Snippets of {this goddess’} Life & asking for help

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

It’s been a glorious week of rest, planning & creating here in the Land of Leonie.

Tender & tiny moments… filled with magic and momentousness!

All captured… in images.

Why yes… this *is* what it looks like.

So I had this dream a couple of nights ago. And in it, my little merchild was out in the world, and I was changing its nappy in the change room. And I was working out how to change its nappy, and what I needed around the change table. It was the most practical kind of dream… the ones that are like Groundhog Day. I get to try things out before they are here! It was wonderful 🙂

And when I woke up, I knew I could change nappies and would be okay. And I also knew that I needed to move my change table around so it was all lovely & accessible.

So we’ve been doing that. And then yesterday, we decided to trial run the set-up.

This is my merman love’s hands as he practices nappying up our teddy Theodore on the change table.

This makes my spirit giggle and my heart shine with love.

Creating on the floor.

I was thinking of fabric-collaging the cover of my 2010: Creating my Goddess Year workbook & planner… but think I’ll leave it all lovely & white & pure like it is.

Developing a rather major addiction to plums.

This is what it’s like to eat a plum in my house… being carefully, carefully watched by two puppies… just incase I drop! tee hee hee 🙂

Finding random mermaid baby treasures!

First this hooded towel which I adore…

and then today…

these mermaid leg warmers!

Both mermie goodies are a wee bit big for a newborn… but she’ll grow into them. In the meantime, her mermaid mama will continue to be besotted by them 😉

Going on a spontaneous late-night late-Christmas-light drive with my sweetie.

The moon all big and beautiful and round.

The lights all magical & fantastical.

Way too many cherries.

Finding it a bit harder to sleep at night with the light of the full moon…
waking up in the early hours to listen to the rain, stretch out in the moonlight, and dream anew…

Working my way through the home & house pages of the Workbook… how I wanted my home to support me & my dreams.

The first thing I knew I needed to do to make my home support me more during the new year… was to start at its centre. Which happens to be where our hearth heater is… and our altar. Over Christmas, our altar had become full with a whole heap of Christmas cards, funny presents, crystals and stuff. I needed some clarity & intention-filled space again, so I cleared it down with water and vinegar & put away everything. Then slowly, mindfully, I chose things to re-fill that space again.

Holy & sacred… the two paintings up the top are the mermaid mandala I had commissioned for my love… and the one on the left is one of my favourite personal artworks… a woman healing herself with a rainbow. That’s the perfect image for me right now… healing myself with chakra colours…

A statue of Quan Yin ~ my patron Goddess. Me & Sone like to call her our “Goddess Homegirl” – she’s the one we turn to again & again.

Quan Yin is wearing a bindi I got while I was in India… a dried rose from my blessingway ceremony & a beautiful little felted ladybird baby that a gorgeous goddess sent me.

It also includes paintings made by my love (I think he’s my most favourite artist in the world…), a Willowtree statue of dancing lovers that my love gifted me last Christmas, a Goddess Isis statue (protector of women & children) that my lil sis gave me for my birthing day, a pregnant goddess statue & a hanky & pendant owned by my GrandMother.

… All of these are there with the intention of feeling at peace, supported & presence with the journey of pregnancy & mamahood.

And a little part of all my animal tribe & helpers… a buffalo, an owl, a rose quartz elephant & a unicorn.

All in all… it’s feeling *so* much cleared and shinier than before. Ready for a new year, and the next part of my journey.

And the next thing I wrote in my workbook that knew I needed to do in our home to support me… was to make our bedroom feel totally glorious & sumptuous…

And it’s finally done! My love lowered our bed so it feels more futon-ish now… and he also put the magenta silk sari I bought in India over our window to make it more “womb-like.” Uhhh… yuh… he’s amazing. I cleared out our room so it only has bed, books, crystals and loveliness in it now. And for the first time in ten years… I bought a new doona cover.

Behold its stunning gorgeousness!

Yes, I totally had to raid the teen section of Target… but could it be any more perfect? Turquoise & lavendar (my two favourite hues) and butterflies dancing all over it? It’s perfect.

