12-ish Days of Christmas

12ish days of Christmas

Hello lovelies,

Christmas is just around the corner (actually it is almost staring us right in the eyes!! FARRRRK I HAVE SO MANY PRESENTS STILL TO WRAPPPPPPP) and I wanted to share my version of the 12(ish) days of Christmas!

This year I mixed things up and added some new shiny things to help you achieve your goals with some bloody deeeelicious features and heaps of benefits for your biz and life.

Excuse me while I warm up my singing voice…Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Dooooooooo

On the first day of Christmas Leonie gave to me… a Shiny 2016 Diary!


This was very much a labour of love to create it – I’ve never created a weekly diary-planner before.

It was something that was very much requested so I created this to help our workbookers implement their goals and dreams into their months, weeks + days.

Having a daily diary is perfect to help you set your goals, your tasks and achieve them every single day. The diary is filled with inspirational quotes, doodle spots and monthly goal setting exercises that will keep you on track and a place to turn when you just need a little umpf in your step.

At the end of each month, there is an important reflection process to help you celebrate you:

  • celebrate what goals you achieved that month
  • discover the important soul + mind lessons you’ve learned
  • reset your focus for the next month ahead

Sneak a peek here!

On the second day of Christmas Leonie gave to me…A 2016 Shining Wall Planner!

wall planner

This wall planner let’s you see your year in overview on a giant A2-sized wall planner.

Stick it above your desk, in your bathroom mirror or wherever you see fit!

The planner has weekly to-do lists for life + biz, highlighted weekends, monthly income goals and inspiration + space to lay out your major goals and deadlines.

Looking at your Shining Year every ding dang day will help you hit your goals and make 2016 as magical as you wish!

On the third day of Christmas Leonie gave to me… an all new (and re-written) 2016 Workbook Collection!

collection spread

Everything you need to plan, create + execute your goals. You get daily, weekly + yearly planning system that has been completely rewritten + redesigned!

This year…

  • Workbooks are now in two separate printed books (so non-biz women + teenagers can just get the Life goal planners!) with thicker, heavier covers and on gorgeous recycled paper that is a dream to write on!
  • We’ve added plenty of extra paper at the back of both books for you – in a gorgeous variety of graph paper, lined paper + unlined paper for your magical notes!
  • The 2016 yearly wall planner is DOUBLE the size of last year’s one! This one is A2 sized and completely damn scrumptious!
  • The 2016 diary/weekly planner is brand spanking new! It features rainbowy pages, monthly goal planning, weekly to do list reminders, income goals, action plans + lots more! Exactly what you need to get your goals happening every week!
  • The to do list pad was brand spanking new as well! While we are sold out of the physical version, if you purchase a Biz or Life bundle you will receive digital access! 

On the fourth day of Christmas Leonie gave to me… a 2016 Biz Workbook!

biz spread

Ohhhh the Biz Workbook, how I love it! This tool will guide you to map out so many aspects of your business that it will rock your socks off.

It covers strategic business planning for the year, money + profit goals, mapping out new income streams, reviewing your biz successes, marketing goals, staff + contractor goals and so much more.

The Workbook will help you unlock areas of your business that you may never have even thought of before and this is incredibly powerful. It is like the secret garden of success tools that every biz should have.

On the fifth day of Christmas Leonie gave to me… Monthly Check-ins from my Diary!

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 4.07.44 PM

Now even the most dedicated goal setter can make a list of goals and deadlines but if you never check in on them to see how you are doing, will they ever get done? The diary works hand in hand with your workbook and reminds you each month to evaluate where you are.

If you waited until December 2016 to see if your targets were hit, you wouldn’t have any chance to change course and achieve them.

Regular check-ins will help keep you on track or see where you need to re-evaluate.

On the sixth day of Christmas Leonie gave to me… A Magic Mountain Map!


Make your goals happen and get shit done! Setting goals is just one part of the process of making things happen. To actually ACHIEVE your goals, you need to figure out what you need to do, how are you’re going to get them done and WHEN!

