2012: How One Woman Made Her Dreams + Goals Come True!

When I look back to 12 months ago when I was writing my goals, it’s like peering through a telescope into the long distant past.
So much has happened in 2012 for me and my family and my business.
So many physical changes, location changes, lifestyle changes and soul changes.

We decided in March that Proserpine was no longer our forever home. I let go of a whole lot of old family patterns and expectations so I could step into being an adult and who I really am. I wonder if anyone really talks about that searing process of weaning from your family of origin so you can create your own new family. The point at which your first family becomes “extended family”, the planet you fall out of the gravitational pull of so that your own growing family becomes the central focus of your life. It’s still so hard for me to explain, and yet it’s the big soul work I’ve been doing ever since I fell pregnant with my daughter three years ago.

This year, I feel like I closed the end of that cycle. Moving away from my hometown and toward the place that my little family needed was a brave and a good thing. Everything here feels like it supports and nourishes us: the wonderful school, the beautiful village, this amazing land and home, the people here who are kind and open and spiritual and creative.

I feel like I’ve been journeying through a deep initiation over the last three years, and here in Cairns I feel like I’ve emerged out, into the light.

I look around my life here: at the rainforest, over our wooden deck, at the content, smiling faces of my two dearests, and I am astounded:

This is my life that was waiting for me.

The one I have wanted all along.

It took a shittonne of effort, faith, bravery and push to make it happen, with a bloody good dose of providence.

But I’m so glad I’m here. So glad we’re here.

Right where we need to be.

Along the way, I’ve made so many of my dreams come true. I look back over my 2012 Workbook and I’m dazzled by how much of it came true. Even amongst all this change.

I’m grateful that all these dreams did come true. They added more joy, more sparkle, more loveliness to my life.

There’s still some goals that haven’t come to fruition yet. They are ones I’ve put work into and tried to make happen, but for some the timing has been off. As my love says:

“All in good time.”

And so it is. And so it shall.

So for now, let’s celebrate the fuc* out of 2012.

Here’s all the goals I wrote at the beginning of the year, and how they stand today.

Be warned – this is a pretty huge post!
I’ll tell you exactly what came true, how it came true, and also what didn’t work out!

Change my biz name to Goddess Leonie – We did. And not long after we did, the winds shifted in a new direction and my new vision was born. We incorporated as a company and became Leonie Dawson International Pty Ltd. It feels big and expansive and clear and gorgeous. Perfect for who I am and where we are heading as a company.

Change my middle name – I did indeed. I decided to do this after waking up one day and knowing that my middle name was no longer mine, and that a new name awaited me. And after meditating and waiting for my new name to find me, it did. (I won’t be sharing it publicly – it is sacred to me, something I can own fully.) It was a fairly easy process to do. After marrying Mr Dawson, I decided that while I was going through the process of changing my last name over everywhere, I would change my middle name legally and get all my documents changed at once. So I did. It feels good and true and right. A name I can grow into. A name that my soul answers to.

Meet a beefalo – This didn’t happen. I pulled out all stops to make it happen. And it didn’t. I’ll chalk it up to being a right timing thing. When they are ready, they’ll find me. And I’ll be over the top excited to see them.

Have a NY intention partyDONE.

Make a flipping amazing 2012 workbook folder for myself – DONE!
It ended up being filled with dividers and I included small collaged dreamboards in there, along with intuitive readings and inspirational articles. It was like a one-stop-resource-shop to feed my soul.

Make a 2013 Biz workbook? – OH HOLY SMOKES I am SO PROUD OF DOING THIS!!!! We really weren’t sure whether we’d be able to pull it off timing-wise this year. I wasn’t even sure at the start of the year if we could fit it in (thus the questionmark!) And then divine providence intervened, and one of my lovely coaching clients begged me to. And all of a sudden it was doable!

Get at least six massages – I kicked this one in the butt. Regular self care became (OMG!) an actual routine in my world in 2012. Instead of just waiting for things to fall apart, I found wonderful acupuncturists and masseuses. All up I probably had at least 20 massages this year – and I can feel it!

Make my caravan a sanctuary – I remember when I wrote this, I was SO hankering for my creative/work space to be comfortable. My lovely caravan at least gave me a place to work – but it was as hot as a sauna, not waterproof and had major structural issues. In February, after long talks with Chris, we decided to build an extension on our cottage in Proserpine to build an office instead. While we waited for plans to be drawn up, I found a little office to rent. In March, we realised that Proserpine wasn’t our forever home anymore, and that we were being called further north. We found an amazing treehouse to rent, and then bought our incredible rainforest farm. And I have the most wonderful office now… a really sweet sanctuary filled with my couch from the caravan, and art and my bookcase and a gorgeous big wooden desk. It’s really worked out perfectly. I ended up what I wanted… it’s just totally in a different place than I imagined!

