

I spoke to the fairies as I walked:

Dear Fairies,
I would like to find a pretty-ish bit of wildnerness* to co-create a magical event with. I would so love to create a space for goddesses to connect with mama earth and each other. If you could please help me find this place, I would be so grateful.
(P&P reference, for those of you playing at home)

As I gave my request, I decided that in return, I would do something for the fairies to thank them, and to make it a true energy exchange. After reading Doreen Virtue’s “Healing with the Fairies“, I know that fairies are custodians of the natural world, and need help in nourishing and protecting the earth.

A few minutes later, I looked down into the mangroves and saw an abandoned shopping trolley stuck halfway in the mud of the river. I looked back up the steep rocky incline to the road. Not an easy hike. I decided that a wild adventure fairie picnic is worth fighting for, so I hitched my skirt up and made my way down to the mangroves and mud. I hauled that shopping trolley inch by inch up the rocks, giggling away to myself, reminding myself all the way “I’m doing this for the fairies… doing it for the fairies…” Once up on the road again, I fixed the shopping trolley to a handrail, and high-fived myself.

I walked on. And on. And on.
Past pandanas trees and kayakers and large green leaves piled in gutters. Past huge sporting ovals and cute cottages. And then, just over a tiny creek, I found a little green space between the houses. I couldn’t see where it ended, so I walked in. Past purple jacaranda trees and green jungles. Golden flowers sang and butterflies danced. I swore I saw fairies.

Past a well loved basketball hoop and a handmade pizza oven. Past voluptuous trees, into a clearing that was hemmed by a river and jungle. There were lizards and blue kingfisher birds and brown wild turkeys. It was a piece of wilderness in the suburbs, a well-loved but unowned slice of magic. Someone had mowed the clearing in a circle, forming a beautiful spiral in the grass. I had found it. The place. The one I trusted existed, even if I didn’t know its name. Even though it wasn’t on the maps. I had found it using my heart, and it was just what I wanted it to be.

So I sent out the call, giving wild and elaborate directions for a place that didn’t exist. I wonder even if it would be there if I went to look again, or if it existed only for that short space of time, like the secret garden, or the place behind the grandfather clock.

That afternoon, we gathered there. Women and children and a tiny puppy named Bella. Goddesses of all different flavours, all stunningly beautiful in their own ways. Friends of friends meeting friends. Women finding each other and sharing. Eating and laughing and speaking. Soaking in the fairie magic. Painting wildly. Throwing the canvas as far as we could across the spiral oval. Getting hands and feet and noses and faces glistening with rainbow paint. Wearing paper tiaras. Being just as we are.

I don’t know how to express just how much sacred and sublime gatherings fill me up now. Just how much I have learned that when you take the path less travelled, adventure and magic flow in as easily as breath. I see the glistening, shimmering beauty in every soul I meet. I feel blessed beyond belief. And onwards I walk, knowing there is more work to be done, more life to be lived, more joyous celebrating to be had.

Onwards I walk, to a new place, and to a new self.
I journey onwards now, to India, to dreams come true, to lotus flowers and Kali Ma.
I kiss the palm of all I meet, and hold my own.

I am off on a journey ~~~
I return in a month.

Until then, may your journey be blessed with light.
May you have magical, sublime, sweet times.

May your eyes fill up with goodness.
May you dare to be your own wild adventure fairie.


P.S. Remember: Magic can happen anywhere at any time. Ya just gotta give it the space to enter.

portrait party wilderness

i would have loved to meet some of my fave cutie-patooties this past weekend at a blessingway… but, i’m kinda half way around the world from the US, and in a few days i am flying around the world in the other direction for a whole other amazing adventure.

so, instead, i met one of said fave cutie-patooties in portrait party land.
it was kinda wild, like a sherbert-infused soul-rave party in the forest somewhere.
and a little bit tame, like afternoon tea at the neighbours, if you happen to think your neighbour is the most precious mama-goddess around.
and mostly honouring, in a very sweet kinda way, like puppy dog kisses.

or as lovely as this:
when you wake in the morning and manage to pretend to sleep through your partner’s insistent nudgings to go to the gym with him, and pop open your eyes once he’s gone, invite cutest puppy dog in the world onto the bed with you for pyjama party, where you tickle each other, and you read out stories to him. and by the time sweaty hunk has gotten home from pumping iron, you’ve managed to take your pyjama party out into the garden for enthusiastic salutations to the sun for managing to rise this morning. and when you mean salutations to the sun, you don’t mean the prescribed precision of yoga moves, you mean like crazy pyjama dancing and wild uldulations. moments so precious that you don’t even care if you spelled uldulations correctly or even if there is such a word. only that it is.

so, yeah, a portrait party as sweet and refreshing and life-living as that.

nina, you smell good.


~ this is just some of the delicious craftiliscious and loving explosions of goodness from her package…

portrait by my favourite miniature fairy-godmother grae

p.s. damn freakin’ straight.
i’m pretty sure it’s going to rock me too.

A quarter of a century ago…

I was swimming, swirling, dancing, turning,
in my mama’s womb,
the night before I came to be.

Thank you mum, for holding me inside you, and for loving me with all you have.
Thank you dad, for co-creating me, and for loving me with all you have.
Thank you my ancestors.

And thank you life, for breathing through me. For all the lessons, for all the love, for all the finding, discovering and crazy beautiful days.

I want to honour and recognise also the parts that feel less beautiful and more just plain crazy: the fears, the pain, the gnawing worries. Today a dear friend said to me as we dropped jewelled tears on a rock: “You always look to the light, Leonie, even when there is a deep darkness inside you.”

So I acknowledge that darkness, and I acknowledge that light.
I acknowledge all the journeying, all the moments lost in translation, the not-knowing and the sharp, clear moments of knowing.

All of the rough tango, the glory, the loss, the mastery. And Goddess, the moments Earth feels like heaven:
when the sunlight glances through the clouds and casts embers through your hair;
when the wind roars through the trees on the mountain rim;
when a white bird skirts through white eucalypts;
when the air smells so sweet and mossy I want to bathe in it and smell like it always;
when the kookaburras laugh and make you want to draw your head back and join them;
when the rocks are damp from the rain and are kissable.
I wonder what this all felt like the first time I experienced these miracles.
Today, I feel them as though they are the first time.

I have a vision of who you might be, Leonie, and I strive to find my way to you, to honour who you are, and become you.

I love you Leonie.
Happy birthing day, my precious, precious self.

lush link friday

feet love earth. earth love feet.

it amazes me how words from an old post of mine can soothe and balm my heart just when i needed it. just as i needed it.

my heart is touched by the new york girl on subway story… he FOUND her! he FOUND her!

and WOOT! some of my extreme bridal photographs just got featured on Trash The Dress Australia!

maybe some time i will do some delish projects from Learning to Love You More.

i’m loving these goddess headwraps.

phwoar, these flower petals necklaces are delectable!

i’m totally impressed by these creations of this 17 year old goddess.

listen to the birdsong of women from the monkfish abbey.