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What I’m Changing + What I’m Not

by Leonie Dawson on August 29, 2012


G’day gorgeous souls,

Yesterday I published this article :: How My Soul Purpose Is Changing (+ How It Affects You).

There’s been such a beautiful response from you who deeply resonated with it… I loved hearing such words as “It’s funny how you are evolving in exactly the same direction as me and what I am needing.” That made my heart sing, and the chant of yes, yes, yes grow louder.

AND I also sensed that some lovely souls are feeling uncertainty.

As in:

what does this mean?

what is changing?

what is not?

I thought it would be useful for me to answer those questions to bring even more lovely clarity in.



  • I’m still a Leonie. I’m still into all things hippy, mermaid, crystal, goddess, soul + rainbow. I still parse everything through my spirit-meter before it enters my life. I’ll still be gigglesnorting, writing inspirational stuff, swearing just a wee bit + talking about unicorns.
  • I will still be writing about my life, my journey… as honestly + vulnerably as I always have.
  • I will still talk art, healing, soul, mamahood, love + life wherever I am called to. I can’t stem the words that wish to pour forth. I’ve always written whenever I am guided by my divine muse, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
  • The Goddess Circle will still exist, thrive + grow. I see it as a one stop shop for transforming your life on every single level — health, home, happiness, inner peace + business. I regard it as the Complete Life Uplift resource pack at a very generous price with an incredible community (almost 3000(!) women).



  • There will be more articles + videos aimed specifically at helping women create + grow incredible businesses with their gifts.
  • I’ll be offering more intensive programs + coaching outside of the Goddess Circle for women who are ready to invest in themselves + their businesses to take it to the next level.


Hope this helps and brings comfort, clarity + understanding to you.




THIS provides more wisdom than I can ever say…

I can’t even say why, but this is my totem animal right now:



It makes me gigglesnort every.time. I look at it.

Reminds me of that kid’s rhyme:

We’re going on an adventure! We’re off to catch a big one!


And we totally are.


with bucketloads of love + joy,


by Leonie Dawson on August 28, 2012

G’day gorgeous souls,

For the last eight years, I was called to share with you that feeling of unconditional love of the angels, of the permission for you to be who you were, the reminder that you didn’t need to change one thing in this world to be loved, that everything would be okay.

And eight years, two books, 1500+ blog posts and upteen programs later, that calling of mine is complete.

I feel like I’ve said all I’ve needed to say about it.

And that now that forms the background and the framework and the container of the new work I’m called to share.

I’m still an angel loving hippy of the most right-brainiest kind content to live in a turquoise hermit shack with a witchy monk’s lifestyle,

but I’m also now a master manifester, a mama,a successful soul-centered business owner who believes that we all have big gifts to share + that we have to step up in a BIG way to do it. I’ve reached my own goals. I’ve managed to craft a soulful, creative business that has helped thousands upon thousands of people, blossomed beyond my wildest dreams + given me + my family a huge amount of freedom.

I’ve also changed my money mindset radically. I no longer believe it’s pious to be poor, and instead I totally see how more abundance can be empowering and healing. How we can align money with our intentions, we can become wonderful custodians of money, we can create good and beautiful existences on the earth without it taking away from anyone else or mama earth.

It’s not just about money — it’s never ever been about money for me. I’ve always been driven by my soul’s calling to create + express + help others. And now I’ve worked out how to do that, I want to help others do just the same.

I’m changing a lot of what I share. My new “brief” of kinds is to help other earth angels take their light to the world in as big a way as possible, and to help them help even more people.

When I say “earth angels” I mean – creatives, artists, healers, writers, acupuncturists, photographers, coaches, musicians + entrepreneurs of all kinds + sorts. People who want to make a difference in their own lifes, people who want to change the world.

I believe there are so many earth angels out there — you — that have big beautiful gifts, that this world needs. What’s more, I know I’m able to help you share those gifts in a way that powerfully helps the thousands out there that need it, and that help you create your most nourishing, inspiring life.

For me, becoming an entrepreneur has been one of the most deepest, sacred experiences of my life… one that has fast-tracked my personal growth to a whole new level. In one month I heal and transform and gain insights that used to take me a year or more.

What’s more, the experience of becoming a mother, of Post Natal Depression, of letting go of the old way to embrace the new — it has cleaved me open, sculpted off some edges and left me a new person.

A five year old cannot go back to being a three year old, nor can I write or be as I used to.

A flame has been lit up inside me, and there’s a different message to be shared —

that yes, we can have amazing, beautiful lives. We can have abundant, prosperous businesses to support our gifts.

That there’s profound changes to make along the way. Changes in mindset, productivity, marketing + how you work your life. And they can also be totally in alignment with your soul and your heart.

The understanding that you are perfect, divine + whole will always be a part of the work I teach the world, but for me, for what I am called to now is helping people’s actions align with their intentions. For them to create and manifest and call forth and make happen the dreams they are wanting.

