Hola beautiful souls,

I wasn’t sure whether I would post this or not…

but I would love the support and energy of my tribe with us.

Our Little Mermaid will be with us by tomorrow.

My waters broke an hour or so after this photo was taken by our amazing doula on Sunday.

So far, labour hasn’t established. After waters break, you usually have about 24 hours before midwives become concerned about infection. Last night at 3am {36 hours after}, me, my love, our doula & my dear mentor decided to head over to the hospital. We wanted to get a magical-inside-womb-eye’s-view of Little Mermaid just to check she had enough ocean in there to swim around in, and that all was well.

As we walked into the hospital, I asked all our angels, guides & ancestors to be with us… I imagined them all marching in with us in their thousands.

And blessings upon blessings, Little Mermaid is strong and healthy, and we were blessed with a lovely doctor who was willing to give us another day to see if things begin shifting.

So today… my beloved & I are resting, getting acupuncture, doing meditations. We’ll see how things bloom overnight, otherwise we’ll be receiving magical-love-juice at the hospital tomorrow to begin Little Mermaid’s journey here.

Over and over again, this journey to being a mama has been about having faith, letting go of my own shit, controlling less, accepting more. And I could not ask for birth to be any different.

I’ve cried and grieved over the possibility I may not get that spontaneous waterbirth at the Birth Centre that I wanted. I had this big tight grip on what a “natural” birth meant, and how I needed it to be.

Driving to the hospital last night, hand over my belly, I remembered that the most important thing in all of this – was not about success or failure. It was not about natural birth, or just how much I could make this The Most Perfect Birth Everrrrrr.

This is about bringing a new soul into the world… a teacher, and a shining star for my love and I… and the countless other souls she will touch. And however she needs to come into the world is just perfect.

This morning, talking to a dear mama-friend, she reminded me:

Leonie, it’s not about the medication. This is something much, much bigger. Birth and our children teach us our biggest soul lessons.

And when I called my mama crying at 3am, she said to me softly:

Remember God is in you, and in your body, and with your baby. And God is in doctors and midwives too… they are all helping hands of spirit.

This is not a time to judge myself, my body, or my path. {When is it ever really time?}

This is a time to love and adore myself unconditionally. {And in writing that, big, huge, wet tears well up in my eyes.}

This is a time to honour the exquisite labyrinth of life… the spirit in all paths… the sacred in all things {including ECG machines & magical-inside-womb-eye’s-view things & magical-love-birth-injuicing things}. After all – as much as I think I know the right way, life always shows me better, more beautiful and profound than I could possibly have expected. The thing I think could be the worst could be the best.

Above all the transformation, the changes, the expectations, the changes of path and the not-knowing, one thing I know is clear:

We have been gifted with a Little Mermaid. And soon, she will be with us.

And that is the greatest gift, the most ginormous blessing I have ever encountered.

It’s a miracle already.

Time to rest now… we’ll see if our birth journey kicks off tonight, otherwise we will be at the Healing and Helping Place {my new name for the hospital… important to rename these things!} getting magical-love-injuicement.

If you feel called… we would love to have the energy of this village walking with us, singing the songs of spirit, love and openness, as we welcome this new soul into the world.

My intention is for Little Mermaid to flow out easily, joyfully and beautifully with love.

However that comes true? It will be perfect, and good and right.

What I know for sure… this beautiful journey of life and love is making me the very best me I can be.

I’m going to be a mama! I’m going to be a mama!

biggest of love and JOY,


The Best Friend’s Guide to Pregnancy Pt 2: Emotional changes

Once upon a time, I started recording the Best Friend’s Guide to Pregnancy.

And we talked about nipples and going commando in Part One.

Part Two is here today… to tell you the juicy goss about emosssshunal changes in pregnancy.

These are all the things you want your best friend to tell you when you get up the sacred duff.

Well… all the things I wanted to know anyway.

This probably is safe to watch at work… but I can’t confirm that.

It’s been approximately three hours since I recorded this video, which in pregnancy memory life-span is approximately three months.

I could have talked about lactating mooses for all I know.

By the way – what is the plural for moose? Moosi?

The Best Friend’s Guide to Pregnancy – Part Two – Emotional Changes from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

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big love you,

The Best Friend’s Guide to Pregnancy Pt 1: Physical Changes

Because I’m 38.5 weeks pregnant,

and I have a lot of things to say,

but my belly doesn’t want me to sit and type all day.

So I made you a video.

With all the juicy, juicy goddess gossip…

of all the things that you wish your best friend told you about pregnancy.

Part One is all about the physical changes no one tells you about.

Until now.

Best Friend’s Guide to Pregnancy – Part One – the Physical Changes from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

Probably not safe for work. I don’t know. I talk about nipples. Is that safe for work?

Oh yes. You are welcome, bambinos.

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big love you,


Oh yes,
these beautiful things
they are a-shifting.

It is equinox… ostara, mabon… the shift to autumn, the shift to spring…
A cyclone passes through my homelands, cleansing them clean…
I see bright blue all around…

My love, my doula & I return to my sacred place…
to photograph and honour this full moon belly…

There is transformation, and there is dreamings,
and it all feels profound and right and true.

A divine time.

Over and over,
it is all a blessing,
deep and dear.

l o v e,