In this section of the Biz Workbook, I’ll lead you through a process to make getting to the goal at the top of the Magical Mountain doable!

Think of your goals as the top of a magical mountain that you need to climb. Getting to the top of your mountain (achieving your goal) is not possible with just one step.

But you’re going to need to climb that mountain one step at a time and sometimes those steps need to be broken into littler steps. This can make the mountain seem impossible to climb and a bit hopeless.

On the seventh day of Christmas Leonie gave to me…a Systems Checklist!


Systems are what your business is built on. It’s how things are done. Your procedures, how you run your team, what technology you use and how everything is executed. They are what help our businesses scale beyond us. 

Use the Shining Systems checklist in the Biz workbook to make sure that you have a system in place to scale your business and get (or stay) organized.

On the eighth day of Christmas Leonie gave to me… a Bonus 10 Steps course!

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 3.30.32 PM

There are two online bonus courses for anyone that invests in the Shining Year in Biz & Life Workbooks. The 10 Step Plan to make your business + life goals come true this year.

You will get 10 videos for each workbook over the first month that will help you set your goals and complete your workbooks to get HUGE results.

On the ninth day of Christmas Leonie gave to me… a 2016 Life Workbook!

life diary spread

The Life Workbook will help guide you to map out your financial, family, health + wellness, career, and bucket list goals. From creating your dream day to the self love + care you need and deserve, the Life Workbook will help you along the way.

Everyday can’t be perfect so there is also a section for “What to do when everything sucks!” Curling into the fetal position with a bucket of ice cream doesn’t have to be the only remedy!

On the tenth day of Christmas Leonie gave to me… Shining Self Care!


Taking care of yourself needs to be in your plan. There are many ways that you can take time away from the hustle and bustle to make sure that you are okay.

In the Shining Self Care section of the Shining Life workbook, you can map out time for yourself to refresh + renew so that you can be your best you. Even if you don’t believe it every single day…YOU ARE IMPORTANT!! This is a pure fact. You matter and you need time for yourself.

Map it out and make it happen (a happy you makes everyone happier).

On the eleventh day of Christmas Leonie gave to me… My Shining Family!


Mapping out your family life may seem a bit silly but your family has challenges and goals and carving out part of your life to make things run smoothly is super duper important.

You are a goddess but even the most together goddess needs a bit of help so I’ve included some handy dandy resources to help your household thrive in 2016 and beyond in your Life workbook.

On the twelfth day of Christmas Leonie gave to me… a 2016 Workbookers Facebook group!


Questions, comments, help….this Facebook group is for people who want you to win and are using the workbooks too. So if you get stuck along the way, want to share your success or want to post some photos of what your shining year looks like, you get to join this collaborate group of switched-on successful lovelies just like you!

Okay, so not everything rhymes perfectly with this popular Christmas time tune, but you have to admit it is a pretty awesome list!

I want you to have the best 2016 possible and know the power (that six years and over 200,000+ women who have used it have had HUGE results with) that these gifts can bring for you.

If you haven’t ordered yours yet, you may not end up on the naughty list but wouldn’t it be nice to create the most amazing year?



Stop procrastinating and start your year of abundance in life or your business.

Big love,


P.S. If you already have your 2016 Workbook Collection – why not share the gift with a friend, colleague, sister, neighbor or anyone who you know could reap the benefits of such a precious gift?! Purchase your gift now and download + print a gift voucher here so you still have something for under the tree!


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Big Dreams Are Made Of Little Pieces [a guest post by Grant]


I’ve been thinking about breathing lately.

How it just seems to happen.

We don’t think about it until it gets labored or we are short of a breath or two.

But under everything in our lives, is breathing.

It is a kind of ground for consciousness.

It is keeping the lights on.

The quality of your day is dependent on ~20,000 breaths a day.

Our world is built of pieces. Like breaths.

The quality of your internet connection reflects how well the packets are moving.

Your nutritional intake is dependent on bites of food.

