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Inspire Me Thursday Featured Artist

1 commentby Leonie Dawson on July 23, 2007 ·

I’ve been interviewed over at the lovely and inspirational Inspire Me Thursday… check it out!

Surrounded by Love

by Leonie Dawson on July 19, 2007

Surrounded by Love
original painting available on Etsy

she felt a little bit achy,
a little bit like a tiny soul boat
lost at sea.

But then…
if she remembered…
she would close her eyes
and find herself
in the embrace of the Mama Goddess.

Mama Goddess would hold her,
deep and gentle in her star~jewelled bosom,
stroking her hair,
whispering silent words into her ear.

You are surrounded by love.

You are surrounded by love.

You are surrounded by love.

Like a fish in the ocean,
you are surrounded by love.

Like a woman in the sweetness of air,
you are surrounded by love.

Fire the Grid

by Leonie Dawson on July 17, 2007

winged woman, pastels on paper

At 9:11pm Australian EST
there is a worldwide meditation called Fire the Grid
for us all to vision healing and oneness for humanity and our beautiful Mama Earth.

Connect in with the grid ~
even if you miss the time,
do it anyway with the intention of connecting in with the grid of light.

See in your mind’s eye and feel in your heart
streaming ribbons of light from every star in the sky
reaching down to touch us, heal us, and embrace the earth.
Imagine inhaling this light,
taking it into your heart,
and offering it a home there.

Imagine a world of hope, peace, beauty and miracles.
Imagine a planet of community, of people connecting deeply with themselves, each other, our animals and plants, our beautiful Earth home.

Imagine a world of possibility,
of radiant dreams come true.

Imagine opening your eyes and seeing the world
as though you have just arrived.

Imagine knowing who you are.
Imagine remembering you are Great Spirit.

I will meet you in the ethers,
dancing in the light.
I believe in you.

Take a moment to imagine the possible.

Remember your beauty,