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Hey homegirls,

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Here’s to you creating your own dream world.


P.S. The only thing that’s holding you back right now from what your heart and soul so deeply desire – and that’s education. In the words of one of my clients “I’m no longer contained by what I don’t know… I know what I have to do now, and I see it is all so DOABLE.”

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All The Dreamy Pics, Videos + Massive Insights From The September Private Coaching Retreat


Hola loves,

I’m still kind of speechless and spellbound by our September Private Coaching Retreat.

Three gorgeous entrepreneurs arrived (our dear fourth one was sick).

And we spent 3 days doing some incredible, intensive work of taking their businesses + lives to the next level.

I so honour these earth angel women for stepping up and deciding to share their light in a BIG way to help as many people as possible… and have a divine, delicious, abundant time as they do it.

Those earth angels were life coach + crystal healer Tara Bliss + editor of Wild Sister magazine Jen Saunders.

Each of them is at different stages at their business – one has been in business for a year, one for a month, and one just starting out.

And it worked dang fabulously, I gotta say.

All three were trying to piece together a business by fumbling around in the dark.

I’m so grateful that I could share with them instead a proven plan and system of how to grow a super abundant business that helps thousands – and do it with integrity, soul + no-burnout.

At the end of our days together, they walked away with their own plan of exactly what they needed to do to reach their income goals over the next year, and how to do it all sanely, joyfully and with heart.

They can live their soul purpose, and do it prosperously.

This business thing can really be an integrated thang with life.

They all said at the end “I’m SO glad I came. Everything is suddenly so clear, so easy, so DOABLE. I don’t have to figure it out on my own anymore. I’m no longer in the dark.”

Tara said “I’m no longer contained by my own lack of knowledge.”

It made me really, really happy and heart-satisfied.

To know that peeps don’t have to spend years fumbling around trying to piece it together. I remember how confusing it was.

Here’s the amazing thing:

Making your first $50k a year is the hardest.

It just gets easier and easier after that.

And peeps, can I just stress again:


Learn from someone who has already done what you want to do.

Learn the map from them.

It will accelerate you beyond anything you can imagine right now.


Anyways, I could talk for hours + hours.

Here’s the photos.

It was three days filled with intensive work, deep sharings, late night tea + paint sessions, running around our land, evolution, playing, Ostara making best friends with all of them + keeping them heartily amused, journalling, writing, a sacred release ceremony and more intensive work + education + coaching.

I also did complimentary photoshoots for them as well as part of their retreat package so they could have profile photos of their new shiniest selves.

All in all, it was freaking spectacular:

(Jen drew this of us on her way home)

We also spent some very important time doing superhero photos off our trampoline:

And Ostara’s CRACKS ME UP.

She really was trying to get some air time.


It was just SO good.

SOOO good.

For brain + biz + heart + body + soul.

But you know what?

It’s really hard for ME to tell you what it was like.

So let THEM tell you.

(And handy hint here for entrepreneurs: there are some MASSIVE insights in here that I just know are going to make your head reel!)

Only 6 more days until my next batch of women arrive here at Paradise House… I am ready!

I feel like a midwife helping the world to birth stars.

all my love,

P.S. Ready to get educated + take your business + life to the next incredible level?

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If you’re ready to transform your business and your life, the Business Goddess program is the blueprint of how I did it + how you can do it too. It will teach you the practical + mindset workings of how to create a massively successful, profitable + joyful business of your own.

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How Business + Money Can Heal Our World: The Shocking True Beliefs Of A Hippy!

G’day beautifuls,

A few weeks ago, I was putting my baby girl to sleep.

(She’s 2.5, but I’ll probably always call her baby girl. As much as its illogical. It’s just the way it is.)

And we read some books – the usual kind – The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Lion Who Wanted To Love. The ones you begin to know so well that the words flow over and over, a soothing cadence, a comforting rhythm.

