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Hola my darling Goddesses!

At long last! The second Goddess Guidebook podcast it UP!

This episode is all about… How to believe in your own intuition!

I get SO many questions about how you can trust in & have faith in & believe your intuition… and these are my intimate sharings.


Just clicky wicky here to download.

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I so hope it fills you up & helps you remember just what a magical, whole, amazing goddess you are.

All my love,

How reading Mills & Boon will make you create more!

by Leonie Dawson on May 2, 2011

Hola gorgeous goddess!!!

So you’ve been riding wild donkeys, creating up a magical storm, making your dreams come true. Working those beautiful fingers of yours until they were calloused, eyes red rimmed & weary.

What to do next?

How on earth do you keep your creative well filled so you can get inspired again & create even more?

I’m kinda an expert on this one.

I create a LOT of stuff.

I’ve also burnt myself out – to a thin salty crisp.

Having been there and eaten that very sucky enchilada, I am 100% sure I’m na-na-never going to do it to myself again.

How to replenish the well

Enter Leonie’s extreme attentiveness to her creative (& soul’s) well & how to replenish it.

You might be expecting my list of self care to look a little something like this:

  • Take a deep breath (or 4 bazillion)
  • Long baths in lavender scented waters & Himalayan crystal salt (harvested only by monks OF COURSE)
  • Elaborate ritual requiring the nads of a rare tropical bird and the collected sweat-dew from a virgin man.


My god I’m silly today. Anyways. I’m sitting here in an Irish pub pissing myself laughing.

SO! Let’s continue!!!

What do I do when I run out of those dang bird ands & willing crystal salt monk miners?


(are you ready for this?)






You’ve done your work. That’s great.


And there’s more to do… but right now?

It’s brain-holiday time. Before you start frying yourself.

Time to de-marinate. Give your brain cells a rest.


Stop everything that makes sense.

And do something ridiculously, gloriously off centre.

So the thing on my to-do list?

I read one terrible (but wonderful, you know how it is) chick lit book every weekend.

I might be a soulful goddess with a bookcase filled with every new age book under the sun… but when it comes to a mind break?

I read the trashiest that our local little woodthatched library has to offer. Chick lit novels that never waver from the scent of predictability, blandly magical kid’s movies and – oh yes – Mills & Boon. The perfect of mind switch.

The last one I read?

I can’t believe I’m admitting this publicly, but you won’t tell anyone right? We is goddess sisters! We keep our secrets!

“Greek Husband, Otherworldly Wife.”

Resplendent with EXACTLY the image you imagine in your mind. Shirtless olive Fabio clutching woman who is apparently standing in cyclone as evidenced by the windswept nature of hair.

Let’s take a moment to imagine it…

or longer than a moment. (Take whatever time you need, sweetheart *winky wink!*)

I guffawed and chuckled and sniffled and gigglesnorted through the whole thing.

It’s absolutely NOT what I “should” be doing… and yet… it’s perfect. It’s just the perfect amount of silly + giggles + gushing that this sweet soul of mine needs.

It was the equivalent of a Hawaii beach holiday glugging down pineapple margaritas.

Oddly refreshing and strangely satisying.

So here it is. Monday. And I’m sitting in the pub (the only place open on this public holiday), writing you very silly love letters… precisely because my well is full again.

Want to know the wisdom I’m trying to impart in 3.4 seconds?

Give yourself a mind holiday, darling. Go to the Caribbean. What can you do to slurp down a mango slushie & lounge in the tropical sun for your brain?

You can be as dull and sloth-like as you like. You are the boss of your own well darling. You can experiment with what fills you. It doesn’t have to LOOK sacred. It only needs to be whatever it is you need right now.

Even when that means an olive Fabio.



love you long time,

This is me. Having a brain holiday. YAY!!!!

Aren’t visuals fun?

Free on golden tipped wings…

by Leonie Dawson on May 1, 2011

Once upon a time,
she had a dream
that she could live in the world
and set her gifts free.

And once she learned the way
of living in this world
heart open, rainbow dripping, money flowing,

she set pen to paper
and wrote absoloodely everything she knew
of what it was
to be a Business Goddess.

18 moons later (two pregnancies worth of gestating!!!)
her tome was ready.

And she flung it out into the world
on golden tipped wings
for all who needed it
for all who longed for it
for all who wished to sing the song of their soul
and receive their abundance for it.

she said.

This is a miracle.
And she is grateful.

May every single miracle appear & prosper & glow from this, my love.

I know I’ve poured everything I had into this course… now my shell is softly hollow, and ready for some quiet time and chick lit and rom-com filling up.

And I’m so glad I did. SO glad.

I want to see you out there, dearest. Living your gifts, sharing your life, and receiving all the abundance you desire from it.

The Become a Business Goddess e-course is here.

At last, at last, at last.

And my heart is immensely full after reading these beautiful messages this morning:

That tome, that song, that spirit that came through me… is out in the world, doing what it needs to do.

Igniting and supporting goddesses who want to do their work out & alive in the world.

They are brave & strong & courageous & I believe in them with every cell of my being, every bone that makes me up.

Yes. We CAN change the world.

Yes. We CAN do this.

I’m wishing you all the love and joy you can possibly stand, dearest.

You deserve it all.

Love love love,


and for my next miracle?

in 21 days, I am marrying this magical man, by this magical sea…

ten years to the day and place where we first fell in love on our first date…