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SPECIAL: Soulful Goddess Resource Pack

by Leonie Dawson on August 28, 2008

I’m so excited to put together these Soulful Goddess Resource Packs. I wanted to put together a set of art prints for all the soulful, spirited, sacred goddesses out there creating a life well lived & loved.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to get a Goddess Leonie art print, this is probably it ;). The Soulful Goddess art print pack is a special price – you get three prints for the price of two.

This set includes the You are a Goddess art print to remind you that you are a divine soul on an amazing journey, to inspire you and support you. A Circle of Women shares about the beauty of tribes and communities, of women gathering together to learn and share. It is a print to celebrate the circle you already have, or set the intention to draw your own circle into your life. And Meditation for Grounding is an illustrated meditation of the grounding visualisation I use in my retreats and circles that you can use in your own soulful daily practices. Like a Soulful Retreat in a pack!

It’s also a limited edition set of 25 – so get in to get your set before they are sold out.

Order your own Soulful Goddess set from my Etsy store.

(If you already own one of the prints, you can swap it out for any of the other prints in my Etsy store. Simply notify me in the comments when you order through Etsy.)

Big, bright, colourful love & light to you today…
sparkling between our spirits ~~~

A week of miracles.

1 commentby Leonie Dawson on August 19, 2008 ·

This past week has been filled with so many deep miracles and blessings that I am filled up, dancing in the joy I can scarcely believe it, and yet, of course I can. It has been a week of just what I dream and desire: divine living, sublime adventure and absolute possibility. A life as divine as the Goddess inside me. I feel so blessed with all the love, connections and openings in my life right here, right now.

An inspiring new friend asked me last week how I was. I replied “I feel like I am in the middle of one long universal orgasm. Each moment feels delicious and profound.” The leaves, the road unfolding before the bus, the awakenings. The friendships, the reality of dreams come true, love like an eagle soaring into my life.

Tonight, my love brought me warm buttered popcorn while I was having a shower. It is these tender miracles that my life has been… these tender miracles and more:

* travelling to sydney on a random and divine adventure
* meeting and photographing the amazing author and oracle card creator lucy cavendish
* going to the australian premiere of “you can heal your life” with my gorgeous goddess sister sone
* meeting the INCREDIBLE louise hay and seeing just how much she radiates love to everyone around her
* giggling hilariously with sone when we meet someone we TOTALLY did not expect to… the country singer lee kernaghan! he was absolutely endearing and beautiful.
* doubling on the back of sone’s vespa across the city at night… feeling totally wild and more than a little blessed that we survived… hee hee hee!
* journeying back home to be snuggled in our big bed with my love and charlie-dog for a night
* heading off with my mermaid sister kayles to a reiki healing retreat run by our wise woman sister gini eagle
* spending two days at healing “bush university”, learning healing in tipis, by lakes, rivers and mountains
* walking golden fields with deep breath
* having a steaming bath in the moonlight… next to the lake, a fire lit beneath the claw footed bath tub to keep the water at temperature perfect degrees celsius. just one month ago i wondered how beautiful it would be to have a bath outside, then here i was, with some of the loveliest souls i know, having baths in the moonlight, gasping at the exquisiteness of it all
* home again, to count all the thousands of blessings in my life.

May I always remember just how deeply blessed I am, and how possible my dreams really are. May I always remember the love, light and laughter that surrounds and saturates my spirit.

May I always remember popcorn in the shower,
may I always know just how perfect and sweet this moment right now really is.

Love & Possibility,
Healing & Happiness,
Glory & Gratitude,

Special Announcement!

by Leonie Dawson on August 12, 2008

I’m SO incredibly excited about the release of SARK’s new book “Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper” – not just because I relish and devour anything she creates – not just because it’s a book to inspire writers – because there’s also a three page interview with yours truly in there!

If you had told me eight years ago when I first found her incredible & life-changing books that I would be interviewed in one of them… I’m not quite sure what I would have done. My heart would have filled up to within an ounce of overflowing, and I would have wrapped my arms around anything that showed signs of moving. I tend to be a Hug Bear when I’m thrilled to my heart and spirit… it’s like all that energy needs somewhere to go!

So I’m feeling very blessed and joyful. Once my copy flights its way across the sea to me, I’ll be able to show a few more pictures :)

If you’re a new reader that’s found me through the book… a wild and happy HELLO! to you. I’m so heart-glad to meet you!

Welcome to my online abode!
This is my website sharing my art, photographs, retreats & soul stories with the world… This is me dancing in the snow this week for the first time in falling snow. Colour me delighted :)

And these are my two of my favourite boys in the world…
my amazing love Christian & our spirit puppy Charlie (Charlie is also a book demi-god, with mentions & photographs in three books now! hee hee hee)

To help you find your way around my online abode…

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*Happy sigh*
Thank you so much for being here…
thank you for celebrating miracles with
and thank you for being you :)

Bright rainbow blessings & love,