Our bedroom feels like a sanctuary now… a spa… a place of rejuvenation & rest & calm.


Extra bonus things


If you’d like to share your gorgeous goodies with more goddesses, I’ve got spaces left for January sponsors. You can read more & sign up here.

The next thing… which I feel totally shy about sharing, but am going to anyway.

When the idea for the 2010 planner & workbook jumped on me like a fairy that was hiding in the bushes… it felt like I had little choice but to ride the wave, and birth it out into the world. It just came whole, and complete, and ready to share… one that I just needed to get on paper, and embellish with rainbow paint.

And I didn’t really mind how many goddesses would buy it or anything like that… I just knew it had to be created. For me. For those who needed it.

A couple of days ago, I was sitting in morning meditation. And I was seeing all these goddesses around the world… and they were healing their world, and their life… by using the workbook… and bringing their big dreams into the world. They were being healed by the rainbow colours in it. And I felt all of us connecting as we dreamed new loveliness into the world for the new year, and I had these beautiful goosebumples all over me from seeing it.

And my angels said to me:

Leonie, more goddesses need this workbook than you think is possible. You need to dream bigger. There are 1000 goddesses out there who need this book. Imagine the healing that would take place if a thousand goddesses were feeling supported to dream their dreams into being.

And I was a little bit surprised by that. Usually when I release goddess goodies, they go to a few hundred goddesses. I just didn’t think in thousands at all.

So I tried to visualise a thousand goddesses. And I could see a few hundred, but the rest were behind a misty veil – I could see them, but I couldn’t see them clearly.

I asked my angels what I needed to know in order to connect with those goddesses who might need the workbook.

All they said was:

This is something you need to reach out about, and allow other goddesses in to help to connect the web.

So here I am. Standing a little bit quakey, and a little bit brave.

Asking if you might know how I can find those goddesses who might make up that holy grail of a thousand goddesses who are dreaming an inspiring, healing, radiant new year for themselves, each other & this world.

Almost 200 goddesses have already got the workbook. I’ve created a Goddess Ambassador program so that any goddess who’d like to help me spread the word about the workbook will get 50% of their sacred sales… I adore sharing the abundance.

I’d like to do this in the most joyful, spirited way possible… I want to radiantly support & treasure any goddess who is called to getting the workbook, and I want to radiantly support & treasure any goddess who isn’t called to getting the workbook either. However a goddess’ spirit calls her is perfect. My intention here is to see how I can reach out & connect with those women who may not know about me or about feeling like a goddess yet.

*long exhale*

When I was 21, I met an amazing woman at my work. And she shone with this kind of luminescent joy. And she invited me into her women’s circle… and when I got there, my life changed. Because there were all these women who knew they were goddesses. They were supported on their journeys. They chose loving, conscious choices for themselves. They knew what it was to feel powerful, joyful, creative & alive. And as I spent time with these women, I started feeling like maybe that was possible for me too. And then I started knowing that it was. And all of a sudden… I started realising that my life was own beautiful thing to create. That I didn’t have to be stuck being blown where the winds of my life thrust me. I could set the sails of my soul, and choose my boat to be a Ship of Joy.

It was the changing point in my life…

and the thing that I want to offer to women everywhere. For them to know and see themselves as beautiful, compassionate, creative and wise. That’s what is inside us. That is what we were born to be.

So I’m starting with a thousand. And slowly, by slowly, like a buffalo, I’ll walk the path of finding all those who are looking for their tribe, and their own precious, profound path. And offering what I can to help them on their way.

So a thousand is my first big dream for the new year. A thousand goddesses with the workbook, creating their own goddess year. Dreaming their big dreams, and making them happen.

Can you help, dear goddess sister? I would so love any advice, support or guidance how I can help any goddess who might be looking for themselves, for joy, for remembering, to find us here, in this goddess circle, creating magic as we go. How to send out the workbook on the backs of eight hundred more rainbow doves?

In humble gratitude and deep blessings,

big love,

Creating my Goddess Year: Closing 2009

Hola beautiful hearts!