Big ideas are made of little flashes moving through your brain up to 268 miles per hour. (Sparks move inside you.)(Baby, you’re a fireworkfly)


We are pieces of pieces.

Companies, communities, and causes are made of people.

We see things as monolithic – solid, whole, together, but when you really get inside something, there are always pieces.

Atoms, Lego blocks, letters, and slow-twitch muscle fibers. All pieces.

What we accomplish is made of pieces too. The life you make, the work you do, the relationships you’re a part of…made of pieces.

It is tempting this time of year to teeter between euphoria and despair.

In every life, in every year, there’s always a hope for more. We have almost infinite capacity for hope and longing, so we want more from everything. Standing at the end of such a clear block of time, it’s not difficult to look back and despair for all that wasn’t, didn’t, or won’t be.

infinitecapacity SML

Click to download as a desktop wallpaper/printable poster


Turning our gaze forward, it’s easy to imagine the next year differently. So much that will be. All our hopes/dreams/longings manifested. Big things birthed, big breaks healed, big holes filled. Such a glorious and euphoric view, the future is.

The truth is more pedestrian. The future and the past are all just pieces. The same pieces, actually, that you have right now.





million breaths

That’s what makes this life beautiful and difficult.

Everything is small, simple, easy. The next right move, the next deep breath, the next right word.

But everything worth doing is difficult because it is a million right moves, a thousand deep breathes, pages and pages and pages of the next right words.

Life is made of pieces. We traffic in pieces. We are made of pieces. We are pieces. All we get is PIECES.

So even now, good traveler, as you stand in this present, this piece, at the moment when the line of NOW and the end of a big block of time happen to align, don’t get lost.

Your task today is easy. Your task for this next year is simple:

Take control of the pieces.

That’s it.

Think of all the big dreams you have. The moments you long for. The ones that will take away all your breaths. Break them down. To pieces. Look at them, so cute and cuddly. The atomic layer of your deepest hopes. Just little pieces. The tiniest manifestation of your dreams.

Look at this next year.

Don’t see it whole. Don’t see it in quarters or months.

See it in seconds. Minutes. Moments.

everest high sml
Set your intentions high – aim for your Everest – then come back to the present, set your compass true, and a take a step.

Take a breath. Swallow. Blink. Think.

2016 is coming. And 17. And 18. Don’t worry about those.

We are made of pieces, we make pieces, pieces make us.

Please make good pieces. The world is hungry for your hearts.

Enjoy the journey,

grant sig 3



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2015: My Life + Business Review

Hola gorgeous ones!

Phew! What a big year!

I like to do these round-ups at the end of each year to document everything I’ve done, celebrate what goals I’ve achieved, what I’ve learned +  what miracles have happened.

This year I:


  • filled out my 2015 goals workbook (as always… I’m more of a rabid fan of them than anyone else. They’ve been such an important tool for me, my business + life the last 7 years!)
  • sold our house in the rainforest in Kuranda, Far North Queensland
  • said goodbye to the many beautiful friends + souls we met there


  • drove down to my Dad’s farm to spend some time with him + Jack the miniature horse + my brother + his kids
  • flew across the country to move our family to Tasmania for 6 months to fulfil my husband’s life-long wish
  • stayed in the most amazing historic B&B… when we go back to Tassie on holidays we are staying there again!
  • lived in a gorgeous house that looked over Mt Wellington… it made my husband giddily joyful to look out over that mountain each day!



  • ate a lot of cookies with the two Hobart designers I worked alongside for months while we designed the 2016 product collection
  • went to a Steve Biddulph parenting lecture (here’s my illustrated notes) and got a selfie with him. That bloke is such a heartsoaked dreamboat for parents.
  • had my dear old school friend Lena + her daughter Freya come + visit us in Hobart. Little did we know, a few short months later we would end up making a spur-of-the-moment decision to move back to Canberra and be neighbours with them again!
  • hired Grant our Chief Operations Officer and Academy co-teacher – one of the biggest transformations the company and I personally have gone through in a long time
  • went to Zoodoo Wildlife Park + got to feed ostriches + zebras!!!!


