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Goddess Chantal: Custom Soul Story art

by Leonie Dawson on July 24, 2008

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a gorgeous woman, Belinda, who wanted to commission me to do a Custom Soul Story artwork for her dear friend’s birthday.

It was such a dear delight to create this for Belinda & Chantal. It was so apparent just how much Belinda loves, adores and supports her friend, and how much she wanted to honour who she is on her birthing day.

Belinda emailed me a photograph of Chantal, and a description of her favourite colours, her gifts and the loving messages to remind her of. When I read her email, I smiled from ear to ear. I felt so blessed to be witness to the beautiful love and friendship between them, and also to sense the amazing souls and goddesses these two women are.

(Happy Birthday Goddess Chantal! It was a blessing to be a part of your celebrations!)

Whenever I am creating custom artworks to honour goddess women, I just trust that whatever needs to be said, drawn, created, documented, honoured will come flowing out from my ink pen onto the paper. My heart fills with joy as I see the image emerge. My spirit dances as I feel & know the gifts, blessings and lessons of another woman, another Goddess.

Some weeks ago, a dear circle sister & mermaid friend led a writer’s workshop. Gathered around her table were old friends & friends I had just met that day. At the end of the day, one of these new friends wrote me a poem, and in it was a piece of prose about how much I love women.

I laughed when I read that, and made a joke about how much I loved hunky men named Chris first and foremost. But after the laughter, I had a moment of feeling like my soul had just been recognised. I love all spirits ~ men, women, animals, mama earth; but I have such a deep affection, love and respect for women, their hearts, their souls, their stories and the Goddess that lives inside them.

I want to remind them of their beauty, strength, uniqueness, gifts and divinity. I want to remind them just what a goddess they are.

Some mornings I wake up and have no idea which way to turn, left, right, up or down. I lose my faith in myself, in this world, in my journey, in the knowing that all is well and all will be well. Then I ask myself: if you are someone else, what would you tell them Leonie?

You are a Goddess.
You are divine.
Your journey is sacred.
All is well.

From me to you,
Remembering what is True.

Remember the Light

by Leonie Dawson on July 22, 2008

More art & creating on its way… but I’m out the door for a healing night….

so just for right now…

a deep breath,
and an exhale

and this:

Remember the light.

love & light,

Meditation for Grounding: Art print

by Leonie Dawson on July 20, 2008

Meditation for Grounding art print

Hola gorgeous souls!

It’s been a lovely few days of organising my upcoming Day of Delight retreat ~ I’m so excited to be doing this, and am looking forward to connecting with all the beautiful women who are attending. There are spaces still available, so let me know if you’d like to be a part of the sublime day.

Speaking of retreats, the above is a new art print I’ve created – like a mini retreat reminder. I wanted to create a print that leads you through my favourite method of grounding and centering. It is the meditation I use in circles and retreats, and I wanted to offer it so others may use it in their spiritual practices as well.

A little explanation of grounding if you’re not quite sure what it means.
So often we can get caught up in our heads with thoughts and our heart and belly regions with so many feelings and meditations. Without balance, we can feel swept away by our emotions and stuck in a whirlpool of thoughts. We feel headsy, flighty, head-achy, overwhelmed, breathless and uncentered.

Grounding brings our heads, hearts and bellies in alignment with our feet and our connection to the Earth. The Earth is where we come from, where we are born from, and it is what connects us with our home, each other and the natural healing energies of nature. In this meditation, we ground to balance ourselves, bring ourselves into the present and receive the healing energy of the Earth.

I can best explain grounding by telling my experience of grounding.
Before I ground myself, I can feel fidgety, distracted and disconnected. My head is aswim with thoughts and my body is filled with so many lost, unreleased emotions that I feel stale and stuck. I go outside, place my hands on Mother Earth, and I begin to breathe. I do my meditation, and there becomes a place of stillness. A whisp of wind brushes my cheeks, lifting the ends of my hair. A bird flies past, and I smile. Tenderly, I fall back in love with myself. Gently, I remember who I am: a beautiful being, as much a part of this earth as a waterfall, a forest song or a thin reed of grass. I become whole again, as I remember the Earth is my home. I become balanced, uniting thought and feeling with knowing.

These are the sacred moments I wish to share with you. I wanted to offer this to you as a tool for your medicine bag, a pathway for remembering the divine in you.

The Meditation for Grounding poster is available in my Etsy store. (

With love, spirit and joy,