Thank you so, so, so, so much for all the orders for the 2010: Creating my Goddess Year workbook & planner. I’m just completely blown away by the orders that have rocked my inbox in the very, very best way. I just get all giddy inside thinking about all these goddesses around the globe dreaming up some magical years for themselves… it makes my heart well up with hope & love & joy.

I just want to say:


Or even… I just reminded this t-shirt I designed five years ago or so:


hee hee hee!

Anyway… so thank you beautifuls… I hope the Workbook has been such an amazing experience for you already.

I’ve been having so much fun on Facebook hearing about all the goddesses printing theirs off, finding folders for it, filling it out… and I love some goddesses have been taking it to Officeworks to get it all printed off & bound. And I thought… things are *so* much funner when done together. So I’m going to share the journey of me filling out my own workbook out for my new year… and all the treasures that come up during it.

Let the journey begin!

It totally amuses me that I’m using my own Workbook here… but that’s the whole idea of it really! When I thought abou

I printed it off this morning…

First I decided I wanted to use a ring binder folder to make it more like a living document – one that I can keep adding too, like a scrap-journal.

I found this old red one in my cupboard and thought it would work perfectly!

But then… apparently not so much. I got distracted instead & went for a white one instead.

Mmmmm… purity and whiteness… ready for newness…

It was a little dusty from the cupboard though… so it needed a bit of a clean up.

And this cracked me up… when I went to the cupboard to get our vinegar spray to cleanse the folder… I had to be careful to choose the right bottle.

The left one is our Doggy Calm concoction that Chris made up – water and lavendar oil diluted together that we spray on the puppies to chill them out. And our cleanser, which is white vinegar and water.

Mmmm… homemade concoctions!

And the sparkly clean folder, with the cover inserted 🙂

How it looked inside… I think I’ll keep adding piccies & more pieces of paper to it too 🙂

And then at this point… I got stuck.

I closed the folder, and felt like I wanted to ignore it. Like it was going to take too much energy. Like it was something I just didn’t want to dive into at all.

And I promptly went and sequestered myself away in bed for a couple of hours.

Me procrastinating about it totally took me by surprise, really. I was *so* looking forward to it, and was so excited about it! But yet… here I was – doing all I could to ignore it.

Late in the afternoon, as the sun began to set, I did the thing that always takes me out of that stuck, procrastinating place… I went outside.

And set myself up with a cup of lemonade, some big juicy dates, my folder, my puppy & a sun lounge.

My sweetie had just planted a whole heap of succulents in pots, and Angel was being her usual holy-adorable self.

And as I sat and stared at my folder… I realised something. I was resisting doing the Workbook because it meant reflecting on and celebrating and letting go of 2009.

And if there’s one thing I’m not that comfortable with – it’s looking back. I’m totally comfortable with moving forward, transition, change & transformation.

But look back? Muse on the past? Uck no!

I’m so much more used to dreaming up the future.

And so the Workbook showed me that medicine…

the medicine of completing, celebrating and recognising 2009.

So I started writing…

All the things I am grateful for.

My love. The most amazing partner I could want. Our love relationship.

Both of us knowing one day in May this year that new soul wanted to come into this world… and trusting and allowing it to come through.

Becoming pregnant.

Him saying yes to having another doggy – and getting Angel.

All the things I learned in the last year.

Trusting my intuition even more.

Learning how to be still.

Learning how hard burn out is.

Learning how to heal when I found a lump on my breast.

Learning how to grow from being a maiden to mother.

Learning how to let go of old relationships.

Learning how to build myself a mama’s cave.

All the things I’m proud of myself for.

Proud of healing myself.

Proud of believing in myself and following my big dreams.

Proud of creating so many things this year.

Proud of getting through all day morning sickness.

Proud of growing my sacred business to be profitable and abundant and a good place for other goddesses.

Proud of choosing my path, and my integrity, and my spirit, again and again.

And as I wrote, I got lighter and lighter.

I felt clearer and clearer.

When I ended with the Completion Circle page, I felt like I finally *got* 2009… what it was here for… why it was gifted to me.

And, sitting here at the precipice of the end of 2009, I see why mining it for clarity and treasures is a good thing.

Our lives are gardens.

