On Crafting A Family (And A Life) Together


I think I’ll always remember these long, tiring, tender days

of raising a little being together.

How much love and work and commitment and faith we’ve piled into it.

Crafting the life we wanted.

Pushing and pulling and talking it out and working out a way for all three of our needs to be met – for each to be given the intimacy, love, space and time they need to grow.

Between two creative, self-aware adults and one toddler, there’s a whole lotta needs that need tending to, and we’re always working out ways for everyone’s needs to be met as much as we humanly can. (We’re also very, very human, and we don’t do it all perfectly, and I’ve come to a certain kind of grace and ease with that truth.)

It’s been an effort… that’s the best way to describe it I feel.

Something that’s required a buttload of attention, energy and work to direct it in the right course.

but holy shit it’s worth it.

The big work. The good work.

The kinda work that crafts your very being:

makes you more patient. Compassionate. Understanding.

More deeply intimate with your own needs and the needs of the ones you love.

This is the work

Of crafting a family and a love and a life

that sings just to you.

I’m grateful we did it. I’m grateful we keep doing it.

Keep making art, talking it out, working out what works, committing to our own routine and balance of family time, study, work and adventure, of having artist’s dates, and of cultivating our souls along with our family. I often feel like talking + hugging is what constitutes the vast majority of our days: it’s the glue that holds us all together, keeps us happy and in the right groove. (Those two things are just as important for us adults as it is for our wee one!)

It’s just like our relationship counsellor (we called him “The Dude”) said right at the beginning when we went to see him with babe in arms.

“When a baby arrives, they scoop out your pie.

Where before, you had time for yourself, work, each other, friends… each sections of your pie.

A baby comes along and all that time is gone.

And so you begin the work of slowly, slowly building your sections back in, tiny piece by tiny piece.”

It’s been almost three years since our pie was scooped out (can you believe it?)

And our pie is filling out again, crafting it bit by bit.

I’m so glad I’ve done this work.

So glad I’ve done it with him (the wisest, hottest man I’ve ever known).

So glad I’ve done it for her (the daughter I knew I would always have).

So glad it’s made me even more of who I am.

With all my love from this side of the world,

from my little tribe to yours,

2013 Dreams Of A Wild Sister

2013 dream extravaganza

G’day darlinghearts!

Today’s guest post is by my beautiful friend Jen Saunders. Jen is a writer and daydream believer living in Melbourne, Australia with her hippie-husband. She’s the creator and editor of Wild Sister Magazine, an inspiring e-zine for women who are ready to love themselves, follow their bliss and change the world. You can follow her at  www.wildsister.com.

As you know, I very rarely accept guest posts, but each year I like to invite some gorgeous, passionate, inspiring women to share their new year dreams, goals + miracles.

The more we hear of women dreaming big dreams and making them happen, the more it will become the “new normal” and fuel us to do just the same.

Introducing darling Jen!



Since I woke up on 1st January 2013, after having fallen asleep at 8.30 New Year’s Eve with a bad cold, I knew my word for this new year would be:


Now more than ever, I feel called to truly get in touch with myself, with nature, and to nourish my mind, body and soul.

My first step in doing that was diving deep into the 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Workbook and Planner – both the Life AND Business Editions.

Sitting down with peppermint tea in my favourite mug, lavender oil burning, and the summer sunshine streaming through my window, I spent an entire day filling in those workbooks and filling up my soul. Nourishing.

I honestly had no idea how powerful writing my dreams and ideas and goals down on paper could be, how amazingly heartwarming it is to see all my achievements from 2012 smiling up at me from the page, or how liberating it is to feel the past washing away, making room for all the good things coming my way.

I swam deep down into the depths of my heart and brought my most sparkling dreams to the surface.

I gave my dreams a place to grow within the rainbow-hued pages.

In the Life Edition, I released my hopes, listed my goals and imagined the wonderful year that lay ahead. In the Business Edition, I crafted my own treasure map to my dreams.

My dream to have a business that feels like freedom, like summer breezes, birdsong, flowing abundance, and celebratory high-fives and happy dances.

My dream to follow the sunshine, to leave the city suburbs and be surrounded by nature.

My dream to self-publish my fiction work, to hold my very own book in my hands and flick through its pages.

Now that my map is set out in front of me, it has all suddenly become so much more do-able.

So much more real. In my mind and heart, I have been catapulted to where I want to be, feeling my dreams as though they have already happened.

