Monthly Archives: May 2008

Love Goddess: Art print

by Leonie Dawson on May 29, 2008

Suddenly, all her edges
began to blur
and all that was inside her was
and all that was outside her
was Love too.

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Goddess of New Beginnings: Art print

by Leonie Dawson on May 28, 2008

Begin again.
Pick up your cape and your walking stick.
Weave a soft basket for all your dreams.
Take a deep breath and set your eyes to the horizon.
You are the Goddess of New Beginnings.
Anything is possible.

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Just right for you or any of your dear friends beginning a new journey… and needing a bit of support, encouragement and rainbow love along the way.

Joyful Goddess: Art print

by Leonie Dawson on May 27, 2008

“I know what will cheer us up” she said. “Tell me”, he grinned in reply. “Let’s hold each other’s hands and bounce on gym balls!” So they did, and her hair flew in the air like golden seagulls, and they laughed and giggled like children again.

Prints available in my etsy store
gotta spread the joy!