And at the turn of the year, we can look around our garden.

See which weeds need pulling out.

See what beauty still blooms there.

See which older plants have given us a good harvest, and give thanks to Great Spirit for them.

See what needs tending to, and nurturing.

But I see what we are really doing…

is clearing space.

Tilling the soil.

Planting seeds.

For something new, and magical to grow and bloom.

At the end of 2009… I want to give thanks for all that has been gifted to me over the last year, and over my life.

And I tend the soil of my soul’s garden… knowing that my garden is going to bear fruits even more mystical, magical and life-changing in the next year.

Join me on the journey…

I would so, so, so love to hear about your journey of doing the 2010: Creating my Goddess Year workbook & planner… and see your pics too 🙂

You can add in the comments, or share about it on your blog & let us know your blog addy.

I’m envisioning a gathering of goddesses dreaming up a beautiful new year together…

And you are so welcome to use this button if you like!

And as an extra goodie… every goddess who shares about their Workbook journey in the comments or their own blog will go into the draw to win a laminated goddess art print from moi 🙂 I’ll draw it in early Jan & send out a goodie bag to add to a goddess’ amazing 2010. Hooooooorah! 😀

Thank you for sharing this journey with me darlin!

Wherever you are at… I want you to know…

that you are magical… that you are loved… that everything is possible.

Because it’s true.

I adore you BIG!

Yay! It’s here! The 2010: Creating My Goddess Year Workbook & Planner!!!

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

May I have a rather large WAHOOOOOOOO!?

After getting jumped on by the Muse Fairy four days ago… with the insistence I needed to create a workbook to plan an inspiring year & make it happen.

So I listened diligently to them and took notes… hee hee hee.

I love when creating is more like taking dictation from Great Spirit than trying to force something out.

I have to remember over and over again… that all I need to do is have faith, and turn up, and listen to just how spirit needs to speak through me.

I so believe that each of us has a gift, an essence, that needs to be shared.

And that we don’t need to look to find out how others are doing it… we just need to find the voice inside us. The voice of soul.

So, even though I was apparently not going to be creating anything for a little while… this little gift of an idea came to me on a Wednesday, and was so full and lush already – it already knew what it wanted to be. So all I needed to do was just let it come through.

So what is IT, exactly?

I like being that Goddess of Big Dreams And Making Them Happen.

I so believe there are two parts in creation… one is in the seed of an idea, and the other is in tending to it, and giving it energy. The ethereal spiritual elements and the grounding practical parts of it coming together.

Over the years, I’ve seen how much this has fed my life.

Having both that spirit calling & that physical action to make a dream come true.

I fell in love at first sight, and had the courage to ask the love of my life out on a date.

I thought I might want to self publish a book when I was 22. A month later, I did it.

I dreamed about meeting India. Then, two years ago, I made it come true – my love, two sisters, my mama & I spent a month travelling India together.

Eighteen months ago, I dreamed that I could turn my little art hobby into a thriving enterprise that sustained and nourished me abundantly. And that dreamed came true. Because of that dream, we were able to buy my grandmother’s cottage to keep it for her, and when we have our Little Mermaid, I won’t need to go back to work.

I dreamed up & made happen e-courses, retreats, meditations and books.

I’ve even managed to manifest & make happen Crystalbrook Retreat – a spiritual community with acreages that will, in a few years, have a retreat centre where I’ll be able to run my own retreats & have spiritual teachers from all over the world come to teach at as well.

It’s an amazing thing to dream… and even more profound to make them come true.

So I wanted to create something – for me, for all of us – that we could use to set our intentions, plan, cultivate & grow our amazing next year.

The new year feels like the perfect time… for reflection, celebration & closure of the last year of our journeys… and delectable clarity, intention-setting, glorious goal-making & joy for our year ahead.

What is it that we want to create during the next four seasons as we travel around Father Sun again?

What magic do we want to make, joy do we want to feel, journeys do we want to take?

I put in this book all the tools I use to dream big dreams & make them happen… and so hope they will help, guide & sustain you as you walk your amazing path.

We all have beautiful things to share with this world… and so much love and joy to experience… and I so hope this can be a wonderful help for you.