Have at least 12 date nights with Chris – I think we only had about 5. Which is WAY more than our 2011 total of: Zero. I definitely think I need to include this again on my 2013 workbook. The five dates we had were wonderful, and I want MORE of that in my life. So I’ll count this as only partially complete, and readily embrace more in my life.

Incase you are wondering, I love these two to bits.

Find kindred spirits – Cairns is FULL of them.

Grow my business sustainably, organically, joyfully & easily – Oh YES. I’m astounded at how much my business changed this year. Absolutely astounded. I had no idea at the beginning of this year that we were poised on the threshold of a half million dollar a year company. And yet that’s exactly what we’ve done. What’s more, it’s been easier & easier. And it’s grown so much more powerfully than my mind was able to see. I am SO thankful. Business truly has been one of the most incredible spiritual journeys I’ve ever been on.

Get another pedicure – Didn’t do. I kept checking in & it just never felt right. I really, really enjoy nude toes + nude fingers!

Find another sitcom to fall in love with – I actually got a bit despondent in June this year when I hadn’t found one. I ADORE falling in love with a new show. I have such sweet memories of falling in love with Modern Family, Arrested Development, Miranda, Gavin and Stacey, The IT Crowd. And then it found me: I got obsessed by New Girl. And then Stella. Oh happy days!

Be a SOVEREIGN woman. – I feel more sovereign than I ever have been in my life. I feel stronger and clearer, fully stationed in my own life. I feel like a true adult. And it is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Find a pic or draw a pic of Ixchel that resonates. – Did it! Ended up being a glorious painting in my art journal that Ostara and I create in together.

Read Ixchel’s story. – DONE! I have no idea why it was so important to me at the beginning of the year to do this Ixchel work, but I trust that I got whatever I needed to from it!

Turn my book into a Kindle edition.DONE! Can’t believe this has all happened THIS year!!!!

Find REALLY COMFORTABLE resting positions. – Tee hee. I’m SUCH an ambitious person. DONE! Drawing on my studio’s chaise lounge + reading in bed are my favourites.

Have a night time soiree at Jodie’s. – We didn’t. But we had some pretty amazing day time soirees out there. I’ll always be grateful for the time we got to spend in Proserpine having Mama Paint Days at Jodie’s farm. (Jodie is my husbo’s cousin who is his twin in a zillion ways). Now that we’ve moved from Proserpine, I hope she’ll come and stay with her adorable boys and we can have some glorious times here together on the farm.

Make interesting things for and with Starry.

I KICKED BUTT at this this year! Thanks to my new found passions in crafting, we really kicked it outta the park this year.

Evidence: My Shit I’ve Made board on Pinterest.

Along with all the usual painting and art journalling that usually goes along in these parts.

You can always spot my kid: she’s the one who usually has pen and paint and marker streaks on her legs and face.


Let go of APPROVAL needing. Yeah!

Very proud of this. I never thought I really needed approval from anyone, until I realised how much I needed my parents’ approval.

I’ve pretty much let go of all that now. It was an immense lesson to learn, but I’m so grateful I did.

Research Personal Power.

Tee hee! A bit of a theme going here!

I consider the last three years as my PhD in Personal Power.

Be happy.

I really, really am.

Even though it’s been an immense year of transformation, I feel SO incredibly blessed to find ourselves where we landed.

This is where we are supposed to be.

It feels like my biggest life and my biggest dream was waiting for me to leap into it.

Get the fenceline how I want it.

When I wrote this, I was talking about our Proserpine cottage. I always felt like our backyard had a lack of boundaries and privacy (which totally echoed what else was going on at the time with my extended family. I hate being vague about stuff, but I don’t feel really called to sharing more about those challenges on my blog right now. It’s not *just* my story to share, you know?).

So really this was about me not only about a fence, but about having the security and space that me and my lil family needed.

And now it is how I want it. It just happens to be 800 kilometres north of that cottage and that fenceline.

We’ve got 2.5 acres here. We can’t see our neighbours at all. We’re surrounded and protected by tracts of rainforest and a river. We can’t see the road. In a word: bliss.

We also needed to build a yard here when we arrived, and we totally surprised ourselves by building it ourselves as a family project.