  • gave myself the gift of a tubal ligation. No more babies for me! And more specifically: no more hyperemesis gravidarum for me! The operation and recovery process ended up being far longer + more intense than I expected, but I am SO relieved it is done.
  • spent many happy hours walking along Kingston Beach
  • loved visiting Margate Train (again + again + again!)


  • had my US-based team do an in-person retreat that I got to attend as a head-on-a-stick
  • went to a women’s circle afternoon (WANT.MORE.OF.DIS.IN.MY.LIFE.AGAIN)
  • visited MOMA – but only lasted a quick 10 minute walk of the gift shop because we have children. LOLZ!
  • built and designed a brand new membership site for the Academy
  • organised a Hobart meetup at Pancake train


  • illustrated a 100 page colouring book (you can download for free here)
  • harvested apples and pears from the trees in our garden… Tasmanian apples are AMAZING!
  • gave myself a Mother’s Day gift of a night at a hotel by myself. I went WILD. I stayed at Henry Jones Art Hotel, went to Fuller’s bookstore, had a bath, ordered room service + fell asleep by 8pm.
  • had a road trip across Tasmania with my friend Jill to Launceston
  • did a speaking gig at a business women’s conference in Launceston


  • got interviewed on ABC radio
  • had snow days in Hobart! SNOW! SNOW!!!! It was magical + made us all long to experience a white Christmas! (Grant + I have a secret project of luring my husband to want to do a family trip to the States… Grant sends him photos of the snow that is currently falling in Colorado. My husband is a total snow-head and is falling for it! Look out America… one day in the future when Beth is less nuts… we will come visit… IN WINTER!! YEAH! WOO!)
  • moved across the country again to Canberra
  • saw our new house for the first time – we bought it off the internet. The gardens are enchanting! This place has good juju!
  • was reunited with some of my nearest + dearest friends, especially Deb, Lile + Lena. Have had many happy times since then with them. It’s goooood to be back amongst my tribe!
  • settled Starry into her new school
  • went to a brilliant musical


  • was a finalist for Ausmumpreneur of the Year Award + Ausmumpreneur Making A Difference Award
  • flew to Melbourne for the live judging + Ausmumpreneur conference + had an incredible, fulfilling time (my illustrated notes and photos HERE)
  • spent some wonderful afternoons “masterminding” (eating cake at a cafe) with my mate Dr Kate
  • Granto ran our first US Academy event in Denver + I did live Skype Q&A with them


  • did a full day mastermind with Dr Kate + Denise Duffield-Thomas which was awesome!
  • welcomed 900+ new members into the Academy in September (!!!!)
  • went to the Women’s Collective conference (my illustrated notes here)
  • re-watched Pride + Prejudice series (the one with Colin Firth OF COURSE, all else pale in comparison!)



  • launched the 2016 product collection at last – after working on it all year!!!!
  • sold out of one of our new products – the To Do List pad – within 24 hours of opening the cart (!!!)
  • hired more customer service staff to keep up with the 2016 product collection demand
  • had my dad come visit for a week
  • re-entered the world of sewing + toy-making after a break that went too long… started by renovating some very well-loved dolls from Starry’s kindy!
  • instituted Friday Framily Fun Days with Lile + Lena + our bevy of girls. We’ve gone on long walks, choo-chooed on miniature trains, had picnics at parks + set up a sweatshop to make summer sun dresses for our girls!


  • turned 33 and celebrated with a long blog post + a stuffed unicorn head for my office (OHHHH YEAH I LIVE WILLLLLLDDDD)
  • are ending the year with our biggest year ever in business by far.