For the first time in my life, I have my entire year mapped out in front of me. Being a free spirit, I always thought setting goals and planning so far ahead would create anxiety and make me feel trapped. But I was happily surprised to see that the opposite happened when I looked over my month by month plans.

Instead of feeling suffocated, I feel free. Instead of feeling anxious, I feel excited. I feel completely clear about what my goals are and what steps I need to take to get there.

And now, only a few days after pouring everything into the workbooks, I’ve never felt more inspired to create my dreams.

Want to know what else?

Taking the time to sit and write about my life and my dreams opened the floodgates to a ton of life-changing ideas that I know will put me on the fast-track to those dreams coming true.

Finally, I have become the conscious creator of my life.

I am my own miracle worker.

And I’m ready to ROCK 2013 with everything I’ve got!


Thanks so beautiful beautiful J.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Let’s make the magic happen!!!!

All my love,


P.S. Join the hordes of women – just like you – creating their own incredible lives + businesses with the 2013 Create Your Incredible Year workbooks.

Just $9.95.

Worth their weight in gold!

Is THIS What’s Holding You Back From Getting Shit Done?


Picture it:

You’re brimming with good thoughts.

Ideas. Inspiration.

Beautiful dreams ready to come to life.

You’re ready to do it. Really ready.

You just know it’s going to happen this time.

And then.

And then.

You switch on. Click on over.

You go check Facebook, Twitter, your inbox, your RSS reader for that one bit of inspiration, that kick up the butt, that whatever you are waiting for.

And everything flips on its side.


See what someone else is doing.

Hear one remark that doesn’t fly right.

Get caught up in the latest drama, that other distraction.

And just like that.

Energy down. Inspiration gone. Self doubt sets in.

“Why should *I* create? Everyone else is already doing something! Maybe I should just go hide over here. In the corner. Eat Maltesers and dream dreams I know won’t come true.”

Stop. Put down the Create-Your-Own-Disaster pen. Back away from the bullshit.

Diss distraction.

The world needs YOU hon.

No if’s, no but’s, no maybe’s.

It needs you to turn up.

Speak your gift. Share the miracles that are inside you.

We deeply and dearly need your story. In order to heal. In order to grow. In order for this whole dang world to change.

How The Fuc* Do You Do Just That?

Put your blinkers on.

Your ONLY focus is where you are headed.

The only thing you can see is your dream come true.

Every movement you make is in that direction.

Where nothing perturbes you – coz you are on a MISSION, girl!

There is nothing but this.

This world inside you. The story that must be told, the work that must be done, the dreams that must be made, the life that must be created.

 And it’s all up to you.

That’s the beauty of free choice.

You get to choose.

What are you going to do?

Switch off and get turned on by what’s inside you?

Will you create what’s inside you?

Will you heal yourself along the way and thousands of others?

Will you grab your destiny by the nuts, claim it as your own and live the ever loving shit out of it?

Go. Go do. Go be.

I’ll be waiting. Ready. Listening.

For the giant miracles you are about to unleash.

All my love,

P.S. It’s already creating massive miracles, shifts + dreams come true for the 12 000 women who have grabbed their own 2013 Create Your Incredible Year workbook + planner.

What’s holding YOU back from doing the same thing love?

It’s immensely powerful. It’s effing cheap – under $10! It comes hugely recommended from the legions of women who’ve been using it every.single.dang.year for the last four years.

I’m not sure what else to tell you.

Just that you’re worth it. Your dreams are worth it. And that fuck, YES, you CAN do it.

Making your dreams come true ain’t just for special peeps who got ordained with the “Your Dreams May Come True” stick, while everyone else languishes with the “Well, this life is kinda shit and doesn’t fit me” stick.

YOU are the one who gets to choose this. YOU are the one that gets to create your amazing life and business.

You you YOU.

It’s all in your power.

Got it yet?

2013 Dreams Of An Artist Mama

2013 dream extravaganza


G’day darlinghearts!

Today’s guest post is by my beautiful friend Leah Piken Kolidas. Me & Leah have known each other for what feels like a gazillion years in internet land. I’ve long admired her commitment to creativity, her incredible personal style and the eyelashes of her beautiful daughter. Leah is a mixed-media artist and creativity guide living near Boston, MA with her husband and daughter. When not chasing her one-socked toddler around the house, she enjoys painting, lounging with a cat on her lap, and laughing loudly. Leah leads the Art Every Day Month Challenge and the Creative Every Day Challenge at her blog, www.CreativeEveryDay.com.

As you know, I very rarely accept guest posts, but each year I like to invite some gorgeous, passionate, inspiring women to share their new year dreams, goals + miracles.