I feel SO proud of us for doing it, and it was a real healing, empowering experience in so many ways.

Family fencing day.

Have “theme” months of what essences I’d like to learn.

Didn’t do it. Instead, I ended up engaging in a kind of intensive mentorship with both spiritual and business coaches.

I don’t feel like I missed out on anything.

I really rode the waves and dealt with whatever shit came up, healed whatever needed healing, and stepped into where I needed to be.


Gotta love it when you can say that about a year:

I don’t think I could have done it any more amazingly than I did.

And I’m saying that because there’s been plenty ‘o’ years in my past when those years just seemed to swim past me without any conscious development or shaping with my own will and spirit. It felt instead that I was buffetted around by whatever winds rose.

This year, I felt my course was strong, my sails were full, and I was the captain of my own ship.

More girl time! Women soirees!

Weekly craft sessions + playgroups with soulful hippy mamas have been the raddest.

Everything I’ve ever wanted.

I’m wondering if 2013 might hold a sacred women’s circle in there for me too.

We’ll see how it rolls!

Put music I LOVE on my Mac & Ipod

Very happy to have done this!

Enjoy meditating more

My hunky love is such a teacher to me in so many ways.

Whenever I have a puzzling question, I ask him, and he always answers in the most surprising, sage, simple way.

I NEVER have any idea what he’s going to say.

I just know it’s going to be good.

So I asked him:

Hon, how do you meditate?

And he sat and he thought and his eyes crinkled in that hunky way of his and he said:

It doesn’t need to be meditation with my eyes closed. Sometimes, it’s just sitting there, and letting the stillness wash over me. Sometimes, I try to slow down my nervous system and walk around through my days like that.

I like the idea of that. And I’ve been practicing it.

Instead of hurrying wildly, thinking ahead to the next thing. Just being content, centered in my body, knowing there’s enough time and stillness for everything.

I like that a lot.
Create monthly check in worksheets

Did this, and did monthly check-ins for my business too. It ended up being super useful + productive + profitable + filled with heart. They evolved into the 2013 Create Your Incredible Business Year workbook.

Change name over everywhere.

Did. Feels good for everything to be aligned.

Enjoy writing again.

I’m getting there.

And honestly, it’s taken me a little bit by surprise that I wrote it.

But it makes perfect sense.

I used to write purely self-help stuff.

And in so many ways, it was channeled – it never felt like I had to do any work except turn up and take dictation.

And then earlier this year, I was sent a new mission from the angels.

They wanted me to start talking about business more.

And I was all


But they kept talking anyway, and I kept listening. Listening, because I know they’d never lead me astray. Everything they’ve called me to do has always been on purpose. It’s always lead me to good places.

So I listened.

And I saw what they were wishing for:

A world where earth angels could share their gifts profitably and change the world deeply. A world where women had options and choices about her and her family’s financial freedom. A world where business owners were highly conscious, evolved and healing. A world where we saw that money was not evil, and instead was just an opener of more possibilities. A world where we walked our talk, and became incredible custodians of money. A world where philanthropy was changing things quicker than any government could. A world where left brain and right brains worked together. Where hearts, brains and souls lived harmoniously.

And it was a good vision.

One I knew I had a role to play in.

For many years, I’ve been developing the business part of my brain. And it’s become a real joy and passion. I’m so grateful that I’ve learned how to apply business, marketing and systems principles in order to share my gifts with the world and help other people.

And I’ve seen how much other people struggle with sharing their gifts, with doing what they love.

It’s been really easy to talk about business in coaching and on retreats.

It’s still not as easy for me to write about – it’s not just channeling anymore.

And I’d like for it to be easier.

That easy “turn on the switch and the water flows” again.

I’m sure it’s coming!

Get some Vibram shoes.

Did. Really haven’t enjoyed wearing them! Ha!

Maybe I’ll pull them out again and see if I can fall in love.

Or maybe I’ll just stick with my usual: barefoot or Birkenstocks anyway! Ha!

Actually enjoy exercise.

One thing that’s surprised the heck out of me this year?

I really like physical labour.

Exercise that doesn’t create anything?

Not as exciting for me.

Building fences? Doing woodwork? Running up the paddock after Ostara?

Totally gets me sweaty and happy.

Going to keep creating crazy projects for me to work on that give me exercise!
Heal Itchy Leg Syndrome.

