When all you have is 12 seconds…

Making my first 12seconds video on 12seconds.tv

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

So much to share. So much to do. It will happen. It is happening.

For today, here’s me & Charlie the Healer Dog’s first 12 seconds video.

Tomorrow… there will be more.

But for now, I’m giving myself the rest of the night off. Time to hug on Charlie some more, stare besotted at God Chris, watch a doggy romance movie, and curl up with my favourite magazine, freshly arrived from the states.

Right now, the Goddess inside me is asking for rest.

What can you do to celebrate the Goddess inside you today?

Big love, & joy!

Oh! P.S. For the gorgeous goddesses who asked! I meant to put this in in the last post – the amazing Spirit Portrait that sits on my desk is done by my incredible friend and tipi drumming buddy Jule. She is a deeply talented, gifted and wise soul, and is an amazing mama to a deeply talented, gifted and wise soul too (Hi Molly!)  Jule and Molly came along to one of my Day of Delight Retreats a few months ago after many moons emailing each other. We adored each other from the first hug, and spent the night before the retreat drumming in a tipi and hanging out in an old sheep shed talking about fairies. It was perfect.

Anyway, I commissioned Jule to create a pastel spirit portrait for me. When I unfolded it, my first words were “Holy crap!” I showed God Chris and his first words were “Holy crap!” Everything about her artwork is beautiful, and layered with so much meaning for me. It’s like remembering parts of myself in her artwork.

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Assembling my Support Crew.

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

After yesterday’s post coming out about the O Word, I had a talk with my beloved. More specifically, I asked for his help and advice.

Things feel off kilter right now. And I really want to feel more supported in my busy-ness and business. What do I do?
And in that sage, simple way of his, he sat. And he thought. And then he said:

You need a new chair. A big leather one with a strong back. You need to set yourself up properly, with an office space so you feel more clear.
I rejected the idea at first, but he was firm.

You’ve got things everywhere right now, you need a place to return to. And you need a new chair that supports you.
And suddenly, I realised:

I had been wanting support. And support begins at the physical place. Support begins with a chair that is soft and “holds my back” both literally and metaphysically.

So today, my Sage Man takes me to find my chair. We sit in dozens upon dozens, finding the perfect fit and comfort and support. (All things I have been longing for in my life!)

Eventually, after three stores and a rest break to share vanilla slice, we find her.

Her name is Bessie.

As I embark on this journey of being an entrepreneur, my newest support crew member is a chair.

With Bessie safely at home, we set about creating my own little business space – separate from my studio and even my writing space. This space is solely to support me on my business journey. And that feels like a very, very fine thing.

I wonder what happens when we expand our vision of our support crew… to include not just friends, but the furniture and space around us too.


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Goddess Leonie’s Top 9 of 2009

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today, I wanted to celebrate the journey we’ve had over the last year or so together ~ with a little something called

Goddess Leonie’s Top 9 of 2009.

Except it would be 2008, but take that numbers! We do not kow-tow to your logic! This post I’ll be doing the unheard of, and choosing my favourites of all my post-children. These are the posts that were like signposts for me – of change, love, beauty, soul and transformation throughout my year. They were the posts that touched me and touched you and touched Charlie the Happy Healer Dog. I reserve the right to be unabashedly teary throughout this. I’m a hopeless reminiscer.

Giving Yourself Permission
That time we gave ourselves Permission to Create – with a rainbow, shimmering permission slip. Signed by our mums, and all our angels.

Creative Goddess Meditation Video
*sniff* This was the second time we connected via video. I’ve kept it in our relationship keepsake box. The one that holds all your comments and all our connections and miracles. It’s like keeping ticket stubs from our first date. Remember how we did this a-mazing meditation together about the ocean? *sniff*

One Wild, Brave Thing
Remember that day we talked about our One Wild, Brave Things? It was like the second date of total soul connection thing. But on the internet. And we’d already been dating a while. But it was still completely and utterly special to me.

Where Love Meets The Sea
The day my Sage Man and I got engaged. In the ocean. As mer-people do.