I’m no longer a dreamer.

I’m a dream-make-happener.

If my work no longer resonates with you or serves you, I understand. I wish you the most beautiful of blessings on your journey, and the hope that you find what it is you are seeking. I am so grateful that we crossed paths and shared this sacred time together and send you GIANT washes of love.

And I’m so excited for all the new that we are calling forth too… all the new souls that are gathering here, that are chanting yes, yes, yes, ready to run with this new energy and fly.

We are brave, soulful warriors on the quest of our life… to embody a new kind of world here.

One where our gifts are used to their fullest. Where our money, jobs and lifestyles are totally in sync with our spirit. Where the whole world becomes one big dance of possibility.

all my love,


G’day gorgeous souls,

Got another sweet question this week from Allie in Perth, Western Australia.

“Hi Leonie,

Firstly please let me tell you how much of an impact you’ve had in my business and life. I’ve only been following you for a couple of months, and I’m a part of the Goddess Circle and I am JUST SO INSPIRED BY EVERYTHING YOU CREATE!

Can you tell me how you create your videos you do for your blog and courses?

I just lovelovelovelove how you share with the world through video, and I want to start making my own!”

Awww bless. Thanks so much Allie.

And of course! Happy to help with the answers to this one! I know we’ve had a few more emails asking the same question, so I know it’s a popular topic!

Let’s get down to it!

First things first:

Why You Need Video In Your Business

So now we’ve got the technobabble out of the way, let’s talk WHY it’s so important to do video for your business.

1. Even if it is the most simple of simple videos, it instantly bonds people to you.
2. People trust a video over a photo, a photo over a page of words, because it’s like they’ve met you face to face.
3. It’s got tremendous power to include humour, energy, kindness, love, creativity + joy in it.
4. It really gets your message across.



Start Where You Are

Now this is my number one piece of advice, it’s so so important.

I’m going to share with you the set-up I USED to have in making videos, the set-up I use now, and the set-up I’ll look at using in the future.

They all vary according to cost + ease.

Do what is doable NOW. Create what you can create NOW.

And work up to another level in time.

Don’t wait for perfection.

The most important thing is for you to create + share it with the world!


Level 1: How To Create Basic Videos

This is where I started out years ago… with what I had on hand.

Recorded With: I recorded using my webcam + inbuilt mike that came with my laptop.

Editing: To start with, I didn’t even edit my videos! I just made sure to record my videos without mistakes in them.

Here’s an example of one of the very first videos I made!

For quick videos, I’d even just use the video setting in Photobooth (the program that comes on Mac computers!)

Here’s an example of a quick video I made in Photobooth when my daughter was just born.

(Nope I wasn’t nekkid in this video… just looks like it! Hee!)

Sharing with the world: I always use Youtube – please note however that there are time limits to videos! Usually it’s up to 15 minutes for some users, and longer (I think under 30 minutes) for approved users.

Vimeo allows for longer videos, and you can also password protect them.


Level 2: Awesome Videos!

The first way to start making more advanced videos is with EDITING.

My favourite software to edit with is iMovie, the program that comes with all Mac laptops. It’s part of the reason that I am always recommending Mac computers — their range of creative software that comes installed on them is just fantastic, and so useful for business owners + creatives.

Even if you’re still recording on your webcam, you can make it look SO MUCH more snazzy + interesting using editing software.

Here’s an example of mine:

And a really fun one that took a whole lot of scenes and playing to do, but continues to be really popular:

And here’s a really good example of a Goddess Circle member on a webcam making her video SO funny + awesome + interesting to watch! Editing really makes videos POP and capture the eye and keep the attention!

Level #3: Incredible Videos!

To take videos the next level after that you need to invest in better equipment.

I now use a Canon SLR camera with video functionality to record the videos.

I also now use a Zoom H4N Voice Recorder – I don’t use it all the time, but it’s really useful when I want to make sure the sound is perfect and doesn’t have too much static or background noise. It’s much, much easier for me to get the sound a lot better since we have a soundproof music room in Paradise House.

I still edit with iMovie most of the time.

I also use some cheap workshop lights/garage lights on stands for when I make indoor videos to get the lighting a lot brighter.

Here’s an example video of this set up:

Level 4: Space Age Videos!

The future?

The sky is the limit when it comes to optimising your videos.

We’ve invested in Adobe Premiere Pro – a more professional editing suite which allows for much more flexibility. Right now I don’t use it a lot as it’s further down my list on stuff to educate myself up on, but here’s a video my hunko husband edited for me with it:

Eventually I’ll probably invest in a lighting set like this.

Once you start playing with video you realise there’s so many ways you can optimise it, make it better + get it even smoother + more gorgeous. Just like any creative form!





So start playing now. Whatever you can do, do it now.

A basic video is far better than none at all.

And once you’re ready, start optimising your videos up, taking them to the next level.


If you’d like to help other gorgeous souls spread their message through video, make sure you share this post along!

love, joy + abundance,