If you haven’t heard of ILS, all it pretty much means is if you walk for longer than say, 20 minutes, you get itchy legs. Like stupidly itchy legs. Like OMG THERE ARE ANTS IN MY SKIN kind of itchy.

This year I studied more into it, talked to my acupuncturist about it, and things have gotten a lot better thanks to magnesium supplements + salt scrubs.

I wouldn’t say “IMAHEALLLLLLLLED!” yet.

But we’re closer than we were before. #win

Do at least 25 yoga classes.

I found yoga classes I REALLY loved in Proserpine and went to about 10 sessions before we did that whole move twice thang.

And after holding my ear to the ground and looking for smoke signals, I’ve finally found a yoga class here!

Last night was my first class.

Picture this: Dru yoga. On a beautiful wooden deck. Twilight. Surrounded by rainforest.

I couldn’t stop giddily looking around, soaking in the perfection!

I’m on to a winner!

Eat my own grown passionfruit.

The one thing I was bummed about leaving Proserpine for was our fledgling garden that we put so much work into. I’d planted two passionfruit vines and was SOOOO excited to eat from them.

And then we bought Paradise House and I was DELIGHTED to discover there was already one growing here!

Just waiting from them to ripen! I still have a month of 2012 left!!!! EEEEE IS FOR EXCITED!!!

Find out who lives in the purple house.

So this might sound a little strange (HURRAH!) but there was an awesome purple house I was sorta obsessed by in Proserpine.

It was so gorgeously painted + decorated. Very Balinese!

And I thought FO SHO that whoever lived in that house would be my new best friend.

And then I found out who it owned it, and I already knew who they were!

Anyways, we didn’t end up becoming new best friends or anything (they were totally nice though!), but it was a hilarious running joke at the time.

I really do like having silly goals as well as HUGE ones!

Have fun with Marissa.


Make chocolate fudge.

We did! Using Heather Eats Almond Butter’s recipe! Omnomnomer!

Go to the islands.

Had the most amazing time EVER on Daydream Island with Marissa and my wee family.


I felt like a very happy Labrador with my doggy face stuck out the window:

Island magic:

And wuh-woah! Dreamboat on a dreamy boat!

See a dolphin!

Dolphins! Where are you! Come at me bro!

After waiting thirty years to see a dolphin, I know when I DO see one, it’s going to be worth it!

Learn how to make creme brulees.

After learning I was allergic to dairy and eggs, I decided to nix this baybee.

Instead, I became proficient at making (gluten free) damper rolls, which we eat with blackstrap molasses. (Recipe here under “Aussie Damper”)

Crowning moment of glory was getting up at dawn one day to make them so we could go sit by the creek in the morning light and eat them!

Begin & finish second gratitude journal

Did it! Used this free printable journal I made a wee while ago for y’all.

Gratitude journals really do transform negative thinking + make life even more of the happy! SQUEEFEST!

Baptise Ostara

We had a plan for this one to happen, but timing didn’t work out.

All in good time!

Ride a horse


Did I ever mention the time I went horseriding through the rainforest on an appaloosa?


Have a dinner at Croc Cafe

We skipped dinner and had lunch instead. It was DELISH!

Go to concert or movie

I took Ostara to go see Elmo’s Round The World concert!

I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through!

There’s just something about the energy of live events that thrills me!

Have massages // treats regularly

I gotta say, I am becoming UBER proficient at this. I actually now schedule in self-care into my calendar. Massages, acupuncture, solo artist’s dates, cafe dates with myself.

It’s been SUCH a wonderful change for me.

Have an adventure at Brandy Creek

We left the Whitsundays, so instead we’ve been having adventures at an amazing creek near our new home!

I feel like a water nymph fairy down there!

Eat green

I’m so grateful that every year I get better and better at this.

We’ve now got a weekly ritual – every Sunday we go to the local organic farmer’s markets and stock up on a huge amount of fresh fruit and vege.

I make a big vegetable and chicken soup every week and freeze leftovers into one-serve containers to warm up for lunches. (I haven’t been vegetarian since I got pregnant. It served me while I was vegetarian, and now my body needs something different.)

We make a big batch of kale chips at least once a week.

I still rock the Goddess Green Smoothie.

If I feel like I’m not getting enough greens in, I’ll go buy a container of spinach leaves and munch through them.

In 2013, I want to build our vege patch here and become more self-sustainable.

Go to sound healing workshop

Didn’t – but instead, I went to a Visionary Art workshop!

It was awesome to try something new… it makes your brain synapses work in glorious new ways!

Make wall hanging with pockets


It now holds Ostara’s wee dolls in there.

