Delights in Four

::: A shoe party last night.

Giggling over outlandish combinations.
With two of the coolest chicks i have the pleasure of knowing.

::: Shaking my groove thang at my first class of bellydancing. it feels so GOOD to *move* my body and connect with the temple of my spirit.

shimmy, shimmy, shimmy…

::: listening to rufus wainwright for the first time… and doing a collage inspired by him.

::: walking in the rain after meditation at the sri chinmoy centre, catching droplets and welcoming them on their thrilling journey.

::: Creating something everyday.
Delighting in experimenting and creating for creation’s sake. Letting myself just PLAY and be. I love what I see forming on paper and in my brave, roaming, adventuring heart.

connecting deeply with colour…

i love deb, bouganvillea priestess… & purple shoes overlooking Tilba valley…

“Let go of both resistance and force
to allow yourself to connect more deeply to life.”
~ the daily guru

Photos from my Tilba road trip adventure can be seen here.
I also took a series of shots of my gorgeous friend Juliana ~ check them out here.

juliana oak tree

sublime surfing
:: this delicious interview with dan price has it all ~
bikes, cubby houses, hiking and ART.
:: tasty fun furde design blog
:: Baileys Bliss ~ amazing collages and journalling

Road trip-alicious

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Went on a divine roadtrip yesterday ~ it turned into a 14 hour epic quest, from sunrise until long past sundown. I went with my gorgeous women’s circle to celebrate Deb’s birthday, and we had a frolicking good time. A friendly dog in Nelligen, pancakes in Bateman’s Bay, an old church in small town somewhere. Exclaim loudly over each tree, each goat, each hovering owl. We end up in Central Tilba, and Tilba Tilba. Climb the rocks overlooking the green valleys, blue mountains, out to the magnificent ocean. Make friends with a horse in a paddock, rest my face in its neck and breathe in deeply the heavenly equine scent. Eat lunch at a fabulous resturant. Photograph an old man and kiss his hand. Bush-bash just to get that picture of the huge lilies by the creek. Drink frappes at a pub playing live jazz music in Moruya. Deb’s birthday cake on the street, laughing loudly. Driving home to a burnished crimson sunset, in the darkness speaking to a medicine woman while another sleeps in the back.

The best kind of road trip of all.

{Pics to come some time soon}

~ Off to live life for a bit.
Bellydancing, meditating, shoe parties.
You know. That kind of thing.

Wishing you all this and more.

Illustration Friday: Cold

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Illustration Friday‘s topic this week is COLD.

When I think of cold, I think of the first time I went to the snow two years ago, with two other snow virgins – my sister and my lover.
There is a photo of me, in pigtails, scarf and beanie,
smiling wildly in the snow,
and all the while I was thinking how crazy funny it was to be so cold.

Afterwards, cold and wet and bedraggled, we went down to the underground train station,
and ate dozens of hot mini donuts.
It is still emblazoned in my memory as being infinitely delicious.