I believe and know there are so many good things ahead… and that 2010 will bring us all the beautiful gifts, magic, medicine, lessons & blessings we need.

And I’m cracking up here… because I just realised I was going to sign off and be all “love you long time!”… and not even tell you about the kit I’ve just spent the last four days making!

The kit is the 2010: Creating My Goddess Year Workbook & Planner… 40 pages of worksheets & guidance to help you dream, plan, grow & make happen your year of inspiring.

I’ve made it as cheap as I could – to make it as easy as possible for you to get & use…

And hilariously enough… first thing I’m doing tomorrow? Once I’ve had some relaxathon with my sweetie? Making a sweet little binder & printing out my own copy to fill out. It must be my inner Virgo or something… planning & setting intentions. I know 2010 is going to be a big year for me… with Little Mermaid arriving & transitioning from work & all that stuff. I see it as like collecting and gathering all my tools and resources now… and giving myself a beautiful support system for all the moments ahead.

Hopefully I’ll get to do some blogging + sharing along the way of my planner coming together… and you can join in if you like too.

Whatever sings to your spirit is just perfect 🙂

Thank you, as always, for sharing this magical, shining journey with me.

And thank you for sharing this moment with me… as I release into the heavens the rainbow doves that came to visit me four days ago… and asked me to help others see them too…

I’ve been changed by this workbook already… and gladly offer it to the world, for those who are wanting rainbow doves.


{that’s the onomatopoeia for rainbow doves taking flight}

May you dream big dreams. May them come true. May this whole, beautiful world be touched by them.

big big love,

Holy Days in photos…

Our celebration days are

filled with this one:

and this one:

Sunbaker Charlie… all he needs is a bikini now & Pina Colada…

and a new candle from my love… scented with frankincense & myrrh!

and finally finishing my bathroom divine-declutter & making some new gorgeous nooks in there…

One of my love’s paintings & an IMAGINE bracelet…

and EEEEEEE! BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR LITTLE MERMAID EVER!!!! My sweet lil sis sent a baby’s closet of rainbow tie dyed goodies!!!!! These make me so very, very happy. The colours feel so very healing…

and a gorgeous message from a goddess who was gifted this commission for Christmas… I *LOVED* making it for her 🙂

and a belly becoming fuller:

and more puppies napping… and some new rainbow pois for my love…

and new favourite things… a book I am utterly adoring (and I get *so* excited seeing my photo of the lovely author Goddess Lucy on the cover!), my love’s meditation beads & scented light goodness…

and getting to attend my family’s gift unwrapping ceremony by Skype:

And I have to explain this photo…

And the funniest part of all… Dad was Secret Santa for my lil sister Mooky. She got a HUGE, heavy box… and opened it to find a box for a generator. I mean, we know my Dad likes technical, practical stuff… but a generator??? And she opens the box… and in it, there is another box, and a brick. And then another box. Twenty boxes later… my dad has managed to pull the mother of all surprises… and there is a beautiful wooden statue of a spirit warrior, with sacred symbols all over it.


It’s a Christmas miracle 😀

And of course… our Holy Days are filled with so much love:

It’s been quiet, and filled with just our little heart-family being together. In years to come, we’ll be back surrounded by our families in our heartland… but for right now, right here is just perfect.

And in my usual summer solstice style, I’ve been jumped upon by the Creative Muse… and have been writing & painting up a goddess storm. I’m *so* excited to announce that in the next day or so I’m going to be launching the 2010: Creating Your Goddess Year Planner & Workbook! It’s totally handwritten, illustrated & painted… worksheets for you to print out and work through to set your intentions, create, dream, grow & plan an amazing new year. I adore using this time of year to start dreaming up just how beautiful the new year can be… so I made this planner & workbook because it’s all the things I wanted. I’m going to print out my own copy to work through over New Year, me thinks. 😀 There’s something in me that gets ridiculously excited over planning & dreaming & making those big dreams happen.

*happy sigh*

All in all… this is a beautiful time of year.

Tomorrow we’re off to the art gallery with friends, and a picnic by the river…

Tonight I sleep next to a big bowl of crystals, my merman love and a hundred thousand angels.