Go to Mums & Bubs yoga


It was glorious fun.

Mosaic with Trish

The lovely Trish taught me how, and we spent so many happy hours gluing broken tiles down into Mediterranean vistas of deliciousness!

Learning new crafty shit really is the best thing ever.

Have weekly or fortnightly Mama/Babba FUN & spirited & gentle gatherings

I really did chuckle when I re-read this one.

I pulled together these groups when we were in Proserpine and we had so much fun.

And here in Cairns they already have them!

Totally fills my heart being there!

Find my women’s circle here

Not yet! But hopefully in 2013!

Have fun side projects

Oh the FUN we have had this year!

From woodworking and table building and wet felting and needle felting and sewing felt toys!!!!!!

Discovering these new skills has been one of the highlights of my year!

Giggle + ENJOY LIFE!

Six years ago, I bought this birthday card for my love:

There’s something about it: the birds, her smile that remind me of that gorgeous quality of:

joy for life.

I’ve kept it close by for these last six years – on our fridge, on my desk.

It’s a good reminder.

Don’t get me wrong: I do my soul work. I learn the lessons I need to learn. It’s not always easy.

But I still think it’s bloody important to keep a good sense of humour about these things.

Life is here to be enjoyed.

Have rest & vitality

I’m getting better and better at this every single year.

Since I started my 9:30 bedtime rule, I feel HOLY GUACAMOLE SO MUCH BETTER.

A few months ago, I went through a huge turning point in mamahood:

I stopped breastfeeding, and my daughter started sleeping through the night for the first time since she was born 2.5 years ago.

It was just the right time for weaning, and I did a whole lotta energy healing before we did it.

It’s really made a massive difference for me to be able to sleep through the night (instead of being woken up 4-8 times a night).

Another turning point for me was to decide to no longer do things if I had to push from my adrenals in order to do it.

I started making decisions based on whether I had the natural physical energy to do things – instead of thinking in my head about how I could push to make it happen (i.e. using my adrenals).

I could talk for dang years about adrenals + sleep + all that goodness.

Do what I want

I think moving to Cairns has been a large part of this for me.

Every year, I feel closer and closer to myself.

Get caravan stumped

Make caravan cool & comfortable when it’s hot


My new office/studio is both of those things, so we’re all sorted mate! YIPPEEE!!!

I am so grateful for a workable office space!!!

Make another Instagram album

I make these through Blurb, and it’s now my yearly tradition.

I’ve got my 2012 one ordered!

It’s such a glorious way of having a physical copy of photos.

Me & my love often look through the wee albums we have just to moon over baby Ostara together!

Make wedding photo album

Did! It’s HUGE and glorious and oh so beautiful.

(We used a premium layflat photobook from Big W. It’s really gorgeous & hefty.)

I’m also working on getting a little Blurb book done of it – since the album is so big & hefty, I’d like a little square one to add to our albums so Ostara can look through it easily with her toddler fingers without me freaking out.

Get wedding canvasses

Did – got a HUGE 40 x 60″ canvas that now hangs in our lounge/dining. It’s just dreamy!

(Got it half price from Big W – they have a half price sale happening at ze moment too.)

Grow watermelon or pumpkin in front yard // Plant small shrubs in front yard & make a welcoming walkway

We ended up re-doing the front yard with gorgeous hardy flowering plants, and the pumpkin vine didn’t fit.

We planted it out the back of the cottage instead.

This reminds me though – time to get one going here!

(writes it on 2013 workbook!)

Read or give away all the books in my book case

This one has been on my list FOREVER!

DID this!

Earlier this year I got rid of almost my entire library.

A couple of weeks ago, I did the same thing (from books that had piled up in the intervening months, and also books I hadn’t finished/been ready to part with the first time.)

Let greeting cards RUN WILD.


I talk in the Guide To Riding Wild Donkeys (aka the Project Finisher ebook) about how unfinished/unpublished projects tend to pile up in a mountain called “Mount Unfinished.”

And how Mount Unfinished can drag energy out of you.

So I make it a personal resolution to either finish or publish unfinished projects.

About four or five years ago, I was represented by an illustration agent and created a line of greeting cards that didn’t end up seeing the light of published day.

And I hate having stuff around that I’ve invested energy into that haven’t gone out into the world.

So I popped them up on Redbubble. And wa-la! Set free! And out of Mount Unfinished!

Get so flexible I can bend my head to my knees

Working on it, thanks to lovely yoga class!