Abundant Goddess: Sacred Pricing
I adored writing this guide to soulful pricing for your divine art, goodly goods and sacred services.

Creative Goddess Fear: But what if someone thinks my art/singing/tapdancing/creative magnificence thing sucks?
Yup. We went there. And we soul-spa-ed that Creative Goddess Fear into submission.

One Little No in a Sea of Yeses
Sometimes, all you need is a little reminder.

10 Ways to Fly beyond Creative Dream Fears & Frustrations
That’s a pretty comprehensive title right there. All I can add, is there is a pretty picture for it too. Oh, and that I wrote this list for myself when I was totally stuck in Creative-Frustration mud. I wrote it to find the rope out of it. And it worked, so I shared it. 🙂

Sacred Goddess: Accepting all parts of ourselves
We’re funny human beanies. With all kinds of incongruous parts. Parts that don’t make sense together. Parts that totally deserve to be love and accepted.

Healer Goddess artwork
Because inside each of us, there is a woman and an amazing healer.

And that was totally just ten posts there. Like I said, TAKE THAT numbers logic! We have no concern for you here in this happy-silly-art making-goddess temple!

I’m wishing you a ravishing, ridiculously good day,

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Business Goddess: The O Word.

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I want to write to you everyday. Well, most days at least.
And then my amazingly busy business takes my attention and energy. I didn’t think about the busy-ness of business until now. There’s been Goddess Guidance coaching & reading sessions. And late night calls to my business coach. And videos and meditations and ebooks to create for the Creative Goddess eCourse. (And yes, you can still enroll – I get asked that everyday. So, yes, yes, yes, you can still enroll at the moment! I’d love to have you along on the journey.) And then there’s the communing, circle, connecting and creating with the amazing, splendiforous Goddesses who are in the e-Course’s Goddess Circle. And then the 100+ emails I get everyday which need attention.

All of a sudden, things have gotten big.

The O Word.

So, this week, I was speaking with a business coach. I said:

Things have gotten big lately. Like crazy busy.And it’s completely wonderful, and I love love love doing this work, and it’s my dream come true. But I just can’t shake this feeling that I’m carried around.

And then, I realised I was feeling the O word.


Her response helped me find so much clarity with where I am at.

Oh sweetie, (I love that I have a business coach who calls me by terms of endearment) of course you are feeling overwhelmed. Things just got biggified, and you love it, but right now you don’t have support structures in place to help you glide. They will come in time. Right now, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed.

*Insert big, long, exxxhale from Leonie*

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed right now.

And it’s okay to want to make sweet love to support systems.

Support systems are my new crush. My superhero with a cape come to save me from the O word.

So what do I mean when I say “support systems”?

Is that some kind of fru-fru-hippy-loo-lah speakology?

Well, yes and no.

Here’s my little list of what support systems mean for me.

1.}  Divine Delegation
So I now look at all the things I need to do, and work out what I can get someone else to help me with. And what I’m learning along the way, is that when I let go of the grips of Doing It All My Self, I’m creating space for other people to add their energy and their gifts to my dream. And it’s *wonderful*

For example, all my meditation MP3s are now produced and mixed by my love. After spending 6 hours goofing off, sobbing and getting utterly frustrated over trying to make my own, I enlisted my ex-audio engineering honey to do it for me. He’s happy, and loves using his talents in that way. And I’m a much, much happier person.

I’ve also delegated all my web design work out. The way I see it – my time is much better spent doing the things I do best and adore doing, then struggling on something that is out of my realm. Yay!

2.} Happy, Happy Automation
I’m starting to automate all the things I can for the small, little tasks that build up. This means using AWeber to handle all my email subscriptions, so I don’t have to manage my hilariously out-of-control Excel spreadsheet anymore – and it also makes sure everyone who wants their Goddess email is getting their email. Yay! Feeling breathier than before.

I’m also looking into using e-Junkie to help manage my wild and wonderful course materials. Double Yay!

