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Party peeps,

I’m moving this week. You know… where I move from one end of the country to the other? From tropical jungles of northern Australia to seaside on an island close to Antartica?


In lieu of being so super organised that I write ya a pithy long glorious post…

I’m phoning it in. Letting some other peeps fill up those glorious wells of yours.

Here’s some really awesome shit I found around the internet:

Annnnnd… a plethora of brilliant videos for you!

A blend of self help, insightful, humour… and a Frozen parody that had me howlin’ with the laffs.

THE END!!!!!!!!

See you on the other side my love,


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Is it too late to plan for 2015?


Hola dearests,

This is something that comes up every.single.ding.dang.year.

As soon as we get past – say – January 6 – peeps start freaking out that they haven’t done their planning for 2015.

And they throw up their hands and go:

Oh well.

I missed the opportunity.

Maybe next year.

So I want to do this public service announcement:::


Is it TOO LATE to plan for 2015?

Shouldn’t I have all my resolutions in place on January 1?

Let me answer this with three words: Absoloodely, 100% NOT.

New Year’s Day is NOT the “Use By Date” for setting resolutions for the new year.

I have no idea why we got that idea stuck in our heads, but it’s worth chucking out the window.

We have women buying the yearly planning workbook right up until NOVEMBER of that year – and say it was still 100% worth it because of the results they got from it.


Have I waited too long?

Am I too old?

Am I too late for my dreams?


It’s when you never begin at all.

When you give up because you won’t have 365 perfect days under your belt.

When you think it’s too late to make a change, so why bother at all?


The perfect time to create your incredible year is NOW.

Right where you are this moment. Right here.

It’s the point in time when you decide you are a conscious creator of your life and business.

It’s never ever too late to start crafting the business and life you want.

It’s only too late when you don’t start at all.


Something I’ve been noticing in my world, and other entrepreneur’s worlds this year is this —

We’re all a bit burnt out. We’re still in holiday mode. Still soaking up the lessons from 2014.

Our heads haven’t swivelled towards 2015 yet.

Year planning definitely is happening a little later this year than usual.

It’s not just you.

As long as it gets DONE, that’s the main thing.


It’s the moment when you choose to step up, to say yes.

It’s the moment you craft your destiny from.

Who you want to be today, in this moment. Where you want to find yourself in 12 months, at the end of your life.

It’s all a blank canvas, waiting for you to take up the brush and carve it in colours in the way YOU want.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

YOU are the knight in shining armour.

You are your soulmate, your best friend, your cheerleader with pom poms.

You have infinite choices, infinite power, infinite abilities.

All you need do is claim. Claim your choices, claim your responsibility.


The perfect time to create your incredible year is NOW.

Got it?


Let’s go create our miracles, dearest.

Our dream lives + businesses are waiting for us. The world is too.

love love love,

P.S. I keep getting these questions, so I’m going to answer them here incase you’re wondering too:

  • YES, we’ve still got some printed 2015 workbooks in stock.
  • YES, you can still buy them.
  • YES, we ship EVERYWHERE around the world.


A HUGE amount of peeps have NO idea that the 2015 Create Your Shining Year workbooks + planners are SO cheap. They all thought they were way more expensive than the cheap-as-chips price of just $9.95 for digital (or $24.95 for printed + wall planner) and were holding out from getting them because of that!!!

Yes, I could charge more. Yes, I hear ALL the time that they are much more valuable and powerful than that price. I know that. I’m not underpricing them because I undervalue them.

I make them so cheap because I want every single woman who needs them to be able to invest in them. I want you to create your incredible life and business, and I know these planners will help.

I want you to live your dreams for one simple reason: because I know when you do, you’ll be alight. You’ll shine so bright you’ll help thousands of others to light up. And I know, whole of heart, that when women step up to live their dreams, it will change this world. In big, beautiful, profound ways. In ways it is aching for.

P.P.S. Been waiting for your moment to say YES?

Here it is babe. Today’s the day. You DESERVE this.

Claim your incredible year ahead right here.

The Great Annual Workbook Giveaway For Non Profit Organisations!


G’day gorgeous ones,

Are you a social worker or a part of a non profit organisation?

Does your organisation work with underprivileged or disadvantaged women?

Or do you know someone who is?

We’d love to donate 2015 Create Your Shining Year workbook to you for using with your clients – as many as you like!

We’ll supply both Life and Business editions – whatever you feel would work for your clients will work beautifully!

Every single year since the beginning of the workbook, we have been donating them to non profit organisations. I’ve also run a meditation + goal setting retreat at a local safe house which was such a beautiful experience. Sharing the workbooks is my way of being able to visit even more places, helping raise spirits and creating change in the world.