Tell a stranger they look beautiful


There was this gorgeous older woman in a nearby village and she just looked so fabulous.

She had red flared pants on and a matching red vest.

And she really caught my eye across the street.

So I thought

“Now’s your chance Leonie! Grow some cahones!”

And I marched on over to her with Ostara on my hip and said

“Excuse me, I just have to tell you that I saw you from across the street and I just love your outfit! It’s so bright and colourful! You look beautiful!”

And her whole face lit up like she’d been waiting to hear it her whole life and she said

“Oh! Oh! Oh! What a lovely thing to say! You know, I’ve only just started dressing like this. I’ve always been afraid my whole life of wearing things I liked to wear. And I said to myself “You’re nearly 60! Just do it already!” So I did! Thank you so much for telling me!”

It was awesome.

P.S. She’s no longer a stranger – I found out later she lives on my road!!!!!

Redo kitchen // Finish bathroom reno

My hunky love finished the bathroom reno just in time for Marissa to be here.

There ain’t nothing hotter than a man with a sledge hammer (except for a man holding a baby).

And then we decided not to reno the kitchen after we moved.

We ended up with our dream kitchen anyway!

Get a bicycle!


Got this blue coaster beauty!

Have spent some very happy times squeeing down the street like a hippy hipster!

Create & release oracle cards

Didn’t happen.

And I don’t believe this one will happen anytime soon.

There’s so many other projects that have my name on them that are calling me.

I began the Goddess In You oracle card set seven years ago (or so) and have photographed over 40 women for it.

It was such a blessing to do.

I’ll either need to formally retire the project with a sacred farewell, or the time will come for its birth.

Be a fun, loving, happy mama

I’m so happy that this goal came true.

I feel like I really came into my own in mamahood this year.

Also: Have I Mentioned How Freaking Adorable She Is??????

Read tea leaves

I took this off my Things To Do This Life List.

Honestly though? I think it’s going to get relegated back to my life list.

It’ll happen in time – maybe when I’m 60 and some ancient priestess crone decides to teach me over (gluten free) fairy bread.

Make more friends

Done! Met some gorgeous women throughout this year.

In Cairns here I’ve met some gorgeous souls through Steiner school + crafting.

And I’m sure there are more out there…

Be a good, loyal and in-communicado with my dear friends


Play Bingo or something suitably oldishladyish

Another one to move back on to the Things To Do This Life List.

Ready when the time awaits!

Get a tattoo

Didn’t. Still waiting for the image to emerge as a vision!

Play a magical April Fool’s Day trick


Design my own awesome stickers that I ADORE


Did! Used MOO!

Read “Women Who Run With the Wolves”

I gave it a dang good go, and then decided I actually really didn’t need to finish it.

I got everything I needed to get right now just from her story of the wolf woman.

Instead, I fell in love with another book of Clarissa’s that I read this year – Untie the Strong Woman.

(Just so you know – it’s totally okay to change your goals later! If they aren’t serving you, don’t do them! Find something that does!)

Let go of CDs?

I pared them way down, donated lots + sold a few.

Now I’ve just got a few easy listening CDs that we dance around the lounge room to!

Continue paring back my belongings

Did! Two moves helped substantially with that!

Check out Denise Linn’s Power Book


Move home loan to another bank

This took a whole lotta effort, but it was worth it!

And it worked out brilliantly in our favour – it made it so much easier when it came to buying Paradise House!

Put over savings onto our mortgage

Our current financial strategy is to put all our savings onto our mortgage.

It’s worked really well for us!

Eat allergy free

I did! And I got tested to find out what my food allergies are – I’m currently sensitive to gluten, soy, almonds, eggs, dairy and a few other things. It definitely required me to make a few food adjustments, but I feel muchos better for it!

Have Mackay adventure

We had some really, really lovely adventures to Mackay together.

Some really happy times with my little roadtripping family.

Read at least 12 books

Ha! I knocked this one outta the PARK!

I really wanted to get into the habit of reading (and finishing) books this year instead of just internet reading.

So I aimed for one a month. And then thanks to my 2012 discoveries of Kindle and romantic fiction, I ended up reading (wait for it!) over 200 books! Ha!

I’ll be doing a Top 12 Books of 2012 post for you soon to share the treasures I discovered along the way!

Reinstate Switch Off Sundays

I’m so proud – this year I’ve actually started taking full weekends off work!

I realised last year that I could go a full six months with working every.single.day. (on weekends when my daughters was asleep.)

And then I’d get a bit burnt out and wonder why.