3.} Having a support network
I’ve known that circles and communities create miracles. When you have a group of people that share the same intention, amazing things happen. I’ve been part of a gorgeous online group (the SARK Forum) for years now. It’s brought me huge joyful blessings, including meeting two of my besties there. And now, since my life has become so hugely focussed on my busy busi-ness and living my soul’s purpose, I knew it was time to find another group to help me navigate these new waters. And I serendipitiously found the place that was right for me. A place where I could fritz and fret, then find my way back to business balance. Support networks rock. Yay!

You are most welcome to use me as a Goddess test-bunny.

And whatever I learn, you can totally use.
So the Cliff Notes of Goddess Leonie’s Massive Life Research Lessons this week is:

1. It’s okay to feel both overwhelmed AND happy when you are doing your soul’s purpose, your big dream or your life (henceforth known as “your Stuff”).
2. Is there someone else who can help you with your Stuff? What are the things you do best? Who could add energy, talents, gifts to your Stuff?
3. Can you eliminate or automate the little things that take up your time?
4. Can you find or develop some support networks of souls who have a similar intention?

End of the Story.

Anyway, what I really want to say through all of this…
is I want to create a place of support for you here.
A cushion, a velvet couch in a temple devoted to joy, wisdom, laughter and our Goddess selves. A place to return to to remember yourself and your beautiful life and your precious souls.
So I’m making things happen to make that happen.

So gorgeous Goddesses, I am so glad to have you here, sharing this amazing journey with me. As always, you can claim the talking stick in the Comments Circle and share about your journey.

I’m wishing you the most precious, luminous day,

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Buffalo Writings

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I hope you are having a splendifirous, spectacular day with your shining self.

Thank you so much to all those who shared their thoughts and dreamings through the Goddess survey. If you haven’t yet, but have got the itch to, there’s still time. Thank you biiiiiiiiig – I am so grateful!

Today, for something completely different… I wanted to share with you some writing from my Christmas break about meeting my totem, the buffalo, again. Over time I’ll be sharing more about totems and how to connect with yours… but for now… here’s Buffalo Writings. 🙂

The energy here is different. Here in South Australia – wild, unkept, windswept, with the taste of settlers and life close to the land. Bravery, dispair and truth and earth spirit are close to the surface here. If there is one thing I can say about it – it is Real. It is very here.

The wind sweeps in often on salt tongues, swilling around legs and bare shoulders. Look closely in the white orange earth, and you will find tiny shells, remnants of an ancient inland island.

Today, my love and I go to the open plains zoo, the place where I first saw my beloved buffalo. I am excited to share the animals with him for the first time, but don’t think of the buffalos. It has been some time since they had appeared in my dreams and visions, and in recent times I had been visited by other animals to teach me their lessons. In short, I thought my time with the buffalos had ended.

Sitting beside my love, we shuffle past the buffalo herd in an old, rattling bus. Instead of the gentle nonchalence I expected, I find myself taking deep inbreaths again, and filling with tears. Tears so light and golden they shine a warm light into my spirit.

Finally, after I thought these last months that buffalo had left me, I now see she has been living inside me. We are buffalo.

They speak to me, these beautiful beasts. They speak to me with their presence, their great spirit, their gentle eyes and wide backs. They are me, and I am them. I have been covered with a buffalo’s coat and claimed as their own. And I am willing, and honored, knowing I need not give up anything to be with them. I can be totally Leonie still – still utterly loved, still walking my talk, still quietly listening, still raucously living. I can still be myself – and yet be who  I am supposed to be. These words tumble out, and they surprise me.

In the zoo store, my love has cupped in his hand something I looked for a year ago but could not find – a buffalo statue. Wise eyes and gentle presence. Wild fur and tender agility. Feet planted in the earth. A body brimming with energy and spirit. She shows the way.

And so I venture forth, walking the path of the woman I was born to be, my gentle buffalo friends walking beside me and inside me. Showing me what it is to live with grace, wisdom, abundance and gratitude. And just how to live with this great stores of energy inside me. Walk it. Walk out my truth and knowing and love. Just as I am – a Buffalo Woman.

* * *

Big big buffalo love from me to you ~

Yes! You can still enrol! Six weeks of magic, creativity, inspiration and Goddess discovery await you in the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle.