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A radiant love letter to myself

by Leonie Dawson on December 17, 2005

i love myself so much that i took the leap
and had my first art market today
with all my paintings
and i didn’t sell a single thing
but i had the most wonderful day anyway

i love that my day was joyous and simple in my market day camping chair
that i fell deeply into MISTS OF AVALON
ate delicious vegetarian rice paper rolls
drank apple cider lemonade
and listened to the gorgeous busker near me who sang my favourite songs all day
i love that i loved this

and i love that i don’t feel erred by it
don’t feel stuck or sad or confused
i just feel peace because i know i’m doing a loving, conscious thing anyway
and that art pours from my soul
and that it is invaluable,
even if nobody buys it on a really slow market day.

i love that i am being what my own best friend would do to me ~
stroking my hair, arms wrapped around me,
you don’t need to explain anything away
you are just as you are, and that is the most beautiful thing of all.

i love that i know now more than ever
that success has nothing to do with it
whether one painting sells, the whole lot, or none at all
the fact that i still am radiating
that i still am going to create
is beauty enough. that is success and that is love of the divine.

i will go back to the markets again
and i will enjoy my day
and everything will be JUST FINE
even if it reveals to me that markets aren’t for me,
if they are partly for me,
or not at all,
i have a deep feeling that divine spirit has a grand plan for me.

i love you leonie
i married you under that rock four months ago
i promised i would remember to love you no matter what
and i DO
i promised to honour your highest truth
and i DO
sometimes it scares the shit out of me,
but we leap together holding hands.
i cradle you gently when we feel soft and messy and out of sorts,
i love you just as you are,
and i will continue to.

the highest spirit

office party gurus

by Leonie Dawson on December 16, 2005

alex and dave

what i’ve been manifesting for a while now:
divine connections. it’s written in a dozen journal wish lists,
and symbolised in a number of wishboards.

i see it working in my life.

today we had our office christmas party.
i thought it was going to be a whole heap of sweaty crazy dancing {as per usual}.
there was some of that, but not the sum of it.

no, i think the sum of it was talking to alex and dave,
using a strawberry to paint red pigment on each other’s foreheads,
and calling each other guru.

lessons in seeing the divinity in everyone can come at
any time.
any place.
even an office christmas party…

You’re beautiful, it’s true…

by Leonie Dawson on December 14, 2005

Out There

“Out There
you’ll see it all.
The floating ends will meet and mend, and you will be yourself;
your fully-formed, though always changing, self of selves.
Every clumsy backward look will pay for itself.
Every tear you’ve cried, or wanted to cry, will set your broken bones.
The rips in your heart will no longer need to be guarded by steel
banyan trees,
or even rice paper.
Not so much as a dragonfly’s wing will you need
to cover the bludgeoned place,
to protect the private you you love so much and hope to save intact
from what has seemed years of relentless pummelling.
Go and live and love in peace, my friend…

… for surely there is love to enfold you,
and life to be feasted upon;
our portion is boundless.
Love will be the more you’ve wanted.
You will know it when you see it.
You will love yourself as no lover has ever had the courage to love;
and the warmth you’ve wanted will line your pillowcases,
dance upon your windowsill, and hide at the ends of your socks
awaiting your toes.”

by Deborah Mears

{with thanks to Padraigan for discovering and sharing it}

These beautiful pictures were sent to me by my darling friend Donna. She is a floral designer and an all round glorious soul. She is a gift to the world indeed. I deeply encourage you to click on the above pictures to see them full size. See all the crystals, stones, frangipanis and miracles in each. They take my breath away… I don’t think I’ve ever seen my words so lovingly and deliciously honoured!

Today I give thanks to:

beautiful words
beautiful images
beautiful friends.