To apply for free workbooks for your clients, just fill out the form here + my lovely support fairies will be in contact in the next few days.

Via www.instagram.com/empowerhealthcoach

Via www.instagram.com/empowerhealthcoach

Those donated workbooks ended up being used by over 22 300 (!!!!) souls around the planet who needed them, from organisations that included:

  • schools using them for teenage girls
  • women’s shelters in the United States
  • Indigenous Australian women’s services in Sydney, Australia
  • disadvantaged women advocacy services in Cambodia
  • animal sanctuary in the United Kingdom (used by their board to business plan their charity! Hooray!)
  • aged and elderly services in New York
  • cancer survivors in England
  • women’s charities in Zimbabwe.

world love

The feedback from the organisations has been really, really wonderful.

Organisations got a lot out of it, their clients got a lot out of it. Clients felt much more inspired, motivated and empowered after using them, and often requested more workshops to have accountability about following through on their goals over the year.

pink heart h1l2 - medium

I got this heart-warming email from one of the case workers who used it:

A few months ago I applied to use the Create your Shining Year workbook in a community agency. I would like to share with you how the non-profit organisation  has used the workbook to support women clients.

As you might know already Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia had its biggest flood in history. There is a whole suburb that went under here and many other places were badly affected. Homes and business were so badly flooded that they won’t be rebuilt again. Many  people have struggled after this natural disaster. After reading the offer for the use of the workbook I had a great idea to support women who had been affected by the floods by using this workbook. I went and developed a full day workshop based around the workbook. As we are non-profit organisation and are always needing funding to continue our work I put a proposal together and put it forward to 2 community groups that I thought might help. Zonta and Rotary inner wheel very generously donated money so we could print the book out for participants and funded lunch for the workshop. The workshop was free for all women who attended.

We set out to run 2 workshops, which ended up filling very quickly so we had to put on another one. 40 women in total have attended over 3 workshops and have worked through the workbooks. These workshops provided a space where these women could come together to share of their experiences of the floods and begin to imagine a brighter future for themselves and their families.

The women were all deeply grateful for the workbook and for your generosity to allow us to use them. The workbook was the perfect platform to help these women move from feeling helpless and overwhelmed to feeling empowered.

The feedback from the workshops has been very positive and we would like to continue our work throughout the year to support women who have been affected by the floods.

pink heart h1l2 - medium

This year we want to help even MORE.

That kind of feedback is exactly why we offer this program – to make the workbooks available to ANY woman to help them create goals for their families, lives and businesses, and inspire them to reach them.

I’m aiming to get these in the hands of AT LEAST 40 000 women who need them this year.

day of delight womens

Some essential admin notes:

  • Workbooks are PDF (i.e. not printed, physical copies). Unfortunately we’re not able to offer printed workbooks for this offer. We’ll provide you with PDFs and a licence to print as many as you need. PDFs can be printed out or filled out electronically. You’ll also receive a short guide with instructions/suggestions on how to use the workbooks with clients.
  • As an extra gift this year, we will be choosing TWO organisations – one within the US, one within Australia to receive printed workbooks. We are not able to offer this to all organisations however as we donate more workbooks than we sell. Just fill out the same form + I’ll be choosing the lucky organisations at random.
  • I specify this is for women because the workbook’s content is aimed at women. They can (and have) been used for men, but the language and imagery is definitely orientated towards women.
  • YES – if you’ve received them in past years, we’d be delighted to continue donating to you! Just fill out the form! Thank you!
  • This offer is ONLY for registered non-profit organisations. This is not a workbook giveaway free for all. This is not for individuals. This is not for practitioners to giveaway to paying clients. This is only for registered non-profit organisations. Please don’t apply unless you are one. Please do not waste my team’s time who could be helping real non-profits. If you aren’t sure if you are one or not… you aren’t, so please don’t apply. (I’m sorry if this sounds narky, but holy dooley we’ve seen some doozy requests over the years!)



To apply for free workbooks for your clients, just fill out the form here + my lovely support fairies will be in contact in the next few days.

I’m SO delighted to work with even more organisations this year to help even more women grow, evolve, dream, hope, transform + make their own miracles happen.

Together, we’ll change the world. Totally believe and know that with my whole heart.

Thank you so much for all the work you do.

big ole love,

P.S. If you know of anyone (social workers or organisations) this could help, I would SO SO SO appreciate it if you could share it along!!!! Thank you so much for helping the world!

Reality Time: This Is Where I’m Really Filling Out My Goals Workbook This Year!