Now I have a strict 5 day work week policy. I still only work a couple of hours a day on my business during the week.

It’s just important to have days that you switch off your business brain, read trashy novels, make groovy things + have fun with ze family without thinking ahead to what you need to do next!

Stay aligned, centered and in progress

Done. I’m so proud of myself for this year!

Keep rebuilding my body & getting healthier, stronger & more radiant


There’s always progress to make, but I can feel how my body is getting so much better after being so worn out post-partum. (Babies hey! They really take it outta ya!)

Die hair turquoise

Instead, I cut all my hair into an uber pixie cut and went magenta and purple!

Decide on our next place

Pictures say a thousand words:

More Stuff We DID! (That I Didn’t Set Goals For!)


This year, we also did some really important work I like to call “Life Admin.”

Getting stuff in order. Making life as smooth as possible.


  • Consolidated all our superannuation into one account (I’m guessing that if you’re an American, it’s called 401(k)?)
    Anyhewsles, we rounded up all our super from stray and lost accounts from jobs we’d been in, and put them all in one that we can keep contributing to.
  • Got our Wills & Power of Attorney sorted for me and my love.
    I can’t enunciate – it’s a rewarding but emotional job. It’s a bit confronting to start looking at the “what if” situations. But it feels so much better to have it complete and everything taken care of.
  • Created an Important Docs file
    This one I got the idea from One Bite At A Time. This is a file just incase you decide to take your rainbow journey a wee bit early in life. I collected copies of our wills and power of attorney, along with passports, bank account information and superannuation information. It’s also got information on who needs contacting in our life + business. And I’ve told a couple of people where the file actually is. It’s just good to have this shit done.
  • Sold Our Cottage + Bought A Farm
    We ended up selling our cottage at a loss – we’d bought at the top of the market and sold as the market was bottoming out. Regardless, I still see it was a worthy investment.


On top of that, I also:

  • ran sold-out private coaching retreats here at Paradise House for women entrepreneurs from all over the world!
  • creating the Healing Goddess video workshop!
  • invested in intensive training and mentoring with business coaches
  • was mentored by master intuitive healer Hiro Boga and did intensive healing work every two weeks for the whole year!
  • had my first full time team member (yipee!!!!)
  • hired our second team member (hurrah!)
  • was contacted by a literary agent interested in representing me for a book deal (I might write another book next year when the time is right!)
  • did private business coaching for a range of incredible women including (eeeee!) one of my heroes actress + singer Claire Bowditch! (When she called me, I totally cry-laughed on my bed for a good five minutes… you know what I mean right?)
  • and most importantly, had lots and lots of beautiful time and adventures with my darling husband and daughter.


And The 2012 Diagnosis?

All in all, it’s been one incredible year. A remarkable year.

I’m so grateful it happened. SO grateful.

So much change, blossoming, wonderful lessons learnt, leaps of faith taken.

And it’s all worked out. Damn beautifully.

A year ago, I was sitting in a cottage, wondering what was next.

And here I am, in a house on a farm that is the living incarnation of a dream.

Looking out over the rainforest. My full, satisfied heart.

I’ve done what I needed to do. Created what needed to be created.

And it all worked out in the end.




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The 3 Stages To Making Your Dream Come True

Just a few days ago, it was my 30th birthday.

To celebrate, we went on a little road trip. Ate crepes, stopped at a little park filled with scrub turkeys and went to the Crystal Caves.

It was the fountain made out of 3 tonnes of rose quartz that made me cry.

It made me think of my favourite archangel Quan Yin, and that love she pours over everyone.

All I could do was sit with my hands over my heart and soak in it,

thankful for my life,

thankful that I am blessed enough to walk in this beautiful world.


This morning, Ostara and I went to weekly craft mornings.

I was reading through my Creating My Incredible Year workbook from 2012 on my birthday eve, noting down how much of it had come true.

And one of my 2012 wishes was “Find or create a weekly mama + bubba craft morning.”

It’s perfect how it all came true.

How every week you’ll find me up to my heart’s content immersed in wet felting and needle felting and fairy felt making and journal making.

All while Ostara plays with gorgeous kidliwinks, many of whom will be in her class at Steiner school. Sweet little beings who will know each other for the next 14 years or more.

It feels like a profound blessing, and exactly what we searched for.


We come home, eat a warm lunch with my love and our puppies.

We talk for a while, and then I make myself a cup of tea.

Ostara and her Daddy play for a while.