The more we hear of women dreaming big dreams and making them happen, the more it will become the “new normal” and fuel us to do just the same.

Introducing lovely Leah!


For the last 4 years, I’ve worked with Leonie’s beautiful Workbook and Planner. I love the way it helps me wrap up the year that’s ended and plan for the next year. I had never really thought about attending to the previous year before, but it’s a wonderful exercise. An important one I think, to honor what you’ve been through and what you’ve accomplished, so you can move forward.

(One of Leah’s gorgeous artworks!)

What I also love is how gently, but firmly Leonie helps you to not only define your goals for the year, but then also break them down into actionable steps. I think that’s where I lose a lot of stamina when creating resolutions. Smaller, doable steps with a date to complete each of these mini-steps is essential.


Here are a sampling of pages I’ve completed in the workbook so far. I especially loved filling out the gratitude page as I worked through wrapping up my 2012. Still have more to add, but it was great to appreciate all the wonderful things I have in my life right now.

In these winter months, when I tend to want to hunker down and nest a bit, I also enjoyed thinking of some things I want to do to make my living space more wonderful. I’m still working out what my big goals for the year are. I have a few, some that are simple, some a little scary. But a little scary is a good thing when it comes to big dreams!


Leonie is a powerful resource for making things happen and her 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Workbook and Planner is a great place to start in making your big dreams happen too.


Thanks so beautiful beautiful L.

May we all become conscious creators of our own lives, destinies + businesses.

I know when we do, huge ol’ miracles will occur in this world.

All my love,


Is It TOO LATE To Begin Planning For 2013?


Hola dearests,

I’m getting a really important questions lately about creating an incredible year in 2013.

And I know I need to share them here, incase you’re wondering too:

Is it TOO LATE to begin?

Is it TOO LATE to plan for 2013?

Shouldn’t I have all my resolutions in place on January 1?

Let me answer this with three words: Absoloodely, 100% NOT.

New Year’s Day is NOT the “Use By Date” for setting resolutions for the new year.

I have no idea why we got that idea stuck in our heads, but it’s worth chucking out the window.

We have women buying the yearly planning workbook right up until NOVEMBER of that year – and say it was still 100% worth it because of the results they got from it.

It’s just like saying:

Have I waited too long?

Am I too old?

Am I too late for my dreams?

I’ll tell you when it’s TOO LATE:

It’s when you never begin at all.

When you give up because you won’t have 365 perfect days under your belt.

When you think it’s too late to make a change, so why bother at all?

The Perfect Time To Create Your Incredible Year (And Life. And Business.)

The perfect time to create your incredible year is NOW.

Right where you are this moment. Right here.

It’s the point in time when you decide you are a conscious creator of your life and business.

It’s never ever too late to start crafting the business and life you want.

It’s only too late when you don’t start at all.

Right where you are is a point of POWER

It’s the moment when you choose to step up, to say yes.

It’s the moment you craft your destiny from.

Who you want to be today, in this moment. Where you want to find yourself in 12 months, at the end of your life.

It’s all a blank canvas, waiting for you to take up the brush and carve it in colours in the way YOU want.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

You are the knight in shining armour.

You are your soulmate, your best friend, your cheerleader with pom poms.

You have infinite choices, infinite power, infinite abilities.

All you need do is claim. Claim your choices, claim your responsibility.

And let me say again because it’s just so important:

The perfect time to create your incredible year is NOW.

Got it?


Let’s go create our miracles, dearest.

Our dream lives + businesses are waiting for us. The world is too.

love love love,

P.S. I have to share something — I did a quick survey this morning over in Facebookerywookerylands, and was stunned by the results:

A HUGE amount of peeps have NO idea that the 2013 Create Your Incredible Year workbooks + planners are SO cheap. They all thought they were way more expensive than the cheap-as-chips price of just $9.95 they are and were holding out from getting them because of that!!!

Yes, I could charge more. Yes, I hear ALL the time that they are much more valuable and powerful than that price. I know that. I’m not underpricing them because I undervalue them.

I make them so cheap because I want every single woman who needs them to be able to invest in them. I want you to create your incredible life and business, and I know these planners will help.

I want you to live your dreams for one simple reason: because I know when you do, you’ll be alight. You’ll shine so bright you’ll help thousands of others to light up. And I know, whole of heart, that when women step up to live their dreams, it will change this world. In big, beautiful, profound ways. In ways it is aching for.

Didn’t realise they were so affordable? Grab your 2013 Create your Incredible Year workbooks for under $10!!!