And I turned off the light, and lay beside her, and proceeded to read her the other stories. The stories that come down to me out of the night sky, the stories I tell in a half whisper, the stories that always begin:

Once upon a time, in a rainforest…

And then they meld and they turn into whatever needs to be said, whatever needs to be tossed up to the stars, whatever story is waiting to be heard.

And that particular night, it was about all I dreamed for her.

I hope and pray that you’ll be blessed with enough time to grow up… I hope you’ll fall in love in whatever way you choose… and if ever your heart hurts, I hope you’ll know you’ll be okay… and if you want to be a mama, I hope you’ll find your way to the children that wait for you… and I hope and pray that you get to live how you want… that you’ll get to do something that you love with all your heart… that you can have all the choices in the world about how you live and how much money you’d like… I hope you’ll get to live and love with all your self… to travel and make beautiful choices for you and your family…

And I know it doesn’t even make sense now that I write it,

they were such mundane little wishes,

but the vision brought me to tears.

I want my daughter to grow up in a world

where she can make a thriving, nourished living

doing the thing that she was born to do

the thing that is in her soul to sing.

I want her to be able to choose

how she lives

how much time she gets to be with herself, her loved ones, her children, her family.

I want her to know there isn’t just ONE WAY to live in this world:

Get a job. Save. Struggle. Have your life dictated by outside forces.

I want her to know that she CAN make it happen.

She CAN live her dreams.

And her dreams are up to her.

But I want to make sure she knows how to choose them.


And I’m going to make it my daughter’s world by making it MY world.

In fact, that’s exactly what I am doing right now… what I have been doing these years.

I was so balls-out crazy about the idea that my life was not destined for the cubicle.

I was DETERMINED to work out HOW to do it.

I wasn’t a Business Goddess. I wasn’t born with a predisposition for numbers or planning or strategy or marketing.

But I learned that I could learn it.

I learned that business and marketing where a LEARNABLE trait.

That I wasn’t betraying my spiritual or creative gifts by learning them.

In fact, I was working out a way to SUPPORT them so they could be shared with the world in a BIG way.

I learned that there are systems and structures that work and help your business be successful + growing at a rapid rate.

All without sacrificing your soul, your intuition, your integrity, your values or your lifestyle.

And I know that we hippies + creative types tend to flip out at the merest mention of “systems.”

This is the way I described it on the weekend to the beautiful earth angels at my private coaching retreat:

This plan? This system? It’s just the plans for your house. It’s the pillars to help it stand up + stay strong. You’re the one who gets to paint it rainbow if you like. You can decorate it with unicorns and prayer flags. But this solid structure will give you the abundance and support you and your business needs.


Things just keep getting clearer and clearer to me.

How much we hippies + creatives have built-in ideas around marketing and business that hold us back (until we know differently).

How we each have such HUGE gifts to give the world, we just need to know HOW to share them in a way that is powerful.

How we are each supposed to help thousands and thousands and gabazillions of people on this earth to heal, and to have their best lives.


For me, I’ve already completed so many of my dreams and goals.

And I’ve worked out how to share what is inside of me in a way that is joyful (for me) and helpful (for you).

And it’s done in a way that is prosperous for me.

I had no idea that I would one day be the CEO of a half million dollar a year company.

I had no idea that it would be so easy. That it took WORK + DEDICATION + FAITH. But that it was truly 100% DOABLE.


I think we often think that people who do big things or have huge successes or own massive companies are BORN DIFFERENT from us.

We shrug our shoulders and say:

Well, that’s good for THEM. There’s no way *I* can do that.

And we don’t realise that the only way they are DIFFERENT from us is that they just learned some things.

And that we can learn it too.


I don’t know.

But I do know.

This post is rambly, I know.

All I know is THIS:

This is the work I was destined for.

And that this is the work that so many of YOU are destined for too.

We don’t have to believe that a job is the only way for us, for our families.

We don’t have to believe that we could never make a living doing something we love.

We don’t have to believe that we are not big enough to be millionaires.