Yus… it really is holy days. But when is not a holy day?

How has your celebration season been so far, darlinghearts?

Everyday in every way, you are becoming more and more beautiful,

A Magical Christmas Story

Almighty Rabbit :: Caitlin House

This is not really about Christmas… it’s more about Easter. But it is about miracles – and for me, that’s what Christmas is all about.

Settle in, and get cosy… it’s story time.

Once upon a time, not that long ago, a rabbit came to visit our home. Not just any rabbit of course – it was an enchanted rabbit. I could tell from its too-long ears and shimmering oak-earth coat that it was not just any normal rabbit.

We found Rabbit sitting beside our car, under the pines, one soft winter morning. She did not move – she just sat there, watching us through eyes that were lit with knowing.

Hello Miss Rabbit!

I said in surprise. She did not move. I bent down to touch her, and as my hand came near, she took a lazy jump to the left, just out of my reach. She sat, and looked at me again, bemused.

And I giggled.

There was frost all around that morning, and Miss Rabbit was happy beneath her pine tree. I hoped she would return back to the safe cove of her home – wherever it was – sometime soon. We hopped in our car, and headed off to work.

But still, when we returned home, there beneath the pine, was Miss Rabbit. Smiling at us with her enchanted-rabbit smile, moving lazily out of our hand’s reach when we bent to touch her.

In the morning, there she was again. This time, we grew worried. There were stray dogs in our neighbourhood, and we worried that the pine wouldn’t protect her as she needed. Our neighbour – a tanned father with permanently dishevelled hair, a crooked grin, and a penchant for singing Beatles Christmas carols off-key so all the street could hear – helped us in our attempts to catch Miss Rabbit. The three of us scrambled under the pines, and formed mustering circles around her. But again and again, Miss Rabbit looked at us bemused, and lazily bombled away from us. We gave up after twenty minutes, when she found a haven under an old car down the street.

But for weeks afterwards – each morning as the sun hit the frosted dew and we left for work – and each evening as we arrived home with the sun skimming the top of the Western mountain, there she was. Miss Rabbit, always by the pine tree, watching us with onyx eyes that knew more than we did.

Each morning I would recite to myself:

I must find out what Rabbit Medicine means! She must be here for a reason. Is it about fear? Is that the Medicine of Rabbit?

And each evening when I returned, I would promptly forget to consult my oracles (my library of books). Instead, Miss Rabbit became a part of our family, and I would laugh as I told friends of our new pet – the loving, wild animal who had made her home in our front garden.

And one day, as quickly and gently as she arrived, Miss Rabbit left.

Days later, I learned that in my womb there lived the new light of my soul.

A moon later, I opened the gates as I did each morning, my new moon belly beginning to wax and bloom with life. And I wondered where our friend, Miss Rabbit had gone.

And all of a sudden – I began laughing. It was like the great humour of the mystery was shown to me in that moment. Miss Rabbit had been living with us in the days we conceived, right up to the days we learned of this.

And I needed no book to know the wisdom and medicine of Rabbit now – it was in the folklore of our speech. My dad always liked to tease me and Chris as being “a pair of rabbits.” And we say the breeders of our planet “populate like rabbits.” Rabbits gift to the world is of fertility, of new beginnings, of life, and of children.

Miss Rabbit was Great Spirit’s own little in-joke that we had officially become Rabbits – the sacred breeders of the Earth.

Some days, it feels like there is a split in the seam of the universe… and I can see through to the other side. And it is filled with this golden light, and hordes of angels, each pissing themselves laughing and concocting up even more beautiful miracles and spirit jokes they can bring to each of us every day.

And while it wasn’t Christmas – it was our own miracle of our year. All in its own fluffy-eared, shining-nosed, enchanted-bunny-rabbit kind of way.

I’m wishing you a hundred miracles… a thousand laughing angels… and the eyes and time to see them all…

Merry Christmas, darlinghearts. May your day be filled with all the things that matter – love, joy, nourishment, kindness and gladness. May it be magical, and may it be true.

You are one of the best things in my stocking.

big love,