one down in the cubicle of joy…

a traumatic day in the office.
first e~bear got stuck in a lift for 20 minutes with 12 strangers.
she called me on her mobile, and i told that she would have a great time if only she could encourage everyone to sing Kumbaya in harmony, and then they could all share life stories, learning much about each other and inevitably about themselves. i was kind of excited for her, if the truth be known. [i’d love to be go on soul journeys in broken lifts with strangers.]
i think e~bear was more concerned about claustrophobia.

then we all watched, horrified and transfixed, as our much loved cubicle goldfish mascot appeared very ill… before giving his last little fishy wriggle… and becoming a goldfish angel.
thus followed a funeral ceremony conducted by our wonderful boss robynne,
then a vale, an obituary, and a wake.

phew. a big day at the office.

and even though it sounds silly,
we really are going to miss that fish.
and i really started to believe in my uber~meaningful obituary.

VALE: Jose Fernandez Goldfin
(8/4/2005 – 31/5/2005)

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We even made Jose a security pass card.

“We come together today to celebrate the life of our dear friend, Jośe Fernandez Goldfin.
He passed away earlier this morning after a short illness. Good friends were by his side as he began his transcendence to a new plane of existence. José was a valuable member of our team.

You can make all the sushi jokes you like, but at the end of the day, Jose had a luminous spirit which shone sweetly in the Cubicle of Joy.
I’d like to tell you the story of how Jose came into our lives. Me and Jose’s spirit mother, Lile, went to the pet store and peered into the great glass chasm of goldfish orphans, just waiting to be claimed. As soon as we saw Jose, we knew he was “The One.” He was brave, he was spunky, he was Jose the God incarnated and he knew it.
Two months of blissful harmonious joy followed. He was one of us.
We have been profoundly touched by his life, and his journey onwards into the great oceanic divide. We owe him a great debt of gratitude and place our survival of work on his strong, peaceful presence.

There was many times I sat by his tank, gazing into the still waters of his tank, and my soul was rested by Jose’s ability to encapsulate Tao and Zen.
He listened to our woes. He stared unblinkingly into the void, and flapped his fins gaily at the mere thought of being alive.
We have so much to learn from him. We were blessed by his presence, his friendship and the way he loved without attachment.

A private burial ceremony has already taken place.
Pastor Jorm has kindly supplied chocolates for Jose’s wake, and his request is that mean sushi-joke makers are denied access to the bounty.”

sometimes you don’t know whether to cry or laugh,
so you just do both. all at once.
jose would have wanted it that way.

if i was a graffiti artist…

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my graffiti would look something like this…

i like to call it

“if goddesses ruled the world”

it’s a photo of part of the aussie Parliament House,
which makes the picture even funnier for me 😀

thankums to my hunky hairy one for this 😉

the task*master & her crew

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my tribe.

Last Friday a bunch of us went and had thai for lunch.
me, lile, e~bear, ben, andrea, dave and deb.
Being the task*master that I am, and a creative hard~ass,
I set them a task to do…

Sometimes enlightenment isn’t found, it’s won.

I want you all to get three post-it notes.
On each, start with these lines
“I want to be brave enough to…”
“The thing that touches my heart most is…”
“I am a very lucky person because…”

The deeper you write, the more you will get out of it. Treat this as an experiment.

>>>>Trust me<<<<”

So that’s what we did. What we all did.

We wrote whispers of truth on post~its, folded them into my pink hat of joy.
[the pink hat of joy is a ridiculously large & pink beany cap i have… modelled below by the marvellous lile…]

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Then over thai, we each plucked random notes from the hat and read them aloud.
I was fascinated by the responses: the brave ones, the funny ones, the touching ones.

Dave asked me why I set the task.
Why indeed.
Because I want to move into D E E P E R ways of connecting.
Because I believe that we can make the choice to step outside of the box of “normal communications” and add creative, daring activities to our gatherings.
That we decide how we want our friendships to be, how we wish to interact.

And most of all,
“the thing that touches my heart the most is connecting with other spirits.”
being brave enough to reveal my underbelly,
and gentle enough to see others.

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i am entirely grateful for this crew of mine
open, colourful, thought provoking buggers they are.

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b&w and all in between…

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i’ve been taking a lot of black and white photos lately
it just feels more honest
my life is all shades of grey at the moment
not sadness grey but the grey of all colours
b&w makes you be aware
it lets you see the textures
some days i just want to roll around in film and
make love to the textures…


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another street art sticker. canberra civic, 2005

“I don’t know how I’m going to change.
I don’t know how it will change me.
That’s part of the mystery of walking,
is that the destination is inside us
and we really don’t know when we arrive until we arrive.”
~ John Francis

Go read the story of John Francis here ~ a man who gave up speaking and cars for 17 years.
I wonder how much he SAW and HEARD in those years of walking and listening.

The brilliant Keri summed up her musings on him brilliantly.

other scrummy web finds…

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:: The Meatrix doco ~ v important!
:: Crying while eating ~ hilarious in a strange way.

be kind to yourselves and each other.
D E E P E N the connections you have.