Lest you think this year was perfect + sunshiney however, there were some hard parts too:

  • I spent a large chunk of my six months in Tasmania on bedrest with 3 chest infections, recovering from surgery + a badly injured foot from a fall.
  • I made mistakes with my team + it was bloody painful + heartwrenching.
  • It’s been completely ecstatic on one hand to have Granto join the company – dude is a total soul brother + our mission is very much aligned. AND we’ve also had to learn how to work with each other. We’ve been a sacred mirror for each other, argued our asses off + healed a lot of our shit in the experience. One I’m very grateful for – but holy shit is it gruesome + tender to do that growing and head-butting process. Just incase you ever think it’s easy to grow + heal + communicate – I just want to say, in my experience, it’s not. It’s messy.as.fuck. It’s GLORIOUS. But gross in the process. As Glennon would say – it’s brutiful. Beautiful and brutal all at once.
  • I worked hard to keep up with the pace of growth in the company. My work-life balance needs adjusting again. I’m still working part-time, but I let some of my boundaries about not working on weekends + evenings get blurred. I’m committing to shifting that back to healthy + aligned in 2016.
  • I didn’t take any holidays except for my turquoise cabin mini-retreat. All work + no play makes Leonie a burnt out girl. I LOVE my job and what we do so much and I LOVE our work family. So it is so easy to just keep saying yes to it. But I am a big believer in breaks making you saner + smarter. Next year, we’re planning on taking an office-wide holiday so we all actually, you know, have to stop doing work.
  • Moving across the country (twice!!!) in less than a year was dummmmmmb. I mean, it was needed, and divine timing, and all that shit, but OMG: DUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMB. We all well and truly hated moving by the end of it. It’s taking us a while to settle + get our shit together now. Me + Mr Dawson both feel a bit shellshocked by just how much has happened in the space of a year. And looking back at that list, it’s easy to see why! Ha! Lesson learned for next year: Seriously. No more fucking moving. Ever.

All up this year I:

  • wrote 3 books
  • created 2 products
  • went to 3 business conferences
  • wrote 60+ blog posts
  • created 12 new courses + workshops for the Academy
  • lived in 3 houses

It’s been a huge year. And I’m SO excited to dive into the 2016 Life + Biz goals workbooks + start mapping out what we can create next year!! Even now, as CEO of a multi-million dollar company, the workbooks are my framework for serious business planning + joyful life design. I made it for myself first and foremost.

Big love,



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Let me fly you to Canberra for a full day mastermind with me??? It’s Our BIGGEST Affiliate Competition EVUH!


Hola gorgeous!

Want to help more people find my work, help them transform their lives + businesses AND earn magical moolah while you’re at it?

Every single month, we send THOUSANDS of dollars out to our wonderful affiliates. It’s lusciously lucrative & divinely FUN! Come on board!

This year is our BIGGEST affiliate competition EVER with over $21,000 (!!!!!) in prizes to be won!!!

Here’s how it works:

  • You tell peeps about my e-courses and products via blog, email, social media. You can talk about it, write reviews about any of my products or courses you have used, interview me (conditions apply), or just add a linked image to your sidebar.
  • You’ll use a special link to talk about me. All sales made through you will be recorded + you’ll be able to see them!
  • You get 50% for all Academy memberships and digital products and 30% for all physical product sales that are purchased through you.


Every single month, I send you appreciation monies to thank you!

Now presenting, the BIGGEST affiliate competition EVER!

The affiliates that sell the most amount of workbooks between now + January 31 will win:

first place


  • Flights from anywhere around the world to Canberra, Australia
    (valued at $2,500*)
  • 2 nights accommodation
    (valued at $500)
  • Full day business coaching + strategy session with me!
    (valued at $5,000)
  • Lifetime membership to Shining Biz + Life Academy
    (valued at $2,500)

(*We will provide up to $2,500 for air travel tickets)

second place


  • $1000 bonus cash
  • 2 hour laser business coaching with myself & my COO, Grant Andrew (valued at $3,000)
  • LIFETIME membership to the Shining Biz + Life Academy (valued at $2,500)
  • Box of 10 of Leonie’s favourite biz + life books! (valued at $200)


third place

  • $500 bonus cash
  • 1 hour laser business coaching with myself and my COO, Grant Andrew (valued at $1,500)
  • Lifetime membership to the Shining Biz & Life Academy (valued at $2,500)
  • Box of 5 of my favourite biz + life books! (valued at $100)


Are you ready to dive in and start earning? Sign up here!