When I leave them, she has a story book open, and is asking to watch a Youtube video on all the things that are in her book. “A duck Daddy! Ducks! Now eggs!”

And they watch as tiny little duckling noses emerge through the cracks of shells.


I pad through my house down to my office, a beautiful space that overlooks the rainforest.

It’s a damn sight better than the office I had 12 months ago: precisely nothing. Just a park bench and a tree. And then a dear old steaming hot broken down caravan.

Having an office that is clean and bright and cool and waterproof and functional and actually comfortable is incredible.

And I pad down here to begin my “work day” – those couple of hours that I pour forth whatever creative miracles want to be born through me.

And I think to myself:

This is my life. I am SO blessed. I am so happy. My dream has come true.


And the next thought I thought?

And I MADE it happen.

Incase you’re wondering. Incase you’re dreaming of dreams to come true.

Incase you’re wondering just what it takes.

I want to tell you this:


Yes, your dreams are possible.

Yes, go for it.



Our miracles are self-generated.

They don’t just happen. They aren’t gifted upon us.

They are gifted to us by us.


There’s Three Stages To A Dream Coming True

1. Dream The Dream

First comes the thought.

You have to conceptualise it first. Think of it. Dream how you wish for it to be.

Dream it in as much detail as you can.


2. Write It Out + Speak It

Get it out from just being in your brain, from just being one of those thoughts that waft away in the next breeze.

Let it take its first physical appearance into reality.

Journal it, workbook it, tell your dearest friends, tell the world.

You’ll work out what works for you – whether private ambitions or being publicly accountable drives you forward.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you do it.


3. Walk Your Talk.

Let your actions align with your intentions.

Make everything you do be a living prayer of your dreams.

Choose again and again the stepping stones that take you closer to your dreams.

Make it a daily goal to be closer to your dreams.

Do the thing that needs doing.

And you’ll be so immersed in making your dreams come true, in being a walking embodiment of your dream alive…

that you’ll begin to see your dream pulling its way into your reality.


I’ve Made A Great Many Dreams Come True


I’m a fairly young bunny.

I’ve made a huge amount of my goals come true.

I’ve become the CEO of my own half million dollar a year company. I’ve written two books. I’ve interviewed and been interviewed by some of my all time bucket list heroes including SARK, Julia Cameron and Lynn V Andrews. I’ve got the kind of work/life balance I wanted – just a couple of hours of focussed, strategic, joyful work on weekdays, and the rest of the time immersed in mamahood and loverhood and enjoying-the-shit-out-of-life-hood. I live in a beautiful home in the rainforest. I have a deep, close relationship with my husband and feel so happy and blessed to be a mama to my daughter.

And none of this happened by accident.

Did I wake up one day and suddenly realise I’m living my perfect life?

Shit no.

Every single step of the way and in every single part of my life, I’ve been the master creator.

I have built this business from the ground up with my passion, determination and focus (not just once, but every single freakin’ day for the last five years. I’ve stepped up, took to the plate, batted, and gotten better at batting.) I made those books happen. I created the kind of credibility and experience that meant I could be an associate instead of just a fan. I struggled hard to get that kind of work/life balance. When I saw this home, I knew it was ours, and I made that effer hapen – even when it scared me. I’ve worked hard for the last 11 years to create a relationship with my husband that keeps getting better and better (it’s never been easy or effortless – we’ve just managed to love each other (and ourselves) enough to get over our shit, grow and get better at that whole relationship thing!) And I’ve gone through some immense changes to find my way as a happy mama.

It’s all work.

But darlin, it’s the good work.

It’s the big work.

The work that is calling the best part of you out into the world.


Dreams Aren’t Easy. And They Aren’t Supposed To Be.


They are making you who you are.

They are forming you into the person you need to be to hold the dream safe.


All you gotta do is remember:

1. Thought

2. Word

3. Action


And go make those dreams come true. It’s going to be the most beautiful thang you’ve ever seen.

You’ll change along the way too. In exactly the right kinda way.


all my love,


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Creative Mothers Documentary

I’ve spoken before over + over about what it means to be a creative mother.

I had so few role models of mamas who had passions outside of mothering, and it took me a long time in mothering to start reconciling and accepting that I would always be an arist.

It’s a relief to watch this 10 minute short from an upcoming documentary “Lost in Living.”

Women with passions who also happen to be mothers.

It made me exhale and say

“Ohhhhhh. Ohhhh good. It’s not just me. It wasn’t just me all along.”

It resonated with me. Felt it might resonate with you too.