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three birds one post

by Leonie Dawson on September 28, 2005

photo friday’s topic is BURN.

“Do you wanna be a poet and write
Do you wanna be an actor up in lights
Do you wanna be a soldier and fight for love
Do you wanna travel the world
Do you wanna be a diver for pearls
Or climb a mountain and touch the clouds above
Be anyone you want to be
Bring to life your fantasies
But I want something in return
I want you to burn, burn for me baby”
~ Tina freaking Arena “Burn”
I can’t believe I just quoted Tina freaking Arena on my blog.

also, on all things burny, i am currently obsessed with photos from burning man
i want to go. i want to go. i want to go.

and it’s going to be a tough one, but i can try and tie the next one into the burn theme too…
drum roll please…
sooooo… wanna know what goddess lights YOUR FIRE???
{ho ho ho, even *I* astound me)

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
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Earth girl

my work in the world is done. three topics, one post, vaguely tied.
AND i have quoted Tina freaking Arena.

tender thank you

by Leonie Dawson on September 28, 2005

sunset blossoms at lanyon

thank you.
for holding my truths with two hands and a heart
and honouring my spirit when when it is tender
and sharing in tales of messy, beautiful days
for yelling SMILE, for being okay when i’m not,
for hand plucked flowers, for stories of extraordinariness,
and for reducing me to tears (the good ones).

you guys know who you are.

haiku and crocs and fairies and sand…

1 commentby Leonie Dawson on September 25, 2005 ·

i know i haven’t said much lately.
i’ve been bike riding and brewing and letting the sand sift from the gold in my mind.
i’ve been doodling fairies for my friend The Henna Fairy.
marinating in thoughts. dreaming up ideas. rejoicing in friends. eating lentil and bacon soup. not talking, just doing. cocooning with eyes wide open.

the simple pleasures. the joy in wearing new purple crocs. feeling like i’m sure to set off a fashion trend for happy feet.

and i’ve been reading a haiku anthology. my favourite:

smoothing paper
on my fingertips
the roughness of words

~ jackie hardy.

wishing you these quiet days. when there is much movement below the ocean surface, but no ripples at the top.