Courtney <3 Rhys

A couple of months ago I met the deliriously delightful Courtney (otherwise known as FruzzlePuff by those in the know) at the Bobby Flynn concert. She wore giant flowers in her curls, taught the support band how to play harmonica and made friends with us when she came around offering free giant pizza. I think somehow in our glittered cowgirl hats she recognised us as her tribe.

A few days ago I had the ginormous pleasure of photographing her and her lovely love, Rhys, down by the river. I was so enchanted by their love story ~ they had met in their first class of drama in college, and been together for the three years since. They are tenderly young at nineteen, and they touched me with their warmth, love and play. Courtney is vibrant and bodacious, like a rainbow bunch of gerberas and Rhys’ love for her shines through his eyes.

When we rocked up to the river, I said to them “Just how wet do you guys want to go today?”, eyeing Courtney’s white leggings with silk bows and Rhys’ ninja cool boots. “We’re up for adventure” they replied. And they were! These pair were the most adventurous, open and beautiful models a girl could hope for. Wade across the rocks just to get to a tiny island? Sure, no worries. Crawl through rapids? We are there! Stand fully clothed in the middle of the river? No problems!

They Leonie hearts them BIG.

Make yourself a delicious cup of tea (maybe vanilla green tea, or dandelion with mint and ginger, or chamomile) and settle in for some lush soul-eye candy…
Allow yourself to ~breathe~ and be swept gently down the river of love…

my favourite photo of courtney… she looks like an incredible ancient water nymph goddess…

i love the power of this image…

Afterwards we found overselves a rocking stormwater drain for me to crawl down, just to get my stormwater drain kicks (and capture the beautiful light that seeps down them).

so we found this sign…

My greatest hope with my photography is to document the divine in every soul… to show them their own possibilities and beauty. When I look through these photos I see so much of both these things that my heart grows big.

Fruzzle, Rhys ~ you guys are beautiful.
Thank you for the honour of photographing your love and your joyful souls.


~ You can see more photos from the portrait session at Flickr
~ Have a remarkable weekend… trust the beauty and love in you.
I’m off to the farm for three days. Paint, read, drum, bushwalk, riverwalk. Repeat.

Portrait Party with Sarah

My uber spunkyliscious earth~appreciator and creative magnifico friend Sarah Davies (also known as Sezolas) brought a big tub of freshly picked strawberries to meet me at the Portrait Party. Then we ate them using no hands. And then we talked about crystals. And then we took photos of our shadows. And then we laughed. And then we made a campfire. And then we made up new words to Kumbaya and changed music history. And then we laughed. And then we stuffed ourselves with too-crispy marshmallows cooked over the fire. And then I sneezed when I swallowed and got marshmallow up my nose. And then we laughed. And then the marshmallow came out.

And THEN we drew pictures of each other.

I have a total raving crush on the portrait she made for me. This picture oh-so does not do it justice, because it has delicious patterned papers making up the lolling hills and red spotted fabric on my dress and this light peppering of paint all over the sky and this amazing linework and deliciousness… Stylistically, heartfully, colourfully, this has made me fall Head Over Heels. And then over again when I catch sight of my tiny purple crocs in the picture.

*happy sigh*

I think I might just stay at the Portrait Party House forever…


(super secret P.S. – the whole marshmallow up my nose thing actually happened. when i was camping, at the clever age of 12. but it was pineapple. do NOT sneeze when you swallow. otherwise you have to just keep sneezing until the pineapple comes out your nose. it’s actually kinda awesome, now i think about it… not everyone can say they’ve sneezed pineapple…)

Prints, prints, glorious prints

Now’s the time to indulge that goddess in you… or start shopping for Christmas/Summer-Winter Solstice. I’ve got only one or two prints left of each artwork in my Goddess of Leonie Etsy store, and I would love for you to be the precious mama-bear of them!

Sale prices remain until sold out of stock – Free shipping on all prints, and second prints receive an additional $5 off. These prints are printed on a delicious A3 size 200gsm paper ~ 11 x 16 inches. (Original artworks are still 20% off also!) This is your chance to purchase prints or artworks from me for the rest of the year, as I’ll be shutting up shop once stocks are gone to welcome change and adventures in India. I’m not sure when or if I’ll be continuing to offer prints (especially at the A3 size)… so they truly are an exclusive set 😉

~ Aussies and Kiwis please contact me for special exchange rate sale prices ~

Email me at if you’d like to bless yourself with one.

I see vivid, glorious prints, gleaming with Spirit, honouring the Goddess in you and adorning the soulful corners of homes all around the globe.

I see dreams blossoming true and our divinity revealed, dancing before us.

I’m off to dive deep into the day ~ a painting commission to complete, some writing to do and a photo shoot this afternoon by the river! An abundance of blessings in my life. 🙂

Love, light, joy, abundance,

Water Womyn

Water Womyn:
She who comes to me
when I am in the Room of Cleansing, the Room of Bathing.

She is strong, that Water Womyn,
sister to Changing Womyn,
floating me in the liquid arms,

mermaid hair unfurling,
comforting me with her eerie song
that speaks of the old places:
Atlantis, Avalon, Tipi in the Sky.

Some nights, the Water Womyn
teaches me through visions.
Some nights, she stands to the left and centre of me,
whispering in my ear
who I am and why I am here.

May your day be blessed with light,

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Art Circle Dreaming

We had our first artists circle a few weeks ago ~
a precious afternoon painting with our feet,
releasing expectations,
having instant photo shoots in the compost heap,
drinking tea, picnicking,
not so much MAKING art but PLAYING art ~
and I think that’s the important thing.

Here’s some delish photos from the day ~
you can see more at the Flickr set here.


photo by the beautiful kaylia

the lovely angel

princess firelight

lile, supermodel extraordinaire

our masterpiece
just one of the side effects of our masterpiece:
the true masterpiece is creating.

may your days be filled with the masterpiece of the moment,

~ p.s. i’ve been interviewed over at the lovely colored sprinkles blog 🙂 thank you patty!