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delicious things

by Leonie Dawson on May 30, 2007

magical glitter shoes that make me tap my toes together and wish for miracles…

breathe for a beautiful friend…

charlie’s face has me gigglesnorting for hours..

for a beautiful friend, celebrating the life of one of her miracle doggies
(we love you hayley)

something intoxicating…


go forth and document your delicious things!

you can post your link in the comments…

we can have a whole celebration of delicious things :)

<3 out,

Soulful Movies

by Leonie Dawson on May 27, 2007

I’m a big fan of soulful, spirited movies. Actually, that’s all I really try to watch anymore. I’m a delicate petal and am easily affected by movies with suspense, terror, gore or action. (That includes Harry Potter – I’m not kidding). For me, it feels almost excruciating to watch a kid being snuck up on, a sword fight or harsh words. I think: I wouldn’t want to see this in my real life, so why on earth would I subject my spirit to it by watching a movie of it. I have a difficult time knowing what is “real” and what is “imaginary” because they both FEEL the same.

For most of my life thus far, I tried to like whatever was thrown at me from the cinema screen. I tried to be okay with it. But for me, it wasn’t a joyful experience. It was too much, and it would affect me for days afterwards.

I am affected in the same way by novels, so I rarely read them. I remember reading a novel about a schizophrenic man constructing his own world of reality when I was living in Malaysia for a few months. At the end of the book, you find out all you thought was real was actually the imaginary part of the book. I felt truly screwed up for three days afterwards.

I am now at a point in my life where I embrace my tenderness, and choose movies and books that nourish it.

As Jewel would say ~
“I’m sensitive
and I’d like to stay that way.”

When I do watch a beautiful movie, my heart feels lightened and I feel blessed that I have been able to see into a new world. There is so much good stuff out there ~ and I’d like to give voice to it, and share resources of how to love our divine spirits as best we can.

I would love to share my list of movies that have nourished my spirit,
and hear your list too, so I know which ones to look out for :)


Conversations with God

Ten Canoes


Disney’s “The Kid”

The Blue Butterfly

Small Miracles


And of course ~

The Secret (now renamed “The Common Sense”)

What the Bleep do we Know?!

Movies still to see ~

The Celestine Prophecy

Peaceful Warrior

Do share what movies inspired you, nourished you, made your belly smile…
I’ll add them to this list :)

May your spirit always be blessed ~

frippery of the pancake variety

2 commentsby Leonie Dawson on May 25, 2007 ·

itzdahomeboyz&grrlz (or… making obscure gestures with our hands is fun!)

Intermittently I like to gather together my friends from here and there in my life ~ workmates, playmates, bus friends, circle sisters ~ integrating all the aspects of my life ~ the sacred, silly, serendipitous and saucy (as my workmates tend to be).

Today is one of those days.

We go for pancakes. (again)

Not all of them know each other, so i bring paper nameplates, and we write our names on them to call each other. Porn star names that is.

And I do believe I have one of the best porn star names possible (following the Name of First Pet, Name of First Street Lived In convention):

Pussy Station.

We order our usual (Lunch Spanakopita and Hot Ball), me taking great care to ask in an accent for “Lunch Spanking and Hot Balls.” I’m sure nobody in the history of the Pancake Parlour has ever made such hilarious and ingenious innuendo before. I pride myself on such originality like that.

Nick savours his hot balls

Then we tear up small pieces of paper and everyone writes a question on them to put into the Dream Rainbow Beanie, then we all take turns to pull out the questions and everyone answers.

This is the Leonie Way Of Connecting People.

Or should I say, the Pussy Station Way of Connecting People.

The question is asked
“Whose Your Daddy?”

(Okay, okay, it was my question).

We all go around saying “My Dad’s name is Bob and he’s a train driver!” (like we are in Year 2)

We get to me and I say “Well, I’m actually named after my Dad!”

Ben (or should I say Rainbow Lagoon) quips “Your Dad’s name is PUSSY?!?!?”

(Ben also happens to create the funniest comics possible… his latest creation of “You Stink and I Don’t Volume 9″ has me laughing into the wee hours. Good good GOOD fun!)

Another question is asked:

“What superpower do you have?”

It becomes a discussion on Heroes (which I have no idea about, too gory for this delicate petal).
Nimpho Nads decides she wants the superpower of the Heroes dude who can talk to ATMs.

Deciding electronic power could be useful, I think I may just want to have the Superpower of being able to charge my Ipod. (What is with that? Always out of power!)

We decide to have a homegirrl&boyz portrait taken afterwards, balancing it on a high chair. A cutey patootie Swede walks by and offers to take it for us. In exchange, I proclaim him my New Best Friend, and have a Arm-Stretched-Out-Classy-Self-Portrait with him. Only later do I realise he could be my brother. Where are you, oh Swede brothafromanothermotha?

After all that, I really could have gone for a leisurely horse ride on the carousel as per my usual habit. They were having a rest and a bath though.

Maybe next time…

May silliness rupture you clean open and sparkling,