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Hola gorgeouses!
A room! Full of desktop wallpapers! Just for you!
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Hola gorgeous souls!

It seems like FEAR is a common topic right now.

How to stop being stuck in it. How to move past it. How to do the things you are longing to do without being stuck deep in the muds of afraid.

I’ve been asked this question from so many Goddess Circle members over the past week that I decided to create a mini-workshop on it:

The “Sayonara Fear!” workshop: How To Stop Being Stuck and Start Living Your Dreams!

Click here to watch.

In it you’ll learn two powerful tools to get you past fear + into doing your big work.


P.S. Is fear holding you back from joining the Goddess Circle + using all the powerful tools inside it to transform your biz, life, soul, creativity + happiness?

I promise you this kinda work only means one thing:

Happiness. And more happiness. Oh, and more abundance, joy, art + goodness than you can stand.

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Hello my loves,

I wanted to give you all advance notice.

The early bird discount to the Goddess Circle is ending Tuesday July 3rd.

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With Goddess Circle membership, you get a HUGE range of my programs for FREE including:


  1. Become a Business Goddess e-course (value: $79)
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  3. Radiant Goddess e-course (value: $89)
  4. Creating your Goddess Haven e-course (value: $89)
  5. Divine Dreaming meditation kit (value: $49.95)
  6. Releasing Fears meditation kit (value: $49.95)
  7. Chakra Healing Goddess meditation kit (value: $49.95)
  8. Holy Dinger Uber Deep Zennifying meditation kit (value: $24.95)
  9. 2012 Creating my Goddess Year workbook, planner & calendar (value: $9.95)
  10. and SURPRISE bonuses!

So if you’ve held back from joining the Circle, and have been waiting for the right time – jump on in before Tuesday 3 July!

Please note: there IS a payment plan available too!

I’m sending you so much joy, love, blessings + abundance!

P.S. The Goddess Circle membership program (which includes a MASSIVE selection of my programs at a FRACTION of their usual cost) will be doubling its rates effective Tuesday 3 July. If you’d like to lock in the lower rate now–and keep it for the lifetime of your membership–click here to enrol now.