Inspiration Station: The Nature of Love by Donna Bach

Once upon a time, I met an incredible woman.
Her name is Donna, and she teaches me lessons of
love and light and healing.
She sees inside me and sees the purest beauty inside.
She knew my dreams before I could even speak them.
She believes in me deeply.
She inspires me with her very essence.

My heartfelt wish is for the whole world to come to know
the grace, love & light that Donna shares.

My little wish blown into the winds has ripened
and is coming true.

The Nature Of is my dear soul friend’s creation
of loving wisdom & divine photographic art.

I will meet you there, beneath a blossoming tree,
to listen to her words,
and bathe in the special love & light that blooms
so abundantly there.

My world is a better place because of you, Donn
love & light,

Goddess Anita: Custom Soul Story on canvas

Last week I had the absolute delight of creating a Custom Soul Story canvas for the amazing Anita Revel from It was the first time I’d created a Custom Soul Story on canvas for a gorgeous spirit and I *loved* how it turned out. So big & gorgeous, just perfect for sitting atop an altar or sacred space…

When I first received Anita’s photo & finished questionaire, I meditated on the essence of her that I wanted to document & celebrate. The first thing that I felt was this gorgeous shining colour of rose pink light – the colour of warmth, nurturing and pure, unconditional love. Just like the colour of Anita’s wedding dress! So her Custom Soul Story evolved to be a heart-soaked celebration of life, light and love… all those good things that fill us up & make our world a beautiful one.

Goddess Anita, you are a vibrant & beautiful soul… and it was an absolute honour to create this for you.

Shine on sweet goddess sister!
Leonie 🙂

When mermaids gather

today, me & my brunette mermaid twinny kaylia decided to join goddess author forces & spend a luscious afternoon writing in a cafe together.

of course, MUCH work was done between essential photo booth photo sessions, cups of tea, popping next door to the glorious bookstore & talking about all things life and spirit.