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A quarter of a century ago…

by Leonie Dawson on November 11, 2007

I was swimming, swirling, dancing, turning,
in my mama’s womb,
the night before I came to be.

Thank you mum, for holding me inside you, and for loving me with all you have.
Thank you dad, for co-creating me, and for loving me with all you have.
Thank you my ancestors.

And thank you life, for breathing through me. For all the lessons, for all the love, for all the finding, discovering and crazy beautiful days.

I want to honour and recognise also the parts that feel less beautiful and more just plain crazy: the fears, the pain, the gnawing worries. Today a dear friend said to me as we dropped jewelled tears on a rock: “You always look to the light, Leonie, even when there is a deep darkness inside you.”

So I acknowledge that darkness, and I acknowledge that light.
I acknowledge all the journeying, all the moments lost in translation, the not-knowing and the sharp, clear moments of knowing.

All of the rough tango, the glory, the loss, the mastery. And Goddess, the moments Earth feels like heaven:
when the sunlight glances through the clouds and casts embers through your hair;
when the wind roars through the trees on the mountain rim;
when a white bird skirts through white eucalypts;
when the air smells so sweet and mossy I want to bathe in it and smell like it always;
when the kookaburras laugh and make you want to draw your head back and join them;
when the rocks are damp from the rain and are kissable.
I wonder what this all felt like the first time I experienced these miracles.
Today, I feel them as though they are the first time.

I have a vision of who you might be, Leonie, and I strive to find my way to you, to honour who you are, and become you.

I love you Leonie.
Happy birthing day, my precious, precious self.

lush link friday

by Leonie Dawson on November 9, 2007

feet love earth. earth love feet.

it amazes me how words from an old post of mine can soothe and balm my heart just when i needed it. just as i needed it.

my heart is touched by the new york girl on subway story… he FOUND her! he FOUND her!

and WOOT! some of my extreme bridal photographs just got featured on Trash The Dress Australia!

maybe some time i will do some delish projects from Learning to Love You More.

i’m loving these goddess headwraps.

phwoar, these flower petals necklaces are delectable!

i’m totally impressed by these creations of this 17 year old goddess.

listen to the birdsong of women from the monkfish abbey.

i love you anyway

1 commentby Leonie Dawson on November 8, 2007 ·


i was walking along

like a fresh blessing

in the morning.

i love the city in the morning:

the quiet way the breeze places,

through green leaves and blackbirds.

it’s like all our mistakes and humanness are wiped clean

and only promise and possibility awaits.

i walk along

with honeysuckle flowers in my curling hair.

mr paris led me and my love to a honeysuckle climber this morning,

saying: “we only live once”

his grief emblazoned on a red rose on his backpack.

he shows us how

to bite off the ends and draw in the honeysuckle nectar,

telling me:

“leonie, i know of no other flower than the honeysuckle that is so similar to your essence.”

so i walk

the city morning

with love, friendship, grief and life in my hair.

i walk beside men and women:

a woman dressed like a man, smoking furtively.

instead of screwing my eyes up in judgement,

i whisper to her:

i love you anyway.

a thin man walks quickly, as though harried and fearful

about being late, about being lost, about being wrong,

and i whisper to him:

i love you anyway.

every man and woman i walk beside,

i watch them silently,

taking in all their parts,

and i want to love them with all of myself.

i want to bless them, i want them to know they are not alone,

i want them to have a good day.

and the thought strikes me,

as i walk like a miandering honeysuckled hair angel in the city morning,

following others and showering them with love,

that maybe, just maybe, just definitely,

that there were angels following me whispering:

i love you anyway. you are good. you are loved. i see you.