We don’t have to believe in the starving artist myth.

We don’t have to believe that money is evil.

We CAN become excellent custodians of money.

We CAN become spirit-centered, loving, giving millionaires.

We CAN be rich hippies.

We CAN make the biggest differences to our lives and to our families.

We do NOT have to sacrifice our family time, health or happiness to be in business.

We do NOT have to be stressed out to be in business.


Life CAN be integrated. It can be good and whole.

Your family and your soul and your creativity and your business and your heart can all flourish and be good and happy.


Being an entrepreneur has been the BIGGEST and most profound spiritual journey of my life.

It calls on every single part of me.

I have to heal my shit every single day.

I change and grow and evolve at a rate I’ve never experienced before.

It is profound, and it is a miracle.


This surprises me.

I never thought it would be like this.

I thought all I’d ever be good at was art, and that I’d be poor for the rest of my life.


I’m glad I was wrong.

I’m glad I found out it was all up to me.


Did you know that entrepreneurs are the most likely people in the world to be philanthropists?

To put their money where their mouth is and change the world?

This excites me. It thrills me to no end.

You mean I can do this thing I love?

And help so many people with the work I do?

And have so much abundance that my family are deeply supported?

And that I can also make massive changes to the world by donating shit tonnes of money?

I’m so inspired to donate at least $50 000 over the next 12 months.

And I’m just about to make my 100th Kiva loan to women entrepreneurs in third world countries!


I’m sorry if this money stuff or if me talking about my income presses your buttons.

I understand.

I’ve been there too.

I used to think that if someone earned over a certain amount, they were just greedy.

That they were shallow, and that they didn’t have their priorities right, and that

didn’t they realise that money doesn’t make you happy?

And then I did a bunch of work on healing my beliefs about money.

And I realised just how much inner garbage I was holding around it.

How is it that no one ever says:

Oh that’s too much love! That’s selfish and greedy!

Oh NO! I would never have that amount of JOY in my life! That’s shallow!

When it is all just energy. And that it’s UP TO YOU about what you want to do with that love or that joy or that abundance.


I want to say too:

Having more money does not necessarily mean that you drain more of the earth’s resources and that it’s environmentally unsound to be rich.

That’s just bollocks.

Having more abundance means that you have CHOICES.

And guess what happens when you have more choices?

You can make ones that are more aligned to your values and integrity.

Being rich doesn’t necessarily mean you buy more things.

It often means just buying better quality things.

You CAN afford organic food and locally made clothes and hand-made toys.

You CAN decide to use green energy.

It’s just choices, loves.


I’m talking about money and about business here to remove the stigma and smoke and mirrors.

We don’t talk about money because somewhere along the way, we learned it was rude.

I don’t believe that to be true.

Money is just NUMBERS. Business is just SYSTEMS.

And they are both things that we need to talk about more so that we know wholeheartedly that everything is possible and doable and workoutable.

That it isn’t separate from our soul purpose or our life.

That it can be such an important and wonderful life skill to have.

One that can significantly change your life. Your world. And our world.


I believe deeply in my heart

that being an entrepreneur

can immensely transform

our selves

our souls

our choices

our lifestyles

our families

our choices

our communities

our world.


I believe in its power

because I have seen the difference it has made in my own life.

I’ve seen what it’s like to now have choices.

Choices about childcare and how much (or how little) we work.

Choices about where we live, and how we support the world.

Immense + powerful freedom.

Shit tonnes of joy.


I want this to be your choice, your possibility too.


Once upon a time, I told my daughter about the world I wanted her to grow up in.

And then I went ahead and made it.



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G’day beautiful souls!

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This e-course is a veritable encyclopedia of creative business guidance.

I’m still kind of floored by all the things Leonie covers in it. Here was this happy hippy beach chick, thriving in her creative business, and willing to share all the millions of things she’s learned to get there.

Her advice is smart. And generous.