So babes,

I’d really love to show you this super picturesque scene of where I’m filling out my workbooks this year.

Like a picnic or a bushwalk to some secluded forest glen where I blissfully meditate for hours.

Or a chai latte by the beach. Toes in sand.

Moments and hours spent dreaming and meditating and collaging.

But here’s the situation I’m in right now:

Things are freakin’ full to bursting.

  • We’re just recovering after a really full on launch and dealing with the Mailing House From Hell (luckily, that’s all finished now, and all our books are shipping everyday without issues! HOORAY! So if you’ve been waiting for things to be all clear before you order – they are! And we have sold out of about 75% of our stock and we won’t be reprinting again this year. Just so you know!)
  • I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I’m moving across the country in a week? LOLZ OOPZ.
  • I’ve got a very spirited, rambunctious almost 5 year old and a very cute 10 month old who is going through that whole awful sleep-regression/teething/separation anxiety/waking every 2 hours thing which is totally important developmentally but is really crackin’ my balls in the meantime.

Consequently, my workbook isn’t getting filled out the normal way.

I’m not dedicating full days to it.

But I’m making sure it gets done.

And how that’s getting done…

In those five minutes of mamatime…


Like when the girls are in the bath, playing with bubbles and I can sit beside the tub, having a glass of cheap dessert wine, filling out my workbook one step at a time.

And this will crack you up…

It’s all been happening here too:


Damn straight.

In the loo. The toot. The lav. The dunny.

My #2015workbook sacred dreaming zone.

I’m keeping it beside the toilet and every time I get to have a 30 second bathroom break, I fill out another section.

I mean really, why the fluckitty fluck do I care so much about filling out my workbook?


(Oh look, here’s me in my studio scratching things out for five minutes!)

Well, coz I was doing my review over the 2014 workbook.

I swear, that’s one of my favourite things in the world.

Looking back at the words I wrote a year before, and seeing what worked and what didn’t.

Anywaysies, I was looking through my 2014 workbook, and I didn’t finish it.

And I completely understand why.

This time last year I was still in the throes of being horrifically ill with Beth’s pregnancy with hyperemesis gravidarum.

I don’t really quite know how to explain the illness to anyone who hasn’t experienced it, but it’s bad, man.

You basically lose yourself + all time and get swallowed up into a debilitating, depressing world of chronic, debilitating nausea and unstoppable vomiting. (P.S. It is NOT morning sickness. It is a severe, serious allergic reaction to pregnancy that can be life threatening. #passionateaboutthisobviously)

Anywaysies, I found myself really, really missing the places I didn’t get to fill out for 2014.

Like there were unwritten insights + miracles that could have happened there.


So yeah, dude, I’m full on COMMITTED to getting it finished completely this year.

Even if it needs to happen on the dunny.

In the non-dunny-workbook moments, I’m:


Packing. Or, at least, attempting to.

Packing with kids is like trying to clean with a Tasmanian Devil tornadoeing behind you.



Our lovely nanny has meant we could have our first super-romantic date together.

We went to the post office. Chris helped me carry all my super heavy packages (nope this is NOT INNUENDO). We stood in line without kids starting to whine and touching everything and getting hungry. We were able to have a conversation with each other that didn’t have 3848487777766737r67 interruptions (roughly). We completed sentences. It was INCREDIBLE.

Then we went home + continued working/packing.


And baby cuddling. Baby wrangling.

10 months is REALLY cute. It’s also super full on with the whine/bite/sleepfighting/sleepregression/wondermonthbullshit.

It’s funny how such duality can exist.

How much you’re blown to smithereens with love.

And how freakin’ hard it is.

How much you want to inhale their sweetest smelling miracle heads, and then you want to run… run far away to a place where it is quiet and soft and nobody needs you every moment of every day.


Duality, yo.

We’re packing up and saying goodbyes to all our favourite places.

Saying thank you to this magical forestland where my chubby toddler has turned into a longlimbed kid and my second baby came to me.

This place has felt like a dream come true in many, many ways.

And a lot of those dreams were written down in the workbooks of past years.


I am grateful.

And I’m crafting out moments to write down the next dreams…

this life we’re making all of our own.

One step, one moment, one page at a time…

that’s how all miracles get made.

L O V E…


What’s Working For Me Right Now!

Screenshot 2015-01-16 16.59.26


This is ridiculous and handmade.

But I’m impossibly in love with it.

And it’s making me laugh and bringing me so much joy.

And I don’t care that the video is not perfect and polished.

It’s beautiful. And it’s simple. I love it. I fucking love it.


Love and paint,



the original and the best2