I am SO grateful to be partnering with you to be sharing the 2016 workbooks + NEW weekly planners with the world… I can’t wait to send you unicorn-pulled sleigh-loads of cashola your way!


Big love,


P.S. Yes – it’s totally FREE to sign up. I send $100,000’s out to affiliates every year. Would love to send you some abundance + maybe even fly you to Canberra when you win first place!!! SIGN UP HERE!

P.P.S. Already an affiliate? HEAD OVER HERE to grab your links + images to get promoting + earning!



Hola gorgeous ones!

One thing that’s been super fun to see pop up this year is people getting creative + innovative with how they customise their 2016 goals workbooks, to do list pads + weekly diary-planner to be perfect for their life!


The 2016 workbookers Facebook group is busy + thriving with brilliant ideas + shining souls… so inspiring to see and be a part of! Make sure you join it… it really is incredibly motivating!


The gorgeous Kristal came up with free printable monthly tabs to work with our 2016 weekly diary-planner.

They are rainbowy and colourful and just perfect!





Laminate pages of your to do list pad/printable to do list PDF to make them endlessly reusable!

Peeps have been using whiteboard markers on them which then wipe off at the end of the day – or if you use a permanent marker you can easily get off with eucalyptus oil.

While to do list pads are sold out – you do get a printable PDF of the to do list pad with every purchase of a Biz bundle, Life bundle or diary-planner.



One clever goddess mentioned she likes to washi-tape the workbook corners to make it even more colourful AND durable if you keep it in your bag constantly as many goal-getting goddesses do!



“There are some habits I want to do everyday from now on so I wrote them down on the To do list and framed it. I am putting it in the kitchen so its always in my sight throughout each day.”

– Nikki Fisher Holmes

The workbooks will help you design your own habits like these that will help you thrive… giving you lots of ideas and tips of how to craft your own that work! And again – while to do list pads are sold out – you do get a printable PDF of the to do list pad with every purchase of a Biz bundle, Life bundle or diary-planner.


12279072_1634499343468289_7689296122867671419_n (1)

Each week in the 2016 weekly diary-planner, there’s a space for you to map out your financial goals.

Even if you’re not an entrepreneur with a changeable income, there’s different ways you could use it.

How much do you want to save this week?

How much do you want to manifest this week?

And this cracker of an idea as well:

I thought I’d share a little idea for anyone who has purchased the diary who doesn’t generate an income. As a stay-at-home Mum, the little purple ‘cloud’ in the diary that says ‘I want to receive ($)’ is not applicable to me, so I decided to modify this section. I covered all of these ‘clouds’ with patterned paper and wrote ‘I can do this by…’. This question follows on from ‘I want to feel…’ by asking myself what can I DO to feel this way this week. I hope this helps anyone else who is a stay-at-home Mum, retired etc. to get the most from their diary

– Lesa Savins


12243483_10153646082776675_7776572497987191493_n copy

One of my Tasmanian goddesses Sarah Jane took one of the pages out of our to do list pad + turned it into a reusable dashboard that integrates into the 2016 weekly diary-planner.

Here’s her step-by-step picture tutorial of how to do the same!


And again – while to do list pads are sold out – you do get a printable PDF of the to do list pad with every purchase of a Biz bundle, Life bundle or diary-planner.






If you’re addicted to your Filofax, you can join the bevy of goddesses who customise their 2016 weekly diary-planner by removing its coil-binding, adding additional holes + popping it into their favourite Filofax folder.

Most of all… I love seeing how people take our goodies + make them their own… fitting into their lives just how they need them to… to make the planning process that much more profound, powerful + personal.

Hope you enjoy these awesome customisations… and make sure you jump in our glorious FB group of goal getting goddesses (+ gods!)

Big love,



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