Thanks in large part to Leonie’s help, I feel I’m right where I’m meant to be, in my new business. I know how to do the things to help my company grow; I know the next step I want to go in. And the next step after that.

– Christine Long, artist



I rave like a fanatic every time I mention this course

Signing up for it was, quite simply, the best decision I ever made for my business.

And I’ll happily say so – repeatedly – to anyone and everyone who’ll listen!

I suspect it’s been a huge part of what’s made my business.

– Tanja, Copywriter



“How Do I Grow My Business While Still Working?” – Your Questions Answered!

(Me. At a work function. Falling off my chair laughing. As usual.)


G’day gorgeous souls!

I got this wonderful question today from Ali in San Diego:

Leonie, you’ve so inspired me to create the business of my dreams! I so want to quit my office job so I can do it full time, but I don’t have the cashflow right now to do it. What should I do?

I think this is *such* an important question. It’s one I get often with private coaching clients.

And I’ve got some answers that will probably surprise you.

Here’s my advice:

Your number 1 objective right now is to pay the bills.

I never encourage peeps to quit their jobs before their business is ready to support them, and here’s why:

If you are freaking out about how to pay rent every single week, your brain is going to switch into reptile-fear mode. That is NOT the place to be growing a business from. You won’t be thinking smartly, and you won’t be feeling too happy. It’s a recipe for anxiety.

Not having to worry about finding money to pay rent while you play with your passions & work out what you want to do is a good thang.

It also means you’ll be able to invest the money from your day job into your education and your business.

Having the back-up of a job’s money, structure & stability can be really healthy. It definitely was for me!


Here’s some handy hints on how ROCK having a job while you grow a business:


  • Find a place that doesn’t suck to work. You know – one that isn’t super awful & without a nutty boss.
  • If you can find a place that is flexible & allows you to go part-time at some stage, even better.
  • BRING GLITTER WHEREVER YOU GO.I’m convinced that half the reason my office job was lovely was because I made it lovely.
    I was the one who did angel card readings at her desk.
    The one who held a hugging competition and hugged 200 people in one day.
    The one who gave shoulder massages to other people.
    Who wrote very silly weekly roundup emails to bring joy to the job.
    Who interviewed people in the office to find out what their passions were, and got them published in our work newsletters.
    I even took a three month stint doing financial reporting (yuck!) because I wanted to see just how far I could spread the glitter into the belly of the public service dinosaur.My findings?
    People everywhere are open to love and joy and having fun. They just need someone to start it.
  • Once your business is built up, and your income streams have been worked out and fine tuned, then you can start the process of transitioning from full-time work to part-time work to full-time business goddess. It doesn’t have to be an ALL IN, ALL OUT kinda thing.
  • You do NOT have to quit your job in order to start the business of your dreams. My recommendation is having some balance, and doing it in a way that is fun, easy, non-stressy and in line with the evolution and growth of your business.
  • I repeat: You can have a job & STILL be a business goddess. Be gentle on yourself, dearest. Give yourself the gift of time to grow and have fun without massive pressure!


How To Become A Business Goddess SOONER Rather Than Later: 5 Tips!

  1. This is a REALLY good opportunity for you to practice saying the Sacred NO.
  2. Education, education, education. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: investing in a mentor and business education is the very best amplifier of your business you can ever make.
  3. Only Do Stuff That Fills Your Well. When I was building my business and working, I just didn’t have as wide a social group as I used to. The reason? I was pretty dang committed to making my passion into a job. And I didn’t have spare energy to fritter away. So my social group contracted to be the peeps I really, really wanted to hang out with. And that wasn’t a bad thang at all.
  4. Get freaking good at discernment + prioritising. ONLY do stuff that will make a BIG difference to your business.
  5. Work SMARTER, not HARDER. Don’t do shit that doesn’t matter. Don’t burn yourself out. Only do the important stuff!

Good luck as you navigate the job + business roles.

And remember this:

No matter where you are,

you can always, always rock the SHIT out of it and have the most fun possible!

High fives and love beams!